Just Getting Started

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For my whole life, I’ve always been a girly type of girl.  I’ve always like to dress pretty and preppy, wear makeup, and keep my hair long and healthy.  I used to dream about being in a Pantene commercial.  Having straight, thick light brown hair that hung just above my waist, I often received compliments about the condition and length of my hair.  Sometimes I would wear it wavy, and often experimented with braids and different heights of pony tails.  My go to look though was always flat ironed straight and down, or pulled back into a pony tail on the crown of my head.  I loved the way a pony tail would bounce around as I walked the sidewalks and the looks I would get from guys passing by.  I would say my hair is my best feature and one that gained me the most looks.  With that being said, let me introduce myself…

My name is Brooke.  I’m 25 years old and work as Real Estate assistant to a successful agent that deals with luxury condos and urban townhomes.  I’m 5 foot 5 inches tall and have a pretty slender frame.  My chest fills out a C cup rather nicely and I have a 25 inch waist with hips that are 32 inches.  I’m American with a hint of Cuban in my family so I have a somewhat dark complexion.  In the summer time, my brown hair lightens just a bit to make it look like I’ve had professional highlights although I never thought about actually coloring my hair.  My maintenance of my hair is pretty easy.  I have the ends trimmed about every two months in a nice, but simple salon that is in midtown.  My town has been constantly growing and their are new shops, restaurants and bars frequently opening up all over the place.  Its a great time to be an attractive woman in her 20’s and have the freedom in career to be able to get out and enjoy the sites and sounds of the city.

I was walking down the street away from my office the other day and noticed the building where my salon had been was being demolished.  I was in shock.  My stylist, Holly never mentioned that they would be going out of business and I had just had my hair trimmed about a month prior.  My heart immediately saddened as I saw the machines tearing the bricks and glass of that building into a pile of dirt and rubble.  I kept walking as the site disturbed me enough to pick up the pace and head into my favorite bar for a cocktail.  After sitting at the bar, I decided to text Holly and see what in the world happened.

“Hey Holly, it’s Brooke.  I just walked past the salon and the building is being torn down!  What happened”

“Hey Brooke, I’m sorry it all happened very suddenly.  The landlord decided to sell the building to a developer and they closed the deal in two weeks and began tearing it down.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to let you know about it but I have landed on my  feet and am working at a new salon on 8th Avenue called Trendils.  If you’d like to come by I can still take care of that gorgeous hair of yours.”

“Thanks Holly!  That sounds good!  I’m glad you were able to get a job so quickly!  How does this Friday sound?”

“Perfect, see you at 3?”

“Its a date!”

So Thursday night I looked up the location of Trendils and was happy to see that it was only a 2 block walk from my apartment.  I left Friday at 2 to give myself plenty of time to check out the new area and see what type of place I would be visiting to have my hair trimmed.  To my surprise, this area on 8th Avenue was also new with all kinds of trendy places.  I saw the sign for the salon and walked by it glancing in as I passed.  It looked much different than place I was used to.  It was very modern and had an edge about it while still looking neat and tidy.  The girl at the front desk looked over as I studied the salon so I quickly looked away and walked the next block.  I still had 45 minutes until my appointment with Holly so I decided to grab a drink in a little bar that was at the corner of the next building.  Walking up to the bar, I noticed this place too was kind of different.  The bartender came to take my order and my eyes became widened with what I saw.  The girl was a little taller than me, with a very heavily tattooed body, a ring in her bottom lip, and dark smoky eye makeup that made her blue eyes seems to glow from the dark surrounds.  What drew most of my attention though, was her hair.  It was black with a blue sort of tint to it and shiny as can be.  She had the longest bits that came down to about and inch below her chin in the front, right.  And on the left, it was right at chin level.  When she turned around to pour my beer (which I decided to try a new local ale) I noticed that her hair drastically became shorter as it rose to the crown of her heard in a very tapered style.  What caught most of my eye was the way it swished back and forth as she turned back around and seems to fall perfectly back into shape when she stopped.  As she set my beer down, she smiled and said, “Enjoy!  This place is new and I hope you like it and come back at night to see how our nightlife is”  She gave me a little wink and took my cash back to the register.  

