Kit’s Playground: Just Another Night

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Now for the next  part in Kit’s story as she tumbles deeper into her dark story as the new person behind the mask of Austin’s Razor, the infamous serial kidnapper. Maybe we’ll be seeing an old friend soon in this series and also look out for a follow up to the most popular story I’ve ever written! Thanks for reading!

Beneath the Light of a Neon Moon

Wearing cutoff denim shorts, a white tank top, a pair of cowboy boots, and a long blonde wig made of the hair that had once been taken forcefully from her head, Dani twirled around the dance floor with a cute boy to the twanging country music. He was tall, dark, and handsome, wearing jeans, a plaid pearl snap shirt, and a cowboy hat, with a big belt buckle likely earned by some bull riding success, or perhaps more likely purchased in some western clothing store.

Aside from being a wannabe cowboy, the boy Dani danced with would have no doubt been her type. Or he would have been before something dark had been awakened within her. Now no boy could satisfy her the way her master did.

The honky tonk was packed. It was a Thursday night, college night, when all of the pretty young college girls got into the bar at half price. Dani had never been one for country music or boys in cowboy hats, but the club scene had nearly been pushed into hiding by her master. Now she has been ordered to go to this bar to spot long-haired targets to be taken and stripped of their beauty.

Dani’s master, the infamous Austin’s Razor, who had first terrorized the city of Austin before setting his sights on Dallas and Fort Worth, would be ready and waiting for Dani to send a text message that their newest target was ready. Then her night would be over, she would be free to go home, to spend the night with a boy, or to stay and continue drinking and dancing.

She would only know of her success by seeing a new victim in the news or, if she was lucky, she would receive pictures on her burner phone. The Razor was extremely cautious and never let her come along to watch. Dani always wished she could, but even knowing that she was helping these women be stripped of their hair was enough for her.

Since coming to Dallas, the Razor had even begun to add new levels of humiliation to the women. Like when Dani had been taken and given her ridiculous hairstyle, the Razor had written on her face and left her outside on the street. Dani had been the first victim and she was proud of it, but she was jealous.

On Dani’s first mission as an assistant, their victim had been tattooed. On her face. And splayed out nude in the middle of downtown Dallas. That girl had gotten special treatment because she tempted fate. But now, the three girls that Dani had led into the clutches of the Razor had all gotten similar treatment. Maybe less extreme but each walked away with a tattoo and each had made the news in a big way.

Dani hadn’t even been shaved again since that first night. The Razor had shaved off her shaggy pixie cut with clippers and hadn’t even given her what had to be the sweetest ecstasy of a razor shave. She had been a good servant, but still the Razor withheld release.

Now, under her long blonde wig made of her own hair, Dani had a grown in buzzcut that was already a half inch long. She felt like she looked like a baby duck when she wasn’t wearing the wig given to her by her master. And she was only allowed to wear the wig when she was hunting.

Holding the cute cowboy close, Dani looked over his shoulder. She spotted exactly what she had been looking for all night. Dancing with a drink in each hand, dressed not unlike the searching, wig-wearing girl, was the perfect target.

She looked a lot like Dani did the night she was taken. Way too drunk, alone, and completely unaware that anything could ever go wrong. Her hair was beautiful. Long layers styled in loose, elegant curls, curtain bangs, and what looked to be recently touched up, flawless blonde hair. Based off of her dark eyebrows, her color came from a bottle but based off of how good it looked, it was likely an expensive bottle.

Dani excused herself from the handsome cowboy, who she had decided she would be going home with based off of the way he had been rubbing his hard cock against her while they danced, and took her phone out of her pocket.

She sent a text to the only number saved in the inexpensive phone, a quick description of the girl, where she was, and that was it. She’d stay and dance until the girl left and she’d send another quick text when she saw the exit that the girl would be leaving from. Then the Razor would take care of the rest and hopefully she’d wake up after a night of sex with a stranger to find pictures on her phone or on the news.

Blondie No More

Kit immediately saw the girl that Dani had spotted. Each night that her unknowing underling went into a new bar, Kit followed her in while wearing a new disguise. Her vast collection of wigs and skill with makeup made it easy and Dani had no clue what her master looked like or even that she was a woman at all.

