It Just Sort of Happened

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“Ryan is that you?  What took you so long?  Did you get us something for lunch?” Karin yelled, talking to him from the kitchen. Wondering why it took him so long to get a haircut and go to the bank.

It was Saturday morning and Ryan left the house around 8:00.  It shouldn’t have taken more than hour, hour and a half at the most, it was now 12:30 and he was just returning.

“Ahhhh, no.”

“Did you go to the bank?”

“Oh, I forgot,” He replied.

“What do you mean you forgot?  You only had two things to do.  Get a haircut and go to the bank.  What did you do?”  Karin asks continuing to talk to him from the kitchen.

“I got my haircut like you asked”.

“Geeze, took you long enough.  They really must have been busy,” she continues coming out of the kitchen to have a look.  “How’s it loooooooook? WHAT THE F#*@ DID YOU DO?”  Karin screams seeing her husband’s hair for the first time.

“Ah, ah, I got a hair… … …” Ryan tried to answer but was cut off.

“I said you needed a haircut, not not not… get scalped.  You… you… you… look like… like some Marine.  What the hell were you thinking?  My god, just what were you thinking?”  Karin asks while starring at what’s left of Ryan’s hair.

“I don’t know.  It just sort of happened.  She said it would look great.  They both did.  It really doesn’t look bad, does it?”

“She, who’s she?  Where the F&%* did you go?” Now walking around him examining just how short it is.”  She can see some skin through the sides and back and the top standing straight up, exactly 1 1/4 inches tall and is as flat as a board.

“And the color, you’re a F&#@*!G blond.  You’re blonder than me.  Whattttt, what the F&@K were you thinking?”  Karin asks as she carefully feels the short bristlely sides.  Then moves her hands up to the stiff flat top.  Obviously gelled with something to keep its perfectly flat straight up shape.

“You paid for this.  My god, what were you thinking?  Where did you go?” Karin continues to ask.

Ryan meekly answers.  “It just happened.  I sat down.  She asked what I wanted and I told her to trim it up.  Then she started to wash my hair and message my head.  When I sat up she said I would look good with a flattop and moved my hair around showing another stylist.  They both thought it would look great.  Then they said they should enhance the color to make me look even better.  I sort of said sure, I guess.  It really doesn’t look that bad, does it?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  You leave here with a nice, but a little long hair, brown hair.  You come home a different person.  A flat-topped marine with blond hair.  You look like that blond guy in that movie you like.  What were you thinking?”

Before Ryan can answer, Karin continues, “I’ll be damned if I’m letting them get away with this.  Where did you go?  I’m going there and give them a piece of my mind and get your money back”, Karin answers still enraged.

“That new place across from the mall, Magic Fingers Barbershop.  Ah ah ah… I’ve got an appointment in two weeks maybe you want to cancel that too.”


“Yeah, they said I’d need a touch-up by then.” Ryan softly tells Karin.

“A touch-up.  What the F&%* were you thinking.  Just wait till I see them.” Karin replies grabbing her keys and heading out the door.  “Give me that bank deposit slip too.  I might as well do your errands as well,” she says closing the door behind her.

Karin’s an attractive 28 year old, average height; perfect weight for her height, nice build with straight dark blond hair just a touch below her shoulders. She really doesn’t do much with it.  She pulls it back when she’s working out or around the house.  But, mostly just wears it down and it looks nice.

Karin finally arrives at the shop.  The whole time fuming, thinking of how she was going to tell them off and get their money back.  She’d tell them.  They can’t do that to her husband and get away with it.  As she enters the shop, she demands to see the manager while still walking to the reception desk.

“Maam, maam, how may I help you, maam,” a cute girl behind the desk asks trying to not make a scene.

Just then a middle aged man walks over from one of the styling chairs introduces himself as Michael the owner and asks, “What seems to be the problem here”?

“The problem? The problem?  The problem is what one of your girls did to my husband.  He comes here to get a trim and leaves looking like a freaking marine.  A blond marine to boot?”  Karin very emotionally explains.

“Maam, I assure you no one did anything to your husband’s hair that he didn’t agree to.  Tabitha, come here a sec.”

Karin notices a gorgeous long red haired stylist, with her breasts bursting out of her low cut top walking toward the desk.  Immediately, she knows how Ryan was talked into his haircut.

“Yes Mike?” she asks as her arrives.

“Tabitha, that gentleman this morning you gave the color and flattop to, how did he decide on that particular style?” Michael quizzes her.

