Julie’s New Life With Uncle Jack Part 1

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17 year old Julie had been sent to live with her Uncle Jack, Aunt Mary, and younger cousin Natalie in Georgia after her parents had passed away in a tragic accident.  She had grown up in a wonderful neighborhood in Maryland, had a lot of friends, and was very popular with the boys.  Throughout her adolescence, Julie had been pampered and spoiled, with visits to salons and shopping sprees.


Julie’s world had been sadly turned upside down after the accident, but her aunt and uncle had been willing to take her in as legal guardians.  Julie had seen them several times over the years at large family gatherings but had never visited their home down south.


Julie’s new family lived in an older home out in the country in a much more frugal lifestyle than Julie had been accustomed to.  Her Uncle Jack’s job as a truck driver supplied the family’s only income and there didn’t seem to be extra money laying around.  The small home only had two bedrooms, meaning that Julie and Natalie had to share one of them.


Upon arriving, the first thing that Julie had noticed about 13 year old Natalie was her mousy brown hair, styled in a messy pixie with a side part.  Julie had been curious about her cousin’s shorter hairstyle and wondered whether it was by her own choice.  While it looked cute, it was a sharp contrast to her own shiny long blonde hair which she had lovingly groomed over the years.


Natalie was very excited to have an older ‘sister’ around.  She was awed by her beautiful silky mane and couldn’t wait to touch it.  After constant prodding, Julie had finally sat down in one of the kitchen chairs and let Natalie brush it.


Natalie was delighted to play with the locks, braiding them and tying them in ponytails just for fun.  She was afraid that Julie’s hair might not last much longer with both her parents around.  “I wish my hair was as long as yours,” Natalie gushed, as she kept stroking it over and over again.


Uncle Jack took care of the family haircutting to keep costs down, and even clipped his own hair short using the bathroom mirror as if he was still in the Marines.  Soon after they had met, Mary had become aware of Jack’s hair fetish.  After their marriage, he had persuaded her to try a nice short crop.  Jack was set on maintaining this style for her and she got used to its simplicity.  Over time Mary had developed her own hair fetish.


Aunt Mary was walking into the kitchen one afternoon to prepare the evening meal and noticed the two girls.  She saw her daughter stroking and petting Julie’s flowing blonde tresses.  Mary speculated how much money Julie’s parents had wasted maintaining that glorious head of hair, and she knew that would be out of the question on their tight budget.


Julie had only been here for a few weeks, and Mary was already getting frustrated with her lack of motivation to help around the house.  After being asked several times, she still failed to assist with the chores.  She wouldn’t help clean the house and was leaving her dirty clothes all over the bedroom as if she expected someone else to always pick up after her.


After having her fill of the situation, Mary had relayed these concerns to Jack last week over the phone while he was away on his latest work trip.  He had given her some suggestions, but nothing seemed to improve.  Jack had told Mary that if nothing else, he would remedy the situation when he returned home.


Julie meanwhile continued to spend an enormous amount of time in the bathroom every morning showering, brushing her hair and putting on her makeup.  Even though Julie was now living way out in the country, she was still hoping to meet and impress some boys before attending her new high school in the fall.


Later that evening, Jack arrived home and they all sat down to dinner.  He rambled on about his grueling road trip and how great it was to be home for a break.  He always enjoying spending what little time he could with his family.


Throughout the meal, Jack kept glancing at Julie, thinking that she had blossomed into quite a beautiful young woman but wondering how she could cope with so much hair.  The conversation with his wife about Julie’s laziness and unwillingness to help was fresh on his mind.  He knew that something had to be done about that hair very soon before he had to leave for work again, and he had just the plan in mind.


After dinner was finished and the table was cleared, Jack announced to Natalie, “You know what time it is.”  Natalie knew what he meant, that it was time for another haircut.  Jack meanwhile placed one of the old wooden kitchen chairs in the center of the kitchen.  “Natalie, go ahead and get in the chair awhile and I will be back in a jiffy!” Jack exclaimed.