The way she moved, the confidence that oozed from her just hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was a life changing type of moment when I finished my glass and took one last look at her helping another patron.  She apparently noticed and turned toward me, slightly smiled while kind of biting her lower lip ring.  Her hair shook across her face and then fell perfectly framing her face. I was shaken, almost light headed walking out of the bar.  What was in that drink?  Why did this girls punk sort of look get my mind spinning in all sorts of directions?  I had never had feelings like this before.  It was like a door opened and a new light shined in through it that was blinding but captivating and I had to keep walking toward it.

I walked back down the street toward Trendils, my mind racing at what had just happened.  I looked at my reflection in the mirror.  I was wearing a light dress, that had a strapped back that was covered by my sunkissed brown hair.  I had my hair down and it flowed back and forth across the small of my back as I moved my hips from side to side.  I stopped to look at my reflection and gathered my hair back to a high pony tail and turned slightly to the side to see my figure.  Could I imagine myself ever having my hair like that bartender.  Not having it move across my back and covering my shoulders was never a thought to me until this day.  What would it feel like to have that short hair around my face?  Could I ever pull off a non-natural color like that?  So many thoughts as I opened the door and walked in to the new salon.

Immediately, Holly saw me and came running over.  “Brooke! Its so great to see you!  Welcome to my new spot!  Its nice right?”  I looked around and it was indeed nice.  It had a darkness to it with black leather and mahogany floors but was very clean and had some pretty hard core music playing in the background.  I noticed that Holly had pierced her nose and Her hair was now a dark shade of red, almost purple.  “Your hair! it looks so different,” I said as Holly smiled.  “Thank you!  I had to try something new after making the move to a new salon.  I feel like it fits the vibe a little better.”  It made total sense.  This place was much more hip and trendy than the previous salon and the workers all there kind of matched the atmosphere.  Most of them had tattoos, piercings, and different types of funky and colored hair.

As she lead me back to the chair, she touched my hair and said, “well, at least some things never change, your hair looks perfect!”

“Thanks, its always been the same, huh?”  I felt boring.  I felt like although she was giving me a compliment, it was an insult.  I wasn’t offended by her, Holly was a sweetheart.  But I felt like her comment was just a confirmation that I was set in my way with my long perfect hair and that I would never be capable of doing something like she had done or any of those people in the salon.  I felt like I was missing out.  It was as if the bartender’s smile to me was out of pity that I couldn’t be like her and have the freedom of a daring look.  It was all of the sudden that I felt like I was in a cage.  I needed to break out.  I needed to spread my wings and fly and this chance happening at the bar and now the salon was the moment in time that I would change forever.  Something snapped and I felt a new person emerging.  “Well Holly, I actually want something else for a change.”  There is was.  I said it.  I wanted something else that I had never known even existed until today.  “I saw this girl at that corner bar next block and I loved the look of her hair.”

“Oh my Gosh Brooke!  Are you talking about Jillian?”  Actually I hadn’t caught her name so I wasn’t sure if we were talking about the same person or not.  But I described her hair to her and we confirmed that was the same person.  I put my hand to my chin with it angled up to the back and said, “She had this dark hair that was to here, and rose up to here.” I pulled my hand back to the middle of the back of my hair.

“You are seriously thinking about this!?  It’s such a drastic change!  And Jillian’s hair is black with blue undertones.  Would you really consider coloring your hair?  Its just so pretty and perfect!”

“It’s pretty and perfectly boring” I said.  I don’t know that I want to copy her exactly, but maybe you could do something to change it up.  I love what you’ve done with your hair!”

“I do too!  It was so nice stepping out of my comfort zone.  I have an idea.  Do you trust me?”

“Of course!” I said as she strapped a cape around my neck.  

She started the process by shampooing my hair and then adding a spray in conditioner that left my hair feeling super soft.  She towel dried it and than gathered it up into a pony tail that she fastened at the base of my neck.  “Are you sure you are ready for this?” She asked.

“I am.”  The words came from a confidence I didn’t even know I had.

With that she bagan slicing away at the base of my neck.  I could feel the hairs being freed by the crunching of the scissors as strands now began to swing back toward my face about two inches under my chin.  It was happening.  And to my surprise, it was changing me as it happened.  She continued sawing off the pony until it was completely severed and then showed it to me and said, “Well say goodbye to this” as she plopped the pony tail on the counter next to us.  “Lets get to work, I’m going to turn you around so this is a little bit of a reveal when we are finished.“  She began sectioning my hair into parts on the top and the sides, seemingly leaving the back unclipped.  After that, she began her process of pulling on my hair, little section by section, and snipping away at what felt like was really close to my head.  After some time, she released the next section and began working her way to the sides.  After each cut, she would spin the chair slightly to check how each side was stacking up to one another.  Occasionally she would take her hand and scrunch the back and tousle it around to see how it would fall.  When she came to the front, I could get an idea how she meticulous she was in cutting this style.  Her focus was intense.  She pulled the longest (by now) parts of my hair and snipped them right at chin length at on front side and just slightly lower on the other.  This feeling of having hair in my face was new, but welcomed.