“Oh, he came in and said he wanted a trim, something a little shorter.  Before washing him, I finger styled his hair showing him a few different looks I could do.  When I pulled his hair tight and off his face, I thought he looked awesome, so I asked Lisa what she thought and she agreed.  Then I showed him in the mirror and he agreed to do it.  When it was finished, Lisa came over and loved it.  Then she mentioned that if it was blond it would give him a stronger look.  He looked up and said ‘do it’.  That’s all.  I thought he looked great when he left.  If he wasn’t married I would have gotten his number.  You’re a lucky woman, maam.  You’ve got one hot husband.”  Tabitha explained.

As Tabitha told her story, Karin continued to fume inside.  Her nostrils were flaring and she was turning red.  When Tabitha finished, she just blurted out.  “But, he just wanted a trim.  Just a trim.  I want his money back.  You tricked him; I want his money back and cancel that damn appointment he made.”  Karin continued all worked up.

“OK, Ok, calm down.”  Michael says trying to calm Karin down.  “Ok. No problem.  Now maam I can’t let you leave like this.  I feel terrible.  Your all worked up.  You’re so tense.  You’ll get in your car and kill someone.  Let me have someone give you a message.  It’s free.  It will relax you.  I’ll give you a day of relaxation.  Message, wash, style, whatever you want.  I feel terrible and I can’t let your leave like this.”

“Are you kidding me, here?  You touch me, my hair.  After what you did to my husband, are you crazy?  Just give me my money.”  Karin quickly replied obviously not calming down a bit.

Tabitha gently takes Karin’s hand.  “Please, please let me make it up to you.  I’m the one that upset you.  Let me make it right.  I feel terrible.  Let me make it right for you.  Come on,” she says beginning to lead Karin to her chair.  “Come on, you’ll get your money after we’re done.”

Karin hesitantly begins to walk with her, calming down slightly just with the touch of Tabitha’s hand.  “I’m Tabitha, I’m really sorry you didn’t like your husbands hair.  I’m so sorry.”

Reaching the chair Karin climbs on. “My name’s Karin,” calming down a little by now.

“Now, let’s start with a neck and shoulder message, Karin,” Tabitha announces in a soft relaxing tone.

As her hands begin to rub her shoulders, sliding up her neck to her temples, Karin feels all the tension release.  ‘Oh my god, this is heaven’ she thinks forgetting her whole reason for being there.

Tabitha continues.  Shoulders – neck – head – temples and back again.  Over and over and over.  Karin is mesmerized.  She’s never felt anything so nice, so relaxing, so … … … wonderful.

“Would you like me to message your arms too,” Tabitha asks breaking into Karin’s relaxed state.

“Ooooooo, Oh yeah, yeah anything, this is nice,” Karin answers returning to her hypnotic state.

Right arm – shoulders – neck – head – temples – head – neck – shoulders – left arm.  Again and again.  Over and over.  Again and again.  This seems to go on for hours.  Karin is in heaven.  She’s never been in this state before.  Relaxed, memorized, hypnotized, whatever, it is fantastic.

“Would you like me to shampoo your hair and blow it dry for you?”  Tabitha softly asks.

“Sure, oh that would be nice.  Sure go ahead,” Karin hypnotically answers.

Tabitha gently tilts the chair back and tips Karin’s head in a sink.  Perfectly warm water is flowing on Karin’s hair as Tabitha begins to shampoo her.  Karin hears Tabitha ask someone to continue to message her arms and upper shoulders while she’s being shampooed.  ‘Oooooo’.  Tabitha’s shampooing is nothing like a shampoo.  It’s more like a message with suds.  After a bit, Karin feels the chair tilt forward again and Tabitha begins to comb out Karin’s hair.

“You know you could use a trim.  I noticed during your message your ends are split.  Would you like me to trim them for you?  No charge, everything’s free.  Whatever you want.”

“Sure, go for it, that would be nice,” Karin answers in her euphoric state.

While Tabitha is trimming Karin’s hair the euphoric feelings continue.  It’s as if as long as Tabitha is doing anything to Karin that indescribable feeling remains.  As she is finishing up the cut, Karin is interrupted by someone else’s voice.

“Tabitha, Tabitha” Karin hears. The voice continues, “You should really show her some shorter styles.  She’s got such features. Perfect features.  She’d look like a model with the right cut.  Show her.  It’s your duty as a stylist to show her. … … … …   Show her.” The voice encourages her.

As Tabitha finishes blow drying Karin’s hair, she turns her to face the mirror.  Karin looks in the mirror.  Her hair never looked so good.  Just brushing her shoulders now after the trim, very full, with just a hint of a bend.  Karin was really impressed.

Tabitha runs her fingers through Karin’s hair showing her the body.  She then cups her hands and lifts the bottom of Karin’s hair off the shoulders to about chin level.  “You know one of the other stylists thinks something shorter would really look better on you.”  She then lifts it higher to about lib lever.  “I don’t know, she might be right.”  Tabitha now loosely pulls Karin’s hair back into a pony tail and poofs some on top.  “Wow, you know this looks good.  This really looks good.  What do you think?

