Kit’s Playground: Frustration

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After a long hiatus I am back with the continuation of one of my series! Kit’s reign of terror has the city of Dallas crippled with fear, but how long can it last, especially when the original Razor is working against her and AJ is hot on her trail? There’s also a particular weak link in her team that may have gone ignored for too long. But Kit certainly doesn’t care during her dark spiral downward. I hope you enjoy this one, I have lots more planned down the pipeline in all of my series plus some new ones so keep an eye out for more stories!

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Toy Shortage

Kit was frustrated. Completely and totally frustrated.

She had done her job well. Only now she was beginning to wonder if she had done her job too well.

Not her day job, although that had been going exceedingly well. Her shop in Austin was consistently churning out a profit under the watchful eye of the general manager she hired. And her new shop in Dallas was thriving as well, even beginning to outperform her original beauty product supply store. But perhaps her performance at her nighttime activities was spurring on the financial success of her business.

No, the job she had been doing too well was stealing the beauty from the hapless skanks around the city. Women with their long flowing locks, skimpy outfits, and whorish makeup, just begging to have their hair and clothes removed, their beautiful faces tarnished by her tattoo gun. She loved putting their ruined bodies on display. But she had done that too well.

Far faster than the impotent original Razor had done, Kit had scared off all of her business. Her techniques were perhaps too brutal. Women in the city were too scared. Pixie cuts had become the norm for any woman aged 18-35. The club and bar scene had all but died out. And with that shift in culture, Kit’s prospects had become slim.

She knew that she was frustrated. Maybe even angry. No, definitely angry. It had been weeks since she had gotten to shave somebody else’s head. She hadn’t even felt the desire to shave her assistant Dani’s head. Her hair was shaggy and unkempt by now, but it was no longer than the pixie cuts of the women who milled around her shop, desperate to learn how to style short hair. That wasn’t worth the effort to Kit. She wanted more.

Kit struggled to sleep, struggled to eat, and even had let her head shaving regimen lapse. It had been around two weeks since her last shave, her dark brown growth now resembling a buzzcut. Her boyfriend and accomplice, Ben, wasn’t particularly happy, but Kit didn’t care. She had no desire for sex anymore without having first ravaged some former beauty, stripping her of her pride and joy.

Staring at herself in the mirror after her morning shower, her bloodshot eyes and grown in hair staring back at her, mocking her, she knew something had to change. She had to either find another victim soon, or perhaps it would be time to move on.

Dani would be left out of this plan, and Kit and Ben would be far from the bars and clubs that they normally operated in. They would even be working in broad daylight.

No longer could Kit try in vain to find a drunk twenty-something in the bar. Instead, she would simply drive around the city, looking for a target. An attractive girl that was too stupid to have already cut off her long hair and one that was alone and inattentive. Even with everything going on, Kit had still spotted women like this around the city, so she knew they existed. But now after weeks of failure, Kit was willing to boldly take her next victim in broad daylight.

Kit and Ben had already stolen the license plates of a work van that had sat untouched in a parking lot for weeks. The tags were expired, but unless some bored cop was out looking for something to do, unlikely during the busy daytime hours, the van would look like any other white work van. And the driver would be Kit, her buzzcut length hair, lack of makeup, and baseball cap disguising her as any other driver of any other white work van. Ben, meanwhile, would be waiting in back, masked, with syringe of the special drug cocktail ready for a victim.

She put on the clothes, a baggy, navy blue set of coveralls, over her normal Razor attire so she could quickly strip down once she and Ben had their victim back at their secret hair cutting lair, a place they had affectionately named The Salon.

They had waited to leave her house until her suburbanite neighbors would all be gone at work, minimizing the chance of people seeing her in her strange attire. Now at 10am, Ben was waiting out front in his car. Pulling on her baseball cap and grabbing a backpack with some supplies, her gun which was now loaded rather than unloaded as it had been at the start, a black ski mask, and an extra bag and handcuffs to help subdue a victim in case Ben had any trouble.

