Kim’s Victim

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Hello there, my name is kim. I’m a hairstylist and i just love cutting hair from long to short. Luckily for me, today here’s this lovely 3pm client waiting for me with long blonde hair. I really wanna just wanna fade those sides and cut the top into short 2 inch layers that i can spike up. All i have to do is gain their trust, which I’ve already successfully done! I cut their hair last time and all they wanted was a trim and bangs! Can you believe how boring that was??? Anyway, I believe that was enough to gain their trust. Speaking of which, they should be here any minute!

The door opens and I see my 3pm client! I take them to the hair washing station and all i can think of is how fun it’ll be shearing this mop! I sit them down and get them caped. I ask them how short we’re taking it today (as if they had a choice) and they show me the same picture they showed me last time. BORING! I’m really feeling the fade and 2 inch layers today! So i begin to cut their hair to the length they want and as I’m “thinning” things out, I “accidentally” use my regular shears and take out a big section from the top and side. Their jaw drops and i pretend as if this was an accident. I calm them down and tell them not to worry and that I can fix their hair. Now they HAVE to trust me, and I’ll make sure they get a good shearing! I start with a number 4 on the sides and make sure I’m thorough. I take my time and enjoy it all the way! Then I go to a number 3 and repeat the same motions. I look at the tension in their face and try to calm them down with a smile. When I’m done, i switch to the balding clippers and make a nice fade line. By now they notice they’re showing some skin and look even more tense. I take it back to a number 2, except I’m flicking up this time. All the way around my little victim! Then finally, I fade it all together with my number 1, bringing this beautiful mane down! I then go around with my rolly clippers to find any excess hair that doesn’t belong and remove it. Once that’s done, I unclip the top section, and slice through where i left off earlier. Leaving them with only 3.5 inches of hair left on the top. I see the tears building up and I decide to grab a tissue and wipe those tears. “You’re gonna look great! I promise!” I say to them in hopes of consoling them. I make quick precise snips here, there, and everywhere. Making short 2 inch layers everywhere. Then i thin it out, and they’re done! “We’re done! I just need to style it.” I put in some styling gel and style it into the perfect shape for a solid 10 minutes dragging this out as much as possible. “We’re done! Now let’s get you dusted off!” I take the fluffy brush and put some talcum powder in it and dust off this cleaned up beauty, making sure they’re stray hair free! I finally remove the cape and ring them up! “I’m sorry it wasn’t what you wanted, but i think you look a lot more clean now.” They reluctantly said, “Thank you” and paid. I asked, “Would you like to schedule another appointment 4 weeks from now for maintenance on your new cut?” They unfortunately said no, but I’ll get them next time!

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