Jessi visit to Aunt Jan

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Jessi visit to Aunt Jan

By JimB (C)opyright June 2021

Jessi stared out the window of her Aunt’s car as they drove home from the airport.

She was a fifteen year old with a slender figure and long silky blonde hair ending just below her bra strap. The ends were cut in a perfectly blunt line and her bangs were cut to a length between the hair line and the top of her eyebrows.

She was spending the summer with her Aunt Jan while her parents took some time traveling the country by rail, something they always wanted to do.

Jessi was reluctant in the visit because spending time with her aunt in California sounded a lot better than spend the summer traveling the country by rail.

What was her choices?

Either way she was going to miss spending time with her friends for the next few months but it was better than the alternative.

Besides, she would have a while to make some new friends.

She was looking forward to spending lots of time on the warm sandy beaches and maybe meeting some cute guys, she thought as the corners of her lips began to curl up into a mischievous smile.

That was one thing that would be a lot easier to get away with here than back home.

Her mom always seemed to take way to much interest in her daily life and would flip if she ever found out some of the things she had gotten away with behind her back.

Maybe Aunt Jan would be a more easy going person.

She rarely saw her aunt.

So, she didn’t really know much about her even though her and her mom had kept in touch over the years.

The thought suddenly struck her as odd.

She had never really given it much thought.

But, it was true.

She didn’t really know her aunt as well as she might have thought.

She was a beautiful woman nearing forty with a trim and athletic, yet well proportioned womanly figure and a strong, pretty face.

Her long brown hair ended just below her shoulders and was full of bouncy, pretty layers with lots of volume and cute side bangs.

“I’m really excited to have you down here with me Jessi,” her Aunt Jan told her.

This startled Jessi out of her daydream and she turned to look at her aunt.

“Me too,” she replied.

“We just have a few errands to run before we head home,” Her aunt told her.

“We have to stop by the store to pick up dinner and we have to get you your summer haircut.”

“Summer haircut?” Jessi asked confusingly.


“Your mother told me it was about time you got your hair cut short.

“Since, she didn’t have enough time to have it done before you and they left.

“She asked if I  knew a place here for you to have it done.

“I’ve made an appointment with the place I go to get mine cut,” her aunt said with a smile.

“Don’t worry honey, you’ll look fine trust me.

“Candi is the woman who cuts my hair and we have been life long friends.

“She’s the best barber I know,” she continued.

“it’ll be fine.

“And, you’ll be so much cooler in this summer heat.”

Jessi didn’t know what to make of that, “A barber?

“But, I go to a hair salon!”

“I know honey.  Candi only cuts women and little girls hair,” Aunt Jan told her.

“Her barber shop caters exclusively to women.

“I can go there and get free haircuts because I do some work for her.”

“B-barber?” Jessi stammered.

“She does a good job on my hair doesn’t she?”, Aunt Jan told her.

“I guess,” Jessi just didn’t know what else to say.

“We’ll stop by there first as it is the closest,” her aunt told her.

“Then, we’ll hit the store on the way home.

“How does that sound?” she said with a smile and a pat on Jessi’s shoulder.

It wasn’t long before the barber shop was in sight.

Her aunt pulled up to the strip mall and parked.

The barber shop was located a few shop from where Aunt Jan had parked.  They got out of the car and walked to the door of the building with the pink rotating barber pole out front.

For Jessi, the drive had suddenly become a terrible ride of suspense and now that she was out of the car, she felt like she was on death row, walking to her execution.

They approached the door and her aunt opened the door and held it open for her.

Jessi nervously walked into the barber shop with her aunt behind her.

Letting the door close she immediately felt like she was in the wrong place.

The spartan interior looked so different from the hair salon she usually went to.

There wasn’t much to the place except white linoleum floors and white walls with no decorations and no windows.

On one side of the door was a line of waiting chairs with several occupants.

There were two women and a young girl who looked to be in her early teens, Jessi thought might be the daughter of one of the women.

Next were two more slightly older teenage girls.

Along the other wall were three big black leather barber barber chairs.  The two barber chairs had women in them who were covered in plain white capes.

They were getting their shoulder length hair trimmed up by female barbers wearing black aprons.

Both of the barbers were in various stages of their hair cuts and had wet hair sectioned out on different parts of their heads.

The barber on the right had dark brown hair tied up into a bun and the one on the left had wavy black shoulder length hair.

Behind them was a large mirror above a counter with countless types of hair cutting instruments, some hanging below the counter.