Natalie, wearing an old tank top and dirty jean shorts, obediently walked over to the lone chair.  She sat down, crossed her legs and folded her hands in her lap to wait for her impending haircut.  She wouldn’t dare go against her father’s wishes.


Julie stood nervously off to the side fidgeting and fingering her blonde locks.  She couldn’t understand why Natalie needed a haircut, wasn’t it already pretty short?  Surely her uncle didn’t mean that she would receive her own haircut.  Natalie snuck a peek over at Julie, feeling some pity for her doomed tresses, knowing that she was probably next in the chair.


Jack quickly reappeared with a pair of scissors, a comb, an old bedsheet, and a spray bottle, which he filled with water from the kitchen sink.  Jack placed the bedsheet over Natalie and clipped it around her slender neck with a clothespin as a makeshift cape.  Grabbing the spray bottle, he began to soak her shaggy hair and comb through it all.  After thoroughly wetting down the hair, he drew a line on the left side with the comb, and parted the hair, combing the top over and sides down and back toward her small ears.


“Do you think we should go a bit shorter this time?” Jack asked Mary, who had sat down at the table to watch the proceedings.  “Her hair always seems to grow fast while I’m away on my trips.”


“Yes of course, shorter will be better and much cooler for her this summer,” stated Mary.  Mary never objected to the short cuts and always thought they looked good on Natalie.  She enjoyed helping Natalie style her hair in the mornings.


Natalie just sat still on the chair and didn’t say anything.  Every time her father came home from a long trip, he announced that she was due for a trim.  She had endured her father’s haircuts for as long as she could remember.  Sometimes the hair was cut shorter than others, though she never really had a say in the style and just learned to accept it over time.  She had received bobs, bowls cuts, pixies, and a buzz cut once when her father got carried away.


More recently, Jack had a fixation on cutting her hair into a short pixie with a side part.  Natalie secretly wished that her father would allow her hair to grow out to some length now that she was in junior high school, as she was beginning to take an interest in boys.  She was afraid to speak up because her parents seemed set on making sure that her hair remained shorter than every girl that she knew around her age.  Her friends at school always poked fun at her for being forced to have short hair while theirs remained long and healthy.


Her father wasted no time and, without much fanfare, grabbed his favorite pair of scissors and a comb from the counter.  He began by combing up the hair at the very front, holding it between his fingers, and snipping it down to two inches in length.  The hair was combed back into place and another lock was quickly selected.


The soft brown hair was no match for the sharp scissors as he continued to comb and cut, reducing the locks to about two inches all the way across the top of her small head.  Natalie closed her eyes as she continued to feel the raking of the comb, the slight pulling of her hair, and the snipping of the scissors as the brown trimmings fell to the floor.


She had become used to this haircutting ritual over time Natalie often wondered if her parents had wished that she had been born a boy instead.


Julie continued to watch nervously from the corner as the haircut continued.  She couldn’t believe that her cousin was just sitting there letting her father cut her hair short without making a fuss.  Julie thought the whole haircutting deal was a bit strange but was afraid to speak up to her new family.


She watched as Jack stepped to Natalie’s left side, tilted her head, and used the comb as a guide to scissor the hair down to half an inch.  Working his way down the side and across the nape, Natalie’s pale scalp was slowly becoming visible as the hair was snipped shorter.  He continued cutting scissor over comb along the right side, until the hair had been reduced to his liking.


Jack then grabbed the electric trimmers out of the drawer, plugged them in, and began to clean up her hairline.  He practically removed her sideburns entirely and cut a clean line around her ears.  The trimmers removed any peach fuzz on the surface of her neck.  Natalie smiled as she heard the familiar hum of the trimmers and got goosebumps while feeling the bare blades vibrating against her soft skin.


