Lust Stories: The Hair Modelling Gig

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Anitha and Suhana were roommates and they were living in a good Society in Delhi. Anitha was a beauty, she had the most juicy set of boobs which were almost of the size of watermelons they complemented hed almost perfect butt. Her best feature was her hair it looked like a silk curtain which hung below her butt, she took regular care of them and loved flaunting them to gain attention. Suhana on the other hand wasn’t as beautiful she had good features like a beautiful face and nice body but it was nowhere near her roommate’s, her hair were a little longer than mid back they were thick and healthy but still not as glorious as Anitha.

Anitha was a very ambitious girl she worked in an MNC on a decent salary but often looked for opportunities to earn and learn more. Suhana was a part time model and also worked in some US based calling firm at nights from home. The story starts from an incident which took place a few months back. Both roommates were sitting in their lounge on a boring sunday watching Netflix, just then Suhaana’s phone rang Anitha was listening to her friend talk closely over the call. She seemed very excited about the opportunity at first but till the call finished excitement levels on her face dropped.

Anitha- What happened?

Suhana- Nothing babe just a bold hair modelling gig.

Anitha- Whats that?

Suhana- Well it’s like being topless or naked and doing hairstyling on camera

Anitha- Oh!!

Suhana- Yeah it’s from a foreign company they offer good money. I have worked with them before good part is the videos aren’t released Anywhere they are only visible on their sites, viewers who can pay in dollars can watch them and indians dont have access to these. So, it’s quite reliable and with good cash

Anitha- Oh is it!! How much are they paying this time?

Suhana- 5 lakhs for a big video

Anitha- Wow!! But why don’t you seem happy then?

Suhana- Well there are many reasons but main is they want 2 models and they want me to find them. Also, one of the model has to have very long hair she will get paid 60% of the amount. You can see I only have this much hair where will I find someone to do it so it’s kinda not happening this one for me.

Anitha thought for a few seconds the amount they were offering was over 10 times her salary and even if she got half it was a very big amount.

Anitha- I can do it

Suhana stared at her for a few seconds – Babe I won’t recommend it to you, it’s not that easy to model in these videos and you’ll have to get naked too. They will sign an agreement so you won’t be able to back out from it once signed.

Anitha- Yeah I know but you said it won’t be available in India so what’s the issue and it’s okay if I have decided why will I back out.

Suhana hadn’t told her the full story, she was thinking about the payout herself it was a lot bigger than the small opportunities she had with her. After thinking for some time she agreed with Anitha and told her she will call the agent to prepare the agreement for them. Anitha was very excited at hearing this she in her head had started counting the money she was about to receive. The days that passed after that were very happy for her she would look at things online some expensive ones she restricted herself from buying before, she even went to a very big parlour and asked for their subscription amount she left her number their and told them she would come next month to buy the subscription.

The day of signing the agreement she told Suhana about the big parlour she would get a full year subscription from the amount she will get, suhana didn’t give her a very good reaction she was felling a little guilty inside but was waiting until they signed. Later, that day the agent came home with both agreements Suhana read hers before signing but Anitha out of excitement signed hers in minutes and returned it to the agent. Suhana asked her to read it but she couldn’t bother. The agent informed them that it was a video web series which will be shot starting next Saturday,  the shoot will start from saturday afternoon and will continue the whe day. They will be picked up from their place on Friday night and dropped back on Sunday. They will shoot the full script all together in breaks and will then edit and release it in only on their website.

They will get paid 2.5lakhs in advance on Friday before pickup and 2.5 after completion of videos at the location. He also offered a one time deal to work with the company in more videos and sign a provincial contract with a signing amount of 1lakh rupees. Anitha seemed very excited about this without thinking she agreed, suhana nodded her head in disappointment but she signed with her too the agent paid them 1lakh each and left the place. The next day Anitha took Suhana with her to the branded parlour and paid their subscription fee, she asked then to do a hair spa and care of her as well as Suhana’s hair.

As Suhana saw the stylists taking care of her friends glorious mane she felt guilty of not telling her the full story. She straightened her mind up controlling herself from spilling any beans and preparing herself to explain her friend on Friday when it would start. The Friday came too quickly Anitha had also taken off from her office on Monday to do some shopping with the money they will receive. At around 5 pm the agent called Suhana telling her he will reach there in an hour so they should get ready. She told the same to Anitha who couldn’t be more happy, when he came he first handed the money to both girls. Anitha became happier as she held the money in her hand, she went straight to her room counted the full amount then kept it safe in her locker before returning back to the lounge with her bag.

