Just Childhood Friends

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Hori Ishikawa was a 3rd-year high school student at Aoyogi High school, a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence. As the days ticked away, she found herself buried under mountains of textbooks and study materials, preparing tirelessly for her upcoming college entrance exams. But despite her unwavering efforts, her marks were declining, and a cloud of distress loomed over her.

It wasn’t that Hori lacked intelligence or dedication; on the contrary, she possessed a sharp mind and an unyielding work ethic. However, the pressure of the impending exams weighed heavily on her shoulders, and she struggled to maintain the high standards she set for herself.

Her family, though supportive, could not completely understand the intense academic environment she faced in modern high school. Her parents had grown up in a different era, and while they empathized with her, they found it challenging to offer specific help with her studies. Hori often found herself battling feelings of isolation, as she could not relate to her peers who seemed to thrive effortlessly in the competitive environment.

In the midst of her academic turmoil, there was one person who stood by her side – her childhood friend and teacher, Yugi Homura. Yugi had been a constant presence in Hori Ishikawa’s life since they were kids. They had grown up together, played together, and shared many unforgettable memories. Their bond was special, and as they entered high school, it only deepened. Hori was unlike other girls her age. She was introverted and found it challenging to socialize with her classmates. As a result, she only had Yugi as her friend. Her admiration for Yugi had grown over the years, and she had developed a crush on him since their childhood days. She affectionately called him “Oni-chan,” which means big brother in Japanese, and looked up to him as her role model.

Despite her introverted nature, Hori possessed a striking appearance that often turned heads wherever she went. She was tall and had a model-like body, with graceful curves that exuded elegance. Her most defining feature was her long black hair, which cascaded down to her hips like a waterfall. Hori’s bangs covered her eyes, adding an air of mystery to her already captivating aura. Despite her looks, Hori was not one to care about her appearance or popularity. Her mind was preoccupied with her dreams and ambitions. She admired her Oni-chan, Yugi Homura, who was not only her teacher but also her closest friend. Yugi had always been there for her, providing support and encouragement throughout her life.

As she navigated her way through high school, Hori couldn’t help but look up to Yugi as her role model. His dedication to his studies, his charming personality, and his culinary skills had all inspired her deeply. He had graduated from Tokyo University, which was one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Hori aspired to follow in his footsteps and attend Tokyo University as well, driven by her desire to be like her Oni-chan. Moreover, Hori had a profound passion for cooking. It was a talent she had nurtured since childhood, honing her skills in the kitchen to perfection. She dreamed of joining a renowned culinary school and becoming a chef at a five-star hotel, creating delectable dishes that would delight the palates of discerning guests.

But there was another dream that quietly tugged at her heartstrings ,she yearned to become a wife worthy of her Oni-chan. Beyond their teacher-student relationship, Hori held deep affection for Yugi. She had grown up with him, watched him mature into a wonderful person, and her feelings had blossomed into something more than just admiration. However, she was hesitant to reveal her emotions, fearing that it might jeopardize their precious friendship. Instead, she channeled her emotions into her studies and cooking, hoping that one day, Yugi would see her as a woman and not just as a little sister.

Yugi had always been a source of strength and support for Hori. He understood her better than anyone else, and she felt comfortable sharing her worries and fears with him. As her teacher, he observed her struggles with declining marks and knew the pressure she was facing to excel academically.

One day, after Hori received her marks, she felt a knot of anxiety forming in her stomach. It was worse than the last time, and her disappointment was evident on her face as she showed her results to Yugi. Concern filled Yugi’s eyes as he studied her marks, realizing how much they were affecting her.

“Hori, these marks…” Yugi began, his voice tinged with worry. “With scores like these, it’s going to be challenging for you to get into any college.”

Hori looked down, feeling a rush of embarrassment and shame. “I know, Yugi Oni-chan,” she murmured, her voice barely above a whisper. “I’m trying my best, but it’s just not enough.”

