Lexi’s Hair Cut

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It was the first day of summer vacation for Lexi and Abby and it was hot outside. Lexi is 14yrs. old and Abby is Lexi’s 16yr. old sister. When she woke up she went down to the kitchen to eat breakfast and think about what she was going to do that day. When she walk in the kitchen she saw her mom at the table. Lexi’s mom asked Lexi, ” What plans do you have today?” Nothing really. I might hang out with Taylor and Grace. Lexi replied. Her mom said, ” Good, With how hot it is out you can get your hair cut.” Ok, I think I’ll do that. How short do you want my hair to be? A couple of inches or much shorter and should I go to a salon or a barbershop? Lexi replied. ” It’s completely up to you how short you want to go with your hair and where to go. All I will say is I at least want a couple of inches cut off. Her mom said. Got it, and what about Abby does she have to get her hair cut to? Lexi replied. ” Yes, I told the same as I told you. In fact I told her exactly what I told you, that I wanted at least a couple of inches cut off. Plus, I think she has gone shopping in town, you may want to check and see if she’s already gotten her hair cut. So if she hasn’t you both could at same time.” Ok, I will call and check. I will also call Taylor and Grace and see if they want tag along so we can hang out afterwards. Once she had finished breakfast she said, she was going to go upstairs, take a shower and brush her teeth and then head out. Her mom asked if Lexi wanted her to drop her off in town or if she wanted to call Abby and see if  she would pick Lexi up. Lexi replied no I’ll just walk and I will call Taylor and Grace and see if they’d like to meet me in town. So Lexi went upstairs and took her shower brushed her hair and her teeth. She then called Taylor and Grace and asked if they either wanted to meet her at her house or in town. They told her they’d meet her at her house. Lexi then called Abby and asked her if she’d already gotten her hair cut. Abby replied that she had not yet. So Lexi asked if she wanted to meet somewhere so they could get their hair cut together. Abby said ok we’ll meet at the center of the town square.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Before leaving the house Lexi asked her mom, Just to clarify we can get our hair cut anyway we want? Her mom replied, Yes. Lexi then said so if me or Abby decided to get our head shaved you wouldn’t be upset or shocked. Not that that’s what I thinking of doing. Her mom replied, I’m not going to tell you or Abby you need to shave your head, but if you or her decided to, I might be a little shocked at first. It’s also up to you both seeing your the ones who are paying and have to live with it. So once Taylor and Grace showed up the three girls walked into town which was only a couple miles down the road. While they were walking Lexi said before we do anything else my mom would like me to get a hair cut. Taylor and Grace both said actually our mom’s said we could use hair cuts to. So they all agreed that once they met up with Abby they’d find a place to get their hair cut. As they were just entering town they noticed a swirling pole in the distance, so they walked closer and found that it was a Barbershop. When they stopped in front of the window they noticed a girl seated in the barber chair in front of them. She appeared to be about 10yrs old, and the barber was cutting her mid back hair into a chin length Bob. Upon seeing this Lexi said, You know I’ve always wanted to get my hair cut in a Barbershop. Do you all want to? At first Taylor and Grace didn’t know what to say but the more they thought about it the more they kind of wanted to. They replied saying: Sure, but first call Abby and see if she does. If she doesn’t then ask if she still wants us to meet her or if we should take care of it ourselves. So Lexi called Abby and asked if she wanted to meet them at the Barbershop and get her hair cut there. Abby replied Sure why not. Be there as soon as I can. Lexi said great see you when you get here. So while they waited they sat down on a bench in front of the Barbershop. As they were sitting there they noticed that there were four barbers and about 5 people waiting. About 5 minutes later Abby showed up. By then then the Barbershop was a little more crowded, but the girls weren’t worried they had all day to wait if necessary. Once all the girls were ready they entered the Barbershop and looked around, they noticed that there were two girls in two of the four barber chairs. Once they had they sat down were they could and were told by the barber it might be a while. They said that it was fine and started thinking of what haircut they wanted. Lexi asked Taylor what haircut are you thinking of doing. Taylor replied, I’m not sure. What are you thinking? Lexi replied, I’m thinking maybe to my shoulders maybe shorter. Grace then said well I’m thinking about only going to my shoulders unless something changes. About 20 min later Lexi then asked Abby what she was thinking of doing. Abby replied that she was thinking of maybe getting 8in off. After Abby had said that the door of the Barbershop opened and in walked two beautiful girls one looked about Abby’s age and the other looked around Lexi’s. Both girls sat down and waited for their turn.