A Little Bet Goes a Long Way

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It was just a stupid little bet. You know, the kind you make when you’ve had a few too many at the bar. The kind you make with your EX boyfriend. The kind you wish you’d never made in the first place. You know the kind, don’t you?

So, what was so special about this bet? What made is so memorable? Well, to start with there was the “subject matter” It was a bet on the Little League World Series. Then there were the terms of the bet itself: looses gets a tattoo the placement and subject matter of which was up to the winner. And then, there was the penalty. Ah yes, the penalty. If the looser welshed on the bet he or she had to be the slave of the winner for a whole month. This to my utter shame was my idea. You see, I was so sure of myself winning and so sure he’d try to squirm out of paying up that I insisted on the penalty clause. Yep, that’s right, we actually wrote it up as a contract and had our friends at the bar witness it just to make it all ship shape and Bristol fashion as they say. Boy, was I stupid!

You see, I thought I had him. Why, you ask? Well…because I cheated, that’s why! Now, I’m not normally one to cheat but, we’d been watching the games at the bar for a couple of days (hey, it was a slow week!) and I was backing the team from Japan while he was backing was rooting for Hawaii. The games were being played in Japan so there was a time difference and well, I kinda went on the net and sortta took a peek at the results for the final game. My plan was working perfectly, or at least I thought it was. You see, I was in a real hurry when I looked at the final score and I didn’t really notice that the game I looked up was LAST YEAR’S GAME!!! Fuck me, how was I to know that the same two teams were in the finals this year too! I mean, what are the chances of that? So, the game goes on and here I am grinning like an idiot waiting for Japan to stage a mighty comeback and get me my revenge! I mean, I had it all worked out and I committed the cardinal sin of betting, I told him what I had in store for him. I told him I was gonna have a big old dick tattooed right on his forehead for all the world to see. I told him it was a just punishment for him as he’d been such a colossal dick to me during the 2 years we’d been together. It was abso-fucking-loutly fabulous to see the look of fear on his face when I told him. I mean I reveled in it, but, as the game wound down he got more and more confident and comfortable and I began to get nervous. Finally it came, bottom of the ninth, Japan with two outs, down by two, bases loaded. The count was full and the batter was going to have to swing unless the pitch was really off. The ball was pitched, the batter swung and ‘crack!’ the ball went sailing for the left field wall. My confidence swelled, he looked horrified and then…then that fuckin’ little brat in deep left field jumps up and catches the fuckin’ ball like he played in the majors! I was ROBBED! He jumped up and cheered and I tried to make for the door before he noticed. Too late! He had me by the back of my collar before I even knew what was happening.

“Just where do you think you’re going you little brat?” he said.

“I…I forgot I have an appointment I have to get to.” I replied nervously.

“Why yes, yes you do” he answered back. “Right across the street at that tattoo parlor.”

“Come on guys,” he said to the bar “this little bitch is gonna get a tat…NOW!”

The bar positively exploded with cheers and we all filtered out and across the street, him leading me by the collar of me shirt. Half way there I lost it! I mean I started to struggle and yell, I think I even tried to bite him! All to no avail, he was just too strong for me so. I did what any sensible person would do, I kicked him in the nuts and started running! Unfortunately, my kick was off target and in only a few strides he caught me by the collar again. In the ensuing struggle to get away my shirt was literally ripped from my back and he was forced to tightly grip my arm for the rest of the embarrassing trip to the shop in my bra.

The little bell above the door sounded as we entered and the “artist” in residence looked up from his torn and stained copy of Hustler to see what the commotion was all about. He was…well, he was what you might call a big man. A REALLY big man. He must have stood six and a half feet tall and he couldn’t have weighed less than 400 lbs. Now, I’m ’bout 4’11” and weigh maybe 98 lbs soaking wet so to me he was positively enormous! He was all tattoos, bald head and whiskers and he was the scariest looking man I’d ever set eyes upon. Until he spoke.

“How may I be of service?” he asked in a high squeaky voice. If I’d been chewing gum I’d a spit it across the room. How was it even possible for someone of that shear bulk to have such a funny voice?

