Basement Cuts

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Samantha was laying on the couch, when her dad walked into the living room of their house.

JD made eye to eye contact with her, and then said “your going to be cutting the new neighbor kid’s hair in a little while”.

Despite it being almost 3pm, she was still in her pj bottoms and a loosely fitting flannel shirt.

She had the top three buttons of the flannel shirt undone,  and it obvious she was not wearing a bra.

Her large DD breasts threatened to fall out of her shirt, as she laid there.

As she sat up the couch, she said “what kind of haircuts do they have”.

JD sat down in his recliner, as he said “the dad had a flat top”.

A lump grew in her throat as she heard “flat top”.

She had began dreading meeting the new neighbors.

As she got up from the couch, she said “I’m not good at doing flat tops”.

Right after she that, he began to walk back towards the foyer of the house.

Before he exited the living room, JD said “go put some clothes and make up on”.

When Samantha heard that, she said “most fathers wouldn’t want their daughters wearing make up”.

With out even thinking about it, JD said “I want to meeting with the new neighbors to go well”.

Samantha quickly walked up to her dad, and then said “is everything alright with mom”.

JD stopped dead in his tracks, and said “how do you know about what happened”.

She took a step back from her dad, and then said “I started my period early this morning. There were no pads in our bathroom, so I went into your bathroom to look for one”.

Samantha took a brief pause, and then said “when I turned on the light, I saw alot of blonde hair on the floor”.

With out even thinking about it, JD said “everything is fine. Go get ready for our visits”.

Once JD said that, Samantha began to walk towards the stairs that went to the second floor of their house.

Samantha and Khloe had bedrooms were upstairs.

The bedroom that Kate and JD shared was on the first floor.

Samantha was midway up the steps, when JD said “tell khloe to get ready, before you started getting ready”.

Khloe was a young lady that Kate and JD had been fostering on and off for the last 13 years.

They wanted to adopt her legally, but the state kept giving her biological mother chance after chance.

Once Samantha made it to the top of steps, he went into the room he shared with Kate.

Kate wake up to JD’s gentle kiss on her cheek.

There was a smile when Kate saw JD laying next to her.

After what happened last night, she thought he would have bailed on their relationship.

She rubbed her fingers over new buzz cut, as she said “good morning”.

JD smiled, and planted another kiss, this time on her lips. “I just wanted to come in and see how you were doing.”

Kate flicked her hand, whipping the bed sheets away from her body, as she said “better than last night”.

As she got up from the bed, she said “I don’t know what came over me”.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she said “I remember it being so hot and humid in here. There were just layers of sweat all over my body”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “I thought a cold shower would do the trick, so I went into our bathroom. I started thinking about how a cold water on my scalp would feel incredible”.

Right after she said that, she turned to look at JD.

When they had eye to eye contact, she said “I didn’t want to cut it all off. I was actually looking for my shower cap, when I found the pair of scissors”.

After she said that, JD got up off the bed.

He began to walk towards her, as she said “I’m not crazy. Originally, I just wanted to cut the pony tail off, so that I wouldn’t be going to sleep with as much wet hair”.

JD began to hug her, as he said “I didn’t mind waking up at 3am to even out what you cut off”.

As her head laid against his chest, she said “could you still love me this way”.

He laughed, and then said “we have been together 18 years. One 3am haircut isn’t going to change anything”.

As they parted ways from their hug, she realized how blessed she was to have met JD.

When she got into their bathroom, she saw that all her hair had cleaned up all the hair.

She turned around to see JD standing there.

With out even thinking about it, she said “thank you”.

JD smiled, and then said “your welcome”.

After he said that, he said “unfortunately, I didn’t get it cleaned up before Samantha saw it”.

As he began to walk towards the exit point of bedroom, he said “put something nice on, we have visitors coming in like an hour”.

It was early in the evening, when the Visitors got in their car to drive to the Edwards’ house.

As they pulled out their driveway, their mother said “your hairstyles certainly don’t find in this area”.