The last barber chair had a red head female sitting in it reading a magazine.

Jessi guessed she was a barber based on the apron she wore.

As soon as they walked in the red head Barber looked up, smiled and saying,”Janice!

“Right on time!.”

She got up as she walked over and dropped the magazine on the coffee table in front of the waiting area chairs before embracing Jessi’s aunt.

“It’s good to see you again Candi!” her aunt replied.

Jessi went straight for the waiting chairs and sat a few chairs from the two chatting teenagers.

Her aunt and the lady barber chatted for a couple of minutes, exchanging pleasantries.

Jessi wasn’t really hearing what they were talking about.

She was to busy focusing on the big empty barber chair, feeling butterflies floating around in her stomach with anticipation of what was to come.

She noticed the two teenagers were glancing at her, probably trying to figure out which of the two women who just walked in would be getting their hair cut.

Just then she saw Candi standing right next to her.

She was pretty, Jessi thought at first, almost too prettying to be working in a barber shop.

She was tall, over six feet and had fiery red hair that was pulled back into a messy ponytail with a few tendrils handing down the side of her soft and cute face, framing it.  She wore dark blue, tight fitting jeans with high heeled cowboy boots, and her ample assets practically spilled out of her tight white tank top and black apron.

“You must be Jessi.

“I have heard so much about?” said Candi, grinning.

“Uh yeah. Hi.” Jessi stammered.

“It’s good to meet you.”

“Since you’re aunt made an appointment ahead of time, I can take you now.

“Come on,” with a smile Candi said as she confidently strode over to the barber chair chair with long strides and wiped her hand across the seat to dust off any stray hairs.

Aunt Jan told Jessi, “Okay, honey go sit down in the barber chair for you’re hair cut.”

Giving her a little nudge on the shoulder.

Jessi felt eyes on her as she stood up and slowly walked what seemed to be the mile between her and the barber chair with the smiling Candi standing behind it.

She seemed to get tunnel vision as she focused on the barber chair.  Everything else seemed to melt away and the butterflies began to get worked up into a frenzy.

She felt like everyone in the room was watching her as she put one foot on the foot rest, turning around and sat in the barber chair.

She felt Candi’s manicured nailed fingers on her shoulders helping her to slide back into the chair. She sat perfectly still with her back straight in an erect posture with her head looking forward.

She was far to nervous to relax in her seat.

She didn’t know what to do with her hands.

So, she just laid them awkwardly in her lap.

Jessi’s heart pounded in her chest as she felt a brush being run through her hair several times before hearing Candi’s high heels click-clacking on the floor behind her as she stepped back to the counter.

She heard tissue being torn free as she heard Candi come back towards her.

Candi pulled her hair back over her shoulders and flung it over the back of the chair and brought a pink neck strip around in front of her and wrapped it tightly around her slender neck.

It itched slightly.

A leopard print cape was flung around her and pulled up over her, covering her entire body down to her knees.

Then, around her neck and closed tightly with two snaps.

Candi straightened the cape over her shoulders before putting her hand on the silver handle, pumping the chair up higher.

The sound of the hydraulic barber chair rising could be heard throughout the barber shop as Jessica felt herself being jerk up higher and higher with each pump of the handle.

She nibbled on her bottom lip nervously as her eyes roamed around the room, looking for a safe place to settle without having to look at anybody.

She saw one of the teenage girls looking at her intently.

She averted her gaze.

Her eyes continuing to dart around picking up on some of the details of the shop.

There was an overhead fan on full blast and a television in the left corner of the room seemed to be showing some sort of soap opera with the sound turned off.

She eventually settled on a spot on the floor to stare at.

She swallowed and could feel the tightness around her neck.

When she finally stopped jerking the barber chair up Candi called her aunt over.

Putting her magazine down on the table before rising and walking over to her caped and seated niece.

“So, what are we doing with her hair today?” Candi asked.

“I want her to have something shorter, much shorter actually,” Jan said as she studied Jess’s head closely.

She put her fingernails in Jessi’s hair and raked them  through her head of hair, shaking her fingers and pulling some hair out away from her head before letting it fall back into place, which she did several times.

“Something off her ears and neck, short on the back and sides with a taper and a little bit longer on the top to keep her cool in this heat,” her aunt said.

“Like a boys haircut?” Candi said as she put her hands on the side of Jessi’s head and began petting and stroking her hair, getting a feel for it.