She hurried outside, keeping her head down in hopes that if someone did spot her, they would just see her as some repairman leaving his first job of the day. Sliding into the passenger seat, she only nodded as Ben drove away, careful to obey all traffic laws to prevent any attention from local law enforcement. Although there was no evidence of wrongdoing yet, Kit didn’t want Ben panicking and admitting to something.

They drove in near silence to The Salon where they’d pick up the van and start looking for a victim. Kit’s jaw was clenched as she stared out the front window, angrily focused on the task ahead of her. She would be successful; her desires would not go unsatisfied again. And whoever her victim would be would pay dearly for her captor’s repeated failures. This one would be a good one.

Kit pulled the gun from her waistband and held it in her lap as she looked it over. She had never owned a gun before taking on the mantle of the Razor. She hadn’t even shot this one. But something about the added danger made things all the more exhilarating, just as adding tattoos to her punishment of her victims. The permanence was intoxicating, and she knew her victim of the day would look special.

The pair of accomplices pulled into the garage of the abandoned house that was the location of their illicit hair cutting studio and switched over to the van. Ben took his place in the back, wearing coveralls like Kit wore and a black ski mask that he wore rolled up so it looked like a beanie. With a simple nod to one another, they left and began their patrol of the city.

The Next Victim

As Kit drove, she envisioned her perfect victim. It had to be someone attractive, with long hair and beautiful looks ripe for destruction. They would need to be alone, isolated from possible witnesses. Kit had already driven around the area, learning places where people rarely walked or drove. The suburban neighborhoods in the area would be perfect, with middle class women going on walks and jogs, listening to music and completely oblivious to the danger waiting within an innocuous looking van.

They drove through a few neighborhoods with no success. Kit spotted a few women out walking, but each one either had a friend or a child with them. Even though she was desperate, she wasn’t quite ready to abandon a child on the side of the road. But if she didn’t find someone soon, perhaps she would just take a mother and child. The mother would be much more compliant if her child was threatened.

The need to commit that level of kidnapping was fortunately never required. In a suburban neighborhood, not at all unlike the one she lived in, she spotted her victim. Rounding the corner, wearing a sports bra and short workout shorts, was the most beautiful brunette she had ever seen. Her hair was long and worn in a high ponytail, with a few gentle curls interlaced through the length. It was thick and dense. Absolutely beautiful. And Kit wanted it.

”Here. Get ready,” Kit ordered.

”Ready,” was Ben’s simple reply.

Kit hastily drove alongside the jogging woman whose ears were filled by AirPods and stomped on the brakes. She heard the door open and a small yelp from the girl. There was a small struggle as she drove off and then silence, followed by the closing of the door.

”Done,” Ben said.

Gritting her teeth in excitement, Kit hastily drove away, still being careful to drive just under the speed limit and appropriately signal each turn. Now would be the worst time to be stopped by a cop.

Once out of the neighborhood, she stopped at a traffic light and chanced a hasty look back. What she saw made her heart race. The girl was even more beautiful up close. Her skin was a rich tan color with perfectly blushed cheeks, without mark or blemish. The long deep brown locks held in her ponytail were traced with natural highlights from the time she spent in the sun earning her tan. Her eyes, which were partially open after being knocked out by the drug cocktail that Ben had injected into her neck, were a sea foam green color.

She smiled to herself in glee. Such a beauty that she would get to ruin. To punish for withholding pleasure from the kidnapper for so long. It may not have been this girl’s fault, but Kit was about to take weeks’ worth of frustration out on her. And the feeling would be pure ecstasy.

Pulling around the back side of the house, Kit felt like she was floating as she opened the door to the basement of the abandoned house that hid her favorite place. Ben carried the girl over his shoulder, sliding a flirtatious hand across Kit’s lower back as he passed her. Kit smiled to herself and followed him down.

As Ben strapped their victim down, Kit made her change into the Razor. As she pulled the mask on and tested the voice changer, she became a new person. Her favorite version of herself.

”Wake her up,” she said in her altered voice.

