Lady Luck Runs Out

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PLEASE READ : I recently used a website to find old hair cutting stories, that I had missed. I figured I would upload them for others who missed these stories.

Suzy sat there, watching her latest boyfriend, Dave, having his hair cut. She had never been to a barbershop before, and she was only there now because Dave had suggested he have his hair cut whilst they were out shopping together. However, as Suzy took in the sights and sounds, she began to feel quite aroused. She watched intently as the old barber picked up the electric clippers, and made pass after pass up Dave’s nape. Hair fell in small bundles onto the cape, and then onto the floor. Suzy was turned on by the imaginary before her – Dave the victim, caped and motionless, shaved by the expressionless barber. The surroundings added to the sense of drama, with the traditional red leather chairs, the washbasins, the large mirrors – Suzy felt quite excited by the whole experience.

Indeed, as they left the shop together, Suzy made herself a promise that it would not be the last time she would enjoy the barbershop.

It wasn’t long before `going to the barbershop’ was a dating requirement from Suzy. She was a very attractive nineteen year old, who had no trouble finding male company. With her slim figure, model-like looks, and stunning long, blonde hair, the local lads were almost queuing at her door. These long men were only too willing to fulfil her wishes, in return for the opportunity to date her. Consequently, Suzy soon found herself escorting many a young man to one of the several barbershops.

Suzy preferred to take them to the more traditional barbershops in town. The more modern salons didn’t arouse her as much, whereas the older-style barbershops had just the right atmosphere. However, she knew she would have to keep changing the venue, otherwise the barbers would wise up to her.

In the meantime, she was having a ball. Many of the lads would become nervous once inside the older shops, when confronted by a traditional barber. This just heightened Suzy’s excitement. She loved nothing more than to stand next to the barber, encouraging him to cut the hair shorter, whilst smiling sweetly to her victim through the mirror’s reflection. She had found heaven!

Then, on one occasion, as her latest boyfriend sat caped in the barber’s chair, Suzy realised there was `another level’ to her secret pastime.

She was describing how his hair should be cut, from shoulder-length down to a short back and sides, when he spoke up;

“That’s too short love! I’ve always had long hair, and I like it that way. I don’t mind a trim, but nothing too short.”

Suzy had never faced any real objection. Most of her boyfriends had just sat quietly, accepting their fate. She didn’t take kindly to this interruption, but smiled at him and replied;

“Don’t worry Steve, you’ll look absolutely gorgeous! I love short hair on men, and you’ll look so much better…trust me”

“I dunno”, he still looked uncertain, “I’m not sure about this!”

“Pleeeeassse, just for me sweetheart?” said Suzy, in a falsely pleading way.

“Okay, okay, but it better look good!”

“It’ll look just perfect!” She beamed.

“Never mind, if you don’t like it we can always put her in the chair, and give her the same!” The barber retorted as Suzy turned towards the waiting chairs. His words stopped her in her tracks. She felt a burning flush go through her. The barber held her gaze for a couple of seconds, smiling menacingly, before returning his attention to cutting Steve’s hair.

Suzy sat down, and watched the continuing haircut. Her mind raced at the idea of being forced into the barber’s chair, a cape being thrown around her, and the barber attacking her long, blonde hair with his comb and scissors. This aroused her more than ever, just thinking of her long tresses dropping to the floor!! But she didn’t want to lose her lovely locks. There was no way she was going to let a barber lose with her pride and joy. Yet, the idea turned her on so much. Sitting there, she realised it was the tease which excited her. It was the barber who wanted to get her in the chair! Of course he would! How many middle-aged barbers wouldn’t want to get a young, blonde girl sat in their chair, caped and ready for shearing??

“There you go Sir, all done!” The barber’s words broke Suzy’s thought.

“Certainly feels different!” Announced Steve, as he rose from the chair.

Suzy wanted to test her theory.

“Me next is it?”

She was right, the barber’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, err… yes, please take a seat,” he stammered.

“How short do you think I should have it cut?” Suzy asked him, whilst still sat in a waiting chair.

“I.I think I could give you a nice, short style.” He could hardly contain his excitement at the thought of getting his hands on her hair.

“In your dreams!” she said abruptly, and walked towards the door. “Come on Steve.”

Deflated, the barber called after her, “Well, if you ever change your mind?”

Suzy felt reborn. She had always enjoyed lads being aroused by her, and loved to tease them. Her love of haircuts had given her more opportunity to experience that power, but she was tired of dating all these different guys. She lived for the moment when their hair was cut short, but found herself feeling indifferent towards them after the event. Now, she realised she didn’t need a boyfriend to enjoy the wonders of the barbershop. She could visit the shops by herself, and tease the barbers themselves.

The next couple of weeks saw Suzy visiting several barbershops alone. She would enter the shop and take her place in the waiting chairs, always attracting glances from the males, only to leave last minute using one of several excuses. She would say she had arranged to meet her boyfriend there, she had forgotten to go to the bank for some money, her car park ticket was about to expire, or that she would be back when it was quieter. Her departure would always cause disappointment to barbers and waiting customers alike.

Suzy was enjoying herself immensely! She relished the attention she received as she entered the shops, the haircutting action she was able to watch at first hand, and reaction when she announced she was leaving. Many a barber was turned on, by the sight of her waiting her turn, only to have his dreams dashed at last minute!

