Kit’s Playground: Reign of Terror

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A City of Fear

Flopping into bed, Kit let out a satisfied sigh. Her night as the Razor had been another successful one. She crossed her hands under her bald head, feeling the prickles of five o’clock shadow against her skin and looked up at the dark ceiling.

The last few months had been exhilarating. She was an underling no more. Instead of being a scout that never even got to watch the haircuts and shaves like she did with the last Razor, now she did it all.

She found targets, led them to her boyfriend in the van, and then she donned the mask and got to enjoy the task of humiliating new captives. Her best week she picked up three women but most of time she would only get one victim a week.

Like the original Austin’s Razor, but better, Kit truly tormented the girls she shaved. She chose unique styles, not shaving them bald or buzzing their hair off like the original so boringly did. Her first victim had started the trend, shaving parts of the girls’ heads, leaving others alone. Mohawks, skullets, anything to leave the women humiliated.

And, unlike the original Razor, she left them places where people could see. On street corners, in front of the clubs she took them from, on the street right in front of their homes. Anything to spread the terror.

She had almost made the task more difficult for herself. Women in the city of Dallas were truly terrified. But, Kit was able to benefit from the large metropolitan area that surrounded Dallas. Fort Worth, another huge city, was an easy drive away as were plenty of other suburbs. She had thousands, if not millions, of potential victims.

That night, Kit had been feeling nostalgic. She saw a redhead, one with hair that looked just like her former mistress Ellie’s favorite wig. In honor of the woman who was both her most favorite and most hated person, she had shaved that woman completely hairless.

The silken, red ponytail still sat in her bag by the door. The fiery red hair had been stripped away, along with her eyebrows, eyelashes, and every single bit of body hair. Kit had laughed as she wept over the loss of everything. She used the woman’s phone to find the address of her boyfriend and dropped her off in front of his house, still bound in duct tape, gagged, blindfolded, and fully nude.

A hard night’s work but such a good one. Her pussy still throbbed from the intensity of her orgasms that night. She was ready to sleep. Work would be busy the next day, as it always was.

Just like in Austin, she had been able to use the trends caused by Razor to build her wealth. Correctly predicting the trend that would come from her work, Kit had turned her store into a haven for the women who had newly cut pixies. Styling products, color kits for women who wanted variety in a sea of short hair, makeup for women suffering from the perceived loss of femininity at their prophylactic haircuts.

Those girls who cut their hair short on their own didn’t understand a loss of femininity, though. The girls that Kit got ahold of knew. Kit made sure of it.

Pulling the blankets over her bare head to protect it from the cool night air, Kit drifted off to sleep, content with her successful Saturday night. While she rested easy, women all across the city cried over their newly short hair, whether cut in a salon or by the infamous serial barber.

Half Off Everything

In the city, Kit had plenty of competitors. There were chain stores which would always be there. But, what Kit didn’t like to have to deal with was other boutique style shops like hers.

There was one such shop just down the block from her prime downtown location. It was a lot like Kit’s shop. Except there was one major difference. Along with selling makeup, skincare supplies, and other beauty products, this shop catered to long haired women.

The store was called “Rapunzel Supply Co” or “RSC” and all of the women Kit saw around the store fit the description well. Long haired women came and went, unknowingly taunting the one woman who would be most likely to rob them of their prized locks.

Although Kit did her best to behave as though she didn’t, she despised the owner of RSC. Along with being a complete bitch, Haddie stood for everything that Kit and her Razor persona opposed. Haddie was a beautiful woman around Kit’s age but whereas Kit was shaved bald and wore a dark brown, chin length, bob wig around her store, Haddie had thick, dark brown hair that reached down to the small of her back. And it disgusted Kit.

The morning after Kit shaved the redhead, Kit awoke. It was a Saturday and, although she planned to go to the store, she would go in late that day, letting a senior employee open for a slow start on the weekend. That meant that Kit could get her workout in and shave her head at a leisurely pace. The shop would be okay at least until the brunch crowd finished their mimosas.

After a pleasantly slow morning of a hard workout and a shower, Kit finally left her house. With a fresh face of makeup, freshly shaved head, and her favorite wig, Kit parked in her spot in the alley behind her shop. She walked in through the back door, iced coffee in her hand. The store had a few customers browsing the shelves.

”Hi, let us know if you need any help at all,” she said as she passed them in her best customer service voice.

She found the employee who was in charge of opening that morning, a sweet girl in her mid twenties that, when she was first hired had long dark hair but, thanks to the fear that gripped the city, she now had a pastel pink pixie. Her name was Candice and she took full advantage of her employee discount to make the best of her short haircut.

