Laura’s Goerge Jefferson

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Laura’s Dad remarried when she was 8 years old. She never really got along with her father’s new wife.

She believed the woman was very manipulative. It enraged Laura that Dad would turn a blinded eye to how she was treated by Rachel.

By the time Laura turned 14  years old, her and Rachel were  constantly having arguments about how Laura wore her hair.

Rachel wore her hair in a cut known as a “bald fade”. Her Barberette would clip her top with a number three guard, and then fade the sides.

Laura liked her hair long. It flowed gentle down to her waist. Rachel believed that Laura needed a cut that could be easy managed.

Their lastest argument happened, as Rachel was taking Laura to school. When Laura got out of the car, Rachel decided enough was enough.

When Rachel picked her up from school that day, she told her headlice outbreak at her school. In reality, there was no outbreak.

With in ten minutes of Laura getting in the car, Rachel was parking the car in front of a  small storefront.

As Laura looked at the red, white, and blue  pole outside the stop, she said “what are we doing here”.  When Rachel heard that, she began to laugh.

She turned off the car, as she said “I told you there was lice outbreak at your school”. She took a brief pause, and then said “it’s haircut time”.

Laura began shaking her head, as Rachel said “you will be expelled, if you don’t cut your hair”. As Rachel reached for the door handle, she said “let’s go”.

After about ten minutes of screaming, Laura exited the car. When they both in front of the small shop, Rachel opened  the door for her.

As they walked in a bell rang. When they got into the shop, Laura didn’t know what to think. It looked more like a used tire shop than a barbershop.

There were tire mounted on rims everywhere. There was no one waiting for a haircut. There was also no one in chair.

As Laura was ushered to the chair, the barber walked out of the bathroom. He looked fairly young. He had a goattee. His haircut was cut into a flat top.

When he saw Rachel, he said “has it been 3 weeks already”. After he said that, he looked over at Laura. He quickly made eye to eye contact with her.

He stared at Laura, as Rachel said “Laura needs a haircut”.

After she said that, he laughed. When he was done laughing, he said “what are you thinking”. He began to walk towards Laura after he said that.

Before he could touch her hair, Rachel said “I got an email, today”. She took a brief pause, and then said “there is a lice outbreak at her school”.

The barber made eye to eye contact with Rachel, and then said “why would you think it would be alright to bring her here”.

In reality, the barber was in on Rachel’s plan.

As he made his way behind the chair, he said “how do you want me to cut it”.

With out thinking about it, Rachel said “I want her headshaved”.

Right after he said that, he picked up a scissors. With out giving Laura any warning, he grabbed a section of her and cut it off.

As he began to grab another section, he said “I don’t clips like do at salons”.

Laura should not believe what was happening. At this point, Rachel was just standing there watching this happen to her.

Rachel made her way to a waiting area chair, as the barber said “if I gave the same cut that you have, it would be easy for you to check her for lice”.

She sat down, and then said “there is an idea”. He continued to grap and sip, as Rachel said “that would probably work”.

The floor around the chair was now covered in blonde hair. Once he cut off a section, he just tossed it on the floor.

As he pushed her head forward, Rachel said “we don’t even know if she had it”.

Once her head was were he wanted it, he began grabbing and sipping more. The top of her head and nape were now reduced to two inches.

He turned the chair, and repositioned himself. As he began reducing the left side of head, he said “I have yet to see anything that suggests lice is present”.

Laura looked out the window of the shop, as Rachel said “you wouldn’t know until you get closer to the scalp”.

Right after she that, he said “don’t tell me how to do my job”.

When Rachel heard that, she began to laugh. When she was done laughing, she said “you didn’t even have clips to clip her hair up”.

The chair moved again, right after she said that. He began grabbing and snipping on the right side of her head, as Rachel said “she isn’t caped”.

At this point, Laura wanted to cry. She knew Rachel wanted her to cry, so she fought back the tears. She just gripped the arm rests.

The barber was about to make his last scissors cut,  when the door of the shop opened. As he closed the scissors, JD and Kate walked into the shop.

When Kate saw what was going on, she said “you realize your supposed to cape customers before you cut there hair”.

