Leaving Her Hair Everywhere

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Annie sat down at her desk and took a deep breath. For everyone else, this was just a regular Monday at the office, but for her it was the day she would finally fulfill her secret fantasy. Her heart was beating faster and she felt a warm tingle between her legs at the mere thought of it.

She took another deep breath to calm herself down. Slow and steady. Step by step. She pulled the little pair of scissors from her purse and ran her fingers along the sharp blades. Her other hand stroked her long brown hair that reached to her mid-back. Her crowning glory. The mere thought of losing it all sent a shiver down her spine. It felt quite pleasant.

But the final release of pleasure would only come tonight.

She slipped out of her flat ankle booties and put the scissors to her socks. First she snipped off the toe section, then cut down into the bottom until her soles were exposed. She put her feet on the soft carpet and felt its soft embrace on her bare soles. Her office door opened and Susie came in.

“Hey Annie, did you check your email yet?” she asked. Her bun of dark blonde hair bobbed back and forth on top of her head as she walked to her desk. “We have a new client, and he specifically asked for you! If you keep going at it like this, you’ll surely snag a promotion soon.”

“Oh, I bet.” Annie showed her a smile, chuckling nervously while she rubbed her bare soles over the carpet. Susie didn’t notice. Of course she didn’t – her feet were hidden under her desk. There was no way she could see them.

But she would surely notice her hair once it started coming off. The thought of being caught only made her more excited.

Susie sat down at her desk to Annie’s right. They were far enough apart to have some privacy, but if Susie glanced over while Annie was cutting…

She took another deep breath.

Susie started up her computer and rifled through the paperwork on her desk.

Annie grabbed a lock of hair from the top of her head and cut it off close to the scalp. A rush of excitement washed through her body as the scissors closed, blades slicing through her beautiful silky hair, leaving a short tuft sticking up from her crown.

She dropped the cut-off hair to the floor and looked for another lock to cut. This time, she picked one at the left side of her head. The scissor blades sliced through it quickly, and it joined the other on the floor. Annie picked a third from the back of her head and cut through it just as swiftly.

With three long locks of hair on the floor, she placed the scissors back into her purse and threw a glance at Susie. Her colleague was still focused on her computer and paperwork – she hadn’t seen anything.

Annie closed her eyes and released a sigh of relief. Her right hand went to her head, playing with the short strands of hair buried within her long mane. Still too few to be noticed. Nobody would see a difference. And yet – she knew what she had done, and the result of her actions lay on the ground, underneath her feet. She rubbed her soles over the cut-off strands, enjoying the feeling of hair tickling her bare skin.

Susie made a bit of small talk while she browsed through her emails, and Annie had a wide grin on her face as they chatted about inconsequential things. Susie had no idea what kinky game Annie played underneath her desk, her toes picking up locks of hair that had been on her head mere moments ago, while her fingers played with the short remains.

When the office door opened again, Annie’s heart skipped a beat and she put her hands on the desk, afraid that whoever came in would spot the few short locks hidden in her long mane if she kept playing with them.

In stepped Steve – no, not Steve, Mr. Roberts, her boss. With his well-groomed goatee and mid-length hair that touched the collar of his immaculate suit, he looked extremely hot. She always had a crush on him, but she couldn’t allow herself to become too familiar with him. He was her boss, after all. She had to stay professional.

Besides, he had a wife. She had seen them together before. A beautiful redhead with thick hair that fell down to her waist. Annie wondered how Steve would react when he saw her with short hair. He’d probably consider it ugly. His wife was living proof that he preferred long-haired ladies.

With a proud smile on his face, he placed a thick folder on her desk. “For you, Miss Novak. I’m sure you’ve already seen it in your inbox – our new client asked for you specifically to represent his case. You’ve made quite the reputation for yourself. Keep up the good work!”

She blushed at the compliment. Her feet kept playing with the hair on the floor, which only made her blush even redder. Steve’s smile widened. Did he sense what she was doing? Had he any idea about her kinky little secret? No, of course not, he only noticed her blush. From the warmth she felt in her cheeks, she must have looked like a tomato. “Thank you, Mr. Roberts. I’ll make sure the client won’t be disappointed.”

“I know you will. You’re the company’s best asset, Miss Novak. Have a look at the files in there and return them to me at the end of the day. I’d like to have a chat with you about it tomorrow.”