Candice’s eyes lit up when she saw her boss. “Kit! Did you see RSC?”

Kit cocked her head to the side, the smooth hair of her wig hanging down, “Nuh uh, what is Haddie doing now?”

”Just go look. She has lost her mind,” Candice said, shrugging and pointing with her thumb towards the front door of the shop.

Walking outside, Kit looked down the block. She could already see it, even without walking down the street. There were signs and balloons outside of the shop. She walked closer and was infuriated by what she saw.

”50% Off!”

”Half Off All Hair Care”

“Special Austin’s Razor Sale”

”Long Hair, Don’t Care”

Rapunzel Supply Co was running a special long hair care in honor of the famous kidnapper and barber. Or to spite the person so many victims believed was a him. But, instead, she stood there on the street, mouth agape as long haired women milled around the packed store.

”Are we finally looking to grow that bob out, Kit?” a voice asked.

Kit grimaced privately before plastering on a fake smile. She turned to face Haddie, standing on the sidewalk with a drink carrier full of different sugary, coffee-like drinks. Her hair was worn in cute space burns that Kit desperately wanted to remove.

”No, you know I love my short hair. I just heard you guys were having a big sale. It looks like you’re pretty busy,” Kit said, looking to the shop and then back at her competitor.

”You know it, girl. I had to step out and get the ladies some coffee for all of their hard work. We’re making a killing,” Haddie said, laughing a fake laugh.

”Even with the half off sale?” Kit asked, trying her best not to visibly show the doubt she felt on her face.

“Oh, girl, you know it’s not actually half off. I marked the prices up and then took half off of the new price. It’s just to make people think they’re saving more money. Really they’re only saving about 20%. But I thought since Austin’s Razor has been slashing off hair that we should really slash our prices off since this sale is in honor of him,” Haddie said confidently.

”In honor of the Razor?” Kit asked doubtfully. Her blood was boiling but she hid it well.

“He’s been hurting my business, with all of the girls in the city cutting their hair off short. So this is a big ‘fuck you’ to him from every girl who isn’t afraid to love their long hair,” Haddie said with a toss of her hair.

“You aren’t worried he’ll see and try to do something about it? This seems like a good way to put a target on your back,” Kit warned.

”You think I’m going to live in fear? He can kiss my ass. Plus this is making me so much money. Well, I’ll see you later, babe,” Haddie said, blowing the infuriated serial kidnapper a kiss with her empty hand and walking past her to the shop filled with long haired women.

In that moment, seeing all of those long haired women taunting her and her efforts, Kit knew she needed to strike back. What good was the fear she was spreading if this was the response to it? She wanted to cripple the whole city, not inspire resistance. But this would be difficult.

She knew she needed to make an example of Haddie, but she had never taken somebody that knew her. This would take some special planning. Maybe even some special assistance. And Kit knew exactly who she would need to help.

The New Assistant

Rubbing her freshly shorn head, Dani couldn’t believe what she had just done. She had not been able to believe how arousing it had been to be taken by Austin’s Razor as his first victim in Dallas.

Dani had kept the haircut he had given her for a while, playing it off as a drunken decision, carried out by some club friend she couldn’t even remember. She was unwilling to admit she had been kidnapped, and even more unwilling to admit how much she had enjoyed being kidnapped and utterly dominated by the infamous serial barber.

After a week or so, she had shaved the bangs and pigtails off. Even shaving her head had been incredible. She had not been so aroused by anything, aside from her time in the Razor’s chair. The shaving has been done by her older sister, Lucy, a hairstylist that had rocked anything from a close cropped pixie to hair that reached her waist. While she shaved Dani, her wolf-cut hair was styled in a high ponytail.

Lucy had told her that she her hair had grown in enough to get a number one buzzcut and, unwilling to admit she wanted to be shaved completely bald because the thought turned her on so much, she had accepted the short buzzcut.

By the time she got the text message from the mysterious blocked phone number, her buzzcut had grown out into a shaggy, mullet-like pixie cut. She hadn’t cut it at all, afraid of what getting her hair cut had done to her.

The blocked number had ordered her to stand on the corner of two streets not far from where she lived and that she needed to wear heavy makeup and the sluttiest clothes she owned. She would be the Razor’s new assistant, live bait.

At first, she didn’t respond. But then, laying in bed, her pussy growing soaking wet at the thought of earning the brutal treatment she had received the first time, she sent a reply saying that she was in.