He made his final scissors cut, and then said “I didn’t have a clip to clip it up”. Once he said that Kate looked at the floor.

There was a lot of hair already on the floor. Just as Kate was about to stay something, the barber threw some on the floor.

When he walked over to the counter, Kate said “I guess I know where you get your hair cut, now”. Rachel and Laura were both customers at her shop.

The barber was getting a piece of tissue  paper, as Rachel said “it’s not what it looks like”.

As he put it around her neck, Rachel said “what are you even doing on this side of town”.

Before Kate could say anything, JD said “I came over here to talk to Ryan”.

Ryan, the barber, was shaking out  a black cape, when he said “what’s up”.

As Ryan draped it around her, JD said “my truck got stolen, today”.

He securing the cape around neck, when JD said “I was hoping you could give me a heads up, if anyone came to unload parts off my truck”.

He began pumping up the chair, as he said “you didn’t even have to ask”. As Ryan  put his hand on her shoulder, he said “I got your back, brother”.

Once Laura was the hieght that Ryan wanted at, Ryan said “what did law enforcement tell you”.

The clippers were getting oiled up, as JD said “they are sending officer Robinson out to my house to speak with me about the matter”.

When Ryan heard that, he feared that JD would never get his truck back. Officer Robinson often ran “under cover investigations”.

Rather then get JD worked up, Ryan said “Head down.”

Right after he said that, the vibration clipperd touched her nape. As he was making his first pass up her nape, Ryan said “have faith”.

Ryan made the second  pass up her nape, when JD said “what does that even mean”.

A clump of Laura’s severed hair dropped to the floor, as Kate said “don’t have faith in these people or their spouses”.

At the time, Laura’s father was working for the sheriff’s department. Before Kate could say anything else, Rachel said “her school has a lice outbreak”.

As shorter hairs joined her long hairs on the floor, Kate said “they give me a heads up, if there is a lice outbreak at the schools”.

Kate’s shop was right across the street from the high school and grade school.

In an effort to keep the lie going, Rachel said “she doesn’t go to either of the schools by your shop. She goes to the alternative school”.

After that got said, JD said “we need to be going”. As they made their way towards the door, Kate Wondered why Laura was in the alternative school.

Just as Ryan finished clipping her nape, JD said “thanks for having my back”.

Ryan was moving to left sides of her head, when Ryan said “not a problem”.

Once Kate and JD were out of the shop, Ryan drove the clippers up into her sideburn. As he did this, he said “what did you do to land your butt there”.

Laura didn’t respond to his question. Ryan was  pushing her ear, when Rachel said “bad grades, bad attitude, smoking, and skipping school”.

After Rachel said that, Ryan said “your one bad little girl”.

After he finished the left side of her head, he paused momentarily. Laura didn’t know what to think.

At this point, Ryan still needed to address the right side and the top. In reality, he was just brushing them out.

The clippers were the only sound in the room, as Ryan worked on the right side of her head. Ryan liked to work in silence.

After Ryan finished her sides and back, he walked back to the counter. He quickly pulled off the number guard.

As he pulled off the number two guard, he said “I did a two on the sides. Do you want me to do a three on the top, so it looks like yours”.

Laura didn’t want to have the same haircut as Rachel, so she said “no guard. Buzz it off”.

Ryan quickly got the clippers right in front of her face, and then said “I know what your thinking”.

Right after he said that, he drove the clippers right down the center of her head. The clippers didn’t have a guard on them.

Rachel looked up from her phone, as Ryan began to buzz the top of her head down to stubble.

She got kind of aroused watching Ryan work. She began wondering if Ryan was going to clip the top to nothing, and then leave the sides a number two.

Ryan was making his second pass, as Rachel decided that Laura needed to leave with an “old man” cut.
When he started his third pass a cross the top of her head, when Rachel said “we moving on up to the east side”.
In an effort to let Rachel know they were both on the same page, he said “to that deluxe apartment in the sky”.
When he completed the fifth pass, laura said “when are we moving.” Right after she did that, Rachel and Ryan both started laughing.