Yugi reached out and gently took hold of her long black hair, causing her to look up at him in surprise. “Is this how you’ll keep your long hair?” he asked softly.

Hori’s heart skipped a beat at his touch, but she managed to nod. “Yes, I… I want to keep it this way,” she replied hesitantly.

Yugi sighed, letting go of her hair. “Hori, I understand that appearances aren’t everything, but you need to take your studies seriously. It’s not just about getting into college; it’s about preparing for your future.”

Hori felt a mix of frustration and hurt. She had always admired Yugi and wanted to make him proud, but she struggled to balance her academic pursuits and her passion for cooking. She wanted to become a chef, to create amazing dishes and make people happy through her culinary skills, but the pressure of the college entrance exams weighed heavily on her.

“I know, Yugi Oni-chan,” she said, her voice trembling. “But sometimes, it feels like my dreams are slipping away, and I don’t know how to make it all work.”

Yugi looked at her with compassion, realizing the weight of her dreams and aspirations. “Hori, I believe in you. You have the potential to achieve great things, but you need to find a way to balance your studies and your passion for cooking. It won’t be easy, but with determination and hard work, you can do it.”

Hori nodded, grateful for his support. “I’ll try my best, Yugi Oni-chan. I promise,” she said, determination glinting in her eyes.

“Good,” Yugi as he sighed as he was going back to staff room. “Now, I want you to go back to class and focus on your studies. After school, let’s meet up in the empty clubroom. I have something important to discuss with you

Hori nodded with a mixture of anticipation and curiosity. “Alright, Yugi Oni-chan. I’ll meet you in the empty clubroom after school,” she replied, her heart pounding with excitement about what Yugi had in store.

The rest of the school day seemed to drag on as Hori’s mind kept drifting to her upcoming meeting with Yugi. She couldn’t help but wonder what he wanted to discuss with her. As the final bell rang, signaling the end of classes, Hori hurriedly packed her things and made her way to the empty clubroom, eager to hear what Yugi had to say. Upon entering the clubroom, she found Yugi already waiting for her with a warm smile. He had prepared some tea and snacks, creating a cozy atmosphere that immediately put Hori at ease.

“Welcome, Hori. Please have a seat,” Yugi said, gesturing to a chair.

Hori sat down, her curiosity getting the better of her. “So, Yugi Oni-chan, what did you want to discuss?” she asked.

Yugi’s expression became serious, and he looked directly into Hori’s eyes. “Hori, I’ve been thinking a lot about your dreams and aspirations,” he began. “I know how much you want to become a chef and work at a five-star hotel. And I also understand your desire to be like me and attend Tokyo University.”

Hori nodded, her heart warming at Yugi’s understanding. “Yes, Yugi Oni-chan. Those dreams mean everything to me.”

“I believe in your potential, Hori,” Yugi continued. “But I also want you to know that your dreams might not always go as planned. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, we have to adapt and take different paths.”

Hori looked puzzled. “What do you mean, Yugi Oni-chan?”

Yugi reached across the table and gently held her hands. “I mean that sometimes, the journey to achieve our dreams can lead us to unexpected destinations. You have incredible talent and a passion for cooking, and that’s something you should hold onto, no matter what happens with the college entrance exams.”

Hori listened intently, feeling a sense of comfort in Yugi’s words. “But what if I can’t get into Tokyo University?” she asked, a hint of uncertainty in her voice. Yugi smiled reassuringly. “There are many paths to success, Hori. Even if you don’t get into Tokyo University, it doesn’t mean you won’t achieve greatness in your culinary career. The most important thing is to keep working hard, never give up, and embrace every opportunity that comes your way.”

Tears welled up in Hori’s eyes as she felt overwhelmed by Yugi’s unwavering belief in her. “Thank you, Yugi Oni-chan. Your support means everything to me,” she said, her voice quivering with emotion.

Yugi squeezed her hands gently. “You’re welcome, Hori. I’ll always be here for you, cheering you on every step of the way. And no matter where life takes you, never forget that your dreams are worth pursuing.”

