Jules gets a new short haircut

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Jules is mostly your everyday 16-year-old teenager. Her straight dark blonde shiny hair reaches her lower back. And like most girls her age Jules is quite keen on her long hair spending hours maintaining it. Jules is pretty much your stereotype big city girl and raised by loving parents who never where to strict with her and her older brother. Except for one thing: boys’ hair. Every four weeks her brother got a nice and clean short back and sides and Jules often was there to watch because afterwards it was family times. Usually some outdoor hiking.

When Jules was fourteen her dad went away for a while for an overseas job. Unlike dad mom never cared much about haircuts and her brother Chris took the opportunity to grow his hair out. By the time their dad came home Chris his brown hair reaches the tip of his noose, covered the collar and his ears where no longer visible. While Chris kept his hair clean and neat. He even got regular trims his dad couldn’t stand for it.  So, the family was off to the barbershop the next Saturday. Chris protested of course but little did it matter.

Arriving at the barbershop Chris made a final plea but dad wouldn’t budge. He even offered to get a buzzcut during summer break but this didn’t help either. On entering the shop, the barber directed Chris directly to the barber chair. He was caped, collared and the clippers sprung to life. The clippers where attached witch a number two guard and Chris looked the saddest Jules had ever seen. Slowly his long locks fell on the floor. After the barber finished the back and sides he continued with the top. With a few quick snips Chris his hair was reduced to a couple of inches. His fringe was cut at about half an inch above his eyebrows. Chris thought he was done but the barber grabber his thinning scissors so he could blend the top with the sides.  Another fair amount of hair fell on the floor.

When dad looked at Chris his face, he realised what he had done and promised that this would be the last time he took him for a haircut. As long as Chris kept his hair neat and clean of course. While dad may finally have seen reason with his haircut standards, watching Chris get shorn awoke something in Jules. A deep curiosity to experience something similar. But dad wouldn’t take his daughter for a short haircut on his own.

Two years pass and Jules often thinks about that day. But despites her curiosity she kept her long dark blonde hair in the same style as she always wears it. Long, no layers, no fringe. She often thinks of getting a short bob, with a shaved nape. But every time she chickens out and she ends up with just a trim. The most major trim being 3 inches. Chris on they other hand changed his hair quite a bit. He tried a buzzcut, undercut and long hair again.

Summer is approaching and Chris decides to cut his hair short again. Not as short as his dad likes. However, his ears are exposed and the hair doesn’t touch his collar. Seeing her brother’s new short cut strengthens her urge to cut her hair short. And suddenly an opportunity arises. Her parents are planning a short holiday just for the two of them. This would give her every opportunity to relive her brothers experience. After years of thinking about a forced haircut, she doesn’t just want her hair chopped off. Jules wants to pretend to be a boy who gets a short haircut ordered by his father. The fantasy is crazy but why shouldn’t she try it. She keeps thinking and thinking of it over and over and comes up with a plan.

Finally, her parents leave for their holiday leaving Jules and Chris by themselves. Jules starts to set her plan in motion. The first step is making a digital appointment for the next day and leaving clear instructions in the comment section at the form of the barbershop. The so-called instructions are pretend to be written by an angry dad fed up with his son’s long hair. The instructions aren’t explicit, just that the cut must be neat, clean and short.

Jules has never been so excited in het life. She goes to bed early so she starts her other preparations at the break of dawn. At the earliest light she sneaks into Chris his closet. She can hardly pretend to be a boy while wearing girls’ clothes. She decides to take on of her brothers’ hoodies and a pair of jeans. They don’t completely fit but they’ll have to do. After putting on the cloths she looks into the mirror, realising that her soft skin could betray her. So, she applied some make-up making her skin look a bit rougher and boy-like. While she clearly looks more boy-like nobody’s going to believe she’s a boy. Her silky and shiny long hair would betray her.

Taking an hour or so to think about her strategy Jules realizes that there is only one option. Part of her hair needs to go, which also means that the point of no return comes earlies than expected. She gathers all her courage and grabs two hairbands and a pair of scissors. While walking to the bathroom mirror again she puts her hair into two ponytails. In front of the mirror again she carefully cuts of the first ponytail around the shoulder area. Her nervosity is quickly replaced with excitement. Without any hesitation she cuts of the second ponytail. The cut isn’t entirely even but Jules is satisfied.

She examines her now shoulder length cut and realises that she still looks feminine. In a slit second, she realises that it’s the shine and softness of her hair that make her still look feminine. Putting some greasy promenade in her hair does the trick. She now looks like a feminine boy. She grabs her ponytails, cloths and make-up and walks back to her room. But in the hallway, she notices Chris who first stares at her hair and then to the two ponytails in her hand. Jules looks shocked but instead of asking any awkward questions Chris just compliments her hair and asks if he can help by evening her hair out. While Jules is statisfied, Chris instantly notices that the cut is uneven.

After Jules put away her stuff in her bedroom, she joins her brother. He asks her to take a seat and starts combing her hair. After the knots are combed out, he starts cutting. Strands of hair with a maximum of two-inch fall on the ground. Chris makes sure to cut Jules hair in a straight and blunt line. After Chris finishes Jules hair gently touches her shoulders. She thanks her brother and walks out of the door. Relieved that he didn’t ask anything and supported her. Even though he had no idea what was going on.

After an hour walk Jules arrives at the barbers, just in time for her appointment. She is directed to the chair right away. The barber gives Jules a strange glare while mentioning that Jules indeed looks like a girl and that his father is right sending him here. If he only knew Jules actually is a girl. The barber doesn’t ask for any instructions but suffices with stating that his fathers’ instructions are clear. In response Jules just mumbles an okay in the lowest voice possible.

The barber grabs the clippers and puts on a number 3 guard and turns them on. The barbers direct Jules to put her chin down. The places the clippers at her nape. The barber runs them up to her crown. After some passes with the clippers, Jules precious dark blonde locks cover the floor. And this was only the back. The barber quickly moves on to the sides. Jules expects the barber to grab the scissors but instead be puts on a number 1 guards and starts giving Jules a fade. After some blending with a number two guard Jules becomes curious about the result but she can’t properly see it with the long hair remaining on top.

After he finishes the fade, the barber grabs the scissors. A couple of snips later the last of Jules once long locks lie on the floor leaving three inches of hair. Next the barber starts on her fringe cutting them half way over her forehead. But instead of leaving the bangs blunt the barber texturizes them. The barber finishes the cut by blending the top with the sides with the help of thinning scissors. After the cut the barber offers Jules to wash her hair and she reluctantly accepts. After the washing the barber puts in some product in her hair. Jules thanks him and leaves a generous tip, stating that his dad would certainly approve of this cut.

Excited and relieved at the same time Jules walks home. Arriving at her home the first thing she does is walking to the bathroom so she can inspect her new cut. Looking into the mirror she realises that everyone would believe she actually is a boy. But after some further inspection she realises that she can easily style her hair as a hip feminine pixie cut. Her new cut is quite more modern and stylish than the cut her brother got two years ago. Content she walks to the kitchen to grab some lunch. In the kitchen she sees Chris again. He looks surprised and after a pause he compliments her on her hair again. He touches his own hair and concludes with “maybe next time we should go to the barber together”. Now let’s hope that mom and dad are as supportive as Chris…


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