With that, he turned around and left the room. Susie chuckled. “See. Told you you’d soon be up for a promotion.”

“Yeah,” said Annie. She pulled the scissors from her purse again and opened the folder. “I guess I deserve it for all my hard work.”

The folder contained a lot of files dense with information, but she didn’t really care about any of it right now. She was good at her job. One of the best. She could afford procrastinating a little while she focused on other things. Things she had wanted to do for long, long time. Things that made her veins throb with desire.

Her toes tightly clutched around the severed strands of hair on the floor as her fingers picked out another lock to cut. She pulled it up and snipped it off, leaving only a few centimeters of length behind where just a second ago there had been sixty.

She gently placed the lock of hair in the folder, right on the first page. When Steve opened it after she returned it to him, this lock of hair was the first thing he would see. What would he think of it? How would he react?

She flipped through the pages and cut off another lock to place inside. Somewhere in the middle, where it wouldn’t fall out easily. She flipped ahead and added another. And another. And a fifth at the back, after the last page.

Five locks of hair for her boss to find. She couldn’t wait to see his reaction tomorrow.

Tomorrow, when she would come to the office with short hair all over. Her long, luscious mane replaced with a cut shorter than any man’s in the entire company. She felt the warmth of desire flow through her limbs at the thought.

She placed the scissors back in her purse and took out her little pocket mirror. The missing hair was still barely noticeable. Only when she looked closely could she see it: a handful of short tufts sticking out from between the long strands of her mid-back length hair.

“Hey Annie.”

She was so focused on her kinky little game she almost dropped her mirror in shock when she heard Susie’s voice. “Uh, what?” she replied with a shaky voice.

“It’s lunch break time! Come on, let’s grab a bite.” With a chuckle, she added, “Nervous, huh? I would be too. This is your big chance!”

“Uh, yeah. Just a little nervous because of the job. That’s all.” Annie closed the folder, safely hiding the locks of hair within. “Let me put my shoes back on and I’ll be ready.”

“Ah yeah. I like to take them off, too. It’s a lot more comfy to feel the carpet under your feet, huh?”

“Uh-huh. The carpet.” Annie picked up the locks of hair on the floor and stuffed them into her shoes before she put them on. She got up from her chair and followed Susie to the cafeteria, where they grabbed something to eat.

The hair softly tickled her soles as she walked. It was like she was trampling her severed locks underneath her feet with every step she took, trampling them like dirt. The feeling was incredibly arousing. And none of her colleagues suspected anything. Nobody even noticed the short tufts sticking out from her long mane. It was her own private secret – at least for now.

After lunch, she returned to her office and gave the files in the folder a proper look. She focused entirely on her work for the rest of the day, but the feeling of arousal remained. The locks of hair in her shoes were a constant reminder of what she was doing today, and the ones she had placed in the folder kept jumping out at her as she rifled through its contents.

When the work day neared its end, she closed the folder and brought it to Steve’s office, just as he had requested. Her heart was pounding faster as she knocked at his door, and her cheeks flushed bright red when he told her to enter. She calmed herself down with a deep breath, but it barely helped.

“Ah, Miss Novak. I assume you scribbled some notes on the files I gave you, as you usually do?”

“Um… yes, Mr. Roberts. Do you want to go through them?”

He shook his head. “Just place the folder on my desk, I’ll have a look at it later. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I’m not going to make you do overtime just for this.”

Annie swallowed the lump in her throat. What would he think when he found the locks of hair between the folder’s pages? She wouldn’t be here to see his reaction. But she would  spend all night imagining it. “Alright. I’ll be going then. I’m sure you’ll, uh, find the comments I made on the files inspiring.”

Steve laughed. “No need to be nervous, Miss Novak. This job is well within your capabilities.”

“Oh, I’m not – I mean, it’s not because of the job. It’s, uh…” She scrunched her toes inside her shoes, feeling the touch of her cut-off locks within. What the hell was she doing? Putting locks of hair into a work document for her boss to find? It was stupid. So, so stupid. But so, so arousing. “A private matter. I’ll be a lot more composed once it’s dealt with. Really, nothing you should concern yourself with, Sir.”

He nodded and showed her an appreciative smile. “Take the evening off and treat yourself. You deserve it for all your hard work. I’m looking forward to discussing the job with you tomorrow.”