That night she wore a pair of tight ripped jeans, an unbuttoned plaid shirt over a white tank top, and she wore a brown pixie cut wig. She hated the feeling of the hair on her forehead, but it was worth it to her to have a constantly changing look. The local authorities were constantly trying to track her down, but had so far been unsuccessful thanks to her caution.

This blonde girl would be easy. Spill a drink on her, offer to help her into an Uber, then lead her outside to swoop her up into the van. And, with all of her practices experience over months of kidnapping women, it went just that easy.

Each time she took a woman, it was exhilarating. The women were so stupid, coming out and getting drunk with their disgustingly beautiful long hair on display. They made it so easy. And she loved to watch them cry.

The bottle-blonde was soon planted in the barber’s chair of their lair by Kit’s submissive boyfriend, Ben, and was stripped of all of her clothes. Next, she was given the antidote to the sedative cocktail. She snapped awake and immediately began to struggle with the restraints.

”Be still or this will only be worse for you,” Kit said in the altered voice of the Razor.

”No! Please! Who are you? Please let me go!” the young blonde begged.

”You know who I am. You know what I do, yet you were foolish enough to tempt fate and now you will suffer the consequences of your stupidity,” Kit said, holding aloft her clippers.

The girl instantly began to cry at the sight of the clippers, shaking her head of luscious locks. Kit knew exactly what she wanted to do to this drunken cowgirl.

Walking behind the girl, she used a gloved hand to grab a clump of the perfect blonde hair and jerked her head back, lifting her chin upward. The girls makeup streamed down her cheeks in black rivers as she begged.

”Please don’t take my hair away sir! I’ll do anything you want! Please!”

Mercilessly, Kit plunged the clippers straight into the girl’s hairline. The girl screamed immediately.

”No! No! No! N-,” she screamed before being cut off thanks to a dirty rag stuffed into her mouth.

”You ugly cow, I told you to be good or you would make this worse for yourself. Now I’ll have to treat you like a bad ugly cow. After I make you completely bald of course,” Kit said, plunging the clippers into her hair again and again, sending it tumbling to the floor in clumps.

She shaved the top of the young woman’s hair first and slapped her across the face. She then held up a mirror for the woman to see herself in.

”Look at yourself you ugly cow. Look at how ugly you are,” Kit said.

The girl tried to close her eyes but Kit slapped her again. “I said look.”

Opening her eyes, the girl whose sobs had subsided to silent tears renewed her muffled screams. Hair stuck to the running makeup on her cheeks as Kit laughed a wicked laugh and put the mirror down and began to shave away the hair again, starting at the front of her sides.

Soon, the only hair left on the girl’s head was the dark stubble of possibly days old roots and a clump on her nape. Kit carefully traced the edges of the clump now, the top only reaching up to the young woman’s occipital bone. She left the clump long and pushed it over the girl’s shoulder.

”See how I’m not taking away all of your hair? Now you have a tail just like an ugly cow,” Kit taunted.

She pulled on the clump of hair, pulling the girl’s head back again and, using the clippers, she buzzed away each eyebrow, leaving just the faintest trace. The girl continued to cry, but any words she tried to utter were muffled by the rag in her mouth.

Kit flicked the clippers off and, using a bucket of water, doused the girl, wetting her head and rinsing off most of what remained of her makeup. The cold water left the girl gasping for air through her improvised gag.

Next, Kit sprayed shaving cream into a pile on the top of her ugly cow’s head. She spread it using a brush like a barber would as the girl sat there and cried, resigned to her fate. Shaving cream was spread on each eyebrow.

Something Kit took delight in was immediately shaving against the grain of her victims’ hair whenever she used her razor. She never left any major cuts but there were occasional nicks and it always left their scalps irritated and red. Something about inflicting even further discomfort aroused her. She loved that, whereas the previous Razor had been refined, she was reckless and even brutal.

Kit did exactly what she had done so many times before and immediately began dragging her safety razor back into her ugly cow’s hairline. The girl winced and began to cry harder at the discomfort which only spurred Kit on. Her pussy was throbbing and wet as she began to reach the edges of the clump she intended to leave.

Swiftly and easily, Kit shaved away the last traces of each eyebrow as well. The girl looked ridiculous already, but Kit had more in store for her ugly cow.