Yugi came close to Hori and gently touched her hair, causing her to look up at him with surprise. “Hori,” he said softly, “I know you’re facing a lot of pressure, and I understand that appearances might not be your primary concern. But I’ve noticed that your long hair seems to distract you and affects your focus during class.”

Hori bit her lip, feeling torn between her love for her long hair and her desire to improve her studies. “I don’t want to cut my hair, Yugi Oni-chan. It’s a part of who I am,” she murmured.

Hori bit her lip, feeling torn between her love for her long hair and her desire to improve her studies. “I don’t want to cut my hair, Yugi Oni-chan. It’s a part of who I am,” she murmured, trying to find the right words to express her feelings.

Yugi looked at her with a mix of understanding and concern. He could see how attached Hori was to her long hair, but he also knew the importance of helping her overcome the distractions that hindered her studies.

“Hori, I understand that your hair holds sentimental value to you,” Yugi said gently, placing a hand on her shoulder. “But sometimes, we need to make difficult choices to achieve our goals. Your entrance exams are approaching, and I believe that this small change can make a big difference in helping you concentrate better.”

Hori sighed, feeling torn between her emotions and the practicality of Yugi’s suggestion. She appreciated his concern and knew he only wanted the best for her. “I know you’re right, Yugi Oni-chan, but it’s just… It’s hard to let go,” she admitted, a hint of vulnerability in her voice.

Yugi smiled softly, his eyes filled with warmth. “Change can be challenging, but it’s also an opportunity for growth,” he said. “You’ll always be you, no matter your hairstyle. This is just a small adjustment to help you reach your full potential.”

Hori felt a mix of surprise and concern as Yugi explained that he will cut her hair. She knew that Yugi’s mother was a skilled beautician, but the idea of making such a drastic change to her appearance still made her hesitant.

“Today itself?” Hori asked, trying to process the suddenness of the decision. “Isn’t it too soon?”

Yugi nodded, his expression serious. “The entrance exams are near, Hori. I believe that cutting your hair will help you focus better and perform at your best. Plus, I’ve already talked to your mother, and she supports this idea.”

Hori’s mind was racing, torn between her attachment to her long hair and the practicality of Yugi’s suggestion. She knew that Yugi only wanted to help her succeed, but it was difficult for her to let go of something that had been a part of her identity for so long.

Seeing her hesitation, Yugi gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “I know this might be a big change for you, but it’s a sacrifice worth making to achieve your dreams. Your hair doesn’t define you, Hori. It’s your determination, talent, and hard work that will take you where you want to go.”

Hori took a deep breath, feeling a mixture of nerves and resolve. She trusted Yugi and knew that he was right. “Okay, Yugi Oni-chan. Let’s do it,” she said with a determined look in her eyes.

Yugi’s face lit up with a smile, proud of Hori’s decision. “Great! You won’t regret this, Hori,” he said, as he went to get a chair and closed the door, ensuring they had complete privacy. He also lowered the curtains to create a more comfortable and intimate space. Hori sat down in the chair, feeling a mix of nervous excitement and trust in Yugi. She knew he had her best interests at heart and that this change would help her focus better on her studies.

Yugi brought in an unused curtain sheet and placed it gently around her shoulders like a cape, fastening it around her neck with a gentle knot. Then, Yugi began by gathering Hori’s hair gently, making sure not to tug or pull on the strands. His touch was soothing, and Hori felt a sense of comfort knowing that he was being careful with her treasured locks. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves as the scissors glinted in the light.

“Are you ready, Hori?” Yugi asked softly, giving her one last opportunity to back out if she felt uncertain.

Hori nodded, determination in her eyes. “Yes, Yugi Oni-chan. Let’s do this,” she replied, her voice steady.

With a reassuring smile, Yugi positioned the scissors and began to carefully snip away at the ponytail. Hori watched as her long hair fell to the ground, bit by bit, feeling a mix of emotions. It was a big change, but she was determined to embrace it and make the most of it, just like she had done with everything in her life.