She hadn’t been given much time and she had hurried to the spot she was supposed to be picked up. The van was the same one that had dropped her off after her first night and was probably the same one that had picked her up then.

From the back leapt a masked man that swept her in and shoved a dirty sack over her head. Once inside, her wrists and ankles were wrapped in duct tape and she was left lying on the floor of the van, sliding back and forth with the twists and turns.

When the van finally came to a stop, she felt herself hauled up onto the shoulder of the strong man. She was then carried in and dropped into a barber’s chair. The bag was removed and a gag was stuffed into her mouth.

Her sense of sight returned, she was temporarily blinded by the bright lights that seemed to be pointed directly at her face. When her eyes adjusted, Austin’s Razor stood over her.

In the months since she had been taken, the Razor had taken at least a dozen girls. And she had been his first in the city. Now, she had been chosen by him.

”Hello, Dani. From now on, in my service, that name will be forgotten. You are only my whore. And I am your master. Tonight, I will grace your head with my clippers for your obedience. You have to much hair to wear the wig I have for you. If you are successful, which you had better be, I will grace your head with my razor for the ultimate cleansing of your hair,” Razor said, holding a set of clippers aloft.

Dani nodded eagerly, unable to answer with her voice through the gag.

The clippers hummed to life and the mysterious, masked barber set to work on her hair. It was nearly orgasmic and Dani desperately wished she could have received the same treatment she did the last time with the vibrator but the Razor held out.

”I see you’re enjoying this,” said the altered voice of the man wielding the clippers. “You may not reach completion until you have finished your task.”

Dani nodded and let out a muffled, “Mhm.”

Soon, the Razor ran a gloved hand over her head and flipped the switch on the clippers turning them off.

”You may not touch it until your task is complete,” he said.

Pulling out a long blonde wig, the Razor positioned it on her head and crouched down to check if it was straight. Dani stared back at the mask, eyes looking hungrily for anything that might reveal the face of the man she had grown to desire, but there was nothing to be seen.

From there, the bag was placed on her head again. On the ride to the next location, she was given her orders. Find the brunette named Haddie, lead her into a back alley where there were no cameras, and then her task would be completed and her wig would be removed.

It had been so easy. She had been let out on a street downtown, in one of the parts of town where there were expensive shops and restaurants. She had barely had to walk at all when she spotted her target, locking the doors of a business called RSC. Then all she needed was some tears, a little story about a puppy that needed help, and simply stepping out of the way for the Razor and his burly assistant to do their work.

When her wig was taken, the Razor rolled the window down on his van and nodded. “Well done. I will find you later to give you your reward. Go home.”

Razor reached out the window and snatched the wig from her head, tossed her purse which had been confiscated from her when she was picked up, and took off out of the alley.

Half Off of Everything

Kit smiled to herself under her mask. The capture had gone off without a hitch. After months of experimentation, she had finally figured out the drug cocktail that the original Razor had used and Haddie rested peacefully in the back of the van, bound and blindfolded.

Parked in a hidden spot outside of the Salon, her special hair cutting lair, she shut the van off and stepped out of her seat, just in time for her boyfriend and accomplice, Ben, to have Haddie held in his arms.

”Ready,” he said before carrying her into the dark basement.

The room was already set up. Lights, a large mirror for the victim to watch herself being ruined, and a camera to add this video to her personal collection, and the barber’s chair in the center of the room.

Ben placed Haddie in the seat and, after stripping off all of her expensive clothes, began to restrain the limp woman. Her wrists, ankles, and chest were bound to the chair. Ben then stepped away out of view where he could watch without being seen by the victim. Kit picked up her syringe with the antidote for the cocktail of drugs and injected it into her rival’s neck.

Haddie instantly woke up screaming.

”Help! Please! Somebody!” she begged, tears streaming down her cheeks, ruining her perfect makeup.

While Haddie’s mouth was wide open in a scream, Kit stuff a dirty rag into her mouth and slapped a piece of tape over it to hold it in.

”Silence,” she said in her altered voice.

Haddie looked up at Kit’s masked face and tears streamed down her cheeks.

”You really think you could taunt me? Make a sale for long hair products to spite me? You should have been more afraid. And now it will cost you,” Kit said menacingly.

Kit held up her clippers and flipped them on. Haddie tried desperately to pull at her bound hands and feet. She shook her head, pleading through her gag in muffled sounds.

Haddie’s hair was parted perfectly down the middle and Kit took advantage of that for her plans. She collected the left half of the long brown hair in one hand and held it tight, close to the young woman’s scalp. With her other hand she put the clippers on Haddie’s forehead, just to the right of the part.