She returned the smile and left his office. In some way, she was glad he didn’t check the folder immediately. The encounter had almost been too much as it was. She felt a wetness between her legs, staining her panties. But it wasn’t time to pleasure herself yet. She still had too much hair left on her head.

It all had to go before she would allow her fingers to go down there.




The drive home was torturous. Each time her feet pressed down on the pedals, she felt the hair tickling against her soles, but she had to keep her eyes on traffic. No time to play with her hair.

But when she stopped at a red light, she quickly took the scissors from her purse and chopped off a lock. She rolled down the window and tossed it out. The long lock of dark hair was snatched up by the wind and carried across the road. She wondered where it would land. Would it fly through the open window of another driver’s car and land on his lap? Would it fly to the sidewalk and hit a pedestrian in the face?

A honk behind her tore her back into reality. The traffic light had switched to green, and she hit the gas. The wind-borne lock’s fate was left unclear. Another thing she could imagine while she played with her pussy tonight.

When she finally arrived and entered her driveway, she didn’t immediately enter her house. She still had too much hair left to spread around town. Cut it off strand by strand, lock by lock, and leave it lying everywhere.

She walked over to the nearest bus stop and waited for the bus to the central plaza where all the town’s stores and pubs were located. While she waited, she snipped off another lock of hair and dropped it on the bus station’s seats for a lucky stranger to find. Right now, she was the only one at the station.

When the bus arrived, she went in and took a seat at the window. Two women left the bus and noticed the long lock of hair on the seats. Annie couldn’t hear what they were saying, but she knew they were talking about it, wondering how it got there, wondering whose head it came from.

The bus wasn’t crowded, but it still had enough passengers to make getting caught almost a certainty. But Annie was throbbing with desire and no longer cared. All of these people were strangers, and she rarely took the bus at all. Most had their eyes in books or on phone screens, anyway.

She put the scissors to her hair again and cut. One lock, two locks, three. Snip, snip, snip went the sharp little blades. One or two people glanced at her with raised eyebrows, but that only made it more exciting. She dropped the cut-off hair on the empty seat next to her.

When the bus arrived at her destination, she jumped off her seat and got out, leaving her hair as a little present for whoever sat down there next. She wondered what would happen to it. Would someone pick it up? Would it just be brushed to the floor and tossed into the trash the next time the bus was cleaned? Another thought to add to tonight’s masturbation fantasies.

Annie went on to visit several stores, but not for the sake of shopping. She didn’t take anything out of them, quite the contrary – she left something there.

First, she visited a shoe store. Since it was fall now, most of the footwear on offer were closed shoes, the sandals of summer put into storage to await their next season. Just perfect for what she wanted to do. With the feeling of hair against her soles spurning her on, she cut off several more locks and shoved them into random shoes. Whoever tried them on next would feel a few strands of hair between her toes.

After that, she went to the bookstore. Romance novels with long-haired beauties on the cover graced the shelves. Annie picked some up and flipped through the pages. She ran a hand through her hair and smiled. Her long locks were getting thinner. By now, she had chopped off enough for people to notice. She wondered what it looked like. Some sort of punky mullet, perhaps.

She cut off a few more locks and put them into the books like bookmarks. Most of the novels she chose had women with long dark hair on the cover, just like hers. It was fitting, she thought. Whoever read these novels would find the protagonist’s hair inside. She wondered what they would think. Was it just a marketing gag by the publisher? Would they keep using her shorn locks as a bookmark? An alluring thought.

The next store she picked was a cosmetics shop. She went straight to the aisle where the hair dyes where kept and looked for her own natural hair color among them. When she found several different dark brown dyes by different companies, she snipped off a couple more locks of hair and stuck them to the price tags. Most of the dyes had little locks of artificial hair to show what the color looks like – now the dark brown dyes had little locks of natural hair, too. Surely, people would think they belonged there. Her lovely tresses were in their natural habitat here.

When she walked past a mirror, the heat of desire spread through her body. Her hair was a mess. About half of it had been chopped off by now. Short tufts stuck out in all directions, with the remaining strands of long hair hanging down limply between them. They knew they had lost the battle and accepted their fate. Before the night was over, they, too, would be severed from her scalp. Most of the remaining length was at the back of her head. Her current hairstyle was a particularly messy mullet.

Still plenty left to chop, but she was getting close – as was her arousal. She couldn’t wait to go home and pleasure herself, but it wasn’t time yet.

