Julie’s Mother

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Jason’s parent’s and younger sister were away for the weekend and Julie, his fiancée, was sleeping over for the two nights.  Having finalised everything for the night, they got into bed.

“A strange thing happened as I left your place on Wednesday night.  I was walking past your parents’ bedroom window and the drapes were not fully drawn.  I glance up and saw your mother taking off what looked like a wig, I could not see properly because she was partly obscured by the drapes.”

Julie switched the light off and turned onto her back.  “Oh dear, my mother is going to kill me when she finds out I’ve told you.  She is bald, that’s why she wears a wig, but only our family and very few other people, and now you, knows about it.  It is a closely guarded secret.”

“I am sorry, I did not mean to pry or raise a painful subject, what happened, did she have some disease or something?” Jason asked, somewhat subdued.

“Or something, yes…” chuckled Julie. “My mother’s head is shaved.”


“My Dad wants it and she likes it, or is it the other way around, she has been bald for most of her married life.  My Dad shaves her most of the time, but my brother and I have shaved her head occasionally too when Dad is not around.  She’s even shaves herself at times.  I can hardly remember my mother with her own hair.” said Julie in a matter-of-fact manner.

“But how come, what started it all off?” pushed Jason, switching the light on again and turning to his fiancée.

Julie took his hand and guided it to her breast.  “It’s a long story.”  Shuddering slightly as his fingers played lightly with her nipple.  “My mother was a film extra when she and Dad married.  His business was going through a bad patch at the time and she got a part in the film ‘THX 1138’.  It was only a part as an extra, but she appeared in just about all the crowd scenes, have you seen the film?”

“No, can’t remember that I have, what was so special about it?” asked Jason.

“We have the DVD, we can watch it some time.  It was a George Lucas Sci-fi made in about 1970 and all the characters in it were very closely cropped or shaved completely bald, my mother opted to be shaved as it involved a bit of extra money. She had to be shaved every day for the duration of the filming so she got used to it, and my Dad thought it was wonderful, he really loved the way she looked with a shaven head. Eventually he was shaving her himself every morning before she went to the studio, it gave her some extra time at home and meant that she could get up later.  After the shooting finished Dad just carried on shaving her, her hair had always been thin and she hated the colour, the studio had supplied her with a wig which she was allowed to keep and it also saved a heap on hairdressing bills.” she giggled as Jason moved the blanket and took her nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue.  He released her just long enough to tell her to carry on with the story.

“Well, my mother let her hair grow again when she fell pregnant with me.  Not wanting to be caught out with a baby that pulled at things, she still had her own hair when she fell pregnant again.  She kept her hair for another four years until she felt that Bryan no longer posed a threat.  I was six when they called me in and explained that mother wanted to cut all her hair off and that it was going to be our big secret.  I was even allowed to cut off a few locks to keep for myself.  I watched the whole process, the cutting and the shaving, they didn’t have clippers, I watched it all right to the time they fitted her wig and then asking me what I thought.  I don’t remember what I said, but it was evidently the right thing.”

“How did you get around Bryan, at four it would be pretty hard to keep such a thing a secret.”  Jason asked, now nuzzling Julie’s neck just below her short hairs behind her ear.

“That was easy honey.” Julie replied, “My Dad told him that a policeman had come and cut her hair off because she had escaped from jail, and that if anybody found out that she had no hair they would come and take her back to Jail.  He didn’t want to lose his mother so he kept very quiet about it.”

“Weak story, what happened when he got older?” Jason asked.

“He eventually realised that we’d been having him on, he saw the funny side, but it seems he had by then quite taken to Mom’s looks.  Have you noticed that all the girls he brings home have very short hair, I don’t think he has ever had a girlfriend with long hair.”

“Yes, but……” Jason continued.

“Sssssh, or are you going to waste this beautiful erection?” she asked, playfully wiggling the tent pole that stood up under the blanket.  She managed to steer any conversation away from hair or her mother for the rest of the weekend.

A few nights later Jason arrived at the Julie’s house for dinner.  After the meal he was taken into the TV room where the DVD machine had been set up for them to watch THX 1138.

Soon after the movie started Bryan shouted “There!” and pointed at a crowd on the screen as the camera panned across a sea of bald heads.  He did that several times, but Jason could not see who in particular he was trying to point out.

