Makeover Salon: A walk-in

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It was a nice summer day. It wasn’t busy today in my salon, I had actually send all others home a few hours ago and was now reading the newspaper in one of the chairs. Every now and then I looked up, checking if anything was happening in front of the window. If there wasn’t, I would continue reading. This time, there was something to see though, and I laid down my newspaper.

A young, attractive lady, was looking inside, clearly not seeing much through the darkened window from the bright light outside. She looked at the sign on the door, seemed to make up her mind a bit, and walked through.

I stood up from my chair and walked towards her. ‘Curious name, the Makeover Salon, what does it mean?’ she asked quite bluntly. ‘It was my dream to be able to spend some more time with women looking for a change then possible in a regular salon, so I set something up myself especially for that’, I answered. ‘oh, that sounds nice I was actually thinking of something different’ she said. ‘Good, I’m John, why don’t you take a seat then!’ ‘Nice to meet you John, I’m Natalie’, she says while sitting down.

I pump up the chair a bit and start running my hands through her hair. It is brown and straight and reaches bra strap length. ‘So, looking for something different? how different exactly?’ I inquire. ‘I’m just bored with the long hair, I want something completely new’, she answers. ‘So the long hair’s gotta go then?’ she just smiles at me as an answer. I pause for a moment, waiting for another reaction, then I play around a bit with her hair. I try pulling it back, holding it as if she has bangs, creating different lengths by hiding the rest in my hands next to her face, after which I let it all fall free again behind her back.

‘you want me to decide your new style, don’t you?’ I ask. ‘You seem to have an good idea, I don’t, go for it!’ she replies, shyly at first but certain at the end of the sentence. ‘Are you sure?’ she nods in reply.

I walk away, and return with a cart with supplies and a cape. I clip up her hair on top of her head, and throw the white cape around her. I take one last look around at her with all the hair pinned on top, after which I release it and let it all tumble around her head again. I then start combing the hair around, so the sides lay over her chest and the back rests on her shoulders and back. I then pick up my scissors and click them a few times. I take a look at her through the mirror and notice she looks a bit scared, but very certain as well. I stand next to her, and move the scissors to her hair. Her mouth falls open as I close the scissors around the first lock.


A 25 cm long brown strand seems to reluctantly come away in front of her left ear. It slides down a bit, coming to rest on her chest for a moment.


A large mass of hair comes tumbling down, taking the first lock with it, landing in her lap. She looks at me shocked, the hair over her left ear now being lip length. I move my comb through the remaining side hair on the left and gently position her head back horizontal.

Schnick! Schnick!

she seems to wince a bit as I cut off the remaining length on the left, but as I walk around to her right side, a small smile starts appearing. ‘Everything ok, Natalie?’ She nods in reply. ‘Unexpected, but it looks nice so far!’ ‘Good, but there is still a lot to go!’ I warn her. She nods again.

I comb through the hair hanging over her right ear. In the mirror, I look at her as I bring the scissors in. The way she looks at the scissors is, strangely enough, pure curiosity.

Schnick! Schnick! Schnick! Schnick!

With each long lock landing in her lap, the smile grows bigger. I walk back to my equipment trolley and lay down my scissors. She meanwhile moves her hands around under the cape, so her locks slide down the cape again, this time to the floor.

I look at the back, and estimate how thick it is and how hard it will be to cut it all. I then pick up a different comb and my clippers. I remove the attachment from the clippers. I hold the clippers inverted and move them into her neck. I then insert the comb at the level of the cut I just made and move the clippers over the comb. This makes a rattling sound and a large mass of hair drops away. I do this 4 times in different places along her back, cutting all her hair to lip length.

I put down the clippers, and take a look into the mirror. I notice she is not smiling anymore, and a few tears are running over her cheeks. ‘Oh I’m sorry Natalie, everything still ok?’ I ask.  ‘I’m sorry too, I like it so far, it’s just a shock to see all my long hair fall away’ she replies ‘Well, the hard part is over with, now just some shaping and styling to do, the long hair is gone’ I say, while new tears appear in her eyes. ‘but it is looking amazing so far, if I may say so myself’. She wipes away her tears with the cape. After she lowers her hands again, the smile is back. ‘Yeah, I quite like it, please go on, I really would like to see it finished!’ ‘So would I’, I respond.

I pick up my scissors again and start snipping with the point. I start again at her chin, following the line of the bob, cutting only a tiny bit each time. As I go further aft, the little hairs falling get a bit longer as I cut off a bit more there, so the bob ends up at the top of her neck. after I reach the neck, I keep going, forward again, until the bob looks very blunt and even. Now her hair is short, it naturally curls a bit around her face. I put down my scissors again, and pick up the small clippers. I push her head forward gently and start buzzing the fuzz in her neck, so no hair sticks out under the bob. In the mirror I see she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling.

‘You can look up now, Natalie’, I say softly. She lifts her head again, and looks in the mirror. ‘can you shake your head for a moment?’ She starts shaking her head, the bob beautifully swinging around. As she stops and looks in the mirror, a bright smile is on her face. ‘What do you think?’ I ask. I start brushing off the little hairs from her neck and shoulders before she answers. ‘I would never have asked this for myself, but I love it! it’s amazing!’ I take off the cape, dumping the last remains of her long hair on the floor. Long locks and short tufts of brunette hair circle around the chair. I take a broom and start sweeping the hair into the corner. She stands up and make a few steps before looking over at the remains of her long hair. A little tear escapes from her eye again, which she sweeps away, after which she touches her new hair for the first time. A bright smile appears again, after which she leaves twice what she owed me on the counter and walks out of the door, just enjoying her new look.

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