This kind of treatment continued for a few more seconds.

“Yes, thats it,” her aunt told Candi.

“A nice short boy haircut?

With a strong part on the side”


“One short boy haircut coming up.

“Are you ready sweetie?” Candi asked Jessi as her aunt walked back to her seat and picked up the magazine.

“Um..!” was all Jessi could get out in a shaky voice.

She felt her hair being pulled back into a ponytail, behind her head.

Candi picked up a pair of scissors and placed them just above the pony tail and began to chop it off.

Jessi closed her eyes tightly as she heard the scissors scrunching through her treasured locks.

“We’re just removing some of the bulk, before we start the actual cut,” Candi told her.

Jessi couldn’t believe how carefree Candi was being about all of this.

She sounded like this was the most normal thing in the world while Jessi’s head was spinning out of control.

“You’re going to be so happy when I’m done with you,” Candi said.

Jessi hear the conversions of the women and barbers to her left as they chatted while getting their hair cuts.

Although the people in the waiting area seemed for the most part silent as they read their magazines or watched Jessi’s hair cutting.

The barbers on the left walked around their chairs as they moved from one part of the ladies heads to another.

It took several seconds of slicing before she felt her head spring forward slightly.

“There we go,” Candi told her.

“The hardest part is now over.”

Jessi felt like crying but was able to hold back her tears, for fear of further embarrassment.

Once the scissoring had stopped, Candi took a comb and began to make a part all the way around her head above the temples.

She picked up a spray bottle and began to mist the top of her head, dampening it down.

She took all of the combed hair up into her hands, taking a clip out of her apron, twisted and clipped it into a pile on top of her head leaving the rest to hand down around her ears and neck.

Candi walked back to the counter and rummaged around in a drawer.

Jessi felt so helpless, like a little child who’s parents knew what was best for her and made all of the decisions.

Candi took her clippers off of it’s hook and clicked on the number one guard and turned them on.

The clippers buzzing sound instantly filled the room as she put her hand on the top of Jessi’s and tilted it down.

She held her hand on the top of Jessi’s head and placed the clippers at the nape of her neck and slowly began to push them up.

The tone of the clippers changed as they easily removed the vast majority of Jessi’s hair, leaving behind a soft little blanket of short hairs.

Jessi felt the clippers touch her head and tensed at the touch.

She could feel her hair raining down her neck.

Up, up, up went the clippers almost all of the way to the top of her head before Candi lifted it off with a flick of the wrist.

Candi started another pass.

The feeling was unlike anything that Jessi had ever felt before. It tickled and gave her goose-bumps.

With her head tilted down, she just stared at where her feet were underneath the cape and watched the hair falling and sliding down into her lap.

Candi had just clippered another path to the right of the last two passes and now moved to the left side of her nape.

Jessi was intensely aware of the loud noise of the clippers and how it echoed through the barber shop.

She couldn’t help being conscious of the fact, she was the only one in the barber shop who was being buzzed.

With a flick of the wrist, Candi had clippered her entire nape and her hair was all now a short quarter of an inch.

Candi titled Jessi’s head over to the left and began clippering again at her right sideburn.

She pushed the clippers up to her temple and brought them back down for another pass.

Jessica passively let her head be rolled over to the left and let the shearing continue.

Despite herself, she like the way the clippers felt on her head and closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation.

This time Candi folded her ear down and brought the clippers back over the ear, shearing all of the hair off so it would no longer hang over her ear, “Now keep your head still, we’re almost done with this side.”

The clippers tickled as they made the final pass up behind Jessi’s ear.

Jessi’s head was rolled over to the right now and she opened her eyes.

She could see the lady in the chair next to her was about done as the cape was being pulled off of her.

Her cut hair had been pulled up into a bun so it was off her collar.

She got out of the barber chair and strolled out the door after thanking the barber.

The barber called out “Next” and one of the women waiting near the door got up walked to the barber chair.

After her left side as done, she heard the clippers switched off and felt her head pulled up straight.

The hair on top of her head was unclipped and fell down on top of the sheared regions.

She could see everyone in the waiting area was now watching her hair cut with interest.

Especially the teen girls who’s mouths were agape at what they had just witnessed.

She felt her face redden with embarrassment.

Candi set the clipper down on the counter, picked up her comb and spray bottle and walked back to the chair where she started to spritz Jessi’s hair down until it was soaking.

She used her comb to lift sections up and spritz underneath, making sure to get every hair as she walked around the chair.