Julia rolled her window down, as she said “I haven’t seen any other guys in this area with man buns”.

Her mother looked at her, and then said “I haven’t seen any man buns, or any girls with hair longer than a chin length bob”.

Before Julia could comment on that, her brother said “I guess all four of us are going to loss some length”.

The spring breeze was blowing through the open windows of the car, as their mother said “dad got these haircuts set up for you three”.

As they pulled into Edwards’ driveway, Julia said “they have some nice cars”.

With out even thinking about it, Julia said “shouldn’t we parked on the street”.

Their mother turned off their older Saab, as she said “you probably should have said that before I pulled into their driveway”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “be on your best behavior. This could be a chance for you to make friends at your new school”.

When they got out the Saab, they realized that the Edwards’ house was much larger than their house.

The house was much nicer on the inside, as well.

Once they were inside the house, Kate said “I’m Kate. The girl in white top is Samantha, and the girl in the green top is Khloe”.

Both of the boys were immediately attracted to Samantha and Khloe.

They were both wearing tops that had V cut neck lines.

The lines of their short bob haircut were so perfectly straight, that it looked like they were cut with a laser.

Kate was also looking very attractive in leather high heel boots.

With out even thinking about it, their mother said “I’m Natalie. Everyone calls me Nat. My daughter’s name is Julia. Tim is in blue top, and Luke is the grey top”.

Once she said that, Kate said “before Mike left, he said your kids were in need of haircuts”.

Natalie looked at her kids, and then said “we had appointments for them, and they got canceled due to covid”.

Before the kids could argue about getting haircuts, Kate said “my husband build a barbershop in the basement”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “I’m a licensed to do hair, so I can’t do the cut. However, Samantha and Khloe can”.

Tim made eye to eye contact with Samantha, and then said “I want you to my barberette”.

Samantha was definitely attracted to Tim, so she said “if you go down stairs with me, you definitely wouldn’t be coming back with near the length you have”.

Once she said that, Tim said “I be trying to lose this length for a minute. My mom wanted me to keep it this length”.

Right after he said, that Samantha put her hand out.

Tim quickly grabbed her hand, and they made their way towards the steps going down stairs.

Khloe made eye to eye with Luke, and then said “I guess that pairs us up”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “you don’t have to hold my hand, if you don’t want to”.

As luke reached out for Khloe’s hand, he said “off course I want to hold your hand”.

They quickly made their way to steps, as Luke said “I like natural beauty. I like that your not wearing a ton of make up”.

With out even thinking, Julia said “you realize this isn’t a whore house in Mexico. Those girls are only going to cut your hair”.

In tone of complete embarrassment, Natalie said “Julia”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “go wait in the car until we are ready for you”.

Once Julia was out of the house, Natalie said “I’m so sorry”.

As Kate started walking towards the steps, she said “don’t worry about it”.

Kate and Natalie made a little small talk, and then head down to the basement.

When Kate and Natalie got to the bottom of the steps, they could see that Samantha and Khloe already had the boys seated and caped.

Samantha and Khloe were slowly taking the boys hair out of the bun, as their mothers walked to the bar area of the basement.

Natalie took a seat at the bar, and then looked over at her boys.

She couldn’t believe how long their hair was.

As Samantha began to comb Tim’s luscious blonde locks, she said “if I give him a bob like mine he will be like 20 inches or so”.

With out even thinking about it, Tim said “Absolutely not”.

Before his mother could say anything, he said “we want flat tops or buzz cuts”.

Samantha looked over at Khloe, and then said “Good”.

Right after she said that, she went over to vanity.

As Samantha began to oil her clippers, she said “most guys in this area live on farms. They have tons of chores. They don’t have time or money for barbershop or salon haircuts”.

Khloe looked over at Natalie, and then said “most guy around here just buzz there hair down with A5 with 10 guard on it”.

With out even thinking about it, Natalie said “what is an A5”.

Before Khloe could answer her, Kate said “it’s a clippers made by Oster. It’s actually made for grooming animals. However, it will work on humans”.

