Lori’s Sunday Surprise

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Howard was talking to his new girlfriend of two months Lori. Howard” Your hair is getting quite long now.“ Lori ” Yes, it is. My it is almost near my waist. Maybe it is time to get it cut. My sister Jennifer has short hair. You might know her as she works at your insurance agents office.“ Howard ” Wait a minute. Are you talking about Jennifer X at XYZ car insuranc? She is your sister?!“ Lori ” Yes, She is my older sister by 3 years.“ Howard stood shocked. Lori had long raven hair and Jennifer X had short cropped red tinted brown hair. The two looked like opposites. One would have never known the two were sisters if they stood together. The day went by but Howard decided to make sure that when Lori got her long thick soft raven haircut it would be a definite change of style. He had grown weary of seeing her put her long hair up in bun or twist half of the time they were together.

He went to his insurance agency and went into to talk to Jennifer. Jennifer at her desk with her short cropped hair. Howard “Hi Jennifer. You might know I’m dating your younger sister Lori.” Jennifer “Yes, I thought I had heard your name brought up the last time we talked to her. ”

Howard “ Can I ask you a personal question?” Jennifer “ Go ahead.” Howard “ Where do you or who cuts your hair? Lori mentioned a few days ago that she is thinking about cutting her long hair. I like your hairstyle and think Lori would look pretty with a similar one.” Jennifer “ MY sister with short hair. Now, that I would like to see. My stylist is Stacey and is semi-retired. She works out of her house with a shop setup in her garage. She works by referals only. I’ll give you that on her card and her address. YOu can go talk to her about my sister. I’ll give her a call and tell her about you and how you might be stopping by to consult with her.” Howard “ That would be GREAT, thanks Jennifer.”

That evening while Lori and Howard were out and about Howard took some pictures of Lori’s long hair with his tablet. Her long shiny raven black thick hair that had big curls at the ends. Long hair that covered up her sexy body and beautiful kissable neck. Long hair that HOWARD wanted to possess as who knew how long the would be girl/boyfriend.

Howard showed up at Stacey’s house the next day at an appointed time. He presented the card given to him by Jennifer. The two sat down and he showed her the pictures of Lori’s long hair the night before and a few with it up in twist and buns. He discussed with her short possible styles similar to Jennifer’s. Stacey agreed that Lori’s long hair days must come to an end soon.. To surprise Lori it was decided that the day would be this coming Sunday afternoon. That as part of an after lunch “ Sunday Drive ” Howard would show up with Lori’s at Stacey’s home.

Sunday came and Howard had lunch with Lori. She dressed in jeans and a yellow blouse. Her hair was fixed with big soft curls at the ends. It shined like black licorice in the sun.. They were driving when Howard pulled up to Stacey’s home at 2pm. Lori having never been there didn’t recognize it. Howard looked at Lori “ Lori, I want you to meet a friend of mine. Her name is Stacey.” Lori “ Ok” They got to the door and a middle aged lady about 5’5″ with short cropped hair answered the door. Howard “ Hi Stacey, this is my girlfriend Lori that I was telling you about.” Stacey “ Oh, yes. Please come in.” Stacey greeted Lori “ It is nice to meet you. I can see why Howard brought you here. Can I offer you some tea and cake?” Lori “ No, we just ate a short time ago.” Stacey “ Well, Lori let me show you my room in my garage.” The three walked a short distance and Stacey opend the door to the garage with the salon inside. A styling chair was placed a short
distance away. Stacey looked at Lori and in a no nonsense tone of voice spoke “ Lori would you please sit down in the chair.” Lori sat in the chair. “ Now, why do you want me to sit her?” Stacey “ You did tell Howard a few days ago that you wanted your hair cut. That you wanted it ” Cut “ and not just a ’ trim’. I bet you have had your long hair for several years and that the hair near your waist is pretty old hair. I think it is time for a new Hairstyle. Don’t You?” Lori “ Well, yes but today. Now!?” Stacey “ Im free this afternoon. Howard says he will pay for your haircut with cash.. A new look for you this afternoon and you have overnight to get use to it before work tomorrow..” Lori “ Looked at Howard ” Do you really want me to cut my hair. I thought you liked my long hair”. Howard “ Yes, I think you will look pretty with short hair. I’ve seen how great you look when you pull your hair up tight off your face and into a quick updo.” Stacey “
Lori, Here is a brush and a hairclip. Please put your hair up in a thick updo like Howard spoke about.” Lori proceeded to put her thick shiny black hair up into a quick twist pulled her hair tight against her head. Stacey turned Lori to the styling mirror. “ Lori, Howard observation is right on. When you do that to your hair you expose your great facial features and expose your neck area. Now, we just have to give you that look all the time by removing your excess hair accent it with soft short bangs.” Lori “ Howard do you really want me to cut my long hair off and look like this all the time?” Howard “ Yes I do and Stacey is the perfect person to do it. She comes highly recommended by someone you know. I’ll tell you when we are done.”

