Love from Sis part- 1

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It all started when I was too young, a sister opposite to my home with whom I spent most of my time really had a long hair. The very first time I talk about female hair is with her, I told her that you really have great hair and I wanted to touch and feel it. I thought she is going to scold me for talking like this but what happened is something different she asked me to untie her braid and play with it, I became the happiest ever on that moment and untied her braid played with it on the possible way I know and that was my first hair play and its where all began.

When no one else is at her home I used to go for playing with her hair. After years of playing, I got came to know about my fetish for hair I started playing sexy with her hair which she didn’t like at first but she cannot resist me and slowly she started loving it too. While I go to her home for playing one day, I asked her to let me cut her hair she aroused with anger and let me out of her home, after that all I did is see her from my home itself and masturbate.

Years after one day, I went to her home and her mom told me that she is upstairs as usual I went upstairs, the scene which I have seen is for my lifetime I found her nude drying her wet butt length hair yes, her hair is now very long, on seeing that I just stood freeze and my dick started getting hard. She noticed me while late and shut the door close, I ran to my home and masturbated thinking on about her.

After sometime I got a call from her while I answered she just told me to come to her home and ended the call, I had no idea what to do I just went to her home with fear suddenly I found her talking to her mom which made me thinking that this is my last day but she told nothing to her mom. She told her mom that I have came here for getting some notes from her and we both went upstairs to her room.

When I went into her room, she locked up the door and made a look at me I had no idea what to do at that moment she slowly came near me and made me sat on the chair still she hasn’t talked anything to me I was waiting for her to say something so that I can react according to that. Suddenly I got shocked on hearing what she told, she told me to undress myself and stand nude Infront of her I just stood still but my dick started getting hard she noticed that and came near me and started rubbing my dick and undressing me. And that moment I lost my control and I started take over her, I undressed her made her nude removed her ponytail and let her long hair free while she is sucking my dick.

All she wanted is my dick but all I wanted is her long hair while giving her some hard pleasure I whispered into her ears that I want her hair I was expecting her to stop everything and send me out but what happened is just opposite to it she just took her hair in her hand and handed over it to me I said her I will do whatever I wanted to do with your hair she just nodded ok while having fun with my cock, And now the hair is all mine and I can do whatever I want.

I turned her back and inserted my cock into her ass hole while holding her long hair in my hand, I searched for a scissor or a clipper but what I found is a razor which she used for shave her pussy hair. While fucking her hard in her ass hole holding and pulling her long hair hard too, I just ran the razor from bottom to the top on her nape she suddenly jerked off with surprise and wanted to see what I was doing but she couldn’t as I made her as a slave for me all she could do now is moan.

Shaved her nape from bottom to the top for several times while fucking her hard in her ass hole. When I relax for a while, I had a bunch of her long hair on my hand from her nape I just aligned those long hair together and inserted those too into her ass hole with my dick.

She said nothing about what I had done to her long hair she just rubbed her nape for several times and took a look at the mirror, I found her happy as she found that she can hide her nape been shaved with rest of her long hair. I just left her with that for that moment and had more fun with her, with those shaved hair like got a blowjob with hair on my cock and her mouth, cumming all her face and hair, again shaving her nape, pussy, armpits and even made her bleed with some cuts and more……




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