Natalie thought about it for moment, and then said “I want them to fit in with the other guys in the area, so just buzz them down then.

Once Samantha heard that, she got her Oster 76 in front of Tim’s forehead.

Right before Samantha made her first pass down his head, luke said “I want a flat top likes dad’s”.

As Khloe continued to comb Luke’s long mane, she said “get your phone out, and show me a picture”.

Samantha made a pass right down the center of Tim’s head, as Luke tried to get this phone out.

Luke began to look for a picture of him and his dad, as Samantha said “no turning back, now”.

She got lined up for her second pass, as she said “I started with a longer guard, so I can do a recon”.

She started the second pass down Tim’s head, as Natalie said “what is is a recon? A second ago you talking about doing a buzz cut on him”.

The clippers made second belt of stubble, as Kate said “it really a form of a buzz cut”.
Samantha began her third pass a cross the top of
Tim’s head, as Kate said “its long on top, and there is basically nothing left on the sides”.
Right before the third pass ended, Samantha said “it’s a very common cut around here”.
At this point, Natalie had become concerned that them coming here wasn’t a good idea.
Her concerns only grew, when Samantha said “I’ll be right back. I have to use the bathroom”.
She left Tim sitting in the chair with basically no hair on top, and the side and back were still never long.
To make matters even more worse, she turned the chair, so he was now facing the mirror.
Just as Kate and Natalie hear the bathroom door shut, Khloe turned on clippers.
As she placed them in front of Luke’s forehead, she said “I put 8 guard on them”.
Khloe drove the clippers a cross the top of Luke’s head, as Kate said “an 8 was a good choice. You will still have plenty of hair to do a good flat top.
Right before she started her second pass, she said “was your dad in the military”.
With out even thinking about it, Luke said “yep”.
She was ending her second pass on the top of his head, when Natalie said “he dad serviced for 20 years”.
The clippers was making its third pass over Luke’s head, when Khloe said “you must have moved around a lot”.
Khloe flipped off her clippers, as Natalie said “we still do”.
As Khloe was changing the guard on the clippers, Luke said “this is the time or place to talk about what’s going on”.
Once she had the guard changed, she said “we all got problems, Luke”.
As Khloe tilted his head, she said “I have no idea were I would be, if the Edwards didn’t take me in”.
The clippers began to remove hair from the left side of Luke’s head, as Natalie said “you got a big pile going there”.
Natalie wanted to change the subject.
Tim’s ear got pushed forward, as Khloe said “it’s only going to get bigger”.
She started her third pass on the left side of Tim’s head, as she said “we aren’t half way through the cut”.
The final pass on that side was started, when Samantha said “what type of hobbies or interests do you have, Luke”.
As Khloe turned the chair, Luke said “I like to do research on the internet about current topics”.
When the chair was were Khloe wanted it, Kate said “I think that is Khloe’s only hobby or interest”.
The clippers began removing hair from the right side of her head, as Samantha said “no, it isn’t”.
Luke’s right ear got pushed forward, as Kate said “name one”.
Khloe worked around luke’s ear, as she “I’m very interested in working on my hobby truck”.
She took a brief pause, and then said “if my hours didn’t get cut at work, I would be out there in the garage a lot more”.
His ear was released, as he said “what kind of truck do you have”.
The third pass was being started on the right side of his head, when Khloe said “it is a 1991 Chevy 1500″.
As Khloe made her final pass on the right side of his head, Khloe said “it basically a 454 SS replica”.
The chair turned, as Luke said “cool”.
Khloe prepared to do luke’s nape, as luke said “back in the day, my dad that short box, regular cab, version of that body style”.
She did her best, to grab all the head that was released from luke’s head with one hand.
Luke’s head was gentle moved, so that khloe could better remove her nape hair.
As her head was moved, Samantha said “that is what mine is”.
The clippers got driven up his nape, as said Natalie said “you said that you have a hobby vehicle. Do you have a vehicle that you drive everyday”.
Khloe started the second pass up his nape, as she said “the Contour SVT is mine”.
Natalie laughed, as Khloe made another pass up luke’s nape.
Right before she started the final pass, Natalie said “how does a young girl like you get all these vehicles”.
Khloe looked over at the bathroom door.
Then she quickly and forcefully put Luke’s head were she wanted it.
As she made her last pass on the his nape, Natalie said “if the Edwards family was nice enough to let you use one of their cars, that doesn’t make it yours”.
As Khloe went to her vanity to get a comb, she said “the Edwards did give me my first vehicle. It 2001 honda Odyssey. It was a total piece of crap that they paid $325, but it got me to work and school. I busted my ass at her T shirt shop to earn enough money to get the SVT”.
She used a comb and gel to get everyone of Luke’s hair standing straight up.
Khloe took a brief pause, and then said “that truck was also total piece of shit when JD drove it to the house. Samantha and I put in the wrench time to get it decent. When she got her Mustang, she told me I could have it”.
She took a very large flat top comb out of the drawer, and made her way back to her chair.
As she was about to start to work on the top and corners of the cut, Natalie said “speaking of Samantha, where did she go”.

