Kapila becomes a boy cut lecturer – Part – 4

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Both families have only boy cut ladies

Kapila’s Story – 3

Next day, I and m-i-l were in the barbershop a little before 6.30 am.  Nobody else was there.  I was asked to sit on the barber chair.  I sat.  He draped a white cloth on my torso and tied it at the back after taking out the braid.  M-i-l said “Govinda (the name of the barber), give her a short boy cut, make it bald with machine on back and sides, just long enough to comb on the top, left parting.”  I was alarmed.  “Atte, it would look awful!” I pleaded.  She shot back with a bright smile, “Oh, shut up.  I know what looks good on you.”  I ‘shut up’ as ‘ordered’ and awaited with a lot of nervousness the brutal butchering of my beautiful hair.

Govinda took a pair of big scissors, held my braid and asked m-i-l to cut it off close to my scalp.  M-i-l gleefully did the job. I could only feel something.  In two minutes the braid came to his hand and showed it to me.  I did feel a bit sad, but now all this was past.  Better enjoy the haircut.  So I smiled at my severed braid.  M-i-l put it in a plastic cover.

Next, Govinda combed my remaining unruly hair with a left parting.  He put a black thing on a maroon coloured machine with an electric cord, bent my head forward, switched on the machine and ran the teeth on my nape.  I could only hear zzzzz noise initially but suddenly the noise changed to chrrrrr……  I was feeling something moving up my nape.  The sensation was warm but very great.  The thing moved up and up.  For a moment, I became afraid whether he would run it all over my head making me bald.  But he stopped some way and made another pass.  Like this some six or seven passes he did at the back.  But after the first pass my nervousness decreased and each pass brought a strange enjoyment in me.  I began to smile.  I saw in the mirror that m-i-l also was smiling.

Then he tilted my head to the left and ran the machine there pretty high up on the right side, about 2 inches above my ears.  Hair was mowed and only a black tuft was left in its wake.  The feeling of the machine on my head was very good.  In that moment I realised that this was one of the best experiences I had.  Suddenly all my doubts regarding this decision went out of my head and I was thankful to my m-i-l and mom for forcing this on me.  I would give two hoots to whoever ragged me on this, be they colleagues, students, relatives or neighbours.  I was on cloud nine enjoying a nice clippering.

In another few minutes, my left side was also machined close.  Then he sprayed water on my top hair and with comb and scissors, cut it into a nice boy cut with a left parting.  Then he asked m-i-l “Is this ok?”  She examined and said that the back and sides are to be made fully bald with zero clippers and the top about quarter inch shorter.  So again the barber ran the comb and scissors on my top making it a bit shorter.  Then he took the red machine, removed the black guard on it and ran it on the nape and sides.  The sensation of this second ‘clippering’ put me in heaven.  In a few more minutes, I rose up with a pucca ‘boy’ cut.  The back and sides were bald to about an inch above the ears.  The view in the mirror was very elegant.  The feel on the back and sides were, oh! How great it was! Like sandpaper!

I hugged my m-i-l and thanked her.  I was shocked when my m-i-l sat on the chair and asked for a similar haircut!  I got the honour of cutting her braid.  Her braid was also saved.  Then in the next fifteen minutes, she also became a boy cut lady like me.  The back and sides were made bald to about an inch above her ears.  The top was cut just long enough for combing.  The difference was that she got a right parting.  She looked excellent in her new avatar.  Back home, Suresh and f-i-l were overboard with happiness seeing us two short haired ladies.

Mom, dad and Raghu came to see my new avatar in the afternoon.  I learnt that they had been invited by my m-i-l for lunch.  The three could not leave caressing my bald back and sides.  Mom was happy with tears.  “So beautiful you look, Kapila!” she said.  And she hugged my m-i-l saying “Oh! Subhardra, how beautiful you look with this boy cut!  Now, that my dream of seeing Kapila married AND in boy cut is realised, we can happily go for our family gundu at the earliest.”

Suresh could not wait for long.  My folks left around 2 pm after lunch.  Soon after, he pulled me to the room, closed the door, undressed me and himself, drove his pecker into my cunt and fucked me pumping his birth fluid in me.  It was the greatest sex I had in two months of marriage.

I had some tough time in the college the next day, with everybody giggling at my new avatar.  I was the first boy cut female teacher in the 6-year old college, the Principal said with a smile. But within a few days, things settled down.

At home, mom, dad and Raghu went to Tirumala the next week and all the three became baldies.  That was mom’s third gundu.

I got addicted to the bald back and sides.  Once a month, I and m-i-l went to the barbershop and got clippered.  Even with other gents looking on, we got our boy cuts done with pride and confidence and walked back home.

In nine months, I produced a baby girl.  When the girl entered her eleventh month, we all went to Tirumala.  I and m-i-l put our saved braids in the hair hundi and all the five got gundu – my first gundu that I can remember.  It was the first one for m-i-l also.  I enjoyed the gundu also very much.  Mom was very happy.  And I was the first female staff in the history of the college to teach with a bald head.

Now, it is six years since my marriage.  My daughter was conceived on that fateful afternoon when I had my first boy cut.  My son was conceived the day after I had my first Tirumala gundu.  Both I and my m-i-l are maintaining our clipper boy cuts.  And we had Tirumala tonsures two more times in this period – once along with my son’s first mundan and again two years later.

Raghu got married to Kalpana, a high school teacher about a year ago.  My parents and Raghu told her that they expected her to keep a boy cut at the earliest and an occasional gundu like me.  Unlike me, she welcomed the suggestion happily, but first she wanted to get a gundu.  So a month after the marriage, Kalpana, Raghu and my parents returned bald from Tirumala.  My mom was extremely happy with her fourth gundu.  Since then both mom and Kalpana are keeping clippered boy cuts like me.

Long hair for females is gone for good in both my parental and married homes.  I love it very much.  Henceforth it will be only a clipper boy cut and an occasional gundu.  Thank you, atte!  Thank you, amma!

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