As Yugi brought the scissors to Hori’s side, he carefully positioned them with a comb, ensuring precision in his cuts. Snip by snip, her long locks transformed into a stylish bob, framing her face beautifully.

Hori watched intently as her hair fell away, feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement. It was a drastic change, but she trusted Yugi’s expertise and knew that he had her best interests at heart. She took a deep breath, trying to relax and embrace the moment. With each cut, Hori felt a sense of liberation. It was as if she was shedding not just her hair but also any self-doubt that had held her back. Yugi’s steady hands and encouraging presence made her feel safe, allowing her to surrender to the transformation.

As Yugi brought the scissors to Hori’s side right ear and positioned it with a comb, he carefully snipped her hair to ear length. His movements were precise, and Hori could feel the weight of her long hair disappearing with each snip.

As Hori felt her long locks being snipped away, she couldn’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Her heart pounded in her chest, and she trusted Yugi’s skilled hands as he expertly transformed her appearance. With each precise snip, the weight of her hair seemed to lift, and she could feel the cool air on her neck as the shorter strands brushed against her skin.

Though she couldn’t see what Yugi was doing without a mirror, she knew that the change was significant. Hori had always treasured her long hair, and parting with it was both liberating and daunting. Yet, she couldn’t deny the feeling of relief that washed over her. It was as if with every cut, she was shedding a layer of her past self, making room for the person she aspired to become.

As Yugi moved to the other side, Hori kept her eyes closed, trusting him completely. She focused on the sensation of the scissors against her hair and the soft sound of each snip. Yugi’s gentle and careful touch put her at ease, and she knew that she was in safe hands.

After finishing with the scissors, Hori thought it was over but Yugi reached into his bag and brought out a clipper. Hori’s heart skipped a beat as he gently asked her to bend her head to her chest. “I need to clean your neckline and buzz your nape hair short,” he explained, ensuring she understood each step of the process.

Hori felt a mix of surprise and curiosity as Yugi brought out the clipper. She hadn’t expected this additional step, but she trusted him completely, knowing that he had her best interests at heart. Taking a deep breath, she nodded in understanding and bent her head as he requested.

The soft hum of the clippers filled the room as Yugi carefully shaped Hori’s neckline. She could feel the gentle vibration against her skin, and the sensation was both strange and strangely calming. Yugi’s touch was gentle and precise, and Hori appreciated the care he took in ensuring her comfort throughout the process.

As the clippers buzzed away the hair at her nape, Hori couldn’t see the transformation, but she knew that it was a significant change. The feeling of cool air on her exposed skin was refreshing, and she couldn’t help but smile, embracing the sense of liberation that came with this new style.

“You’re doing great, Hori. Almost done,” Yugi reassured her, his voice warm and encouraging.

With each pass of the clippers, Hori felt a renewed sense of confidence. She realized that this change represented more than just a new hairstyle; it symbolized her growth and determination to step out of her comfort zone and pursue her dreams wholeheartedly.

As Yugi turned off the clippers, Hori lifted her head, feeling the cold breeze caress her newly shaved nape. She touched the buzzed area gently, a small smile forming on her lips. It was a sensation she had never experienced before, and while it felt different, she found it strangely invigorating.


“Thank you, Yugi Oni-chan,” she said, her voice tinged with gratitude. “This is definitely a big change, but I’m starting to really like it.”

Yugi chuckled softly, happy to see her embracing the transformation. “You’re welcome, Hori. Change can be a little daunting, but I’m glad you’re finding joy in it,but we are not done yet. We need to do something about that unkept bangs” he replied.

Hori nodded with a nervous smile, appreciating Yugi’s attention to detail. “You’re right, Yugi Oni-chan. The bangs do need some tidying up,” she agreed.

Yugi smiled reassuringly at Hori as he gently tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “Don’t worry, Hori. I’ll make sure they look perfect,” he said, his voice soothing.