“Yes, you may” replied my ex. �She needs tattooing, lot’s of tattooing…”

“My pleasure” replied the tattooist in that odd squeaky voice of his.

In spite of what my ex had just said I let out a little giggle at his reply.

“Does my voice amuse you?” he asked, staring daggers at me.

I tried to get all serious, really I did but, it was just one of those moments when everything is so serious and all and you just can�t help laughing hysterically at something that just isn’t all that funny. I mean, the more serious I tried to be, the more I giggled. I couldn’t help it and the madder he got, the louder I laughed! Finally he, well…he just lost it I guess. Before I could do a thing he grabbed me by the back of the neck and lifted me off of the ground! Let me tell you, I stopped laughing at him after that!

The next thing I knew I was dropped into a chair and he was tying me down!

“This is my “special” chair” he told me, “I only use it when some little bitch like you acts up and needs “special” treatment.”

So, okay…now I was really scared.

At that point my ex called out to the tattooist, “Hey Tiny, come over here and lets discuss what were gonna do to her, okay?”

He grumbled some, like loyal a dog being called away from a bone but, he turned and walked over to my ex and the small group of friends who’d followed us into the tattoo shop. They formed a loose circle and leaning in began to openly discuss the design of my new tattoo. Some wanted a tat that would be humiliating in a personal way. A mound tattoo was the most popular subject in that arena. “You know, so that every time she has sex the guy will see it and think she’s s slut” said Wendy, a woman I’d always thought was a good friend. “Nah”, said my ex, “no one would ever see it through her thick pubes.”

“How’s about a tat on her forehead?” said Mike. He’d been after revenge ever since I won a bet and made him pee in front of a bunch of our friends.

“That might work.” said Alyssa, another one of my so called friends. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY was getting into the act! It was as if they were discussing what color to paint a bathroom rather than permanently disfiguring my beautiful skin!

Suddenly Tiny began to giggle uncontrollably and said through tears of laughter, “Guys…guys, I got an idea! Lean in and listen.”

Everybody in the circle leaned in and listened attentively as Tiny laid out his plan. Only thing was, he was whispering so I couldn’t hear a damn thing! All I could hear was the occasional “wooo” or “ahhh” but nary a word of detail as to Tiny’s plans for me! Finally the group agreed and broke up. My ex and Tiny came over while the rest hung back in anticipation.

“Tiny here has come up with a very nice comprehensive plan for your new decorations” said my ex.

“Wait a minute” I replied, “the agreement was for one tattoo, no more!”

“Yep, you are completely right, that was the original agreement but, YOU added the stipulation that if the looser (that’s you) tried to back out the winner (that would be me) would own the looser (you again) for a period of one month.”

At that point Alyssa pushed the paper we’d all signed into my face pointing at the penalty clause I had insisted on including in the bet. I was sooo busted. Even I couldn’t deny that I’d tried to back out of paying up, after all the incident in the street had been witnessed by the entire bar.

“Time to pay up!” added my ex.

“And time for me to get to work” said Tiny as he stuck me with a syringe.

He’d circled round behind me as My ex was talking and the injection was so sudden that I didn’t even have time to react! Within seconds I was helpless and I mean really helpless! I was still completely conscious and all, I could still feel everything but I couldn’t move a muscle! My panic must have shown in my eyes as all voluntary movement left my body and Tiny leaned in and said, “Don’t worry little girl, it’ll wear off in a few hours. The chair was adjusted and leaned back so far that my pussy was the highest point of my body. My legs were spread and though I couldn’t see it, I felt the warm shaving cream being spread over my pubic region and the scraping of the razor that followed. It took about 20 minutes to do the job and when it was finished Tiny held up a mirror and showed me my now completely denuded pubic area.

“Smooth, eh?” he said. “Take a good look at it ’cause it�ll never look like this again!”

Five minutes later he was hard at work tattooing away on my pussy. An hour and a half later the pain was over and he was done. Once again Tiny held up the mirror and proudly showed me his work.