The Transformation

Ben injected the antidote and disappeared behind the bright lights that illuminated the windowless basement. The girl awoke suddenly, her head snapping up, her eyes opening wide.

”Mmm mmm!” she mumbled through the dirty rag that was taped into her mouth.

”Hello, whore,” Kit said in her sinister voice.

The girl’s head turned right and left as she pulled at her bonds to no avail. Calmly, Kit pulled the pistol from the back of her waistband and placed the muzzle in the center of the girl’s forehead. The girl froze in place, tears forming in and then falling from her eyes.

”Mmm,” she moaned softly.

”Much better. Today you are going to be punished. You flaunt your beauty and today I will take it away from you,” Kit said, keeping the gun pointed at the girl.

The girl looked up at her with her sea-foam green eyes pleadingly but didn’t move.

”And you will reveal nothing about me to the authorities or I will find you and kill you with this gun. I took you from your neighborhood. I have your ID. I know where you live,” Kit growled.

The girl nodded, tears streaming down her cheeks. She was so beautiful, her features so naturally perfect, that there was no makeup to be ruined by her tears. Kit needed to change that.

”I will remove your gag, but if you scream, I will punish you,” Kit said. Of course, she knew that this girl would be punished either way.

Again, the girl nodded. “Mmm mmm.”

Putting the pistol in her waistband again, Kit ripped the tape from the girl’s mouth, pulling the rag out and throwing it on the floor.

”Please, whatever you’re going to do to me, you have to do it fast! I have to be home when my daughter gets home or she won’t be able to get into my house,” the girl, apparently a mother, pleaded.

Kit backhanded her across the face, drawing blood from the corner of her victim’s mouth. “You don’t get to ask anything of me, bitch.”

Turning around, Kit picked up her razor-sharp scissors and held them aloft.

”For that misstep, I am going to take everything from you,” Kit said, stepping behind the girl so she could see herself in the large mirror.

Taking one hand and wrapping the girl’s thick ponytail around it, she jerked her head back hard, so the girl was now looking up at her masked face.

”Please, don’t hurt me,” the girl whimpered.

Kit placed the scissors underneath the tie that held the ponytail, right next to the girl’s scalp, and began to saw through it. The girl began to sob as the shnick shnick of the scissors meant the separation of her beautiful hair from her head.

Her hair was thick and strong, but Kit’s scissors were sharp and soon, the girl’s ponytail fell away into Kit’s hand, the remainder of her hair falling around her face in a choppy and uneven bob. On the back of the crown of her head, where the base of the ponytail had been, Kit could actually see some of the girl’s scalp. She smiled beneath her mask.

Walking in front of the now sobbing girl, Kit held the ponytail in her hand, swaying it back and forth. “Does the bitch miss her ponytail already?”

The girl nodded, but wisely kept her mouth shut. As if that would change her fate.

”We’re just getting started.”

Kit placed her prize on the counter alongside her scissors and lifted her favorite tool. Her cordless clippers, razor sharp and oiled, sure to remove any hair in no time at all. Kit wanted this girl to be as altered as possible for as long as possible.

She flicked the clippers on and walked in front of the girl. Standing over her, she flicked the clippers on. They popped and then hummed to life, causing the girl to flinch. Clinching the hair on the back of the girl’s head in her off hand, Kit held the clippers to the front of her victim’s hairline.

”Beg me.”

”Please, sir! Please don’t take the rest of my hair away! Please just let me go! I promise I won’t go to the police!” the girl pleaded in a glimmer of hope.

Under her mask, Kit smiled a crooked grin.


She plunged the clippers into the girl’s hair, drawing loud sobs as she drove the clippers to the back of her crown, exposing a pale white strip of skin, dark stubble barely visible. Again and again, she drove the clippers through the hair on the crown of her victim’s head, cruelly ignoring her blubbering victim’s sobs. Or rather not ignoring them but relishing in them.

Then she stopped. The crown of the girl’s head was now stripped bare, like that of an old man’s head. She stepped to the side, still holding the hair on the back of the girl’s head in her fist.

”Look at how hideous you are. You were so beautiful when this started, but now look at you,” Kit said.