Hori took a deep breath, feeling a mix of nervousness and excitement. She knew she was in capable hands, but the thought of this final step in her transformation made her heart race a little faster. Nevertheless, she trusted Yugi wholeheartedly, and she knew that this change was not just about her appearance but also about embracing her newfound confidence.

With a steady hand, Yugi began combing her front hair, arranging it like a curtain that covered her face. He carefully positioned the scissors and started trimming her bangs, ensuring they were at the perfect length to frame her eyes.

As he worked, Yugi engaged Hori in light conversation, talking about their journey together and the dreams they had shared since they were children. The sound of his voice was comforting, and Hori found herself relaxing, her nervousness gradually fading away. When he finished cutting, Yugi stepped back to admire his work. “There you go, Hori. Your bangs look fabulous,” he complimented, a smile of satisfaction on his face.

efore Yugi could consider her haircut complete, he picked up the clipper again to add some final touches to her bangs and the bobbed hairstyle. Hori watched as he carefully shaped the edges, ensuring everything was precise and polished.

As the soft hum of the clipper filled the air once more, Hori felt a sense of anticipation building within her. She trusted Yugi’s artistic vision and knew that he was working to bring out the best in her appearance. She couldn’t wait to see the final result.

After a few more skillful movements, Yugi finally set the clipper aside. He took a step back to admire his work, a satisfied smile playing on his lips. “There we go, Hori. All done,” he announced, his voice filled with pride.

Hori could hardly contain her excitement as Yugi removed the sheet from around her. As she sat up and he handed her a hand mirror, she eagerly looked at her reflection.

Her heart skipped a beat as she saw herself in the mirror. The short bob and bangs framed her face perfectly, accentuating her features in a way she had never imagined. The transformation was remarkable, and she couldn’t help but feel a newfound sense of confidence and self-assurance.

“Oh, wow,” Hori exclaimed, her eyes widening with surprise and delight. “Yugi Oni-chan, you’ve worked wonders! I look completely different.”

Yugi chuckled, pleased to see her reaction. “I’m glad you like it, Hori. You look stunning,” he said, his eyes warm with admiration.

With a smile, Hori turned her head from side to side, examining the new hairstyle from different angles. She felt a sense of liberation and renewal, like shedding an old skin and embracing her true self.

“You know,” she said, still amazed, “I never thought I’d be so happy with such a drastic change. But this feels right, and I owe it all to you, Yugi Oni-chan.”

Yugi smiled warmly at her. “You deserve to feel happy and confident, Hori. Embracing change can lead to incredible transformations, both inside and out,” he said, his words carrying the weight of wisdom. Hori nodded in agreement, her heart filled with gratitude. “Thank you for being there for me every step of the way, Yugi Oni-chan. You’ve been more than just a teacher or a friend. You’ve been my mentor and guiding light.”

Yugi’s expression softened with emotion as he listened to Hori’s heartfelt words of gratitude. He smiled warmly at her, touched by her appreciation and the growth he had witnessed in her throughout their journey together.

“You’re welcome, Hori. It’s been an honor to be a part of your journey and to see you blossom into the incredible person you are,” Yugi said sincerely. “You have a bright future ahead of you, and I have no doubt that you’ll achieve all your dreams.”

Hori’s heart swelled with warmth at his encouraging words. She knew that Yugi had played a pivotal role in helping her become the person she was today, and she was immensely grateful for his unwavering support.

As they prepared to leave the empty clubroom, Yugi playfully added, “And remember, if for some reason you don’t pass, I’ll be waiting with those clippers to give you that stylish boy cut!” He grinned, teasing her gently.

Hori laughed, a genuine smile lighting up her face. “I’ll make sure to study extra hard then. I wouldn’t want to end up with a boy cut,” she replied, a playful glint in her eyes.

Yugi chuckled, happy to see her in good spirits. “I have no doubt you’ll do great, Hori. Just keep believing in yourself and stay focused. You’ve already come so far, and I know you can handle whatever comes your way,” he reassured her.