Jessi could feel the cool mists of water raining down on her head.  The water seemed to have some sort of mild flowery scent added to it.

Candi walked around the barber chair continuing to spritz and occasionally combing her locks back. She made two more passes around her with Jessi having to close her eyes briefly as she come around the front until the hair was soaking wet. Jessica could feel a couple of drops of water running down her neck and dripping onto the cape.

She began to shiver slightly as the fan and air conditioning in the room amplified the effect of the cold water.

Candi began combing her hair off of her face with quick, firm strokes.  Slicking her hair all the way back.

Jessi felt her head tilting back from the force of each stroke of the comb.

She let herself be soothed by the raking. The teeth touched her scalp and scraped it very lightly.

Her head was slightly brushing up against Candi’s apron covered chest.

Candi put her hand against the back of her head and pushed it forward back into a upright position and resumed combing quickly.

Once Jessi’s hair was slicked back and Candi was confident all of the tangles had been combed out.

Candi created a part and combed the hair over before taking a section of hair in the front of her head and combing it straight up.

Holding it and cutting it off down to two inches.

She re-combed Jessi’s hair and selected another section behind it, combed it up and cut.

She combed and cut all the way back and around the head turning the barber chair to the right when she moved to the right side.

“I’m going to cut your bangs with a little more weight on one side so it will look good with a part,” Candi said.

“Hmmhmm,” Jessica mumbled disinterested.

Once the hair had been shortened enough, the barber chair was turned back so it was facing the front of the barber school.

Candi picked up her clippers again, taking the guard off and proceeded to cut clipper-over-comb, tapering the back down to the skin at the bottom of Jessi’s nape.

The clippers made a clicking sound as Candi ran the clippers across the comb.

The tingly feeling returned to Jessi as she enjoyed the sensation of the fine cutting on her short bristly hair.

Back and forth, back and forth she worked until the Jessi’s hair was tapered all the way around the head.

The clippers were switched off and out came the scissors again.

The scissors and comb began cutting scissors-over-comb to more finely blend the hair from the sides and back to the top.

This was most relaxing for Jessi as she focused her eyes on the television for awhile, though her mind was occupied with the good feeling of the scissors rapidly cutting going up the back of her head. It almost felt like someone was very gently running their fingers up along your hair, giving her goose-bumps again.

She took note of the caped woman next to her.

The fact another mother and daughter had walked in and sat down.

She also could see her aunt watching her and smiling.

She tried to smile back a little but she felt very silly.

Soon Candi put down the scissors and combed her hair into her natural part before calling her aunt over.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Thats great Candi,” her aunt told candi.

“Lets see the back.”

Candi turned the chair around and Jessi got her first look at herself.

Her eyes went wide and her heart froze.

She had a boy’s hair cut.

There was no other way to describe it, a boy’s hair cut.

But, despite this, she still looked like a pretty girl.

Candi held up a mirror so she could see the short pelt of tapered hair in the back.

She took her hand out from under the cape and ran it up the back, feeling the little bristles standing up on end.

“Well thats different,” she thought, not knowing quite what to make of it.

“Oooo thats just perfect Candi,” Jan said.

“You’re the best,” Jan said excitedly.

“But, I was thinking about having her get a very short pixie or a flattop.

“Now I think that would be a little to much of a shock for her.

“But, this hair cut is okay.

“We can work our way up to that later.

“For now, just gel her and we’ll call it good.”

“Alright,” said Candi, with a grin as she turned the barber chair back around.

She scooped up a palmful up gel and ran it through Jessi’s hair, parted it, combed it back and to the side, giving it a slick look.

After she lowered the barber chair and began dusting her off with a small pink brush.

She unsnapped the cape and neck strip, dusted them clear and pronounced her done.

Jessi shakily got down from the chair, rubbing the back of her hair out of curiosity when her aunt said, “Come on sweetie.

“We still have to pickup dinner and some new styling products for you before we head home today.”

As Aunt Jan paid for Jessi’s hair cut, Candi whispered, “Next time!”

As Aunt Jan handed Candi her tip, she said, “Your choice.”

On their way out Jessi saw one of the mother’s who was watching her, stoking her daughter’s hair and said, “I think the hair cut look good on you.

“Maybe I should have my daughter’s hair cut like that for the summer.”

The girl’s head whipped around as she yelled, “Mom! You can’t be serious!”

The End ???? !!!!! By JimB (C)opyright June 2021

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