OH MY GOD was all I could think! There on my mound was a perfect portrait of my ex! And I mean perfect, it was as if a photo had been printed onto my mound and lower belly and worst of all…the cleft in his chin was positioned right into the top of my slit! My clit has become a part of his face! I mean, how fucked up is that! As I looked at the ruin of my once beautiful pussy I realized that there were also words printed above his picture. It took a bit of doing as they were backwards but, eventually I was able to read them: “If you got this far just remember, I was here first” Under them was a perfect replica of my ex’s signature. Even after my pubes grew back his eyes and the words would still show.

FUCK ME! I thought, there goes my sex life! What man or woman is going to want to fuck me after they see THAT!

My thoughts were interrupted by Tiny’s no longer so funny voice.

“Well, so much for the small stuff! Now, how ’bout we get on with phase two!”

“Phase two!” I thought “what the hell is he talking about…Phase two? The deal was looser gets ‘a’ tattoo. There was no mention of any phase two!”

“Ah, how soon they forget” said my ex in an exasperated tone. It was as if he’d read my mind, “You’re completely correct my dear, the original bet was for one tattoo but as we just discussed�.you are completely mine for a month!”

“Now,” he continued, “If you don’t mind, I believe Tiny has some more work to do.”

He was completely right of course. I had bet and lost (he didn’t know I’d cheated yet) and I was honor bound by the rules that I myself had insisted on. In my whole life I�d never welshed on a bet and in spite of my earlier escapade I wasn’t going to start now.

Suddenly I heard a Pop! Bzzz sound coming from behind me and before I could even stop to think I felt the blades of the clippers being pushed up the middle of the back of my head. In a matter of seconds Tiny’s sharp blades had cut a furrow to the skin from the nape of my neck to the top of my forehead. I looked up in shock and saw in the mirror the bare strip of scalp the clippers had left in their wake As the reality of the situation hit me Tiny began another pass parallel to the first. If I’d been able to move a muscle I’d have bolted from the chair bet or no bet but, I was still frozen in place by the drug they’d administered earlier. I was totally at their mercy and they didn’t seem to have any. In less time than it takes to describe it my beautiful curly red hair was laying in piles all around me. I looked at the mirror once more and in place of the vivacious young woman I’d grown so used to seeing every day I saw a horror. I looked (and felt) like a plucked chicken! “Oh my god” I thought, “nothing could be worse than this!” Boy was I wrong, they were just getting started!

Those of the original group who’d stuck around to see my punishment meted out were laughing themselves sick and making all sorts of rude comments about my situation. Alyssa in particular seemed to be enjoying my 15 minutes of fame. “Look at the porcupine on JJ’s head!” she said. Followed by the inevitable correction: “Oh wait…that IS JJ’s head!” Everybody in the room was having a great laugh at my expense and then I heard it. The words I was dreading since the moment I’d realized what Tiny was doing to my hair. “You’re not gonna leave it like that are you?” someone called from the crowd. “Yeah,” someone else seconded “You can’t have her so close to bald and just leave it like that!”

“Don’t worry guys” said Tiny in his squeaky little voice, “I gotcha covered!” With that he set down the clippers and the next thing I knew he was spreading hot lather all over my scalp. He stropped a straight razor to a fine sharpness and then began to shave my head with long even strokes. He started at the sides. The right one first and then the left. when he reached the top he turned to the audience and asked, “So, what’s it gonna be? A mohawk or totally bald?”

“BALD!” the crowd cried out as one. He said “OK” and as he began to remove the last vestiges of my once magnificent red mane the crowd chanted “Bald…bald…bald…” On and on they went until at last he scraped away the last of my hair and the audience erupted in loud cheers and applause.

“OK,” he said �the shaving’s done. Now, for the tattoos!

“Wait a second!” came a voice from behind me. “You missed a couple of spots!”

“What?” replied Tiny, a quizzical look on his face “Where?”

The person behind me (I’m pretty sure it was Alyssa) must have pointed as I heard nothing but saw Tiny nod as he said “Ahhh, you’re right, I did miss a couple of spots!”

