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Starting a new job in a new city can be a very difficult thing for some people but for me it was a dream comes true when I received my letter of appointment from a much esteemed school in the hills of himachal. I was so excited by the prospect of the moving away for my new job that I packed my bags a day in advance.

When I first saw the hills it felt like I was in heaven, the campus of the school was very beautiful too. I hadn’t seen a school so big in my life time I was really impressed looking at the sheer area it covered.

They had hostels built a few kilometres from the main school campus, it was compulsory for students to stay in hostels while the teachers who weren’t local or didn’t have a place to live in the city nearby were given rooms in the hostels.  When I joined only 2 out of 55 teachers lived in the hostels because most teachers either had bought themselves a house in the hills or were locals. The school had its own private bus service for pick-up and drop off for students and teachers from the hostels to the main buildings so it was an easy commute.  Their bus concept was easy too there were 1-2 busses allotted to each class so most busses will have students of the same classroom and made their class teacher as the main person on the bus to look after the students. Once the students were dropped off to the hostel the locals would leave taking their own vehicles leaving us few who lived in the hostels.

My first few months there were amazing I was the youngest among all teachers and I loved the perks of being the youngest a lot. Most classes I took were for students of 11 and 12th grade so the boys were quite mature and I would get a lot of compliments from them. The mountain glow and the fresh water were helping my beauty grow as well. My long beautiful hip length hair was enhanced by the clear water. It was some fun when I used to go to school with open hair; the eyes of the male students as well as some staff were always glued to me.

I tried to be a strict teacher to those who weren’t interested in studies but it wasn’t in me to be really cruel or hard hearted towards the students so I would often let them off the hook. This is what led to the incident that changed my life.

The incident took place sometime after my first year at school, I was made class teacher for 11th A class which was a big privilege to me it felt like a promotion. I was given the duty to look after my bus as well which had students from my class. There was another teacher on the bus with me but she was a new comer and was just a year younger than me so I was basically the boss of the bus and it felt great to me.

When returning from school, I noticed 2 girls were a little uncomfortable they would stand in the middle rows for some time but would come to the front time and time again. I didn’t know why it was happening they had grim looks on their faces. After dinner I took one of those girls to a side and asked what was happening in the bus she was cagey at first not answering to my questions with straight answers but I kept pushing her to tell me the truth. After grinding her for a bit she told me the boys at the back were touching them. She looked scared to me before she could muster anything else she glanced at a group of boys from my class and ran away.

I felt really bad for those girls and decided I needed to do something about it, the next day in school I tried finding minute opportunities and punished the boys in that group by beating them with a scale then making them stand outside the class. But they were thick skinned the same things again started happening when we returned from school, the girls looked grim and they were running back and forth in the bus trying to save themselves from these animals. I was furious at them and wanted to break their hands but I had to be silent as the girls would not complain and it was all happening behind my back I had no proof. One of them was the sun of the trustee so I needed solid proof before filing a complaint myself, the way the girl told me about the incident I knew she would help me file a complaint against those students so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

The next day in school I was harsh on the boys again I used a steel ruler to hit them on hands for reasons which were minute trying to convey them the message that what they were doing in the bus was wrong. It felt I had done some good work of making them understand things better but I was wrong. On our way back it happened again a girl almost ran from the middle row straight towards me in the front I could see her face I knew what was happening so I asked her to take my seat and went to stand where she was standing.  I asked the other girl to stand in front of me so my back would face the boys. For the first few minutes there was silence nothing was happening so I felt proud that I was able to stop them. Then I felt a finger on my back it tickled but I tried to stay stiff I had to maintain the strictness so I just eye balled them and turned again. It happened a couple of times again in the next minute, but then I the fingers turned into hands and they were moving downwards from my back towards my hips.

I was feeling uncomfortable but I had to stay stiff and not react to what was happening, before anything else could happen the ride was over we had reached the hostel. I breathed a sigh of relief that we had reached. Next day I lashed out my anger on those boys for touching me, I was very angry and uncomfortable from the incident the previous day. But I had to take a stand against so when we went to the bus I asked the girls to sit in our seats and asked Smita(The other teacher on the bus) to stand with me in the middle row, she looked confused but as I was her senior she followed my lead.