Her final destination was a pub, where she planned to have a few drinks and spread the last of her hair around. As a welcome side effect, the drinks would make her even hornier. She headed straight for the bar and ordered a whisky to get herself started.

But after she tossed the shot down her throat, she froze in place. A familiar figure waved to her from a nearby table.


She still had enough hair left to look normal from that distance, but if she approached, he would surely spot the chopped-up mess on her head. And he had probably found the locks of hair in the folder, so he would easily make the connection once he saw her up close.

And he was here with his wife, the gorgeous redhead whose hair reached all the way to her waist. Annie imagined it to be soft as silk. She wanted to touch it, feel it. At this point, she had thrown all her inhibitions to the wind anyway – so why not go for it.

She waved back to Steve and walked over to his table. There was a free seat right next to his wife, right next to those beautiful red tresses. She was dressed in a long green dress that went well with the color of her hair and thin sandals whose straps elegantly caressed her slender feet. She was beautiful.

Annie couldn’t wait to feel the softness of her hair under her fingers.

She sat down next to Steve’s wife and introduced herself.

“Hello, Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Roberts. How nice to see you here. How are you doing?”

“Having a nice evening with my wife, Marina. I don’t think you’ve met before. Marina, this is Miss Novak, my most valuable employee.”

“Oh, don’t be so flattering! I’m just doing my job. Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Roberts.”

Steve looked at her with a raised eyebrow and ran a hand through his hair. Of course – he noticed her choppy haircut. “So how have you been today, Miss Novak?”

She bit her lip and shrugged. She was glad he didn’t mention her hair directly. This wasn’t something she wanted to talk about right here, right now. Especially not with his wife present.

But she wanted to talk about Marina’s. It was so long and soft and beautiful. “You have beautiful hair, Marina.” She felt her cheeks flushing red again. “If you’re okay with me using your first name, Mrs. Roberts.”

Marina laughed and waved her hand. “It’s alright, dear. So you’re that mysterious woman my husband told me about, huh? The diligent worker that attracts high-paying clients like no other?” With a wink, she added, “You better not try to steal him from me. He speaks very highly of you.”

“He does?” She looked at Steve and met his eyes. “Uh… thank you, Mr. Roberts. I appreciate it.”

He ran a hand through his hair again, a gesture obviously meant to draw Annie’s attention to her own butchered tresses, and asked, “So, did you manage to deal with your private matter or do you still have some work to do on that? I’ve read the comments you left in the folder. They were quite… something.”

“Uh… yeah. Just uh, a little bit left.” She grabbed a lock of her remaining long hair and twirled it around her finger. “I’ll be done with it before tomorrow and will be able to fully focus on work by then. Don’t worry about it.”

When the waitress passed by, Steve ordered two bottles of wine and three glasses. He invited Annie to drink with him and his wife, and he would pay the bill. She accepted gratefully, happy to sit so closely to such beautiful hair.

Marina drank quite a lot. She went through glass after glass, getting ever tipsier as the evening went on. Annie was a little more restrained in her drinking, as she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of her boss, but she had enough wine in her to lower her inhibitions.

She stretched out an arm behind her chair and touched Marina’s hair. It was even softer than she had imagined. Silk was nothing compared to it. The two chairs were pretty close together, and Steve didn’t see that her hand was secretly caressing his wife’s hair. Marina didn’t notice either. She had accumulated quite the buzz from the wine right now.

Buzz. Annie wondered what the gorgeous redhead would look like with a buzzcut. Her other hand went to her purse, but then she realized what she was about to do and stopped herself.


The thought of taking some of Marina’s hair with her and playing with it while she pleasured herself was too alluring to resist. She wanted it. She needed it.

Secretly, silently, she took the scissors out of her purse and touched its sharp blades against Marina’s long, luscious tresses. Her long hair hung down over the back of the chair, and she didn’t notice the presence of the scissors at all.

Slowly, Annie raised the scissors. Her heart pounded fast and hard, equally out of panic and arousal. Even when her scissors were at the back of Marina’s head, the redhead didn’t notice.

Annie closed the scissors, and the blades cut through those silky red locks. She swiftly caught the falling strands between her fingers and slowly, secretly, moved them into her purse.

Then she did it again. Knowing that she could get away with it, she could no longer contain herself. Again and again she put the scissors into Marina’s hair, as close to her scalp as she dared, and stole another beautiful crimson lock for herself.

