Like Daughter, Like Mother?

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Kristen pulled in to the driveway of her mom’s new house, which would be her home for the summer away from college.  Freshly 21 years old, and coming off of a full and overbearing schedule between classes and track and field, she was excited for a summer of relative freedom with her friends, but unsure of how the living situation would go.  She barely knew her new step-dad, having only met him a handful of times before the wedding a few months prior.  Kristen dug the house key her mom had given her out of her bag, took a deep breath, sighed, and walked to the front door of the large house.

Mary, Kristen’s mom, was newly re-married.  She was only 37 herself, with Kristen being her only child, from a one night stand in high school. Mary took great care of herself, working out nearly every day, and keeping her long blonde hair and makeup in perfect order.  To top it off, she’d had breast implants a few years back that turned her fit physique in to an absolute knock-out package,  especially for someone approaching 40.  Maybe that’s what led her to being called a cougar by her friends for pulling in a man 7 years her junior.


“Mom?  Are you here?” Kristen called out as she set down a few bags in the large foyer.  There was no answer.  Kristen figured her mom and step-dad were out running an errand, so she found her way to the kitchen to grab a snack and drink from the fridge.  Being a hot day in early June, Kristen was dressed in her usual track practice outfit. The cold air from the refrigerator gave Kristen’s tanned, lightly sweaty skin a prickle of goosebumps as she opened the stainless steel clad door.

As Kristen closed the door, she turned to see a startling sight.  Ken, her mother’s new husband, was standing in the kitchen, completely nude after a dip in the pool.  Kristen froze, staring at the tall, statuesque man before her.  Stunned, she took in the sight of him top to bottom, from his slick bald head and neatly groomed beard, to his shapely and bulging chest, arms, and shoulders, his chiseled abs, defined, muscular legs… then back up to the impressively large, cleanly shaved package hanging between them.

“Holy fuck” a stupefied Kristen muttered, as her jaw dropped.


Ken walked in to the kitchen after hanging his swimsuit to dry outside.  He toweled off his face as he turned the corner, seeing the refrigerator door open and expecting his new wife, Mary, to be behind it.  He dropped his towel on the hardwood floor and stood, waiting for his wife to close the door.

When the refrigerator door closed, he took in the sight before him.  The sports bra couldn’t conceal her impressive cleavage, and the tiny spandex shorts highlighted a superbly fit, toned body. Her heavily layered and highlighted blonde hair that usually ended just above her breasts was pulled up in a high ponytail, exposing her neck and shoulders.  It was his new step-daughter, Kristen.

“Holy shit.” Ken said, reaching down for the towel after they’d both stared each other up and down in silence for a solid 15 seconds.  “Your mother is going to kill me.”  He turned away from Kristen as he wrapped the towel around himself, embarassed at the realization that he had an erection, and walked out of the room.  “I’m so sorry Kristen!” He yelled as he ran up the stairs to put some clothes on.


Kristen decided not to tell her mom about the incident, but a very awkward tension immediately set in between her and her step-dad Ken.  The fact that Kristen found herself extremely attracted to him didn’t help matters at all.  She found herself wanting him.  It would appear that Ken was trying to hold back some frustrations, too.  There was no mistaking the sizeable boner he’d been trying to cover up as he’d picked up the towel.  Regardless, Kristen was not being the best daughter.  She found herself trying to flirt with Ken at times over the next few weeks, and even touching herself while yhinking about him.  Ken, on the other hand, put up a stone wall of emotions toward any conversation with Kristen going much deeper than the weather.

Mary decided not to interfere.  She’d seen the security camera footage of Ken’s nude encounter with her daughter, and couldn’t blame him for getting hard seeing her.  Otherwise, he’d acted appropriately, covering himself up and retreating.  After a week or so of keeping an eye on their interactions, she felt confident that there would be no issues between her husband and daughter.  The Instagram pictures she saw open on his phone from time to time were another story.


A few weeks later, Kristen was exasperated at the end of practice with her new coach for the summer off-season. Being a a heptathlete, she had to be well rounded in running, hurdling, jumping, and throwing.  The problem now seemed to be with her high jump.  After watching video after video, she could see that her ponytail was actually knocking the bar off somehow.

“That’s not normally a problem.”  Her coach said.  “I don’t know what to tell you.  Maybe put it in a bun on top of your head instead?  If you were a guy I’d tell you to just get a haircut.”

That last comment struck a chord with Kristen.  She got in her car and called three salons, but they were booked out for weeks. On her drive home, she saw a slowly spinning candy striped pole out of the corner of her eye.  Exasperated from her poor practice and failed attempts at booking a salon appointment, she pulled in to the parking lot.

“What can I do for you?” An older mustachioed man asked, hearing the tinkling sound of the bells on the door.  He looked up to see a beautiful young woman in a sports bra and spandex shorts and added “young lady?”

“I need a haircut.” Kristen said. ” And before you say you don’t do women’s cuts, I want it cut very short.”  She strode across the empty barber shop and sat down in the closest barber chair, feeling her sweat between her mostly bared skin and the leather.