Khloe placed the flat top comb on the front of his, as she said “I didn’t see her go upstairs. She must still be in the bathroom”.

Kate walked from behind the bar to the front of the bathroom door.

As she made the walk, Natalie said “just finish him up, Kate”.

When she got in front of the bathroom door, she knocked on the door.

After she knocked on the door, she said “I already told you I’m not cutting, today”.

As Kate tried to find out if Samantha was alright, khloe systematically mow the top down Tim’s hair down.

She was almost done with cutting the top, when she said “I know she started her period, yesterday”.

Natalie made eye to eye contact with Khloe, and said “why does every woman on the planet think that being on her period is an excuse for life”.

Tim shook this head, and then said “stop drinking their spirits, mother”.

Natalie walked over to were her son was sitting, and then said “look how she left you”.

With out even thinking about it, he said “I know what I currently look like”.

He took a brief pause, and then said “if Samantha can’t finish the haircut, I’m sure Khloe can finish it”.

As Khloe ran shaving cream on the sides and back of Luke’s head, she said “I can finish you, when I get done cleaning up Luke’s cut. It should only take me a few minutes to clean him up with the razor”.

Samantha walked out of the bathroom, right as Khloe was taking the cape off Luke.

As Luke got out of the chair, Khloe said “I can finish him up, if your not feeling it”.

She walked to her vanity, and immediately picked up a scissors.

With the scissors in her hand, she said “just clean up your area. I got this”.

Samantha lifted a section of hair from the side of Tim’s head, as Natalie said “I can’t believe how different you look”.

Once Natalie said that, Khloe began to sweep up all his hair.

Kate walked back to were she was previously standing, as Samantha made her first scissor cut.

Luke took a seat at the bar.

When that first cut was done, they could see the bottom of Tim’s right ear.

Samantha turned the chair, and then made a similar cut on the opposite side of his head.

When she did this sheets of  hair fell to the floor.

As the his hair fell to the floor, Khloe turned on the vac system.

Khloe sweep Luke’s hair into suction of the vac system, as Samantha quickly reduced Tim’s mane to something that looked closer to a boy’s cut.

Samantha walked to her vanity, as Khloe said “would you like to watch a movie with me in the family room, Luke”.

Luke nodded at Khloe, as she turned off the vac system.

As Samantha picked up her clippers, Luke got off the bar stool he was sitting on.

When Khloe and Luke began to walk towards the entrance to the family room, Natalie said “what type of opportunities are in you that you can afford all this”.

Samantha flipped on her clippers, as said “shut your mouth, mother”.

He could feel the clippers pressing firmly against his skin, as Natalie said “I have been to professional salons that don’t have vac systems”.

The clippers didn’t have a guard on them, as they were ran on the sides and back of Tim’s head.

She was clipping around his ear, when Kate said “my husband is involved with a few successful businesses in the area.

Samantha quickly noticed that the skin under his hair was a much different color than his exposed skin.

