Kate the Biker Barberette

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JD was crossing the road, when a guy in an older truck tonked at him.The truck was a 1970’s era Chevy. JD took a brief stare at the driver of the truck. JD did not think he knew the driver of the truck. JD feared that he was going to have an issue with this person, when he saw the driver pull into the parking lot. Once the truck was parked, the driver quickly got out of the truck.

In an effort to avoid conflict, JD began walking in a different direction. When the driver of the blue truck got out of the truck, he said “what do you think of her”. When JD heard that, he turned in the direction of the man’s voice. He quickly realized the man speaking to him was Richard.

Richard was in his mid 50’s. His black hair was cut pretty short on the sides. The sides were buzzed to a number 1 guard. The top was cut into an inch tall flat top. He was wearing a gray shirt under his leather vest. The jeans he was wearing appeared to fit him tighly. The footware was a pair of heeled biker boots. Off course, he was wearing a chain on his wallet.  He had the motorcycle rider looked nailed.

When, Richard started walking towards JD, he said “a few days ago, I was across the bridge taking care of some business”. When JD heard that, he said “no good can come from going across the bridge”. With out hast, both men laughted.Once Richard was done laughting, he said I’m walking out of my accountant office when I see a beautiful woman lighting a cigarette. She is about to sit down on a bench ”.

Before Richard can tell JD any more of the story, JD said “what kind of cigarette was it”. Richard gave JD a confused look, and then JD said “was it king, 100, or 120”. In a kind of upset tone of voice, Richard said “it must have been atleast a 100, because I had time to get to my truck, check her out with my binoculars, and move the truck to a closer parking spot”.

When JD heard that he said “you give new meaning to the words, dirty old man”. Richard gave JD a friendly punch in the shoulder, and then said “I could see her name tag said “Vollie”. At this point, JD wanted to leave. However, he wanted to show Richard respect. Rather than walk away, JD said “Vollie is an uncommon name in America”.

Before JD could say anything esle, Richard said “I knew that was my in”. In an effort to end the conversation, JD said “haven’t you been married to April for like 40 years”. In a stern tone of voice, Richard said “you got a lot of nerve calling the kettle black”. Before JD could say anything, Richard said “I had his wonderful conversation all planned out in my head. I was going to let her know the meaning and origin of her name ”. When Richard took more than brief pause, JD assumed that didn’t happen. In an effort to break the silence, JD said “how much did get out before she shut you down”.

Richard laughted, and then said “she didn’t shut me down”. Richard took a brief pause and then said “I said “Vollie”. When I was going to make eye to eye contact with her, I looked though the shop window ”. Richard took another brief pause, and then said “I saw the biggest breasts I had ever seen inside the shop. I got distracted, and in my moment of distraction, she said “our you my 2:00 shave”. Off course, I said “yes”. Then she asked me to have a seat inside ”.

 Richard took yet another brief pause, and then said “I tried not to stare at her perfect bob haircut as I made my way pass her to enter the shop”. With out hast, JD said “I bet she was real impressed with you. I bet she put that cigarette out and ran right behind you into that shop ”.

Richard hit his hand against the fender of the old truck, and then said “she went back to looking at her phone. Then she put that cigarette to lips, and took a hit ”. At this point, JD was wondering how much of this he had to listen too. In an effort to change the subject, JD said “why don’t you tell me about your truck”.

JD was actually kind of surprised that Richard was driving around in a four wheeled vehicle, as it was a beautiful day to be out on a motorcycle. Richard believed, if you were a real man you rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Real men, in his mind, were member of a motorcycle clubs.

JD took a brief pause, and then said “you didn’t have it the last time I saw you”. When Richard heard that he said “the plumbing still works. In theory, the story could have ended with me fucking both of them in the break room if that barber shop ”. There where a few moments of silence, and then Richard said “the cab corners, floors, and wheel well are all good”. As JD began to check out the body of the truck, he said “what did you have to give for it”. Richard laughted, and then said “I trade my camping lot for it”. When JD heard that, he said “the lot that is next to mine”.

In an effort to get under Robert’s skin, JD said “my $ 2,500 offer would have been better deal for you”. JD took a brief pause, and then said “this is a nice truck for what it is, but it is a $ 1,000 truck”. At this point, Richard felt like he needed to educate JD on how nice this truck truly was. In an effort to educate JD, he said “square bodies aren’t a dime a dozen, anymore. They are very rare”.

With out hast, Richard said “open the hood”. After Richard said that, he quickly opened the drivers side door. Then he pulled the hood release handle. When JD opened the hood, he saw why Richard thought this truck was worth something. As Richard walked up to JD, JD said ”I know you think this modern fuel injection engine adds value, but it doesn’t”.

Before Richard could say anything, JD said “My cousin got stopped by a trooper for not having his seat belt on properly. When the Trooper came back, he pulled my cousin out of the truck ”. JD took a brief pause, and then said “his truck came from the factory with steel wheels. A previous owner put different material wheels on it. The truck no longer matched the VIN tag, so they took his truck ”. JD took another brief pause, and then said “ I can only image how much time your going to get for having a non carbed motor in this thing”.