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Once they both had Abby remarked at how beautiful they were and they started to talk. Hi my name is Abby and this is my sister Lexi, she began. Hi I’m Julie and this is my friend Brandi. What are you thinking of doing with your hair? Abby asked. Julie answered I’m shaving my head and so is Brandi. Abby looked a little interested at the idea. Julie noticing this said you should try it I think you will love the look. I might do it someday, she replied. Abby then asked if this was their first time shaving her heads. Julie and Brandi both chuckled and said NO. Abby then asked how many times have you? They replied Every summer since we were 8yrs. old. How long did/do you keep it shaved? All summer long they replied. Just then a barber said next and to their surprise most of the customers had already left. So they looked at one another to see who would go first. Just then Taylor got up and walked to the barber chair and sat down. When she was asked what she wanted to do she said shorter for the summer. The barber asked how short I could take anywhere from a couple of inches to completely bald. Which one? Taylor said let’s start with 3in off, then we’ll see where to go from there. The barber said You got it. So the barber started cutting 3in off. Then came the next barber calling next. Up sprang Grace and to the chair she went. When the barber asked what Grace wanted she told her to cut to her shoulders to start. Abby hearing what Julie and Brandi said Hey Lexi want to give a shaved head a try? Actually, Yes I have actually really wanted to. I was hoping you might ask and if you’re willing to why not. How likely do you think by seeing us with shaved heads, do you think Taylor and Grace would to do the same? Lexi replied. Abby said I’ll bet you 20 bucks they don’t. Lexi said alright I’ll bet you 20 bucks they do it. Abby said your on. Just then the next two chairs opened up and before the barbers could say next Abby and Lexi were on their feet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   So both barbers called next and Abby and Lexi walked to their chairs. Once they were seated and caped the barbers asked so what will it be, both said shaved. The barbers asked are you sure? They replied Yes. Ok let’s do this, the barbers said. Just then Taylor was finished getting her 3in cut off, so her barber asked is this short enough? She replied how about going to my chin. At that the barber started cutting her hair to her chin. When it came to Grace being done she was asked if it was short enough. She said no how about cutting to my chin too. Meanwhile Abby and Lexi were about to be shaved. At this point the barbers picked up the clippers and put on the guards that read 000. Then the barbers drove the clippers down the middle of Abby’s and Lexi’s heads, leaving pale skin behind. Upon seeing this Taylor had the thought maybe I should try that look eventually. Grace came to the same conclusion. So once their barbers were finished with Grace’s and Taylor’s hair they, once again asked if it was short enough. Taylor looked at Grace and said, Grace what do you think should we try it? Grace said might as well and both smiled and replied no we want to be shaved like them. The barbers didn’t hesitate they grabbed their clippers and found the 000 head and started shaving them. Once all four girls were shaved down to stubble the barbers asked them, Are we going completely smooth? All four girls answered, Absolutely. So with no hesitation the barbers shaved them smooth. Then they were uncaped and payed for their hair cuts, but before they left Brandi and Julie asked the girls how long do you all plan on staying bald? All four answered, all summer but we’ll see if we go beyond that. Brandi and Julie said that was fantastic, then all four girls said goodbye to their new friends Julie and Brandi and left the barbershop, but before they left they got their numbers so they stay in contact. Once Abby and Lexi walked in the front door their mom said, Wow, You both look amazing. How long will you two stay bald? They replied, All summer. Taylor and Grace’s mom’s had a different reaction but after about twenty min. they warmed up to their daughter’s new looks and loved it.

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