Kit’s Playground: Cat and Mouse

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And we’re back with the next installment of Kit’s Playground! AJ is hot on the new Razor’s trail after Kit’s encounter with Ellie. Who could be the sender of the anonymous email that AJ received? Is Kit’s confidence merely hubris? And what about Ellie and the original Razor? Thanks for continuing to follow this story!

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“Can you walk me through the events of the night?” AJ asked the broken girl sitting across the interview table.

”I don’t know,” the girl said through gasping sobs.

”Take a deep breath, sweetie. Try to calm down,” AJ said, reaching her hand out and holding the girl’s hand.

The girl that sat across from her had probably had one of the worst nights of her life. As she sat there, wiping tears from her cheeks and trying to gain her composure, AJ recounted what she already knew about the girl.

Dallas PD officers had been dispatched to a call at 0512 hours in regards to another potential Razor victim. They had arrived at 0518 hours and found the girl, a daughter of one of their fellow officers.

She had all of the telltale signs of a victim of the Razor. This girl had been shaved from head to toe and had even had her eyelashes plucked. A ball gag had been stuffed into her mouth and she had been tied to a light pole, fully nude in the arts district. She had been found with a vibrator in her vagina and in her rectum, just like so many of the other victim’s, including the FBI special agent who interviewed her.

Perhaps worst of all, was the tattoo she had received. Next to her mouth was a crude illustration of male genitalia pointing at her mouth. The girl still had been too afraid to see herself, but AJ knew she could feel that all of her hair was gone and that her face was still likely sore from the tattoo. AJ was vastly familiar with what it felt like to have no hair.

”You’re going to be okay, Amy. I promise that you will be,” AJ said, stroking the hand she held with her thumb.

Amy’s bald head snapped up at AJ and she glared at the special agent, sorrow replaced with anger. She snatched her hands away from AJ.

Her shaved brow was furrowed as she shouted, “What the fuck do you mean that it’s going to be okay? Have you seen me? Don’t you fucking know what happened to me?”

AJ recoiled at the shouting. She understood. Deeper than Amy knew at the moment. So AJ decided to show that she did know.

Reaching her hand up, AJ pulled her wig from her head, revealing the pathetic remains of her hair. It had been a full week since she had last shaved and her ring of stubble was easy to see in the harsh light of the interview room. Amy clasped a hand to her mouth.

”I do know what happened to you. The same thing happened to me. I may not have gotten a tattoo, but the doctors tell me that this hair will never grow back,” AJ said, pointing to her bald crown that likely shined in the fluorescent light.

”Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I-,” Amy started.

“No Amy, I’m sorry. Neither one of us would look the way we do now if I hadn’t messed up my job over a year ago. But, with your help, we can make sure that this doesn’t ever happen to anybody else, ever again,” AJ said, taking Amy’s hands in hers again.

”Okay. I’m sorry I yelled,” Amy said, the anger now having left her hairless body.

”It’s okay. I was mad when this happened to me. You have every right to be. So let’s use that anger and get this guy,” AJ said.

She continued, “Now, we have you in here for two reasons. This is fresh. It happened last night. So maybe you will remember something. But the other reason is that you’re a cop’s kid. We know that your dad raised you differently. So maybe you caught a detail that other victims haven’t. I didn’t get a chance to, the Razor left me unconscious the whole time. But he woke you up, didn’t he?”

Amy nodded her bald head, “He did.”

”But let’s go back, what happened in the club before you got picked up?” AJ asked.

”Well, I was there with some of my friends. I don’t usually go out to clubs, but my roommates begged me to go out. And then I don’t normally drink much, but they promised they would watch out for me and that they’d pay for an Uber,” Amy explained.

”It’s okay. If you’re worried about what your dad will think, know that you’re making him proud,” AJ said.

In reality, Amy’s father, a sergeant on the opposite side of the city from where Amy had been found was furious. He had nearly had to be restrained, wanting to immediately go out and tear the city apart to find the person who had hurt his little girl. The only thing that had satisfied him was the knowledge that he would be personally involved with the arrest once it was time to strike. Because now, AJ had information she didn’t have before. Information that no one investigating the Razor kidnappings had ever had before.

”Okay. Well I had a little bit too much to drink and I don’t remember much other than trying to go to the bathroom. I asked some girl where it was and she pointed to where it was. I thought I went where she told me to, but then I was in a dark alley and somebody was grabbing me, and then-,” Amy explained before she trailed off in tears.

AJ, stroked her hand, “It’s okay. Something similar happened to me. I know it’s scary. I promise we won’t make you tell this story more than you have to.”

Amy nodded and continued, “Then I woke up and there were bright lights everywhere and I was stuck in the chair, naked. Then the Razor told me that I needed to be still and he kept calling me names. I knew right away that it was him. I had heard all of the stories and my dad had told me what to do if I was ever taken by someone. I tried to fight and he hit me. And then he said that I had made a mistake.”

”You didn’t make a mistake, Amy. Anybody would fight. That just shows how strong you are,” AJ said reassuringly.

”Yeah and he said that trying to be strong was why this happened to me,” Amy said, pointing at the tattoo on her face. “What is it? Nobody will tell me and I’m afraid to look.”

”I won’t tell you either. You’ll have to look for yourself when you’re ready. If you want to, I’ll hold your hand and you can look after I’m done with my interview. Would you like that?” AJ offered.

Amy thought for a moment and then nodded. “I’m bald right? Completely?”