Next thing I knew he was spreading shaving gel on my perfect eyebrows! Well, as you can guess, they didn’t stand a chance and in seconds they too were history. I looked in the mirror once again and saw for the first time the ruin they had made of my once beautiful face. I looked frightful bald but it was the removal of my brows that really rendered me so hideous. Until that moment I’d never really realized just how much they contribute to our face and expressions. Without them it was as though I’d lost much of my ability to communicate through facial expressions. It felt almost as though they’d robbed me of a part of my ability to speak!

Then someone in the crowd said “She looks like an alien!” and everybody laughed themselves hoarse. The sad thing is though… it was true. With my small size the lack of any hair at all made me look like a character straight out of the X-Files. I felt so totally humiliated that I’d almost forgot that this wasn’t the end of my punishment. Tiny’s next words quickly relieved me of that fantasy.

“OK, about that tattoo…”

“Tiny!” said my ex, “don’t be in such a rush. After all… we’ve got a whole month in which to play with her! Besides, I’m sure she wants to hear just why I’ve chosen such a…how shall I say it…such a permanent form for our little…well… revenge.”

His eyes glowed like evil embers as he uttered those last words and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what he was hinting at. “Oh, I see, you didn’t think I knew did you” He said with a wicked little leer in his voice. “Fact is I knew all along my little cheating ex red head. You know, if there’s one thing lower in this life than a welsher…it’s a cheating welsher!”

“Oh my God” I thought, “He knows! How the hell did he find out?”

Suddenly Alyssa’s face popped into my limited field of vision and as she began to speak the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. “You know JJ” she said, “when you’re setting up a cheat you really should shut the door to your bedroom. I mean it was perfectly clear what you were doing even from a distance as I walked by. I mean…there was no doubt in my mind that you were cheating once I heard the subject matter of the bet and It was really easy to slip him a little note just to let him know what was going on. But, the really fun part of it was when we figured out you had the results for the wrong year! What a hoot! You have no idea how fun it was to lead you on deeper into your own trap and when you proposed that slave clause thing…I nearly wet myself trying not to laugh out loud!”

“And now…” continued my ex, “here you are, hoisted on your own petard as the old saying goes.”

Suddenly Wendy’s face was added to the mix. The three of them stared down at me their heads almost touching at the center of my view.

“You’re probably wondering about the whole baldness thing, aren’t you? You know it’s for the tattoo of course but, what you don’t know is that there’s another reason for getting rid of all those beautiful red locks.” As she spoke she tickled my nose with the dangling ends of a hank of my own former hair. The itch was intense but my paralysis prevented me even the relief of a sneeze.

“You see JJ,” Wendy continued, “all the girls down at the bar are just sick and tired of the way you use or, perhaps I should say used that gorgeous head of curly red hair to get whatever you wanted from the guys. I mean NATURAL curly, red hair…how the hell are we supposed to compete with that? Well, now I guess we don’t have to!”

“Hey…so am I gonna tattoo her noggin or not?” interjected Tiny’s cartoon like voice.

“Sure you are buddy” replied my ex. “Only I got a question for you before you begin. I want something really degrading for her head tat but…I DON’T want her hair to cover it up in a few weeks. Is there anything we can do to prevent that from happening?”

“My friend,” squeaked Tiny, “You’ve come to the right place…”

“Really…” said my ex, “The right place how?”

“I” began Tiny “am proud to announce that yours truly has come up with a brand new formula for a fast acting long term depilatory cream the likes of which YOU have NEVER seen! I mean this shit is sooo good it�ll keep her melon smooth and hair free for at least a month, maybe more.”

“Maybe more?” asked my ex. “You’re not sure?”

Well…” replied Tiny, “I used it on my cat last month for trial run and well. Let�s just say it’s a good thing I love bald pussy cause she ain’t got hide nor hair of ANY regrowth. All things being equal, I figure it should keep her smooth for at least that long.

“But you’re not sure” Wendy butted in.

“Shit, I know it works for at least a month” answered Tiny, “beyond that who can say?”