Haddie froze, too afraid to move for fear of pushing her hair into the clippers unintentionally. It didn’t matter, though. Kit plunged the clippers into her victim’s hairline, being careful to not go into the part. She traced the line all the way to the back of Haddie’s crown and started a new strip.

Kit worked her way across the top and front of the right side of Haddie’s head, sending the long brown hair tumbling to the ground. After her months of forcefully shaving women, she was quick and efficient.

Soon, she was done with the front and forced Haddie’s head down. She shaved up her nape, first tracing along the part but then working outward. It took almost no time, half of a head taking half of the time that a full shaving would take. When she was finished, Haddie sat there sobbing, half of her head still covered in long hair, the other half coated in a barely visible layer of stubble.

But Kit was not finished. She pulled Haddie’s head back so that she was looking up at the ceiling and used her clippers to shave off Haddie’s right eyebrow. She left the one on the left, the same side as the remaining long hair, leaving Haddie looking utterly ridiculous.

Next was the razor and shaving cream. Kit used a bucket of ice water and doused her victim, drawing a gasp. Haddie’s nipples looked rock hard as Kit coated the shaved half of her head and her shaved brow with shaving cream.

Kit immediately set to razor shaving the side of Haddie’s head. She went against the grain, not caring what kind of irritation she caused so long as the hair was gone. Tears continued to stream from Haddie’s eyes but she had lost all of the fight as she sat there dejected and wincing at the occasional painful pass of the razor.

With the right side of Haddie’s head now completely smooth, quickly shaved whatever stubble was left on Haddie’s right eyebrow.

Then, Kit began something she had never done. Haddie seemed to think her treatment was over and her half shaved head was slumped over. She squealed when her head was raised.

Kit stood over Haddie with a tattoo gun humming in her hand. Haddie’s eyes were wide with fear, searching for any sense of mercy on the mask of her captor. She found none.

Holding her victim’s head steady with her hair, Kit free-handed the word “Half” on Haddie’s right cheek, and then “Off” on the other in ugly, scrawled letters.

If Haddie’s pussy hadn’t already been perfectly waxed, Kit would have shaved half of her bush too. That was the only dissatisfaction she felt when she stepped back and looked at her broken victim.

Picking up a new syringe with the same cocktail of drugs that had first knocked her victim out, Kit plunged it into her neck and stepped back. She was proud of what she had done. This was the most permanent transformation she had ever done and she was proud.

Ben stepped in, the bulge of his rock hard cock visible through his dark jeans. He hoisted the ruined woman up into his arms and carried her out.

Back in front of the Rapunzel Supply Co, Kit left her now former rival out in plain view, fully nude with her arms and legs spread wide. She was tied atop a huge sign that read, “Half Off Everything.”

Kit left her there for the world to see and took off into the night. She owed her new underling a razor shave and she was happy to do it.

Making Waves

Holding her baby boy, Austin, Ellie sat in front of the TV. Her hair was long now, nearly shoulder length with bangs that covered her eyebrows. It was the perfect platinum blonde, just the way the father of her child liked it.

Over the noise of her trashy TV show that she watched, she heard a knock at the door. She put Austin on a blanket on the ground, letting him play on his stomach and practice holding his head up.

Opening the door, she saw an envelope. She stepped in and closed the door. She sat on the floor next to her son and kissed the top of his head before tearing open the envelope.

Reading the note and looking at the picture it contained, she sighed. “Well, babe. It looks like mommy will be going out of town.”

She looked back at the papers in her hand again. There was a picture of some woman, spread eagle on a sign that said “Half Off Everything.” Half of her head was shaved, as was one of her eyebrows. There was writing on her face as well but Ellie couldn’t read it.

What she could read was the note that came with the picture. In a handwriting she had long since grown familiar with was one simple phrase.

”Deal with this.”

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  1. I hope you guys enjoyed this story! I know people were sad when I put a tentative end to Razor and Ellie’s story so I found a clever way to bring them back. What do you think of their return and what do you think of Kit’s new reign of terror? She might actually be worse than the original Razor!

  2. I like the drastic modifications- even permanent. I like them mostly when they aren’t wanted/the woman struggles with accepting her new appearance. Everything from punk with stretched ears and piercings and tattoos to bimbo with bolt-on tits, plumped up lips and long nails. And of course, losing all of their hair as well. Even eyebrows that maybe then have to be drawn in and even those aren’t natural looking. I also like it when a man thinks the woman looks beautiful without any hair or with other modifications. Like I said I love all your stories, and I almost always find elements in them that I really enjoy.

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