In effort to change the subject of conversation, Samantha said “do you enjoy being outside, Tim”.

With out even thinking about it, Tim said “yes”.

Before Tim could respond, Natalie said “why are you asking”.

She laughed, and then said “he going to need to get some sun or spray tan on the areas that weren’t exposed.

Natalie quickly got off her bar stool, and went to see what Samantha was talking about.

Samantha was starting to blend, as Natalie inspected her work.

She stood there for a few minutes watching Samantha work.

As Samantha hug up her clippers, Natalie look a seat in the barber chair Khloe was using.

A new blade was being put in Samantha’s straight razor, Natalie said “when you finish my son’s haircut, you can shave me down”.

With out even thinking about it, Kate said “what”.

Natalie made eye to eye contact with Kate, and then said “you look stunning with your shaved head. I want to look, as stunning as you”.

Once Tim got up from the chair, Samantha began to walk towards the chair Natalie was sitting in.

Natalie bit her lip, as Samantha walked up to the chair that she was sitting in.
Without warning the Samantha spun the chair,
Natalie was no longer staring at the fully stocked bar that was directly in front of her.
She was now looking into a huge mirror that hanging on the wall.
As Natalie looked into that mirror, she saw a woman in her a woman in her mid forties.
Currently, she wasn’t satisfied with her appearance.
Samantha reached for a piece of tissue paper, as
Kate said “are you sure this is what you want”.
The piece of tissue paper was stretched out in front of Natalie’ neck, when she said “yes”.
As Samantha caped her, Kate said “I hope that is the truth, and your just not get caught up in everything going on this evening”.

Samantha began to brush out her hair, as Kate took a seat in the other chair.

Once it was board straight, Samantha said “how are we cutting it, tonight”.

With out thinking about it, Natalie said “just like your mother’s”.

Kate laughed, and then said “we can cut it shorter, but not this short”.

Samantha picked up the scissors, as Kate said “I don’t want you hate yourself in the morning”.

As Samantha began to cut Natalie hair, Natalie said “I wouldn’t feel differently about this in the morning”.

The razor sharp scissors cut straight through Natalie’s hair, as Kate said “you just saw your boys get reduced to almost nothing from very long hair”.

Locks of her hair were sent in a cascade toward her floor, as Samantha said “their hair was very long”.

The sound the scissors made sent a shiver down Natalie spine.

With in a few minutes of Samantha starting her haircut, her long brunette hair had been reduced to a little chin length bob.

As Samantha set the clippers down on her vanity, she said “our we done with her for the night, mom”.

With out even thinking about it, Natalie said “I’m not leaving here with hair on my head”.

Kate laughed, and then said “this is my house. You will leave with the length of hair I want you to leave with”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “section her off, and give her a haircut just like yours”.

Samantha did as he mother instructed, and began to section off Natalie’s hair.

Most of her remaining hair was up in a bun a top her head, when Natalie said “I’m sorry, Kate, I shouldn’t have said that”.

The hair on her nape and sides were laying flat, when Kate said “I don’t think you mean it. I think you just said that, so I would tell her to shave all your hair off”.

As Samantha reached for the clippers that were at that station, she said “I think your right, mom”.

Right after she that, she forcefully pushed Natalie’s head down toward her lap.

Once Samantha turned on the clippers, Natalie said “just buzz it all off”.

The clippers were at the base of her nape, when Kate “don’t speak again, unless you are spoken”.

The cold blades of the clippers made contact with Natalie skin, right after that was said.

Samantha slowly ran the clippers up her nape, as her mother said “what would husband think, if you come home with her hair shorter than your son’s”.

She was making her second pass up Natalie nape, as she said “he would love it”.

Once Samantha started her final pass on her nape, Kate said “let’s call your husband. If says it alright for you to go bald will do it”.

Natalie laughed, and then said “I don’t need this permission to go bald”. With out even thinking about it, Kate said “get that cape of her. Natalie will be going home with Bob cut with clippered nape

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