“So,” said my ex, “what you’re telling us is it might be permanent?”

“Could be” came Tiny’s high pitched reply.

“Well, I for one am all for it” said Alyssa with an evil grin. “I mean, what’s the worst that can happen…she’s bald for life.”

“Cool…” said Wendy, her eyes half lidded as she imagined me rendered unsexy for life.

“Well then,” said my ex, I guess it’s up to me to make it unanimous, isn’t it.

Suddenly, there he was, his face looking down at my own. As I looked back at him all I could think of was some sort of evil, heartless vulture leaning over its next meal and wondering if it was dead enough to begin eating yet. I mean, wasn’t it bad enough that I now had his portrait indelibly inked onto my lower belly and mound? Wasn’t it bad enough that they’d robbed me of my beautiful hair, pubes and eyebrows along with my femininity? Wasn’t all of this bad enough?

Apparently not�

“I’ll tell you what JJ, If you can say no, I’ll let you off the hook. No?”

“OK! Go for it Tiny” he said without even pausing to think about it. He flashed a toothy grin and then his face was replaced by Tiny’s.

“Tease me about my voice will ya?” he wispered. “We’ll see who gets the most laughs now BALDY!”

He laughed himself silly as he began spreading a gooey blue gel all over my head. It stung like hell for a few minutes but was soon reduced to a mild but ominous tingle.

“Feel that tingle?” asked Tiny “That’s the sensation of your hair follicles dying. In a few more minutes you won�t feel a thing but, don’t worry, the feeling will return in a few weeks…I think.” he said the last part with a slight smirk that led me to believe that maybe…just maybe he knew more about this gook then he was letting on.

“Hey Boss,” He called out to my ex, “Mind if I do her pubes and brows too?”

“Tiny my friend…I wouldn’t have it any other way.” was his reply.

My heart sunk as he began to liberally apply a thick coat of the goo to my brows and pubic area.

“Kiss all your hair good bye honey” Wendy said with a smile and a wink as the burning spread to my pussy and brows.

“I guess that’s the end of her man stealing days!” Alyssa said to the assembled crowd and I knew she was right. I was done. No one would want me bald and marked as another man’s property for life. I couldn’t move a muscle but a tear still managed to roll down my cheek. Where was I going to go like this?

Tiny’s voice brought me out of my deep introspection.

“OK, all I gotta do is wash it off and we’re ready to go with the tats.”

The tats…what can I say. If I thought the mound tat was bad well, the head tats were worse…by far. To begin with it wasn’t so bad. Tiny pretty much stuck within my normal hair line and when or rather if it grew back I could hide them from all but the closest inspection. In addition, they weren’t half bad. Mostly Leaves and vines done in a sort of Celtic style, really quite artful. That’s when my ex and the “ladies” stepped in and began making some “artistic” suggestions. Mostly though, it was the ladies, all my ex said was “Hmmm, to tame Tiny…The whole idea is to be degrading not artsy. How about something with a bit more edge to it?” So, Tiny went ahead and added a truly beautiful fiery red dragon with gilt edged scales above my right ear and extending onto my cheek. It was really beautiful, truly it was and if I’d ever intended to get a tattoo on my face (which i hadn’t) I would really have loved it.

“Well?” said Tiny as he put the finishing touches on his masterpiece, “What do ya think?”

“I think it’s beautiful” said my ex “But, I wonder if beauty is really what we’re after.”

“Here, gimme that” said Wendy, grabbing the tattoo gun from Tiny as she shouldered him aside. “I’ll show you what kinda tattoos this whore deserves. Before anyone could react, before Tiny could even recover from the shock of her bustling him out of the way good ‘ole Wendy had put the tattoo gun to my skin and was drawing away. I gotta tell you, she was none too gentle about the whole thing too. Obviously I couldn’t tell what she was tattooing but I knew two things. 1) It was on my face and 2) it wasn’t going to be good. Alyssa’s face suddenly joined her’s and as she looked on she covered her smiling mouth and said “Oh. My. God! That is sooo cool! I wanna do some too!”. My ex said “go for it!” and Tiny gave her another gun and the two of them simply went to town on my face.