Karin more interested in staying in her euphoric state with Tabitha answers, “Do you really think so?”

“Oh yeah, look at your cheek bones and look how your eyes pop.  This would look great.  Lisa what do you think with Karin’s hair off her shoulders and face.

“Oh my god, yes.  That would look sooooo sweet.  Yes, by all means, yes” the other stylist answers walking over to Tabitha’s chair.

“What do ya say?  It’s pretty short.” Tabitha asks Karin.

Karin pauses a second looking in the mirror, “Are you sure… … … Oh what the heck, why not,” softly answering, but really more concerned about staying there with Tabitha working on her than her hair style.

Without saying another word, Tabitha immediately picks a pair of large clippers from the counter and clicks them on.  Karin’s eyes focus on Tabitha’s hand as she puts them under her hair in front of her ear and raises them slowly.  Hair tumbles down on her shoulder.  Swatch after swatch, Karin watches the right side of head being denuded.  The euphoric state intensifies with each pass of the clippers.  She bites her lower lip and closes her eyes as she a warm rush overwhelms her entire body.  Karin feels herself getting wet and tries to control herself as to not let out a scream.

Tabitha continues working around Karin’s head.  Swatch after swatch of Karin’s head becomes exposed.  All the time, Karin’s insides gushing with pleasure.  Her nipples hard, her face flushed, her womanhood pulsing.    As Tabitha completed work on Karin’s left side, she picks up Karin’s top hair with her comb and begins to clip it with the clippers.  Karin’s eyes are closed as Tabitha turns off the clippers.  Karin opens her eyes and stays at someone looking back at her in the mirror.  The person’s hair standing straight up.  Maybe two inches high, straight as a board.  She bites her lower lip again and Tabitha again takes her fingers and rolls them around her temples.

“Karin… … … have you ever thought of lightening your hair?” Tabitha asks very softly in Karin’s ear.  “It would look great.  It would finish the look.  We could bleach it the same as Ryan’s.  You and your husband would be the hottest couple out there.  The only thing though is you’d have to come back here regularly for touch-ups.”

“Ooooo… … … I would?” Karin answers still enjoying the temple message.  “Uh… … yeah go ahead.   Oooooo yeah, definitely, do it.”  Karin answers, getting wetter as her words come out.

Lisa hands Tabitha a bowl of bleach that she had earlier fixed for Tabitha and Tabitha begins brushing it on Karin’s hair.  Once done heat lamps are rolled over to the styling chair and turned on all while Karin is having her arms and shoulders messaged.  Karin has still not come back to reality.  Comfortably sitting and still in euphoria.  As Tabitha begins to wash the bleach out of Karin’s hair, Karin opens her eyes and asks just how often she’ll have to come back.  Tabitha just laughs and tilts the chair up as the shampooing is finished.  She turns Karin toward the mirror and blow dries her hair.  Tabitha then rubs a past in her hair which helps it stand up.  All while Karin watches intently.  She bites her lower lip again and asks Tabitha again how often she’ll need to return.

Tabitha still not answering takes Karin’s hand and reaches it to the back of her head.  “Here feel.  Once you feel it you’ll love it even more.

Karin touches her hair.  The sides are like touching velvet.  The top is as stiff as wire.  Looking in the mirror she smiles.  Smiles at Tabitha and asks, “Can I come back next week for a touch up?”  Her dirty blond hair is now white blond.  The shoulder length sides reduced to a velvety pelt no more than 3/8 of an inch and the top is standing up.  Standing straight up with just a slight bend toward the back in the front.  Cut precisely 2 1/8 inches from forehead to crown and like Ryan’s straight as a board.

“Yeah, that will be fine,” Tabitha answers with a big grin on her face.

On the way home Karin realizes that it’s past 5 o-clock.  She’s exhausted and still quite gitty.  As she enters the house, Ryan calls to her from the kitchen.

“What the heck took you so long?  Did you bring us any food?

“Ah… no”.

“Finish up the banking?”

“Ah… no”.

“Well what did they say at the barbershop when you asked for my money back?”  Ryan asks just coming out of the kitchen.

“They said we both have appointments next week.”  Karen answers running into his arms, her hands immediately rubbing his short stubbly hair on his neck.

“Your hair, what the hell happened?” Ryan asks her truly shocked by what he is seeing.  His hands go straight to her nape as he asks,

“I don’t know.  I sat down she started giving me a message, then a shampoo and … and … it just sort of happened,” she answered.

“Did Tabitha cut your hair?”

“How’d you know,” Karin answers with a big grin on her face.  …”and she suggested maybe going a little shorter next time.”

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