Lori “ Stacey, Ok cut my long hair off but work quickly before I change my mind.” Stacey quickly took a light blue cape and placed it tightly around Lori’s neck. She let down Lori’s thick hair and began brushing it out over the back of the chair. Howard took a few photo’s. Stacey pulled Lori’s thick hair up into a big thick tight ponytail at the back of her head. She turned Lori back to face the mirror. “ Lori, since you want me to work quickly I’m going to use two friends of mine. Their names are Oyster and wahl. They make alot of buzzing sound but make short work of thick long hair like yours. Now, once I cut your long hair off I’m going to give you a style similar to the current Miley Cirrus look that is going around now. The look is very in style these days.Short buzzed sides and a longish top we will work to one side. Howard will show you a photo on his tablet of what I speak of so just sit back and enjoy the makeover. Howard can you help me cut
off Lori’s thick ponytail I created just now?”

Howard “ I’d love to.” Stacey had created one long 30 inch thick black tail and she put tension on it as Howard on the count of 3 began digging the clippers into the hair above the tie off band that Stacey had created. A loud buzzing sound was heard in the garage as the Oysters came to life and began doing the job they were made for. Howard slowly pushed them into the this black mass of hair.A few minutes later the thick tail was freed and shown to Lori sitting quietly in the chair. Howard had his trophy tail and he put it in a seperate bag he had brought to take it with him. Lori sat now with a rough bob. Stacey pinned up the top hair and left the hair on the sides remain and combed the hair down. Stacey spoke to Lori ’ Ok, now it is my friend wahl to do the job of removing the side hair. No more buns and updo’s for you for a long time.“ Stacey put a number 2 guide on the wahls and brought them to life. She pushed Lori’s head down and placing them at
her neckline pushed them up to a seperation line near the top of her head. Lori looked and saw locks of black hair 4 to 6 inches long fall down the cape onto the floor. Stacey finished the back after several passes and then began to work on the left side of Lori’s head. The wahl clippers quickly sheared the thick black hair from the sides and over the ears of Lori. Then the other side was shorn. Quickly the floor around the chair began accumlating cut off locks of shiny black hair. Lori sat in a state of shock. She had never in her life had so much hair removed. Then Stacey undid the clips on top and cut the top locks of hair into a 4 inch length and combed them over to the left side of Lori’s head. She did cut just a bit of fringe bangs to give the style a different twist.

The she undid the cape around Lori’s neck and with no attachment she shaved Lori’s pretty neck clean of any hair fuzz and made a shave line up to Lori’s ears on both side. She then rehooked the cape and using clippers over comb she fine tuned the hairsyle and blended everything in so it looked nice. I quick blowdry of the hair and then she added some gel to the top section so it would stay in place. There was a pause and Lori looked down on the cape and the floor. ” My beautiful long hair. It is all gone. It is all on the floor.“ Tears flowed down and a tissue was grabbed.
Stacey ” Yes, your long hair is gone but soon you will emerge with a new modern look. A look that will turn heads. So dry your eyes dear.Change is tough.“ Lori cried because most of her 36” to 38″ long hair was gone. It was approaching 3:30 pmwhen Stacey pulled lose the cape and handed Lori a hand mirror. Lori reached up and felt her short buzzed sides and touched the long top section. Stacey “ What a change? I certainly look different with short hair. Do you like it Howard? I never in my life would have thought I’d look pretty with hair this short.” Howard “ Yes, Lori I think you look great. I think that as we add some accesories like earings and a necklace you will like it to. It certainly will take you less time to shampoo and fix in the morning.”

Lori got up from the chair and checked herself out in the mirror as Stacey swept up the pile of severed locks covering the floor. She looked at Howard “ Now Howard before you take me home for some after play. I need to know who recomended Stacey to cut my hair that I know?”

Howard “ I hope you won’t be mad at me but Stacey is your sister Jennifer’s Private Stylist.” Lori “ Stacey, Your my sister’s stylist. That explains why I’ve got minimal hair length now. Oh, my God will she be surprised when I see her.” Stacey” Oh, that won’t be long as she has been watching you get your haircut via the shop web cams inside the house. I called her as she has been wanting to see you with short hair for many years and it was she that suggested the Miley Cirrus style would look good on you and by goodness she was right. Now, lets all go in and have some tea and cake before you leave.“ Howard ” Has this been a fun Sunday afternoon or what?! Lori looked at Howard with a big smile “ Now, Howard I want no more Sunday afternoon Surprises. OK. You got that. God I can feel the cool air on my head.” So the three went back into the house where Lori got a big hug and congratulations from her older sister Jennifer. The tea and cakes were good but
back at Howard’s play the Sunday afternoon and evening after play and Howard could keep from kissing Lori’s neck area and feeling her buzzed head. Lori’s severed ponytail was placed in a secret place and the photo’s of the event developed and filed away. Howard had a few of Stacey’s business cards just in case he ever wanted again to give someone with long hair ” A Sunday Surprise.“

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