Half an hour later they were finished. The crowd stared in shocked silence and a few seconds later Tiny’s strange voice broke the silence.

“THAT, is FUCKED UP!” he said shocked and somewhat in awe.

By now I was beginning to get a bit of movement back in my face and limbs so, the look of consternation on my face must have been communicated to the others. “Quick” said someone in the crowd, “someone get her the mirror!”

The mirror suddenly replaced the faces of my tormentors and for a few seconds I didn’t even know what I was looking at! I mean, I knew it was my face but, it had been defiled so completely by Alyssa and Wendy as to be almost unrecognizable. You see, rather than “draw” on my face they had chosen to “write” on it. My entire face was now covered with graffiti style tags from left to right and top to bottom and they were not just your ordinary “tags”. Rather, they were one and all tags instructing others as to what to do with or to my face and body. Above my lips and under my nose was written “FREE BLOW JOBS” in large block letters. On my chin were the words:”LADIES, PLACE PUSSY HERE” bracketed by a pair of arrows pointing to my mouth. Across my forehead where my brows once dwelt was now the sentence: “I LOVE A GOOD ASS FUCKING SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?” Above that in a very neat cursive hand Wendy had inscribed the words: “USED UP TWO DOLLAR WHORE, HALF OFF!”

All across my once beautiful face were now hideous sexual statements like “TIE ME UP AND FUCK ME” AND “I LOVE TO FUCK DOGS” as well as such jems as “ANY HOLE, ANY TIME” and “YOU MIGHT WANT TO TURN OUT THE LIGHTS BEFORE YOU FUCK ME”. The list went on and on. My face looked like a sexual bulletin board in a red light district. I was ruined! Utterly and totally ruined. After that I simply didn’t care what Tiny did to me and, he did plenty. Before I was allowed to leave his shop I was tattooed from head to toe. there wasn’t an inch of skin that didn’t have his mark on it. He even tattooed the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. Not even my most intimate parts were spared as he tattooed my lips, tongue (that REALLY hurt), around my ass hole and even as far up my cunt as he could get that fuckin’ gun! Fuck! Have you ladies ever wondered what it would feel like to have someone tattoo a miniature globe onto your CLITORAL HEAD!!! Well, let me tell you, IT HURTS LIKE FUCK!!! As far as I know I was now the most tattooed woman on earth. Fuck me!


Well, the month has long ago expires and I’m still living like a slave at my ex’s. He hauls me out on “special occasions” so his pals can laugh and jeer at me and I still have to perform just about any weird sex act they desire in order to get fed. There’s no way I can get a job like this though, I suppose I could always run away and join the circus as a freak.

As promised, Tiny made sure I’d never laugh at or insult him again. His last act at the shop was to sever my vocal chords rendering me mute forever. He still comes by the house now and then to gloat and get a free blow job while he does it.

When I’m not entertaining my ex’s buddies he rents me out for Alt. parties so, I guess, in a sense I do have a job (though I never see any money). I haven’t worn a stitch of clothing since that fateful day at the shop not even when we go outside (the tats are usually mistaken for clothes) nor do I expect to ever again as my ex and the “girls” strictly forbid it. In general my days are spent in some form of extreme bondage though there are the occasional days off for “good” behavior.

You’re wondering about the hair, aren’t you? Did Tiny’s formula live up to it’s reputation? Well, yes…and no. It didn’t render me totally bald but, it really did a number on my once beautiful hair. My ex let it grow out for the first 6 months and it came in all thin and patchy, even my pubes and eyebrows. I was a real horror until he decided to reapply the gel to my entire body weekly for 3 months. That did the job, no doubt about it. I’m now smooth as a baby’s butt all over, not even a single hair managed to escape its wrath. It even dissolved away my eyelashes! Truth to tell, it’s better than looking like a tatted up cancer patient.

So, here I sit, a totally hairless, totally tattooed sex slave to a group of people who have no mercy. I have never been happier.

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