They left their place at 5 as they drove for a few hours both understood it was a hill station they were going to when roads took them into mountains. When they reached there it wasn’t a very crowded or famous hill station it was night as well so they couldn’t see much either. They were taken to a cottage and given a room to rest, there was another girl present in the cottage she saw Anitha’s long luxurious locks and giggled “this one will be fun to do” She said and went away. Anitha didn’t mind she was excited for the shoot more for the money, both of them slept early that night.

The next morning she saw how beautiful the place was it was a cottage situated far away from the dense population somewhere on the mountains she loved the place. At around 12 in the afternoon they were served brunch and were told the shoot will start at 1:30 so thats when they were supposed to come down.

At 1:25 they both reached the hall downstairs there were a few people there around 6-7 all looking at Anitha when she was walking down the stairs. “I’m a bit nervous I didn’t know there will be so many people here” She whispered to her friend “it’s going to be fine, you’ll get used to it” She replied. They came down the agent introduced them to the director who was a foreigner and camera team of 3 also the stylist the same girl who commented on her last night. Anitha asked the other men were in the room she was told they were there for the video she was a bit confused. Both girls were handed bathrobes to change into they were told not to wear anything under them. They went to a room on the same floor changed into the robes, the stylist came to the room asking them to sit for make up for the video. The stylist combed Anitha’s long locks properly and told her to keep them open for the video.

When they returned the hall was emptied with a chair placed in the middle and 2 men standing in a wide circle around the chair, the setting looked a bit strange to her the place where the chair was places was about 1 feel lower than the rest of the floor as if it was a perfect circle designed to keep the chair that way. Anitha was very confused as to what was about to happen she was taken to the chair by the stylist Suhana too followed them. When they reached the chair the stylist removed Suhana’s robe making her naked in front of all, Anitha’s stomach sunk a little when she saw it the stylist them came towards Anitha and removed her robe she was feeling a little shy covering her humongous breast and pussy with her hands.

The director signalled her to remove her hands and sit on the chair, feeling shy she took a gasp of air and sat down her boobs bounced as she sat the men around her were staring her like wolves. “Action” The director yelled out the men in the room started removing their clothes, Anitha looked around in confusion with fear

Anitha- Stop stop!! What is this? I signed for a hair modelling video why are these men getting naked?  She jumped up from her chair almost in tears.

Agent- You signed the agreement miss everything about the video was written on it very clearly. Now sit back down

Anitha- No I can’t do this, it’s not what I thought it will be she looked at her friend who came to console her.

Suhana- I told you to read the full thing before signing. If we back out now we will have to pay 10 times the amount we signed for. Please understand now it’s done we can’t do anything please close your eyes and let it finish. No one will know and we will be back home tomorrow.

Anitha started tearing up hearing her friend who was trying to calm her down, she didn’t know the director hadn’t stopped recording. Suhana knew there isn’t anything that could be done and what was to follow was even worse so she made her friend sit on the chair then removed herself from the frame. She went to the director and asked him to tie her to the chair as she would make it more difficult for the next scenes. He nodded and sent the stylist to get some ropes,  “Cut” He yelled out the stylist returned with some ropes and with help of Suhana she tied Anitha’s hands and legs to the chair.

Anitha- Why are you doing this to me?

Suhana- we signed for it together babe now we have to finish this, I can’t let you ruin this opportunity it will resolve our financial issues.

When they were ready again the director again yelled action the men while all the drama was happening had shed their clothes. Suhana walked towards one of the guys she held his dick in her hands and started kissing and licking it then took it into her mouth. Anitha started crying seeing her friend do this, the other guy came straight towards her they started pressing her breasts and squeezing her nipples. He pressed his dick on her face she tried moving her face in all directions to avoid them but they kept going. Suhana came to her and held her head the guy placed her dick on her lips and pushed it straight into her mouth. Holding her hair in his hands he made Anitha give her a blowjob, the other guy surrounding her was playing with her hair rubbing their dicks into them some times poking her big breasts with their penis. She was crying heavily asking the director to stop but the shooting continued. After 20 or so minutes Suhana left the frame Anitha saw her leave the space and enter a room. Both men stood beside her they stuffed their dicks in her hair, they wrapped around her hair over her hair and started giving themselves handjobs poking the penis on either side of her face. The strokes on the penises became faster she could feel her hair being pulled hard as they were wrapped around them, she cried for them to stop until a white splash of liquid hit her eye, some drops over her face and some over her lips. Before she could react the same spash came from the right side it was in her tresses which were on her face she could see it they had cummed all over her beautiful hair and face. She cried harder seeing her beautiful hair soaked in sperm.