With Yugi’s words of encouragement echoing in her mind, Hori felt a renewed sense of determination. She knew that the journey ahead might still have challenges, but with Yugi by her side, she felt ready to face them all.

As the day of the entrance exams approached, Hori immersed herself in her studies and culinary practice, working diligently to prepare for the future she dreamed of.

When the day of the results arrived, Hori’s heart pounded with nervous excitement. She held her breath as she scanned the list of names, searching for her own. And there it was – her name, among the students who had been accepted to both Tokyo University and the prestigious culinary school.

Overwhelmed with joy and relief, Hori rushed to find Yugi. She hugged him tightly, tears of happiness streaming down her face. “Yugi Oni-chan, I did it! I got accepted to both Tokyo University and the culinary school!”

Yugi beamed at her, his eyes shining with pride. “I knew you could do it, Hori. I’m so proud of you,” he said, hugging her back.

Hori felt a profound sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Yugi had been there for her every step of the way, supporting and believing in her, even when she doubted herself.

“Thank you, Yugi Oni-chan,” she said, her voice filled with emotion. “You’ve been my rock throughout all of this, and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Yugi smiled warmly, wiping away her tears. “You had the strength within you all along, Hori. I’m just glad I could be there to support you and witness your growth,” he said, his heart filled with pride and admiration.

As Hori stood there, her heart brimming with pride and joy, she looked at Yugi with a newfound sense of courage. She felt an overwhelming rush of emotions, and before she could even think twice, she leaned forward and pressed her lips gently against his, surprising both of them.

Yugi’s eyes widened in astonishment, but he quickly composed himself, realizing the significance of her actions. His heart skipped a beat as he looked into her eyes, seeing a mix of vulnerability and determination.

“Hori,” he whispered, his voice soft and unsure.

With a determined gaze, Hori took a deep breath and confessed, “Yugi Oni-chan, I dont want you to see me as a young sister anymore but a woman. Now we aren’t student and teacher and now back as childhood friends. I want to be your wife once I graduate. I’ve admired you for so long, and always was in love with you. I love you.”

Yugi was taken aback by Hori’s heartfelt confession, his mind racing with a whirlwind of emotions. He had always seen her as a cherished little sister and a student he cared deeply for. But now, standing before him, Hori had matured into a woman with her own dreams and desires.

“Hori, I…” Yugi began, trying to find the right words to respond to her confession. But Hori interrupted him, her determination unwavering. “Please, Yugi Oni-chan, I want you to see me as more than just a student or a little sister. I want you to see me as a woman who loves you, who has always loved you,” she pleaded.

Yugi searched her eyes, seeing the vulnerability and sincerity in her gaze. He knew that this was not a decision to be taken lightly, and he wanted to handle the situation with utmost care.

“I value our relationship, Hori, and I care deeply for you,” he said gently. “But we have to be mindful of the boundaries and responsibilities that come with our positions.”

Hori nodded, understanding the complexities of their situation. “I know it won’t be easy, but I’m willing to face the challenges with you, Yugi Oni-chan,” she said firmly. “You’ve been there for me, guiding me and supporting me all these years. I want to be there for you too, as more than just a friend.”

Yugi’s heart softened, seeing the sincerity and love in her eyes. “Hori, you’re a remarkable person, and you deserve all the happiness in the world,” he said, his voice tender. “I will take you as my wife if you perform well and we will wait once you gratuate” giving a kiss to her forehead.

Hori felt a mixture of relief and joy as she heard Yugi’s response. His words reassured her that he valued their connection and was willing to consider the possibility of a future together.

“Thank you, Yugi Oni-chan,” she whispered, her voice filled with gratitude. “I’ll work hard to make you proud and to show you that I’m capable of achieving my dreams.”

Yugi smiled warmly, his hand gently cupping her cheek. “I have no doubt that you’ll excel in everything you do, Hori. You’ve already shown incredible determination and talent,” he said, pride evident in his eyes.

As the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Hori and Yugi continued to support each other in their respective journeys. Hori poured her heart into her culinary studies, immersing herself in learning and honing her skills as a chef.