“Hold on Bryan, Mom comes up in the front of the crowd a bit later and the shot rests on her for a while, Jason will see it then.”  Julie admonished.

Sure enough, about ten minutes later the camera rested on a small crowd, Bryan got up and put his finger on a stunningly beautiful smoothly shaved woman standing at the front of the crowd on screen.  The disc was paused and Julie said “There, that’s my Mom before I was born, recognise her?”

Jason shook his head.  Julie’s mother got up and stood next to the TV.  Jason again shook his head, still not able to see the likeness.  She reached up and slowly removed her wig.  Jason’s heart started beating uncontrollably in his chest, he was convinced that everybody in the room could hear it, his mouth went dry and he was hardly able to speak, to him it sounded like a squeak, but it seems to have been understood as a “yes”.  The two women must have realised what was happening to the unfortunate young man and they gave each other a sly smile as the wig was replaced.

They watched the remainder of the film in silence, Jason holding Julie’s hand.  From time to time he would cross and uncross his legs, each time raising a smile on the mother and daughter’s faces; at times they had difficulty supressing a giggle.

After the end of the film the silence was broken when Julie’s mother turned to Jason, “Did Julie ever tell you about her hair cutting escapades?”

“Please Mom, do you have to?” burst out Julie.

“Oh, it’s alright for you to blab about me, but nobody can talk about you, huh?” retorted her mother.

Jason, wide eyed now, was looking from one woman to the other, they continued as though he were not present.  “So I had my hair cut a little shorter when I was 14.” pouted Julie.

“Cut shorter!“ interjected Bryan, “You had a full blown crew cut, lucky it was summer holidays so you at least looked almost like a girl when school started again.”

“Bryan, stop it, anyway I did not blab anything, Jason asked me about what he had seen, so there, and if you had closed your drapes properly this would not be happening now.”

Jason was starting to feel really uncomfortable, wishing he could slip into the gaps between the cushions, his future mother-in-law continued. “I had closed my drapes, but you have to go and get yourself engaged to a Peeping Tom.”

“Ahh, come on now Mom, you are getting Jason all upset and embarrassed, come here honey.”  Julie put her arms around Jason and kissed him on his nose.  Her father burst out laughing and got up out of his chair to get refreshments, they were all laughing now, even Jason eventually joining in, realising that they had been ragging him all along.

Jason borrowed a friend’s apartment that Saturday night and there were very few formalities before they were in bed.  Julie snuggled into Jason’s arm, fully knowing what was coming.

“Tell me about your crew-cut.”

Julie placed her finger on Jason’s tummy and started gently drawing circles on it. “At the beginning of the summer vacation when I was 14 I was sitting talking to my Mom while dad was shaving her.  I started mentioning haircuts and short hair and what it would be like.  Eventually I asked my Dad if he would cut my hair short, he reluctantly agreed.  We had clippers by then because he always cut Bryan’s hair, anyway I got a crew-cut, I don’t think it was actually intended to be a crew-cut, but Dad was nervous so he made a few mistakes which he could only remedy by going a bit shorter.  A few days later I plucked my eyebrows until they were almost invisible, my folks were furious but I thought it looked cool.  I kept them like that till the end of the year.”

Jason was unable to contain himself and for once his technique left something to be desired, Julie finding herself subjected to some extremely insistent lovemaking.  She endured this, trying to gauge Jason, and as she sensed him about to come she whispered in his ear “Two years later my mother shaved me bald just like herself.”

Jason stopped in mid-stroke and his mouth and eyes flew open simultaneously, his arms collapsed and he virtually exploded inside her, making little whimpering sounds like a baby and thrusting deep and painfully into her with each spurt.  His breath came in short sharp gasps and his face turned deathly white.  He lay dead still on top of her.  After a while he came out of what seemed to have been a trance and slowly forced the world around him into focus.  Rolling off her, he flopped onto his back, unable to move.  Julie looked into his eyes and started to smother him with kisses, trying to hide her panic.  She eventually got up and found him some brandy, the alcohol bringing back some colour into his cheeks.

She joined him again and he clung to her.  “You were bald; you were shaved, completely shaved at the age of 16?”  He stammered, almost inaudibly.

“Yes my darling.” she whispered in his ear.  “Completely, just like my mom is.”

“How, why, how was it?” he stammered.