“Cut” She heard the director she thought it’s over Suhana was still no where to be seen. The 2 men left her and went away. The stylist came forward she asked for a bucket of water, one of the crew came to help her. She started pouring water over the front hair which was soaked in cum, then used a shampoo only to wash that part. “It’s over now please untie me i want to go home” Anitha said “hahahaha…. Dear the fun part is about to begin” She replied. After washing her hair she asked the crew to clean the place properly and soak Anitha too with towel. Different people used a big towel to soak the water from her body and from the floor. She them turned on a hair dryer and dried her hair properly. She then took a comb from her satchel and started combing her hair again, very carefully she parted her hair then with help of one of the crew members she picked out hair which were on her crown she parted them out properly then made a ponytail from them. She then made a bun from that pony tail and secured it on her crown with clips. The makeup had all scattered over her face she did some touchups and declared she was done.

The director ordered everyone to leave the frame then all could hear a loud yell “Action”, the 2 men entered the frame stroking their dicks. Then she saw Suhana coming out from a room she had a shiny silver tray in her hand, she walked back into the frame walking towards her. Her face had a sad expression on her face, as she walked closer to them Anitha saw there was a cloth on top of the tray. “Suhu please ask them to stop” She cried out Suhana didn’t say a word. The guy on the right slapped hard on her left boob then removed the cloth on the tray she cried out in pain. Anitha’s eyes widened when she saw a electric trimmer, safety razors, a can of shaving cream, a bottle of water and some other bottle on the tray. She got really scared and started shaking herself to get out of the chair but she was tied hard and the chair itself was stuck to the floor not moving an inch when she shook. 

“No no no no please no not my hair I beg you please” She cried out as he picked up the trimmer and placed it on her forehead. The cameras panned closer when he switched them on and made the first pass thru the middle of Suhana’s forehead right up to her crown. Suhana felt really sad as she saw skin on her beautiful room mates head, Anitha’s tears turned into a river when her long locks started falling off her head. The luxurious tresses fell from her head one after the other as the clippers passed thru her scalp. She was crying and begging for help but the men took turns removing every inch of hair from top of her head. One of them moved to the back while the other stuffed his penis into her mouth he held the bun in his hand, she could feel her tresses falling down from the back of her head as they kissed her back onto the floor. They kept shearing her like a sheep when one stopped the other took his turn shaving her beautiful locks away from her head. After what felt eternity the shearing finally stopped, she no longer had hair on her head it was just a very small stubble with a big bun sitting near the crown like a big bulb. Hair layed over the floor all around her some stuck to her body some to her tear filled face. The cameras panned closer to her taking pictures and video all at the same time, she felt agony and pain of losing her beloved locks.

The tray was then taken from Suhana and was kept on the floor, he took the shaving cream and poured some on Suhana’s boobs then some over Anitha’a making her nipples look white. He then poured some over Anitha’s bald head and signalled Suhana to lather her. She felt sad about it but with her fingers rubbed the shaving cream all over her head. She was then handed the safety razor which she ran all over her friend’s head making sure it didn’t touch the bun she shaved off the cream from her head. The me then again poured some shaving cream over Anitha asking her to shave again, it continued for 4 times until they seemed satisfied not a single hair was visible on the shaved scalp it looked as smooth as a cue ball. She was then made to rub shining oil over her head, after minutes of massaging Anitha’s bald head glew like a lamp. She was then made to lower her head Suhana held both dicks in her hand then in her mouth until they were ready to cum. Finally they ejaculated their semen all over Anitha’s bald head Suhana rubbed their semen on shiny bald head. “Cut” She heard the director finally she was untied from the chair, she did not have the strength to get up from the chair. Suhana helped her naked friend she took her upstairs where she cried for an hour then finally slept off.

Suhana woke her friend off after 2 hours of sleep, she looked exhausted from the crying. She hugged her tightly Anitha began to cry again

Anitha- You could have told me i would have never signed something like this. They shaved my hair I must be looking so ugly without it.

Suhana lied to her- My script only had my part I didn’t know what was in yours that’s why I asked you to read it.

She tried consoling her friend, she took her to the washroom where Anitha got the shock of her life she hadn’t seen herself yet but when she looked into the mirror she almost screamed at the mirror image. There was nothing on her head apart from a bun hanging from her crown she looked ugly, her head glew like a bulb as the lights bounced on it the oil was strong it had it’s effect too. She almost passed out when she saw herself, Suhana somehow managed to take her out of the toilet. She consoled her told her everything is going to be fine, Anitha wad deeply saddened by this incident.



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