When her purse was stuffed with hair, she placed her scissors back into it and closed the zipper. One quick glance at the back of Marina’s head sent a chill through her entire body. The cuts were clearly noticeable. Big chunks of hair were missing, and the only way to fix it was to either give her a short pixie all over. The thought of all that gorgeous red hair being chopped off aroused Annie to no end. She couldn’t wait to get home and plunge her fingers into her eager pussy. It was aching to be played with.

They kept talking for another hour before Steve paid for the drinks and said his goodbyes.

“See you tomorrow in the office,” Annie said to him. “And it was a pleasure to meet you, Marina.”

“Likewise, Miss Novak,” the redhead replied.

To Annie’s relief, Steve didn’t notice what had happened to his wife’s hair yet. They took each other by the arm and walked out of the pub together. Annie didn’t have to face his wrath yet… but tomorrow. Oh, tomorrow she would be in so much trouble.

It should have frightened her, but it didn’t. Instead,  she became even more aroused.

It was time to go home.

She chose to walk home this time. It wasn’t too far – a ten minute walk and she’d be home. Going on foot would provide her a few more opportunities to leave the rest of her hair all around town.

On the way home, Annie kept chopping off her remaining long locks without even caring if anyone saw her or not. When she passed by an open window, she tossed a couple of locks inside. “Hey! What the hell?!” a woman’s voice called from within. When she passed by a hobo sitting on the street, holding out a bowl for people to drop money in, she gave him a lock of hair instead. Her last long lock found a home on the windshield of a sports car she particularly liked. The owner of such a nice car deserved to have a piece of her beloved hair.

Her beloved hair that was now gone from her head. Only an irregular, choppy pixie remained. Her womanhood was throbbing with excitement. She quickened her pace. She had to get home and finally give herself the orgasmic release she had been building up towards all day.

When she arrived at her house, she almost dropped the keys when unlocking her door, so shaky were her hands. She locked the door behind her and retreated to her bedroom. She pulled up a chair to the floor-length mirror next to her wardrobe and sat down, looking at her new short-haired self for the first time.

Running her hand through her short-chopped hair, she let out a pleasured moan. “I cut it off,” she whispered. “I cut it all off. Oh my God.”

She picked an item from the box she had placed on her desk this morning. It was a pair of clippers. She attached a number 6 guard to the machine, which would leave her with a long buzzcut that still looked feminine enough to be appropriate for a serious businesswoman – and placed it on the bed for now. The final haircut would come later.

First, she slipped out of her shoes and plucked out her first cut-off locks. They were sticky with sweat and a few strands stuck to the soles of her feet. Originally, she had planned to rub those locks over her body while she masturbated, but…

She pulled off her shirt and tossed it to the floor, playing with her breasts while her other hand reached for her purse and opened the zipper. In there, a much greater treasure awaited. Marina’s luscious red locks, harvested without her knowledge. Had she noticed by now?

She played out various scenarios in her head while she took the long red tresses and rubbed them over her body. So soft, so beautiful. Her right hand went down into her pants and started to play with her snatch. The feeling of her fingers finally touching her womanhood was so, so good. A whole day’s buildup of erotic tension finally coming to a release.

She kept playing with herself until the first orgasm washed over her. It was the most powerful orgasm she had felt in a long, long time.

Then, she grabbed the clippers and prepared for her second orgasm tonight. Their buzzing noise made her entire body tingle with excitement. She positioned the machine in the middle of her scalp and pushed it through her hair. Short strands fell to the floor as the clippers turned her uneven pixie into a neat buzzcut. The fingers on her left hand played with her clit while her right hand wielded the clippers, and she came again before the job was even finished. The vibrations of the clippers on her scalp were what pushed her over the edge. It was the most erotic thing she had ever felt in her life.

When her trembling muscles steadied, she finished the job of her clippercut. She switched the machine off and looked at herself in the mirror. Of her once-glorious mane, barely anything remained. She ran a hand through her short hair. The prickly feeling on her palm was incredible. Again and again she rubbed her hands over her head… and the heat of arousal rose up within her once more.

She took off her pants, followed by her panties and the remains of her cut-open socks that still hung from her ankles, and jumped into bed, where she masturbated herself to orgasm one last time before falling asleep satiated and contented.

Whatever awaited her tomorrow at the office… it had been worth it. It had all been worth it.

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