The girl nodded, “It’s horrible. I’m hideous,” she said through her tears.

”Should I fix this?” Kit asked.

”Please,” the girl asked meekly as she sniffled, lip quivering.

She pushed the girl’s head forward and began to shave away the hair on the back of her head, driving the clippers up, allowing the hair that was removed to fall into the girl’s lap, the hair piling up directly in the pathetic girl’s line of sight.

Then she shaved the right side, then the left. Soon, what once had been a head of thick, all-natural hair, was now prickly stubble. And Kit was only just getting started.

She shaved the girl’s eyebrows next. It was comical how much the removal of someone’s eyebrows changed their appearance and this was rapidly becoming one of Kit’s favorite methods of de-beautification.

With a bucket of cold water that left the girl gasping, Kit wet the girl’s head for the razor shave. No warm water, no shaving cream. The water was only to make the shave easier for Kit, but it would do nothing to save the girl from discomfort.

Starting first with the eyebrows, Kit shaved them to the skin with her safety razor. Tears continued to stream down the girl’s face, but she stifled her sobs, terrified of moving will the sharp blades dragged across her face.

Cruelly, when Kit had finished with the girl’s eyebrows, she began to shave the girl’s head. Roughly and against the grain, Kit pulled the razor back, leaving hairless patches that were red with irritation. Small noises of discomfort slipped through the girl’s lips as her head was stripped completely bare.

Soon, Kit’s practiced hands had finished the shave. Next, Kit would try something new. She poured strong smelling aftershave into her gloved palm and began to massage it into her victim’s now bare scalp. The micro cuts and tears were suddenly lit on fire by the burning liquid and the girl began to shake her naked head, desperately trying to escape the pain.

”Ow, please, ow!” she begged.

“Be silent and be still or you’ll suffer,” Kit said, striking the girl across the face with her palm.

The girl squeaked and fell silent, but Kit could tell the pain was still intense. More pain would soon come as Kit used tweezers and began to pluck the long, thick eyelashes from the girl’s eyes. She sat perfectly still as fresh tears continued to stream. Soon, the girl’s entire head was completely without hair.

Kit then picked up her scissors again. She knew there was potentially more hair to remove, and she snipped through the girl’s soaking wet clothes and stripped them off of her. Kit smiled, seeing that her victim was in need of a wax. And Kit was happy to oblige.

Several painful rips later, the girl was now as slick as the day she had been born. Kit used her razor on the girl’s arms and, like that there was no longer a single bit of hair on her body. The best version of the Razor, as Kit believed she was, stepped back and admired her work. The sobbing, completely hairless girl could do nothing but continue to cry. Her cries grew desperate when she saw what Kit grabbed next.

Yet again, the tattoo gun came out. Kit’s tattooing skills had begun to improve, not that it meant that her victim’s facial tattoos would look any better. First, she traced round glasses around the girl’s eyes, connecting across the bridge of her nose with a line. She then tattooed on long ear pieces back around her victim’s ears, making painful lines through her freshly shaved scalp above her ears. Of course, the girl had cried and begged, but she wisely stopped once the tattooing started. No sense in making it any worse. But worse it became, nonetheless.

Next, Kit drew a mustache on the girl’s upper lip, each side coming up in a comical curl. This tattoo had to hurt, which Kit loved. With that, the tattooing was finished. But the ruthless kidnapper was still not done with her victim.

Using a needle, Kit pierced each of the girl’s nipples, leaving a single bar through each sensitive piece of flesh.

Kit stepped back to admire her work.

”What did I do to deserve this?” the girl asked, sobbing as she looked at the hideous reflection that replaced her once beautiful one.

Kit lowered her masked face directly in front of the bound victim.

“Because you were beautiful and because you were alone.”


With that, Kit stepped back and nodded to Ben. He stepped in, masked, and injected the drug cocktail into the hideous girl’s neck. Her bare head slumped.

Stepping around the girl’s Kit could see the raging erection bulging in Ben’s pants.