The barber, responding to her stern tone and confident movements, acted without delay, draping a cape over her and putting paper tape around her neck.  “Well then, how would you like it cut?”

Kristen pointed to a picture on the wall of a man with a bowl cut.  “Like that, but shorter.  I need it out of the way.”

The barber was skeptical, but nodded. Then he wordlessly picked up a pair of gleaming scissors and chopped off Kristen’s ponytail at the base of her nape, dropping it in her lap.  He watched as her hair fell around her face and over her ears.  Then he sectioned her hair high all around, leaving a barely three inch wide strip at the top of her head pinned up.  “How short do you want the sides and back?”

“Shaved.” Kristen said, confidently. Then she froze as the heated frustration over her poor practice faded and she suddenly saw the reality of what was happening.  “Shave the sides of my head… bald?” She thought in her head. “What am I doing? I don’t want to be ba-”

Before she could verbalize her thoughts, there was a harch click, and bare balding clippers were running from cheek to temple, stripping her hair down to a faint blonde shadow. The barber worked around her head, cutting every hair that wasn’t pinned to the top of her head down to a fraction of a millimeter.  Kristen’s panic turned in to sensation of arousal.  She began reaching down between her legs, when the image of her naked step-dad, Ken, came in to her mind.

The barber put the clippers away and applied shaving cream to the sides and back of Kristen’s head.  As he started scraping away the foam with his razor, Kristen shuddered slightly.

Kristen was not mentally present in the room while this was going on.  The combination of Ken’s image, her own fingers, and this new shaving sensation had put Kristen on the edge.  The razor scraping the shadow of hair from her head put her over the top, and she came in the barber’s chair.  When the barber finished with the razor and asked how short she wanted the bowl cut top to be, Kristen’s mind was elsewhere, and all she said was “short,” breathlessly.

The barber looked over Kristen’s remaining hair.  Her platinum highlights hadn’t been retouched in months, and the blonde roots had grown out a couple inches, so he decided to start by cutting all of the highlighted hair off, leaving a uniform two inches remaining.  Kristen still seemed preoccupied, so the barber began cutting the perimeter of the longer hair blunt to create an abbreviated, layered bowl cut.

Kristen snapped out of her trance as the barber was half way around her head.  She took in the sight in the mirror.  Her bangs ended an inch above her eyebrows.  Her highlights were gone.  The hairline being cut arched up slightly over the ears, revealing over an inch of shaved skin, before coming down just slightly in the back.  She watched the barber made his final snip to create the weight line of the bowl, before picking up a pair of thinning shears and snipping away for what seemed like an eternity, creating a heavily textured and choppy look to the little remaining hair.

Kristen thanked the barber, paid, and left. She looked at her reflection in the mirror-like glass of the building and stopped to stare for a moment.  She looked hot.  Getting in to her car after her heated pleasure in the barber’s chair, she found that Ken was the only thing on her mind.


Ken closed his work laptop and stood to stretch in his home office.  He looked at his watch to check the time. Mary left half an hour ago for an early dinner and drinks with her friends and won’t be home until late.  He picked up his phone to peruse social media when he heard the front door to the house close.  Moments later, Kristen stopped in the office doorway and faced him in a sports bra and spandex shorts.  The light blue color of the tight shorts gave away the outline of a camel toe.  Then, she took both garments off, leaving herself nude.

“Holy shit Kristen.” Ken said.  His eyes looked her amazing body up and down, but locked in on her hair. “Your hair… it looks so fucking hot!”

Kristen could see his athletic shorts tenting.  She walked over and pulled them down, before pushing him back to sit on the desk and mounting him, sliding her slick pussy lips over his hardened member.

Ken acted on impulse.  He probably would have been able to resist if it weren’t for her new haircut, but he couldn’t now.  He let Kristen push him back to his desk and mount him, then he grabbed Kristen under the ass and picked her up, moving to the wall and pinning her against it.  As he thrust his dick inside of her, he kissed Kristen’s bald scalp and bit her smooth nape while grabbing hard at the remaining tuft of hair on top.  Feeling the bald head and short hair sent him over the top.

Kristen felt hot cum shoot out deep inside of her, taking her in to an intense orgasm.  She moaned as her body shook, her hands grasping at Ken’s arm and chest, her mouth biting down on his muscular shoulder as his bit her neck.  They collapsed in to a twisted mass on the floor.


Mary hated when things went wrong.  She’d forgotten her wallet and, despite her age, needed an ID to go out for drinks, so she told the girls she’d catch up with them after dinner and headed home to retrieve her things.  When she walked in the door, she heard a commotion coming from her husband’s office.  She quietly walked over, stood in the doorway, and watched what was unfolding.

“Kristen,” Mary said, calmly, “I need to talk to Ken, alone.  Pick up your things and go to your room.”  She admired the fresh haircut as her nude daughter walked by. “You new hair looks… very sexy, by the way.”

Once Kristen was gone, Mary focused on Ken, who was leaning against the desk, looking down to the floor.  She spoke up, more sternly now. “I know about the naked kitchen incident the day Kristen arrived, but you’ve seemingly been able to control yourself since then.  I’ve also seen the pictures you hide on your phone.  Was it the short hair that broke your restraint?”