”Yes, I’m sorry,” AJ said.

”Will I-will I be like you?” Amy asked hesitantly.

AJ shook her head, “No, Amy. Your hair will grow back. It will take some time to grow back to what it was before, but it will grow back.”

The DPD detectives she was working with had shown her pictures of what Amy had looked like before. She had just gotten her hair done, with a mid back length head of brown hair with perfect blonde balayage. It had likely cost the girl hundreds of dollars, paid for by overtime by her father as a present. Now her father’s overtime pay would probably be going to tattoo removal bills and wigs.

”Okay. If you’ll stay while I look, I can wait until we’re done,” Amy said.

”So what happened while you were in the chair?” AJ asked.

”Well first he used this buzzing thing and ran it all over my head. He kept picking up the hair that he cut off and holding it in my face for me to see. Then he used it on my eyebrows and my,” she paused and looked down at her crotch.

”I understand, you don’t have to say,” AJ said with a nod.

”Then he sprayed this stuff on my head and rubbed it in. I guess it was shaving cream. He used a razor like the one my dad uses on his face and shaved my head and then my eyebrows. It really hurt when he did it and I can tell my skin is irritated,” Amy said, looking nervous even thinking about feeling her bald head.

AJ just nodded and Amy continued, “Then he shaved me down there and put the vibrators in.” Amy gulped when she said the last part and AJ squeezed her hands.

”Then he plucked my eyelashes out. That hurt even worse and my eyes were so full of tears from it that I didn’t see the tattoo gun. That was the worst of all for sure. Then he stuck a needle in my neck and I just woke up to the guys covering me with a blanket and now I’m here,” Amy said, her voice growing shaky as she finished her tale.

”Great job, Amy. Is there anything else you can think of?” AJ asked. She really hoped there was something else. She wanted her theory, the one formed thanks to the anonymous email, confirmed.

”Well, there is one thing,” Amy said as she pondered.

”What’s that?” AJ asked, feigning calm.

”I know you called the Razor a him, and I kept saying he and him, but-,” she said trailing off.

”But what?” AJ asked.

”But I think it was a woman. I’m not sure why. I think whoever grabbed me was a man, but the person who shaved me didn’t look like one. I mean I couldn’t really see a figure or anything like that, but the way the Razor stood and carried herself. She was definitely a woman. I’m almost sure of it,” Amy said.

”Thank you Amy, that is so much help,” AJ.

AJ started to stand up, but Amy held her hand, “Wait, Agent Ramírez. You said you’d stay with me.”

Nodding, AJ pulled her chair around the table to sit next to Amy. She left her wig off and called for a mirror. A detective entered the room with a hand mirror and stepped out of the room.

AJ would never forget the way that Amy cried when she saw herself. It was the cry of a girl who was so sure her life was over, a cry that AJ had experienced herself over a year ago. She put an arm around the girl’s shoulders as the bald girl buried her face into her chest. AJ felt her chest heave and sob. Finally, Amy’s father replaced AJ and she was able to slip out.

She pulled her wig back on her head and did her best to adjust it as the FBI liaison with DPD sidled up next to her.

”Well done Ramírez,” Detective Cal Lawson said.

”I was right. I was fucking right,” AJ said, brushing the brow length bangs on her brown wig with her fingertips until they fell in a way she was comfortable with.

”You were. That tip was a good one. So now we just need to start checking records of female business owners that own a location in Austin and have opened one within the last year here in Dallas,” Detective Lawson said.

”I knew there was something about that redhead. I just can’t believe that it was her,” AJ said, still celebrating the progress.

She felt Detective Lawson take her hand.

“You’re almost there AJ. You’re going to catch her. I know it,” Cal said softly.

”I couldn’t have done it without you, Cal,” AJ said, looking over her shoulders and seeing that no one was watching.

Cal had likely already checked and leaned in to kiss her on the lips. “I’m so proud of you. And I can’t wait to be by your side when we get her.”

”And we’re going to get her,” AJ said confidently.

They pulled apart and walked down the hall in the direction of the conference room that AJ had taken over. Cal nudged her with his elbow.

”You know, you look pretty good without hair,” he said.

AJ looked up at him with a smile, “Hey, too soon. You don’t get to tease me about that.”

Cal laughed, “I’m not teasing! I’m really not! You actually look good without that wig on.”

”Whatever. You local guys think you’re so smooth,” she said, for the first time feeling just a small bit confidence in her real appearance.


Back at her house after another successful night, Kit was just finishing up her morning shave. It would be off to the shop for another day of making a killing off of all of the sheep in the city that she had terrorized into cutting their hair.

The bitch she had taken the night before had been her first victim to have ever been completely deprived of hair and Kit knew she would need to revisit that look. It had been a fun one.

She had actually gotten to shave two heads that night. Before going out to the clubs, Dani had finally gotten her wish fulfilled and had been shaved, to the skin, by Kit in her full Razor attire. Ellie had been right, Dani deserved it.

Wearing a cute outfit and big hoop earrings, Kit pulled on her brown bob wig and headed out the door. Life as the Razor was good.

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  1. This one was a quick one, but boy a lot happened! Will AJ actually catch Kit? And what does that mean for Ellie? I hope you all enjoyed this short part, it was a fun one for me to write and I’m excited about the next few parts of this story! Thanks for reading and as always, let me know what you think and if there’s anything you would change or would like to see!

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