Kiara’s Haircut

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Kiara  wore her hair in a long buzz cut. Kiara usually got it buzzed every 3 weeks. It has been 4 weeks since last haircut. She tried to get a haircut before her a her husband left for there camping trip, but her regular barberette was booked solid. Kiara decided to get a haircut well her husband went fishing.  

He left the travel trailer around 6 am. The previous day Kiara found a barbershop in next town over that opened at 8 am. She left the campground with plenty of time to make it there before 8 am. As she made her way to new Salisbury, she found the traffic to be unusually heavy for a town of that size. 

She didn’t sleep well the previous night, due to not having a working AC unit on trailer trailer. She felt some what fatigued, so she decided to shop at a gas station to get some coffee. As fate would have it, there was a gas station kitty corner from the barber shop. As she poured herself a coffee, she began wondering if any of workers there going to that shop. 

When Kiara got in line, she decided she would ask the cashier if they knew anything about the shop. There was only one person a head of her. The woman appeared to be in her late 30’s. She got with in hearing range of the woman, and found out the woman was there to buy cigarettes. S eeing the woman buy cigarettes, made her remember she need to get a pack. 

Once the woman was outside the building, Kiara set her coffee down in front of the cashier. As she set down the coffee, the cashier said “will that be all for you, today”. With out even thinking about it, Kiara said “I need a pack of Marlboro lights 100’s in a box”. The cashier quickly walked over to the cigarette rack, and her a pack of cigarettes. 

As Jessica, the cashier, walked back to register, Kiara said “do they do good work at that barbershop”. The cashier scanned the cigarettes, as she said “my son and I go there. It’s just an old fashion, single chair, barbershop. She doesn’t do perms or color”. Kiara laughted, and then said “I think I was 14 years old, the last time I had hair long enough to perm”. 

Once she said that, the cashier said “$ 11.54”. As Kiara had her three bills, the cashier said “I’m in that same boat”. When she handed Kiara her change, Kiara said “what does she call the cut you have”. With out even thinking about it, the cashier said “4/2 taper”. 

She took a brief pause, and then said  “if you want to get a haircut, today, you better get over there quicky”. She took another brief pause, and then she said “I heard she is going to Kentucky, today, to buy a truck”. Kiara made eye to eye contact with Jessica, and then said “thanks for the tip”. 

Once Kiara said that, she exited the gas station. She saw that there where empty parking space in front of the shop, so she quickly drove over there. She saw a woman smoking a cigarette, as pulled into the space. She put the car in park, as she wondered if the owner. 

The woman having a cigarette in front of barbershop had a bald haircut. At  this point, Kiara was questioning whether or not she wanted a this woman to cut her hair. She reached for the door handle, she began to think it wouldn’t be an issue. 

As Kiara got to the woman, she said “are you the barber”. The woman made eye to eye contact with Kiara, and then said “no”. Kiara continued to walk towards her, as the woman said “I’m the barberette that owns this place”. Right after said that, she took a hit of her cigarette.

Once the barberette took a hit of the cigarette, Kiara said “do you have any openings for haircuts this morning”. After she exhaled the hit, she said “I’m waiting on daughter and her friend. If you want something quicky and easy, I’ll can take you”. With out even thinking about it, Kiara said “what is your idea of ​​quick and easy”. 

Before the barberette could respond, Kiara said “I want a 4/2 taper”. The barberette laughed, and then said “there is nothing quick or easy about those”. The barberette looked up the street, and then said “I guess I got time to give you one”. She took one last hit of her cigarette, and then tossed it on the ground.

After she exhaled the hit, she said “I’m Taylor”. Taylor stepped on the cigarette, as Kiara said “I’m Kiara”. Taylor held open the door of the barbershop, as Kiara walked in. When they were both in shop, Taylor said “have a seat in the chair”.

Once they got in the shop, Kiara saw Amanda sitting in a waiting area chairs. She was texting on her phone. Had Kiara saw a boy in a barber shop with smooth head, she wouldn’t given it much thought. However, it was clear that Amanda was not a boy. She had very large breasts, and was wearing knee high leather boots.

Once the elderly lady was sitting in the chair, Taylor said “do you know someone that comes to my shop”. She flung  a cape over her, as Kiara said “no”. Once the cape settled, she said “I liked the cut the girl at the gas station has”. Taylor pulled it up around her shoulders, as Kiara said “she informed me it is called a 4/2 taper in his parts”. With out even thinking about it, Taylor said “where are you from”.

As she snapped the snaps on the cape, Kiara said “Bloomington, Indiana”. Once the cape was secured to Kiara, Taylor said “it’s called a 4/2 taper in my shop”. Taylor turned the chair, as she said “topically, it’s called a bald fade”. At point, Kiara could not see herself in the mirror. As Taylor began to pump up the chair, she said “what brings you to our part of the state”.