JD quickly walked away from Richard and his square body Chevy, he wondered if someone altered his truck before he got it. The only altering JD knew that was done to the truck with the rims. His 1993 Ranger had 1989 thru 1992 rims on it. The truck came with the same material rims from the factory, that current rims were made out of. As he reached for the door to the barbershop, he began to wonder if law enforvement had his truck.

When he got in shop, he noticed a woman sitting in their reading a book. She was wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt, with a leather vest over it. She was also wearing black jeans. As she got up from her barber chair, JD thought he was the one guy in this town that didn’t dress like a biker. As she set her book on the vanity, she said “did you enjoy your rest”. 

As JD walked to the front of the chair, he said “sure”. When he stepped up onto the metal footrest, She said “what have you been up during our time apart”. Kate and JD had just got back together after a 3 week separation. He eased into her chair, as he said “Samantha and I have been working on her truck”.

Samantha was their daughter that was almost 16 years old. Once JD said that, the chair was swiftly spun around. At this point, JD was looking at himself in the mirror.  JD could now see what 5 weeks of him not cutting his hair made him look like.

 The bald barberette was now standing behind him. As a piece of tissue paper was stretched underneath his neck, Kate said “will it be ready for her driving test”. Once the piece of tissue part was tightly secured to his neck, he said “it’s driveable”. He heard the cape rustle, as Kate said “does everything work on it”. The cape was being shaken, when Kate said “they check to make sure the lights, horn, and turn signals work”. 

As she out flung the cape in front of him, he said “I’m aware of the requirements of a four wheel driving test”.  The snaps were being snapped, as Kate thought here we go, again. JD was very against the idea of her riding a motorcycle. Once the cape was secured to him, JD looked at the back wall of the shop. When he looked in that direction, he saw Kate’s motorcycle. She had a bobbed style chopper.

“How are we cutting it, Jonathan” asked Kate, she  was running her fingers thought his somewhat long hair.  Before JD could respond, Kate said “how about a flat top.”  After she suggested that, Kate put hand on his shoulder.  At this point, JD didn’t care if he ended up with the same haircut as she had.

He was just happy that he was getting his hair cut. When JD began to feel the chair jolting up, he said “is that what your biker buddies get ”. With out even thinking about it, Kate said “when was the last time you got a haircut”. JD knew he had to say something, so he said “it’s probably been 5 weeks”.

Kate ran her fingers up the back of JD’s neck, and then said “I don’t think a flat top will be a problem, as you have plenty of hair”. Her heels clacked against the floor, as she walked to her vanity. As she picked up the clippers, he said “are you going to answer my question”. Kate oiled the clippers, as she said “I have a lot of female friends that have flat tops”.

When Kate was ready to get the haircut started, she said “look down, Jonathan”. He did what he was told. JD was looking at the checker board pattern on the floor, when he heard the clippers come to life. Soon after they came to life, JD could feel the steel against his nape. As Kate started making passes with the clippers, she said “most guys I know just buzz it all off”. JD laughted, and then said “I guess helmet hair is an issue, when you are a biker”.

When kate had reduced JD’s neck to just stubble, he said “yes, it can be”. As she began to work on the right side of JD head, he said “you would not want to have a hair out of place when they have you stripping, serving drinks, or doing the act to support the club”. As Kate began clipping the left side of JD’s head, she knew she needed to change the subject of the conversation.In an effort to change the subject, she said “did you get the new seat for her truck”.

With out hast, JD said “we got one from pull a part that matches the interior perfectly”. In their area, pull a part was the salvage yard everyone went to. Before he could say something, Kate said “how badly is it worn”. As more of JD’s hair fell on the cape, he said “it looks like brand new. It must have been an old timers truck”. He took a brief pause, and then said “I got some nice factory rally style wheels on that trip, as well”. As Kate continued to peel the left side of JD’s head, she said “is the rubber good on them”.

After she said that, she hung up her clippers. Kate was putting gel in hands, as JD said “you know I always find good rubber down there”. Kate began rubbing gel into JD’s hair, as he said “I got those tires on your car down there ”.

When Kate started brushing JD’s hair, she said “they appear to be holding up”. When every remaining hair was standing straight up, Kate grapped her clippers. She rode over the comb, as JD said “I put them on that car over two years ago, and they are still serving you well. I would say that is more than holding up”.

Kate’s heels clacked against the floor, as she walked to hang her clippers up. When she had them hanging up, she reached for her pack of cigarettes. As she pulled on out, she said “what do you want me to say, Jonathan? Do you want me to tell you are the God of finding parts down there”.

As Kate she put it up to lips, JD said “that would be good start”. After she exhaled her first hit, she said “babe, we both know no is as good as you at tracking down parts”. With out hast, JD said “I know”. 

Kate removed the cape, as she said “my brother was really impressed that you were able to find him that part thing he needed ”. As JD got out of the chair, he said “tail lenses”. Kate laughted , and then took another hit of cigarette. JD walked towards her, he said “the part thing he needed was tail lights for a Datsun truck”. He made eye to eye contact with her, and then he said “it wasn’t easy”. After he said that, Kate said “nothing worth having in life comes easy”.

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