After the cut, she took me back to a station where she began placing all sorts of gel and products on my hair.  The smell was a little different, but I trusted she knew what she was doing.  After she had applied everything, I sat and gazed through my phone, googling pictures of outfits.  Without even seeing my hair yet, I knew it was going to require some new clothes.  After what seemed like forever, Holly returned and took all the wrappings from my head and shampooed my hair and being to dry it while brushing it down with a slight turn at the end.  Hair seemed to be flying all around my face and I caught little glimpses of dark and bright red hairs.  I couldn’t wait to see how this was going to turn out.  After only about 10 minutes, she seemed to be finished and asked, “Are you ready?”  With a confidence and a smile I replied, “Oh ya!”

She spun me to the mirror and released the cape.  The end (for now) result was astonishing.  My hair was black, well at least before moving it at all.  She told me to shake it and I moved my head from side to side.  As the hair gracefully swished about, I could see a fire engine red color peaking from the underneath.  The style was very similar to Jillians, but a little less edgy.  It was a steeply angled bob that was stacked up to about  eye length at the back and swung down to just below and just at my chin in the front.  I lifted my hand to cup the stacked hair in the back and it was a feeling that I will never forget.  The way my hair lifted and I could see the volume poof up was amazing.  It was super soft.  She took out clippers and shaved the tiny hairs at the very base of my next to give it a crisp clean look.  I couldn’t stop playing with it.  It was so pretty, yet so hip.  So sexy, yet so punk!  I was changed.

Holly told me I would have to come back in about a month if I wanted to keep this style.  I thought to myself, “I will probably want to change things up even more now that I’ve made this leap.”  I thanked her with a generous tip and gave her a hug and said, “Thank you.”  

As I walked out of the salon, my hair just bounced all about my face and chin.  I took my fingers to one side and slid it behind my ear.  It tucked beautifully.  I looked again at a reflection of the new me and thought instantly, Earrings are a must.  There was a little thrift shop that was ahead and I walked into it.  I picked out some new clothes and asked to wear them out of the store.  I continued down the street, back toward the bar and saw a tattoo shop that had a sign in it that said piercing.  I thought to myself, “might as well go big or go home!”  I ordered a second set of piercings in my already single pierced ears and asked for one in the cartilage.  When the guy said, “do you know what would…” I cut him off and just said, “Do it!”

I left the shop with 5 new piercings.  I had 3 new holes in my ears, one on my left nostril, and my lower right lip.  My face was a little flushed from the pain but adrenaline drowned out the pain.  I had also had the word, fierce tattooed on my wrist.  My transformation was complete, for now.

 I stopped back at the bar that started it all and popped into the bathroom before showing my new image to Jillian who had inspired it all.  In the bath room, I touched up my makeup with a darker look at the eyes and a fiery read lipstick.  I looked at my reflection and saw a new punk bombshell looking back.  Gone was the pretty, preppy girl with brown hair down her back.  Now there was a bad girl looking back, with jet black hair with red underneath.  The nape of her neck was also red and the cut was a steep angled bob.  I reached up with my hand to stack the back of my hair up and noticed the fresh tattoo at my wrist.  I smiled an evil little grin back into the mirror and bite ever so slightly on my new lip hardware.  The girl that I had become was harder, but sexier.  I was alive for the first time and stepped out of the restroom to show my new self to the world.  I walked up to the bar wearing a black cut up shirt that was tied tightly around my waist, cut up jeans and a pair of vintage Doc Marten black boots.  Jillian turned to see me and asked what I was having.  I told her, “Same as last.”

She looked confused and said, “I’m sorry, when were you here last?”  I then told her that I had been there about 5 hours ago and had just come back to see what that nightlife that she was telling me was about.  She squinted her eyes and a lightbulb when off as she she gasps and then smiled and said, “Well hello again!  It seems like you may be adjusting to the area quite well!” 

I looked back at her with a rotten smirk and said, “thanks to you, I am.  And I have a feeling I’m just getting started.”

The End… Maybe???

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