Kate’s Crush

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Raymond was riding the bus though a bad area of his city.  Normally, Raymond would not come to this area. He only came into his area of city when he needed a haircut.

Barbers in his area didn’t know how to cut his hair. Raymond’s natural hair texture was coarse and curly. Only one barber he knew of seemed to cut it the way he wanted it.

 Once he got the bus, it was only a short walk to the shop. Raymond quickly walked down the side walk. He did this best not to make eye contact with anyone.

When he pushed opened the door of the three chair shop, a bell rang. Raymond began to panic when he didn’t see his regular barber. At this point, Raymond assumed he was out back smoking a cigarette.

At this point, it was just Raymond and woman in the shop. Based on were she was standing, Raymond she was a barberette that worked their. Topically, two barberette worked there with Josh.

Before Raymond could ask were Josh was, she said “How can I help you”. The lady was probably in her early 30’s. Raymond hadn’t seen his woman before in his life.

With out even thinking about it, Raymond said “I’m looking for Josh”. The barberette laughed, and then said “so are a lot of other people”. Raymond wondered why people would be looking for him.

She made eye to eye contact with Raymond, and then said “why are you looking for him”. With out even thinking about it, Raymond said “I need a haircut”.

She gave him a smile, and then said “I can cut your hair”. At this point, Raymond wasn’t sure what to do. A lot of people thought they were capable of cutting his hair.

Most of them just messed it up. As a look of disappointment showed on his face, she said “I can nail the cut you want”. Raymond wanted to believe she could.

 As Raymond made his way to the barber chair, she said “I promise you I wouldn’t mess you up”.

When he sat down in the chair, she said “my name is Taylor”.

With out even thinking about it, Raymond said “my name is Ray”.

Taylor ran her fingers though Raymond’s hair, as she said “I have a lot experience in cutting bio – racial hair”. That didn’t put Raymond’s concerns at rest, as he wasn’t bio -racial.

A piece of tissue was wrapped around his neck, when she said “where are you from”.

She had it fastened tightly to his neck, when he said “56th and Viliet”.

 Taylor draped him in a cape, as she said “your a long ways from home”.

She was oiling the clippers, when Raymond said “Josh was worth the trip”.

Once he said that, Taylor said “I’m just selling haircuts”.

There was a few moments of silence, and then Taylor said “how am I cutting it”.

With out even thinking about it, Raymond said “just clean it up”.

She then gently tiled his head downwards, and turned on the clippers. As clippers were drove up his nape, another barberette walked into the shop.she came in through the rear door of the shop.

The clippers plowed through his nape, as the other barberette said “I didn’t see your truck, Ray”.

More passes were made, as Raymond said “it got stolen this morning”.

As Taylor continued to make the nape length uniform, the other barberette said “my friend’s husband got his lowered truck stolen, today”.

The severed hair began to pile up, as the other barberette said “his truck is just like JD’s”.

She then went on to his left side, as Taylor said “I wonder if there is a crew stealing lowered trucks”.

His head was tilted slightly to right, as the other barberette said “did Anna give you a ride down here”.

The clippers was being ran up his temple, as Raymond said “we broke up”.

Scraggly hair on his left side were being shorn off, as the other barberette said “I told you that girl wasn’t right for you”.

 Half an inch was left on the side, as the other barberette said “I did like the way she acted when she was in here”.

 She quickly repeated the same action on his right side, as the other barberette told Taylor about Anna. The clippers were getting back hung back up, when Taylor said “be glad it’s over”.

Taylor picked up a large pair of barbering scissors off her vanity, as the other barberette said “how you getting home, Ray”.

As Taylor picked up a wide-toothed comb, Raymond said “the bus”.

 A section of his hair on top was pulled up, as the other barberette said “you are going hang out till closing time, and I’m giving you a ride home”.

 Half the length was his hair instantly cut, as he said “I’ll be fine, Kate”.

Taylor skillful and quickly cut the hairs on the top of his head, as Kate said “no, you will not be fine”.

She realized that Ray was the customer that Kate was talking about. Kate was telling her about a customer that she had a crush on.

At this point, the sides were quite short. However,  the top was still quite long. Taylor didn’t want any trouble, so she was ready to leave the cut like it was. The haircut looked presentable.

As Kate began to remove the cape, Kate said “hop in my chair, I’ll cut it like Josh does”. Once Raymond was caped in Kate’s chair, the clippers came alive. They had a number 3 guard on them.

Kate ran them through the hairs on the top of his head, as she said “I’m going to be your forever Barberette”.

Lumps of my curly hair tumbled down the cape, as Raymond became scared. Hair gathered on my cape, as Kate said “we are going to be so happy together”.

After a few moments of silence, Kate said “I think that is short enough”. Once she said that, she hung up her clippers. In reality, it looked just like it did when Josh cut it.

She unfastened the cape, as she said “we are going to stop and get something to eat before I drop you off”. As Raymond got up from Kate’s chair, she said “we can go smoke a cigarette out back before my 4:00pm appointment gets here”.

 At this point, he wasn’t sure who he was supposed to pay. As Taylor sat down in her chair, Raymond handed her a twenty dollar bill.

As Kate began to clean up her area, she said “I’ll get my payment, tonight”.

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