This was the bus ride from hell!!  Me and smita were standing side by side, as soon as the bus ride started the hands started caressing my back again there were hands on her too she looked at me confused I signalled her to stay quiet. The hands soon reached my hips it felt really uncomfortable when they started touching them. It must have been 5 minutes in the ride when a loud bang was heard by everyone. I felt someone amongst them had slapped my butt very hard, I almost screamed when it happened but held my cool.

Smita was looking wide eyed at me so were the girls from the front row, they were touching her too squeezing her but cheeks touching them even slapping them gently. I wanted it to be over but we were stuck in a slow traffic among other busses making their way towards the hostels, this is when the worst I feared started to happen one of them held my kurti up in his hand while the other started to loosen my pajama. I wanted to stop them there and then but it was too late. He started to insert his hands inside my pants and went straight for my butt hole. My eyes were wide opened as I felt his hand by past my butt cheek towards my vagina, I saw the girls from the front come towards us one of them placed their hand on my mouth the other on Smita as the boys behind started fingering our vaginas.

I was loosing control of myself as he moved his fingers in and out of my vagina, the situation which I thought I’d turn into a proof for complaint had become a situation where I didn’t know If I was enjoying or feeling molested. I didn’t know when the ride was over I and smita were escorted down from the bus by the girls. They took us to a room on top floor of the hostel building; I had forgotten I was their student. As soon as we entered the room the door was locked behind us, one of the girls came up to me she grabbed my bun very sensually and started kissing me. The other started undressing me she first took off my pajama then pulled up my kurta as the boys watched from a very close distance. One of the boys removed the saree smita was wearing leaving her to her bra and petticoat. The girl inserted herself inside her petticoat I could see her moan as she took down Smita’s panties and licked her pussy from underneath the other one opened the strings in the petticoat loosening it. She then turned to me and took off my bra, she grabbed my left boob and licked my nipple then she repeated on the right side.

In between this the boys all circled us the trustee’s boy came up to me and held my bun, he pushed my head down I had lost track of reality by this time. A slave to my own hormones as soon as my knees touched the floor I started unbuttoning his pants. I removed his boxers and held his huge dick in my hands. He was my student I wasn’t supposed to do it but the thought never crossed my mind as I closed my eyes and started licking his dick like an ice cream bar. I was so indulged in licking the shit out of his penis that I didn’t realize he had opened my bun, he was holding all my long beautiful locks in his hand while I sucked his cock.

While I continued I could hear a humming sound bzzzzzzzz……..bzzzzzzzzz……….bzzzzz there was a tingling sensation on my forehead but for most part I thought it was his fingers running over my head. The bastard had an electric razor in his hand he had tied my hair in a ponytail and was shaving the top of my head, I didn’t realize it until I turned my eyes towards Smita who was looking at me as if she had seen a ghost. I didn’t understand at first moments ago she was enjoying being pleasured by the lesbian chick and now she was just sitting looking at me for a second I thought her eyes would pop out.

One of the boys placed a chair behind me I was pulled up and made to sit on the chair, a boy from the group knelt in front of me and started licking my pussy while the trustee’s boys was now behind me he was still running his fingers over my head some times on the side some times over it. I think amidst all this I must have lost consciousness because I had no real sense of what was happening with me it was like being very drunk but I was drunk on orgasmic fuels.

The trustee’s boy stepped away from me then the girl standing beside me brought a small mirror in front of my eyes, she was trying to show me something I can swear to you at first glance I didn’t even notice what she was showing but when I looked carefully I couldn’t believe my eyes. the woman in the mirror was bald I thought it was some optical illusion or something may be I had lost my senses. I looked thrice to be sure it was me there was no hair on my head, I jumped out of the chair screaming for dear life. Tears rolled down my eyes as I ran my hands over my bald scalp it wasn’t what I expected was going to happen with me I was so stupid I thought to myself I didn’t even realize that the bastards shaved my head while pleasuring me.

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