”We did it, love. We finally got another one,” he said, lifting his mask to kiss her.

Still in the voice of the Razor, Kit stepped away. “We aren’t finished yet. Put in her vibrators and carry her back to the car. We can celebrate once we’ve gotten rid of her.”

Vibrators were placed in the woman’s vagina and rectum, held in place by a diaper of duct tape. Then Ben carried the naked woman out to the car after donning his work coveralls.

Kit looked at the hair scattered on the floor, the short hair left behind after the removal of the ponytail and she took a shaky breath in. Her pussy was soaking wet, for the first time in weeks. But she prolonged her desire for release. Later.

They dropped the victim off on the corner where they found her, the neighborhood still empty. Then the pair, after dropping off the van and picking up Ben’s car, drove to Kit’s home. There, they both finally fucked. Animalistic and hungry, they tore each other’s clothes off. Ben’s long-haired head went between Kit’s knees as his tongue lapped at her pussy.

He made her cum again and again before finally sliding his dick inside her. With how long it had been and how completely divine the day had been, the long-haired man came almost instantly.

Afterwards they showered together, Ben helping Kit shave her head again under the hot water. Two weeks of growth did not come off easily and she had him change the blades halfway through the shave, but once he was done, she finally felt like herself again.

The news reports that evening had been so satisfying. No one was safe, a housewife and mother had been taken while out on a jog, having undergone perhaps the worst treatment so far. The city would be gripped in fear. Although Kit would be sad that she may struggle to find more victims, the thought that even more women would be pouring into salons to cut off their long hair. Surely no one would be stupid enough to keep their long hair. Not when having it meant there could be such dire consequences.


Holding herself in the plank position, Liza began to quiver. She had already done an intense workout at home, her face dripping sweat, before she began her plank. She would go to failure when her body would finally give up.

Locked in position, she was suddenly interrupted from her at home workout by a knock at the door. She sighed and rolled her eyes before dropping her knees to the ground and standing up.

Taking a towel from the couch in her small, one bedroom apartment, she ran it over her face and head. The crisp, recently trimmed buzzcut at her favorite length of a #2 on top with a #1 on the sides and back, was so much easier to deal with than her long hair had been while she worked out or rolled at her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym.

Hurrying to the door, not thinking twice about the fact that she was red-faced and only wearing a sports bra and yoga pants, she opened it.

Standing there to greet her, was the one who had first buzzed all of her hair off, and the one who still kept up the haircut for her. And in her arms was the child that Liza loved almost as if he was her own.

“Hey, Aunt Liza,” Ellie said with a wide grin, her pixie cut length brown hair that had just a tinge of red mixed in. She had drawn out the y sound of the word “hey” in the way she always did when she was about to ask a favor.

”Hey, precious boy,” she said, looking down at the suitcase on the ground next to her friend and the mother of the nearly six-month-old child.

”Can I come and stay with you while mommy has to make a quick trip for work?” Ellie said, speaking in a baby voice for her son, Austin.

“Of course you can, is mommy going to come back bald again after working so hard on growing her hair out?” Liza asked, raising an eyebrow and reaching out to take the baby boy.

Ellie passed him off and ruffled her hair, hair that Liza did not know was controlled by the mysterious father of the child.

“Oh, you never know with me. You know how tempting it always is to shave it off. Is it really ok if he stays a couple days?” Ellie asked.

”Always. You know I love this little guy,” she said, kissing the smiling boy on the cheek. Liza was always ready for a sudden overnight stay. She had a pack and play set up in her room and an emergency stash of diapers, wipes, and baby clothes in Austin’s size ready to go and wouldn’t even need the suitcase Ellie had brought.

Picking up the suitcase and carrying it in the living room, Ellie rubbed Liza’s buzzed hair, curling her lip in disgust when she found it was wet with sweat and then shaking it off.

”And this is why we love Aunt Liza,” she said, planting a kiss on Austin’s cheek and hugging her friend before turning to leave.

Another trip to Dallas and she somehow knew that her hair wouldn’t be the same when she got back home to her best friend and baby.

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