“I’ll be honest, Mary.” Ken went on.  “Your daughter is beautiful.  I have had urges the past few weeks since she got here, but yes, the haircut was what did it.”

Without another word, Mary walked out of the office, picked up her wallet, and headed back out of the house to her car.


Mary was nearly back to the restaurant when she saw a rotating striped pole.  She turned to park and walked in to the barber shop, where a man with a mustache greeted her.

“You’re the second beautiful young lady who’s come here today.  The first could have been your sister.” He said.

“That was my daughter, then.  I need something similar done.” Mary replied.

“What an unusual day.  I can help you once I finish this cut.  It will be ten or fifteen minutes.”

Mary sat down and watched the barber as he worked, shearing the sides and back of a man’s head to the skin.  She looked down at her own hair, long, freshly platinum blonde from the salon a few days prior, and ending a few inches below her breasts.  She had suspected Ken’s preference for short hair on women, but now that suspicionwas more than confirmed.  There was no way she’d play second fiddle to her own daughter.  Mary looked back up and watched carefully as the barber worked.

The barber finished with his client and called for Mary to sit in the chair.  The leather was smooth against her skin as she adjusted her very short, tight green dress.

The barber broke the silence.  “So what are we doing?  The same bowl cut as your daughter earlier?”

“No,” Mary said. “Cut it exactly like the man in the chair before me.”

“Alright, if you say so.” The barber replied.  He pulled Mary’s hair in to a rough ponytail and drove the unguarded clippers through, directly against her scalp at the nape.

The barber then continued around, shearing all of the hair off the sides of Mary’s head, before using a comb to lift hair up and shear it off with a “zip” of the clippers across the comb’s teeth.

Mary was beside herself.  She had no expectation of the effect the clippers would have on her.  Her dress was now pulled up to her waist under the cape, and her hand was working her sopping wet clit as she felt the clippers pass over her skin.

Once Mary’s hair on top had been shortened to no more than a couple inches long, the barber began working more carefully, using a larger comb as a guide with the clippers to create a vertical wall coming up the side of her head.  Then he worked along the top, pulling the hair up vertically and zipping the clippers along the horizontal comb.

Finally, the barber made one last pass, carefully trimming the center and back of the top so that it was only as long as the thickness of the comb’s teeth, and making the rest of the hair end in one flat plane around it, before applying shaving cream to the back and sides of Mary’s head.

When the barber pulled the razor across Mary’s skin, it sent her over the top, just as it had to Kristen earlier that day.  She shuddered and came, thinking of her husband Ken deep inside of her while her pussy juices soaked the chair.

“I think the saying is ‘like mother, like daughter,’ but since she was here first, is is ‘like daughter, like mother?'” The barber mused.

Mary paid and tipped the barber before driving out to meet with her friends.


Several men approached Mary, with her sleek dress, amazing cleavage, tight body, and incredible platinum blonde flat top haircut accentuating her beautiful face.  She turned every one of them away.  Her mind was only on the situation at home.

After two drinks and another hour and a half of conversation, Mary headed home to confront Ken.  She heard him in the kitchen, at the refrigerator.  Mary stripped off her dress, panties, and bra, and stood behind the refrigerator door.

When Ken closed the refrigerator door,  his jaw dropped.  He looked over his gorgeous wife, from her shapely legs, smoothly waxed pubic area, toned stomach, her large breasts… to an amazing, platinum blonde, short flat top above her face.  The bag of cold cut turkey that was in his hand hit the floor.

“Holy shit Mary.” Was all he could get out.

Mary strutted to Ken, and walked around him in a circle, slowly turning to give him a view of the smooothly shaved sides and back of her head.  “You didn’t think I could let you get away with favoring my own daughter over myself, did you?”  She purred.

Then, she grabbed the front of his t shirt, and more sternly growled “you better have saved some for me,” as she dragged him to the couch, threw him down, and mounted him, riding hard as he pulled her close to feel her head with his hands and mouth.

Mary clenched down hard on Ken’s thick cock with her slick, wet pussy and screamed with ecstasy as he simultaneously bit down on her shaved nape and twisted both of her nipples,  hard.  Convulsing with pleasure in her orgasm, Mary felt Ken’s rock hard penis explode with semen deep inside of her.

Exhausted from an evening of stress, anger, and pure pleasure, Mary collapsed on top of Ken.  She whispered in his ear “I think there’s enough of you for Kristen and I to share.  Just remember who your favorite is… and to include me next time.”

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  1. Sir, I like your stories. Oh, and I find this one intrguing, and I do like bowl cuts like I indicated before. 🙂
    The rational side of me wonders if it is not all a little too easy at times. I think it would make this story more interesting if the struggle before/ leading up to that huge change/ haircut were detailed a little more. And as I wrote as a comment to a previous story of yours – it is difficult to keep a bowlcut, apparently, both in real life as well as for the ‘shave everything’ type of fellow authors here… might as well be worth something to write about and not go to ‘next step bald’ as it is for some.
    Written from a practical point of view, with no criticism in mind.

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