When they were both done laughing, Rachel said “when your father becomes a dirty cop, or that gas station starts paying me what I’m really worth”.

After Rachel said that, Ryan put his edger against Laura’s head. He began carving a line of skin around her head. The line started near her forehead.

This would be the fade line. Laura knew Rachel was in complete control of her haircut at this point. After the fade line was created, he started to address the hairs below it.

A new patch of white skin appearing on Laura’s head. The hair on the side of her head was being reduced to stubble.

Ryan used a small brush after each pass. After Ryan reduced the sides and back to almost nothing, he picked up a different clippers.

He used the clippers over comb style to fade it. This was not a quick process. Laura wanted to know how much longer it was going to take.

However, she didn’t want to upset Rachel or Ryan. Finally, after about 15 minutes Ryan put down his clippers. At this point, laura wanted to get up.

Ryan realized Laura was getting antsy. In an effort to bring her back under control, he put his hand on her shoulder.

When his hand was on her shoulder, Ryan said “I still have to skin you in. I also have some work to do with the straight razor “.

He picked up his foil shaver. They where right next to her ear when he turned them on. They made a different sound than the other clippers.

As the foil shaver started to scrape them across the stubble on her back and sides, her Rachel said “how longer is this going to take”.

Ryan laughted, and then said “I can’t let her leave with half a haircut”.

As Ryan continued to shave Laura’s sides bald, Rachel became more excited. It appeared that Ryan was giving her a “modern” version of the requested cut.

Laura, despite not being able to see what was going on, was not happy about how the haircut was turning out.

Ryan was giving Laura a brutally short haircut. When Rachel saw him turn off the foil shaver, she hoped the haircut was not over.

Ryan still needed to put talcum powder on laura. He deposited it into a brush, and then loosened the cape that was trapping Laura.He brushed off little hairs surrounding her face. Rachel got excited when she saw him pick up a straight razor.


She feared that Laura was not going to sit for much more of this. Before Rachel could say something, Ryan began removing the tiny hairs that remain on her neck.


Once he set down his straight razor on the counter, he said “we are almost done here”.

Right after he said that, he began filling a cup with water in the wash basin. At this point, he just  wanted to get Laura done.

Once the cup was full, he added some soap. Once the soap was added, he began to mix it. When he was satisfied with mixture, he began applying it to the top of Laura’s head with a brush.

As Ryan painted it on, Rachel said “how much longer, Ryan”.

He continued to lather her head, as he said “another ten minutes”.
Ryan made quick and gentle strokes with the brush, as Laura wondered how much hair she had.

 Rachel was trying to enjoy the experience, when Laura said “just wipe that off. I’m ready to go “.

At this point, her head was covered in a thick layer of white shaving lather. Ryan was  making her way to the hot towel dispenser.

As Ryan pulled one out of the dispenser, she said “the hot towel is the best part”.

He held it in his hand, as Laura said “hopefully ”.

When he thought she could tolerate the hotness, he wrapped it around her head.

Ryan applied pressure to Laura’s head, as he said “get it off me “.

 He began to give her a little massage, as Laura said “stop”.

Rachel laughed, and then said “it will be worth the pain “.
 The towel was removed from her head, as he said “that is so true, Rachel”.

After he said that, he tossed it in the bin.

As he got another towel for Laura’s head, he said “this one will not be that hot”.

Ryan was wrapping the towel around her head, when he said “do you have a boyfriend”.

 He didn’t give her a little massage with the second towel. When it was secured, Ryan walked to the counter.

The razor needed to be prepared. As he did this,  Laura said “no”.

Ryan was putting a new blade in the razor, as Rachel said “she will be fighting off the boys with this cut”.
 She took a brief pause, and then she said “the girls, too”.

Right after Rachel said that, he removed the towel. Her head got wiped clean with a different towel, and then he began applying another layer of lather.

With out really thinking about it, Rachel said “change is coming”.

 Ryan placed it right at the middle of her forehead, and the gently began shaving her.

He was feeling very little resistance, as he worked the razor. It only took him about five minutes to do the her head.

When he turned the chair towards the mirror, Laura instantly started crying.

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