First, Kit drew out a long, sterilized needle. The girl’s eyes opened wide in fear as her head was tilted back yet again. Using the needle, Kit pierced the girl’s septum, causing a muffled scream to come forth. She placed a large silver ring in the brand new hole.

Her ugly cow almost completely, Kit had only a few steps remaining. She first deftly braided the clump of hair, doing her best to imitate the appearance of a cow’s tail. Then, using black hair dye, she dyed patches of the tail so that the hair would look like the coloring of a dairy cow. She wouldn’t bother to rinse the dye out and would leave it, most likely ruining the hair that she was almost sure her victim would shave off anyway.

One final step remained. Kit fastened the girl’s cow tail to a chain on the floor, holding her head back as far as possible. Then, Kit pulled out the tattoo gun she had become so famous for using.

The girl’s wide eyes pleaded with Kit as the masked kidnapper held the tattoo gun over her face, but she held completely still. With the tattoo gun, Kit wrote two words in simple, all capital letters. One over each eye where the girl’s eyebrows had once been.

”UGLY” and “COW” were written as the girl softly moaned in pain.

Kit unchained the cow’s tail from the floor and forced the girl to look at herself in the hand mirror again.

”Look at yourself, you ugly cow. Are you going to be a good cow or will I have to punish you further? You really shouldn’t have screamed,” Kit said, taking delight in the distraught expression on the girl’s ruined face.

The girl looked for a while in horror, taking in her new face. Then, her head slumped down in defeat.

But Kit lifted her head by her new cow’s tail one last time.

”I forgot one thing,” she said in her altered voice.

Pulling back a fist, Kit punched the girl hard in the right eye. The girl’s head snapped back as she was instantly knocked unconscious. Almost immediately her eye began to swell and Kit knew the girl would have a black eye.

”You wouldn’t be a cow without your spots,” Kit said with satisfaction.

For good measure, Kit administered the cocktail of sedatives and motioned to Ben to move her newest creation to the van. Kit had a special plan to stage her new work of art.

Back near the honky tonk, Kit found a light post where there were no cameras. She first rammed a plug into the ass of her victim that had a fake cow tail hanging from it. She also taped a vibrator inside her pussy, leaving the unconscious girl moaning in her sleep. Then, she tied the girls knees and elbows together, leaving just enough slack for her to lift herself onto her elbows and knees. Finally, she tied a cowbell around her neck.

The girl was then tied a lead on her neck to the light pole and was given the antidote. She awoke just in time to see the door of the van slam closed as she moaned in pain and in pleasure. The gag was left in her mouth and her screams would likely not be heard until morning as she lay their cold and naked on the ground.

An Uninvited Guest

The next morning, Kit awoke for her day the way she always did. Ben had stayed over after pleasuring her late into the night and, after she had sent him away before sunrise, she began her intense workout. Her body was toned, but not too muscular. She wanted to be strong, but didn’t want to stick out in a crowd. Cardio and high weight, low rep workouts were her favorites.

Next was her hot shower, both to prep her scalp for her daily shave, and so she could pleasure herself again with her waterproof vibrator. She was always so horny in the mornings after her kidnappings.

Standing in front of her mirror, she had just applied shaving cream to her scalp that had barely trace of five o’clock shadow when she heard her doorbell ring.

Quickly, she covered her head with a towel like a woman with hair would dry it and wrapped a towel around herself. She rushed to the door, not expecting anyone. Peering through the peep hole, she was shocked by what she saw.

Standing there, hands on her hips, was a preppy looking blonde girl with her hair pulled up in a high ponytail. Her hair wasn’t quite long enough to all go up and a section at the back hung down to the base of her neck. The girl knocked again and Kit was speechless for a moment when she got a better look at the girl’s face.

Kit stepped back and swung the door open, mouth hanging slack in surprise.

”What? You don’t recognize me with all of this hair? We need to talk, Kit,” Ellie said one eyebrow raised, hands on her hips.

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  1. And here’s the next chapter in Kit’s saga! I hope you all liked the ending as well. What do you think Ellie’s arrival means for Kit and her operation as the new Razor? And what did you think of the extremely unique style that Kit gave to her cowgirl? Thanks as always for reading!

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