Let’s do it…

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As we all know life get’s crazy and our relationships can be compromised in the fall out of business related time demands.  This can be especially true of marriage.  My wife and I have found this even more significant since our beautiful children have become the center of our lives.  Some of the best advice we ever received was from an older couple that told us to carve out protected time for ourselves, a so called “date time.”  Whether, night or day we try at least once a week to find time to get away together for at least a couple hours 3-4 times a month.  The reward on the health of our marriage has been priceless.

Sam is a petite and attractive woman who has always worn her hair short over the 20years we have been together and to my delight sometimes very short. Currently she is sporting a platinum pixie that is a bit longer on the top with softly tapered sides.  Since meeting her in college I began to realize I found shorter styles much more attractive on females.  Over time it seems that the more edgier or daring the cut, the more it gets my attention.  Recently we took a trip to Barcelona and I am here to tell you the hair culture there is by far the most entertaining I have seen.  While I usually just admire, being hesitant to express my appreciation for short or extreme styles, my wife pointed out several attractive females with short contrasting buzzed styles.  I acknowledged my agreement dreaming about her again trying an extremely short style some day.

After returning from our vacation it only took about a week for us to realize we needed some “date time.”  After a particularly busy Monday I inquired “We need some date time, you free Wednesday afternoon?” She replied, “Sorry, I have a haircut. You can come with me and we could get a drink after?”  “Sure!” I replied, “What would I do while you get it cut?”  I assumed it would be the usual 2 hour color and cut process.  Sam smiled, “You can wait, it won’t take long, just getting a cut.  It’s too early to do the platinum all over again.  Probably getting it really short like a girl I saw in Spain.”  “You rember that girl we saw on the beach.  Find me a picture like her so I can show Chad.” If we were thinking the same girl then my dream was becoming reality.

Well this peeked my excitement.  Rarely had she asked me for much input, but lately she has asked for ideas and pictures from the web.  In fact it was my suggestion for her to get the short platinum.  I spent some time on Pinterest honestly amazed at the number of extreme buzzed or faded pixie cuts out there.  I spent several hours the next evening browsing and tagging before I came down to a few.  All I found sexy, some being short tapers that would allow a transition from natural brunette back and sides to the platinum top and couple extremely short fades that I doubted she would feel comfortable with.  The girl I remembered  from the beach had a longish pink top with an extreme bald fade.  I was almost positive my wife must not have meant her.  I showed her the pics Tuesday night.  She liked them all, much to my delight.  “That one is really short.” she commented.  “Send those to my phone.  We’ll see what Chad says.” she said in a rather nonchalant way. I agreed, he always does a great job with her short haircuts.

Wednesday came and we met at home around noon as we both played hooky from work.  We headed out to the salon, Sam commented as I drove, “Where are you taking your wife after she gets her head buzzed.”  I think I blushed as I was caught a bit off guard, “Anywhere she wants I exclaimed!”  I followed up nervously, “Did you decide on a picture?”  “Nope she replied, but definitly really short.  That ok?”  I nodded, with a “Yes ma’am.”

As we entered the salon we were kindly directed to a couch to wait and were offered a glass of wine which my wife nearly finished in 2 minutes.  She opened her phone pulling up the photos as Chad approached. He greeted us warmly as we both stood up “What are you two love birds up to?” He embraced us both commenting on how nice it was to see me.  It had been some time since I had accompanied my wife to the salon. I sat back down as my wife stepped forward, he turned toward her evaluating her hair, “Just a trim today? Next time it will be ready for color again.”  My wife paused, “I was think of something a bit edgy today…”. She presented her phone flipping through the pictures,  he grinned “I love it girl! Which one are you feeling?” Sam confidently asked “What do think about the this one?” as she pointed with her index finger.  “That’s hot, let’s do it. You know I will cut your hair as short as you want and you can definitely rock a bald fade.”  Chad glanced back at me clearly excited.  “I’ll have her back to you in a bit, sit tight.”  As he guided Sam to his station my heart jumped, had she picked the really short high fade I threw in just to see how she would like it.  I never would have demanded she go that short but I found myself quite excited and nervous.  Would she like it?

Sam sat in the chair as she set down her empty wine glass.  The station was directly in front of us about 15 feet away. With Sam facing away from where I was sitting Chad caped her as several other stylist walked by curious about Sam’s cut.  “She is going really short.” Chad announced.   I could tell by their reactions this was an uncommon occurrence in the salon.  “John know what we are doing Sam?” Chad inquired.  Sam grinned, “He has an idea, he found the pictures for me.” “Cool, then I know he is going to enjoy this.”  He then sat on his stool and turned the chair about 20 degrees leaving me with an unobstructed view.  I sat there looking at my phone as not to gawk.  I felt them both glance over as I tried not to notice.

Chad reached for a set of red clippers and brushed them off.  He adjusted a lever on the side and raised them examining the adjustment.  I could see that there was no guard on the clippers.  They came to life with a pop and machine like hum. Sam lowered her chin instinctively and smiled closing her eyes. Chad carefully raised the clippers to her nape and deftly removed a swath of hair just below her occipital bone revealing her bare scalp.  I was honestly in shock as he continued with each pass leaving a stark demarcation of bare scalp to her platinum top.  At this point everyone in the salon is gawking.  I fidget nervously both stunned and aroused.  Chad and Sam casually conversed as he continued to remove the hair from her head. First on the right then her left side bared as well.  With a few adjustments of the clipper and various guards he expertly faded the line he had created.  My wife had not actually seen his work until he spun her toward to mirror.  Seeing herself buzzed so tight was a shock clearly as she reached up for her nape and temples with her fingertips.  Chad asked her something as she smiled and nodded.  He proceeded to trim the top with scissors and cleaned her neck with the trimmers.  I noticed he continued with the trimmers a bit higher and around her ears completely removing a portion of the low fade.  He styled the top and blew it out to the left.  He uncaped her and she stood walking my direction.  She drew looks form everyone in the salon as she approached m while running her hand up her shaved nape “What do you think?”  Unable to speak for a moment, “I will definitely take you anywhere you want to go!”

We drew looks from everyone at her favorite bar and thankfully she received numerous complements hopefully reinforcing how hot I thought she was. I know she won,t go this short every time but I am hopeful to revisit this cut again one day.

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