“It was wonderful.  My father was away for a few days at the beginning of the summer holidays and Mom had me help her stay smooth.  I was running the razor over her scalp when I started feeling a bit, I don’t know, aroused perhaps.  I got Mom talking about being shaved and the feel of the razor on her scalp.  She made no bones about telling me that she found it sensuous, still after all those years, that, and the reason that she hated the feel of stubble was why she shaved so often.  We talked some more and I found myself asking her what she thought I would look like, if she thought I should try it.  She said that it was up to me, there were plenty wigs and it was the holidays.  I said that it would be nice to try it once; after all it would grow again.  She asked if I was really sure, I said I was and she fetched the clippers and asked me again, I said yes and before I knew it my hair was falling around me.  She shaved me several times until I was as smooth as she was.  Was she ever right?  The feeling was out of this world.  Mom and I ended up shaving each other every day, even after dad came home. I remained shaved for a week and then had to let it grow again ready for school.”

“What did your Dad and Bryan have to say?”

“Bryan loved it, he kept touching my head, something he could hardly do with Mom, it eventually got a bit much – being my brother, but I knew I would soon have to let it grow again so I let it go.  Mom had told Dad on the phone, he just shook his head and smiled when he saw it.  He said I looked as good as Mom and that together we made a stunning pair, and we did too.  It also created a fantastic bond between Mom and I, as you may have noticed.”

Jason asked “Did you take any pictures?”

“Yes, and some video clips.” Julie answered.

“Can I see them?”

“Rather not, at least not yet?” came the reply.

“Why?” came from a surprised Jason.

“Shush.  Come and make love to me again.”

“I don’t think I am up to it yet.” he said sheepishly.

Julie reached under the blankets. “Let me give you a hand.” she smiled wickedly.

Julie managed to avert any serious talk about hair and shaving. Although Jason now often saw her mother without her wig, he never quite got used to it, seeing the bald woman always stirred something inside him.

The wedding came around faster than anybody imagined.  Julie had opted for an off white wedding, and her dress was actually a very pale cream colour, the design being kept a secret, secrets of course being one of the family’s fortes.

When Jason turned to receive Julie on the arm of her father in the church he saw that his bride had chosen a minimalistic bridal look, no veil or train, just a blue and white handmade lace band around her head, tied into a bow at the back with the ends hanging down almost as far as her waist and the bottom of the V backed dress.  The lace was evidently from the Venetian Island of Burano.  She took his arm as he led her to the front of the church.

At the reception Julie removed her gloves and the detachable flared skirt of the dress to make dancing and moving around easier in the stylish shift which came to mid-calf which was also suitable for her to leave the reception in.  Julie’s father drove the them to their hotel for their wedding night, promising to pick them up in good time for their flight the next morning.

Jason had been warned that he and Julie would probably not get around to having anything to eat at the reception, and the hotel had taken this phenomenon into consideration, there was a tray of cold meats, savoury snacks and tit bits for them to have as a snack. After feeding each other and generally having fun with the food, Jason went to open the complementary bottle of Champagne.  He turned around to hand Julie her glass to find her standing in the center of the room, hands together and looking at him and smiling.  He put the glasses down and went to kiss her but she put up her hands and said, “we have a little ceremony when opening Champagne on such special occasions, you have to close your eyes and count to seven while you gently prise out the cork, on the count of seven the cork should be out, and then you make a wish and open your eyes.”

Jason frowned but complied, eyes closed, he slowly counted and worked the cork out of the bottle. On reaching seven, he opened his eyes. Julie was still standing before him, but now she had a wig hooked over the index finger of her right hand and she was completely bald, her head was perfectly smooth. So smooth that the lights of the room reflected off her scalp, a smoothness that must have been achieved, not only with a razor, but with the additional application of a depilatory solution and subsequent use of moisturisers and lubricating creams.

She looked absolutely stunning, breath-taking in fact. Jason’s clutched the bottle with both hands, not believing what he was seeing; he mumbled something that sounded like “Oh shit!”  Julie dropped the wig, took the bottle from him and reaching up, she took his face in her hands and pulled him towards her to kiss him.  Eventually he put his arms around her; one hand sneaked up and started caressing her scalp.  His kissing became more frantic as his other hand found her head, Julie pulled away slightly.

“I couldn’t have my new husband getting aroused by his mother-in-law every time we go to visit my parents.”

The End.

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