As time went on, Suzy perfected her art. Her confidence grew stronger, and her excuses to leave came more natural. The only problem was the declining number of venues. Over the period of two months, she had played out her role in virtually all the barbershops in her town. She didn’t consider repeat performances a wise career move!!

Then, one day, she was visiting a friend in another town. She had stopped off to buy a few bits from a grocery store when, across the road, she saw a traditional-style barbershop. She stood on the pavement and looked over at the shop. Through it’s large front window, she could see a teenager being caped by an old barber. The teenager had shoulder length brown hair, and Suzy could tell that it was destined for the floor! She could also see the waiting chairs. There, seated together, was a man and a woman. The man was talking to the barber, obviously discussing how the boy was to have his hair cut, and the woman was reading a magazine.

Suzy watched as the cape was tightly fastened around the boy’s neck, and the barber began combing out his doomed locks. She looked down at her watch. Yeah, she had time to do this! This was one haircut she wanted to get close to. With that thought, she crossed the road and headed for the shop’s front door.

As she entered the shop, the barber looked up at her through the mirror, and asked;

“Can I help you Miss?”

“Yes, I’d like my hair cut please.”

“This is a barbershop my dear. We only do short styles here. Short back and sides, or crewcuts, nothing fancy. Do you want a short back and sides?” he half-heartedly asked her, expecting her to turn and leave. Suzy had been in this situation before. This was just the game she had to play to get in and seated. Her confidence took over.

“Yes, a sho
rt back and sides would be fine.”

The barber turned to face her.

“Very well my dear, please take a seat,” he said gently nodding.

Suzy turned her gaze to the line of waiting chairs. The boy’s Father was looking straight up at her. She smiled back at him, imagining how aroused he must be. As she walked past him, towards an empty chair, the boy’s `Mother’ rose to her feet.

“Take a seat please,” she said to Suzy.

Suzy looked at her puzzled. The woman reached out her arm towards a second barber’s chair, and guided Suzy to it.

The realisation of what was happening began to dawn on Suzy. The boy’s `Mother’ was actually another barber – or, to be specific, a barberette!

“Be seated.”

This was foreign territory to Suzy. She had gone past the point of no return, and found herself lowering her tight backside down into the barber’s chair, wondering what excuse she could use to get out of there.

No sooner she was seated, than a large red cape was thrown across her chest, gathered around her, and tucked tightly around her neck.

“Short back and sides then love?” The barberette picked up her comb and scissors, walked behind the chair, and began combing Suzy’s long locks.

“Well, no, not really. Just a trim really?” Suzy was now very nervous. Her confidence had gone. She sat motionless in the chair, almost glued to the spot, looking at her reflection in the facing mirror. Her long, blonde tresses fell either side of her face. She began to panic.

“I don’t want my hair cut short, just a trim!”

“Don’t worry love. You’ve done the hard part. Don’t be getting all nervous now you’re here. It’s only natural to feeling a little scared!”

Scared? She was beginning to get petrified!

“I didn’t mean it when I said I wanted a short back and sides.”

“Of course you didn’t love, now hush whilst I sort this lot out!”

With that Suzy watched in horror, as the barberette suddenly ploughed the scissors into her hair, and the blades began cutting long lengths free. The barberette rested her left hand on Suzy’s head, whilst her right hand opened and closed the scissor blades. Blonde hair cascaded down the cape and onto the floor.

“Oh my God!” Exclaimed Suzy.

“I’ll cut the bulk off first, and then I’ll tidy it up for you dear!”

Suzy watched aghast as her beloved hair fell from her head. The barberette had a fixed gaze on her expressionless face, as she relentlessly sheared away at Suzy’s hair. Suzy could see that the length had gone at the back of her head – no longer would she be able to swing those long tresses!

“Right then dear, let’s finish this for you!” The barberette reached forward and unhooked the electric clippers. Suzy recognised the familiar click, followed by the quiet hum, of the clippers. She felt the barberette’s hand on the back of her head. She felt her head pushed forward, so that she was looking down at her caped chest, and she heard the humming get louder. The cold touch of the blades, as they kissed her neck, followed by the scrunching of hair being shorn. Repeatedly, the barberette pushed the clippers up and away – again, again, and again.

She worked her way around Suzy’s head, which was now unrecognisable. Suzy felt tears welling up in her eyes, as she looked down at the long tresses in her lap.

“Now, do you want me to pass the clippers over, or do you want to keep some length on the top?” The barberette stood there, clippers poised in her hand, staring at Suzy through the mirror.

Suzy looked at her reflection. She had hardly any hair on the sides of her head, and only tufts on the top. She closed her eyes, and tears escaped down her cheeks.

“Whatever you think,” she faintly replied.

“Very well, over the top then!” The click and hum of the clippers returned. Pass after pass, they made over Suzy’s head. Finally, being silenced and returned to hang off the counter.

As she dusted off Suzy’s neck, the barberette admired her shorn head.

“There you go love, much better!”

The caped was pulled from around her, and she rose from the chair. Without speaking she paid for her haircut and then walked towards the door.

“Come again soon love,” the barberette called after her.

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