Katie and Felicia (Part 2)

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It had been a few months since Katie had given her gift to Felicia. Their relationship had only grown stronger since then. Felicia had loved Katie’s gesture so much, she couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have her as a partner.

Felicia admitted to Katie that she had hair fetish, and Katie found it adorable. Felicia made it clear that she didn’t expect her to get haircuts or anything. Katie found that adorable, but left things open-ended.

Katie’s hair had always grown back quickly, and so within a month, the growing out phase of this haircut started to annoy her a bit. Felicia had told Katie that she could do whatever she wanted with her hair, and that she should not stick to this haircut. It had been a fantasy and it was now fulfilled. Katie teased Felicia, that she was the chosen one amongst them, who would now have short hair forever.

This was a theory that both Katie and Felicia discussed after Katie’s haircut. They had noticed that in a lesbian couple, one would have long hair and one would have short hair. So now they fit into that stereotype. However Katie, seriously also felt that shorter hair was the one she was most comfortable in, the one in which she felt the most confident.

She asked Felicia for some suggestions on what haircut she could get. Katie’s main need was to cut her bangs as short as possible, everything else could be anything and she wouldn’t care. So Felicia kept that in mind while showing her some references. Katie finally got the perfect reference- https://pin.it/4594kW0

“Are you sure, isn’t that a bit extreme?” Felicia asked curiously.

“I think it looks amazing.” Katie answers, as she starts picturing herself in that haircut.

“It looks amazing, just wanted to make sure, you ain’t taking any impulsive decision.” Felicia says as she runs her fingers through Katie’s hair.

Katie leans in for a kiss, “And, I love you for that. But I am not.”

“The color is also exactly like yours.” Felicia remarks.

“I know right, it’s the perfect reference.” Katie says with a big smile.

Katie made an appointment for a haircut, just so that this overgrown mess could be sorted out. It had been 3 months since she had it cut, so the longest part of her hair past her shoulders. And the shortest was just below her chin. However her bangs, were the one thing that annoyed her the most. Falling to her eyes always. That is what made her want a haircut so bad and why she wanted super short bangs.

The appointment was made with Felicia’s hairdresser, Justine, who used to regularly trim her hair and bangs.

“Hi Katie, lovely to see you.” As Justine waits behind the chairs.

Katie walks and sits on the chair.

“So this is a bit of mess.” Justine looks at her overgrown Diana cut which was all over the place.

“Oh yeah, I had it cut like Princess Diana, and it grew like this.” Katie agrees reluctantly.

“Princess Diana, wow that would have been one hell of a cut, huh?” Justine is surprised as she plays with Katie’s hair.

“Oh yeah.” Katie says with a big smile.

“So-“ Justine starts off before she is cut off by Katie, who has taken out her phone.

“I have a reference.” She shows the reference to Justine.

“Queen’s Gambit, lovely show.” As Justine looks at the reference intently.

“Yeah so I just wanted the bangs to be short, cause right now it’s just unbearable”. Katie responds with frustration.

“I empathize with you fully. So, you want it blunt all around yeah?” Justine asks.

“Yeah just to even it all out.” Katie answers instantly.

“So do I cut it till the shortest point.” As Justine holds the shortest strand of Katie’s hair, which sits just on her chin, and shows it to Katie.

“Actually, I wanted it a bit shorter. So something like the reference.” Katie answers.

Justine is quick to answer, “So, in the reference her hair, curls a little inward. So it’s actually cut till her chin only. I can cut it till the ears, if that is what you want.”

“Oh okay yeah, I want my ears to be covered, so yeah that works.” Katie answers after thinking on it for a few.

Justine holds up her hair till her ears, and shows it to Katie. “Yeah that works.” Katie answers confidently.

“And for the back? Cause it will be all the way up till the chin, do you want me to naturally shape it till your chin or? Justine asks, making sure she fully understands what Katie wants.

“So naturally shape would mean-?” Katies asks as she is not sure, what that means.

“So basically.” Justine touches her nape, and gradually pushes her fingers all the way up till her ears. “This part would gradually grow upwards till the ears, sorta like a v-shape.”

“Oh okay gotcha, what about the other option?” Katie asks, as she is not too sold on this option.

“So the other one is, a proper blunt cut. I shave everything below the ears”. Justine says.

“Yeah that is what I had in mind. That ways it will even everything out right?” Katie asks as she nods.

“Yep, everything evened out.” Justine answers as she nods too.

“Yeah perfect then”. Katie sits reassured.

“And how short do we want bangs?” Justine asks but she sort of has an epiphany. “Wait actually, your bangs are anyways down to your ears. So if you want there can be no bangs.”

“That would be ideal”. Katie is delighted.

“Okay, so then a super short blunt bob, with the backside shaved then?” Justine asks one final time.

“Yes.” Katie answers looking satisfied with this consultation.

“Perfect”. Justine answers as she waks away to get everything she needs.

She quickly returns and capes Katie. Justine immediately starts to straighten Katie’s hair, she explains why, “So what I want is your hair to be perfectly straight. I will then be able to cut it all blunt with clippers. Scissors can be a little imprecise here atleast in my experience”.

Katie nods, “Yeah whatever you think works the best”.

After a few minutes, Katie’s hair is all straightened out. It is still extremely thick, and hasn’t lost it’s charm. It is just extremely uneven and the bangs fall very awkwardly.

Justine grabs the combs and clippers. She then increases the height on Katie’s hair and then pulls up a chair for herself as well.

She sections her hair off in 2 parts- the top side and the back side. The top side ending right at her ears, and the back side starting just below her ears. She pins the top side on top part of her head.

She turns on the clippers, and starts working the back side. She pushes the clippers into her thick hair. Justine is quick with her passes and slowly Katie’s skin can be started to seen. Katie can not see how it looks like, but she begins to feel nippy on the back of her head, as the clipper makes it way through. After a few minutes, Justine is done with the back side.

Katie swirls her head to see, and she is bald below her ears, no sign of any hair. “Damn”, she whispers to herself as she runs her fingers through her skin.

Justine quickly unpins the top side and her hair falls down. Using the backside as reference, she brings the comb down to her ears and then slowly strand by strand starts clippering away whatever is below the comb. It is a few minutes, before Justine is all done.

The result is quite stunning, it doesn’t look anything like the reference. It is way shorter. Katie also too feels it is a lot shorter than she wanted, but this way it evens all the hair. Ultimately it will grow out well. It sorta likes like this- https://pin.it/4Ohmzuz

Justine starts to blow dry her hair, and clean her up. Katie starts looking at her new haircut from all the angles, she slowly grows to like her haircut. She really likes short hair, and feels like amazing in it. She already starts thinking about her next haircut, but for the time being this extreme blunt bob will have to do.

She can’t wait to show Felicia her haircut! 

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