Just a Great Cut

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Jennifer and her daughter Peggy walk in the salon. A very attractive young woman was just finishing up a short haircut on a cut young gal only a few years old then her daughter. Jennifer thought you her self how amazing it would be if Peggy would get a short cut how much it would speed up the morning routine. The girl getting up from the chair had just had a big chop. With lots of hair all over the floor.

The stylist Molly, looks up and sees Jennifer and Peggy standing there, she says to have a seat there is one person added of them. The girl looks in the mirror excitedly, Molly asks how she like the cut and she loves it. Just then the door open and the girls mom walks in she has an over grown out short bob. She sits down in the chair as molly sweeps the hair up. Molly capes the woman and says “ okay, Hannah what are we doing today, just want it trimmed up?” She say, “actually thinking of making my life easier and going a bit shorter”and shows Molly a picture on her phone, Molly nodes and says that it’ll look great on her. Jennifer is very interested in how short she’s going she already had pretty short hair.
Molly gets out the clippers and both Jennifer and peggys eyes are glued on this woman as the hair tumbled off her head. Jennifer wonders how that must feel. After the clippers stop Jen leans over to her daughter to talk about the haircut she’ll get today. She ask her how she feels about going short. To Jennifer’s surprise she says she want to try something short. It doesn’t take long for molly to turn the women’s bob into a short pixie haircut.

Molly looks at Jen and Peggy and asked who’s next. Peggy hoped in to the chair Jennifer walked over to talk about the hair cut. Peggy hair is very long almost to her butt. They began to talk about an asymmetric longer pixie cut for Peggy. They all agree that will be best! Jennifer can’t believe her daughter is actually going to cut off all her hair.

Molly capped Peggy and put her hair in a pony tail. Molly grabs her scissors and asked Peggy is she’s ready. Peggy says yes Molly puts the scissors above the ponytail and SHINK SHINK SHINK and the ponytail was cut. Molly starts cutting the back of her hair, reducing it to under 3 inches. Inches of hair falling all over the ground. Jennifer is delighted that her daughter picked such a low maintenance hair cut. Jennifer looks at her long hair wonder is she too should make the plunge. Molly is finishing up the front of peggys hair. Leaving her with long it longer on top and around her face. Peggy runs her hands though her hair and asked for it to be shorter in the back. Jennifer is shocked. But Is all for it. Molly gets out great clipper and puts a longer  Guard on. Molly turns on the clippers the room fills with a buzz. Molly pushes peggys head down and the pitch changes as the clippers eat through her hair. In just a few passes of the clippers Peggy nape is nice and short. Moly turns off the clippers and Peggy is me happy with the length.

As she is getting out of the chair her dad, Jennifer husband walks through the salon door to see how the haircuts are coming along. He’s shocked to see peggys hair so short but happy. He tells her that she is beautiful.
Then Molly welcomes Jennifer to sit down. And asked her what she would like done to her hair. Jennifer’s long hair all the way down her back. Jen says maybe a little shorter. Peggy says” mom you should just go for it!” Jennifer looks at her husband and he encourages her to go short, he says how sexy she’d be with short hair. So Jennifer says to Molly, “ I guess I’m going short”! Peggy and her dad leave to go do some shopping.

Molly starts chatting more with Jennifer as she washes her hair so how short are we going today? Jennifer is now getting excited about the idea of having all her hair cut off! And is ready to really go for it. She tells Molly to just give her a great cut. Molly love when clients let her do what ever she wants. Molly says first things first let’s get this hair off! Molly pulls her hair in to a ponytail and chops it all off. Molly decides to do a longer cut at first and see if Jennifer wants to go shorter. As her hairs being cut Jennifer realizes how much she’s enjoying it. Jennifer loves the feeling of this beautiful woman chopping away her hair. Molly starts to pick up on how much Jennifer is enjoying her hair being cut. And tells Jen, I agree with your husband you will be sexist with short hair. Jennifer can’t believe that Molly told that but it turns her on even more.

Jennifer’s hair is in a chin length bob, and molly pick up the clippers to give her an under cut on her nape. The clippers come to life and Jennifer loves the feeling of the clippers so much it’s making her a little wet. As Molly finishes with the clippers she asks Jen what she’s thinks of the cut. Jennifer likes but was really hoping for some more dramatic. So the clippers some back to life. Molly brings them to Jennifer forehead and reduces her hair to half an inch. Molly gives Jen an ultra short pixie hair cut.

Jennifer loves it and can’t stop feeling her newly shorned head. Molly is also running her fingers over Jennifer’s new short hair both women are getting excited. They kiss passionate for a moment right before Jennifer’s husband comes rough the door, he senes what’s happened. But he just looks and Jennifer and tells her how beautiful she is. Molly pats Jennifer on the butt as they leave
To be continued

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