As Kiara gripped the arm rests of the chair, she said “my husband and I are camping at Buffalo Trace”. As Taylor put  a number 2 guard on clippers, she said “nice”. Taylor began walking towards the chair, as Kiara said “yes”. Just before Taylor started the haircut, she said “I have been out there before”. 

Right after she said that, a buzzing noise filling the entire barbershop. As Kiara began to wonder if this was a good idea, Taylor said “head down”. Before Kiara could give it any more thought, Taylor pushed her head. Taylor  ran the vibrating clippers up her nape, as Kiara started to feel anxiety about the situation she was now in. Kiara anxiety increased after Taylor forcefully pushed her head down. Taylor slowly  ran them on her nape, as Kiara began to want a cigarette. 

At this point, Kiara was questioning her decession to come into Taylor’s shop. Taylor  continued shearing up the back of her head, as she said “what kind of camper do you have”. She ran her  well manicured finger nails over the back of her neck and head, as Kiara said “Keystone hideout”. This  gave Kiara the sense that no longer had a lot hair back there. In  reality, she still had alot of hair that would still need to be reduced down.

As Taylor moved on to the left side of Kiara’s head, she said “the AC unit stopped working, yesterday”. With out even thinking about it, Taylor said “you get what you pay for”. Taylor held her ear forward, as she forcefully ran the clippers around her ear. After Taylor released her ear,  she said “that is very true”. She took a brief pause, and then said “we have had nothing, but trouble with it”.

As she continued to work on the left side of Kiara’s head, she said “we had a Fleetwood Prowler.” Kiara not  being able to see the haircut in the mirror was driving her crazy.At  this point, she just wanted to see her hair. Her normal barberette in Bloomington let her watch the cut in the mirror. 

Taylor continued to work, as she said “the Prowler was good to us.” When Kiara didn’t say anything, Taylor feared she was starting to come on done.Taylor began working on the right side of her head, when she said “we used it year round for atleast 10 years.”  Taylor continued to run her clipper with the number 2 guard on it, as Kiara sat there silent. 

When she was satisfied that the sides and back were good enough, she said “I’m really wondering were Samantha and Khloe are” .As Taylor made her final pass on the right side of Taylor’s head, Kiara said “which one is your daughter”. Right after she said that, Taylor turned off the clippers. When the clippers turn off, Taylor said “Samantha”. She took a brief pause, and then said “I pretty much raised Khloe, as well”. Kiara hoped that she would be allowed to see the process that Taylor made, now that clippers were off. 

When Taylor began to walk to the counter, Kiara said “we used to do fostering”. Taylor picked  up her number 4 guard, as she said “we need more people like you in this world”. As Taylor attached the number 4 guard to clippers, she said “I’m worried about losing this truck deal”. At this point, Kiara began wondering what kind of a parent Taylor was. With out even thinking about it, Kiara said “that is a shitty think to say”.

Right after she said that, she took her arms out from underneath the cape. She had the pack of cigarettes in her hand. Taylor looked  over at Kiara, and then said “we have been searching for long bed Ford Ranger for almost 2 years, now”. Right before Kiara put the cigarette to lips, she said “I didn’t know Ford Rangers were hard to come by”.

Once Kiara had the cigarette to her lips, Taylor said “long box in the body style my husband wants is very hard to come by”. After Kiara exhaled the hit, she said ” I’m sure it will all work out”  Right after she said that, Taylor picked up her clippers. Kiara  prepared  herself to feel and hear the clippers, as she took another of the cigarette. Once  the clippers where back on, Taylor said “I hope your right”. 

Right after Taylor said that, Khloe and Samantha walked into the shop. Just before Taylor ran the clippers down the center of Kiara’s head, she said “the cut looks like that when it is done”. Right after she said that, she ran the clippers without any hesitation right down the center of her head. Kiara didn’t want bare skin on her sides, so she said “I want the sides like the other girl’s”.  Taylor made 7 more passes, and then said “I think Jessica’s cut is like 2 weeks old”.

 As Taylor turned the barber chair, she said “we still need to do the fade with 1 guard”. When Kiara saw herself in the mirror she couldn’t believe it was her.After the shock kind of wore off, she said “I actually think this will do”. Taylor  made eye to eye contact with Kiara, and then said “once I fade the sides, you look even hotter”. 

Kiara took another hit of the cigarette, as wondered what her husband would think of her cut. After she exhaled the hit, Taylor said  “do you think we should fade the sides”. Taylor could tell that Kiara was thinking of not getting the sides and back faded, so she said “we came so far, today. I’m not letting you out of this chair, until you have the haircut you set out to get side fade “.  

Taylor saying that rubbed Kiara the wrong way. With out even thinking about it, she said” we are done here “. After she said that, she stubbed out her cigarette in ash tray in arm of the barber chair. Taylor lowered the chair, as Taylor said “the customer is always right”. Once the chair was at it’s lowest point, Taylor removed the cape. As she removed the cape, she said “that will be $ 12”. Kiara gave her a single bill, and made her way towards the door. 

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