With the hairline trimmed up neatly, the pale skin around her ears and neck now contrasted with her deep summer tan.  Jack took the scissors and comb and went over a few areas one final time to ensure that it was even.  He then brushed the loose pieces of hair off her small head and neck, sending them to the floor.  Jack picked up a bottle of spray gel, wet the top hair until it was nice and sleek, and combed it into final position.  He made sure that the side part was crisp while smoothing down the hair and sweeping the bangs back off her forehead so that she really looked like a boy.


Mary looked on approvingly, watching the final touches of the latest cut.  She had noticed that her daughter was constantly brushing the hair out of her eyes in the recent week, and it was nice to have it all cleaned up.  Jack did a wonderful job cutting hair and she often wondered why he had not chosen to become a barber by trade.


Soon enough Jack announced that the trim up was complete and removed the bedsheet, shaking off the excess hair.  Natalie jumped out of the chair sporting her latest short style.  She took a place at the table next to her mother, who began petting her newly shaped hair.  Natalie glanced over at her older cousin who was looking down at the floor, not making eye contact with anyone, seemingly trying to disappear from the room.


Jack glared over at his niece and commanded, “It’s your turn young lady, get in the chair now!”  Julie didn’t budge from her position cowering in the corner while looking a bit fragile.  Her eyes were now wide with fright and panic was starting to set in.  Jack grumbling to himself, finally stepped over to his niece, and forcefully grabbed her slender arm.  Julie resisted, but was no match for her burly uncle, as she was pulled over to the chair and pushed down onto the hard wooden seat.  Julie noticed that hemline of her short summer skirt had risen slightly up her long slender pale thighs.  She consciencely crossed her legs quickly while tugging at the hemline.


“You will sit still and behave while I cut your hair!  I’m not going to tell you again, young lady.  You may have been allowed to run wild at your old home, but around here we have some regulation and order,” Jack rumbled.  “Mary told me about your resistance to help with things around the house and I won’t stand for it.  Around here, everybody pitches in.  I also hear that you are spending way too much time on your hair in the mornings.  We live out in the country, there are no boys your age out here to flirt with, so you better straighten up and adhere to your responsibilities as a new member of this family.”


Jack continued to glare down at his trembling niece and her long silky hair.  Truth be told, it was way too healthy and glorious to chop off, he admitted to himself, but at the same time he couldn’t wait to get started.  Jack wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to set some ground rules and teach Julie to respect the chance that she had been given to come live with them, instead of being out on the street somewhere getting into trouble.


After placing the bedsheet over her slender body, he pulled out her long mane and let it flow down the back of the chair.  The bedsheet was firmly clipped around her neck.  Julie saw that it was still covered with some of Natalie’s brown trimmings, afraid that her blonde locks were soon about to join them.


“Please don’t cut my hair,” Julie pleaded.  “I promise to take care of it while I live here and to start helping around the house.”  She reached out a quivering hand to stroke her locks and Jack swatted it and pushed her slender arm back under the bedsheet.


“Your hair is going to be short while living in this house under our rules,” Jack told her.  “Honestly, I have never seen such a mass of hair in my life, and we certainly don’t need that clogging up the drains.  We don’t have the money for you to go to some fancy salon, either.  You are long overdue for a decent haircut, and it will be up to Mary and I exactly how short it will be cut!”


Julie glanced over toward her aunt and cousin, trying to find any support at all, but they both seemed to be so engrossed in her fate, that they merely smiled back.  Julie sat there trembling in the chair, tears forming, as her uncle gathered up his comb and scissors and stepped up beside her.


She squirmed as he began to comb through her luscious blonde hair, panicking as she realized that there was no way out of this.  Jack smiled a big toothy grin as he had been looking forward to this moment for several weeks, and he was all ready to take pleasure in giving Julie her first major chop!



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  1. Wonderful story! It kind of reminded me of this story where an orphan girl has her long hair cut very short by her aunt. I think it’s nice that Julie is probably going to get the same haircut as her cousin Natalie.

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