After three years of nurturing their love and supporting each other’s dreams, Yugi felt the time was right to take the next step in their relationship. On the day of Hori’s graduation, as she received her diploma and looked back at the journey they had traveled together, Yugi couldn’t wait any longer. He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. With his heart pounding with nervous excitement, Yugi took a deep breath and mustered the courage to propose to Hori. After the graduation ceremony, he took her to a spot that held special meaning for them. Under a cherry blossom tree, with the delicate petals gently falling around them, he got down on one knee and poured his heart out to her.

“Hori, these past few years have been the most incredible journey of my life. You’ve brought so much love and joy into my world,” Yugi said, his voice filled with sincerity. “I can’t imagine my life without you, and I want to cherish every moment with you by my side. Will you do me the great honor of being my wife?”

Tears of happiness welled up in Hori’s eyes as she looked into Yugi’s loving gaze. “Yes, Yugi Oni-chan, with all my heart, I will be your wife,” she replied, her voice filled with love and certainty.

Their engagement was a time of pure bliss, as they began planning their wedding and envisioning their life together as husband and wife.

Finally, the day of their wedding arrived, and the temple was adorned with traditional decorations, reflecting the beauty of their love and the union about to take place. Yugi, dressed in a magnificent hakama, looked dashing and handsome. He couldn’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and gratitude as he awaited the moment he would finally marry the woman he had loved for so long.

Yugi stood at the altar, his heart swelling with love and admiration as he watched Hori walk towards him in her exquisite Uchikake. Her traditional bridal attire accentuated her beauty, and she glided gracefully with each step, her eyes never leaving his.

The temple seemed to fade away, and for Yugi, there was only Hori, the woman he had loved for so long and now was about to marry. In that moment, time stood still, and he felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy that he had found his soulmate.

Hori’s smile lit up the entire room, and it was as if all the stars in the sky had gathered to witness their union. As she finally reached him, Yugi couldn’t help but whisper, “You’re breathtaking, Hori.”

Her cheeks flushed with a soft blush, Hori responded, “And you look so handsome, Yugi Oni-chan.”

Yugi chuckled lovingly as he gently teased, “You know, Hori, you don’t have to call me Oni-chan anymore. Now that we’re married, you can simply call me Yugi, your husband.”

Hori blushed and smiled, realizing that he was right. “You’re right, Yugi,” she replied playfully. “I guess old habits die hard, but I’ll remember to call you by your name from now on.”

They both shared a lighthearted laugh, reveling in the comfort and familiarity of their relationship. Their love and affection were evident to all who attended the ceremony. Their family and friends watched with tearful eyes, rejoicing in the happiness of the two people they cherished the most. The ceremony proceeded with grace and elegance, as they exchanged heartfelt vows and rings, promising to love and cherish each other for eternity. Their voices trembled with emotion as they declared their love in front of their loved ones and the divine.

“I promise to be by your side, to support and encourage you in every step of our journey,” Yugi vowed, gazing into Hori’s eyes with unwavering devotion. “I will cherish you, love you, and be the best partner I can be.”

Hori’s eyes shimmered with tears of joy as she replied, “And I promise to stand by you, to be your confidant, and to share all the joys and sorrows of life together. I vow to love you unconditionally and to be your rock in times of need.”

With each word spoken, their bond strengthened, and the love between them seemed to transcend the boundaries of time and space.

Finally, the moment they had been waiting for arrived, and the priest pronounced them as husband and wife. Cheers and applause filled the temple as they shared their first kiss as a married couple, sealing their love before the eyes of the universe.

As they walked down the aisle hand in hand, husband and wife, their hearts were filled with the promise of a lifetime of love and happiness together.

The reception was a joyful celebration, filled with laughter, dancing, and heartfelt toasts from their loved ones. Their friends teased them about their love story, from the days of childhood friendship to becoming soulmates. The evening was a true reflection of the love and happiness that surrounded them.


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