Mary’s Haircut

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As Emily stormed out of Kate’s shop, Mary said “what just happened”.

Kate shook her head, and then said “I didn’t get paid is what happened”.

Mary got up from the waiting area chair, as she said “how did she think someone would react to seeing her bald”.

When Mary was sitting in Kate’s barber chair, she said “I wonder what made her want to shave her head”.

As Kate reaches for piece of tissue paper, said “she has been having dreams about cutting her hair”.

Once Mary heard that, she began to laugh. When she was done laughing, she said “what”.

Right after Mary said that, Kate stretched out the piece of tissue paper in front of her. As Kate’s secured it around her neck, she said “on the way back from Corydon, she told us that had these weird dream”.

Mary heard the cape rustle, as Kate said “she had three of them”.

The cape was being shaken, when Kate said “the first weird dream centered around a cop pulling her over. The female officer got her out of the car, and then chops of her pony tail”.

It billowed out over Mary, as Kate said “you and Talimena are in her second weird dream. The three of you are the fair. Talimena has an oversized lollipop. When you tell Talimena she can’t go on carnival rides, she throws the lollipop in a fit of rage. It lands in her hair, and you pull out a butter fly knife to cut it out of hair. ”


Kate was securing the cape to her neck, when Mary said “that scares me that she is dreaming about my kid”.

Once it was secured, Kate said “that’s not too tight is it”.

With out any hesitation, Mary said “it’s fine”.

After Mary that, she said “what was the third dream”.

Kate laughed, and then said “JD was going to hire her to be a fashion model for the release of the plus size woman’s collection”.

As Kate began to pump the chair up, Mary said “is he releasing a collection in plus sizes that girls would like”.

When Mary was at the height that Kate wanted her at, Kate said “I don’t believe that is the case”.

At this point, Mary gripping the arm rests very tightly. She was working up the courage to ask for a much shorter haircut.

Mary’s hair was a beautiful light brown. She had it up in a military style bun. When Kate took it out the bun, hung to the middle of her back.

Once it was hanging down, Kate said “what are we cutting it, today”.

There was a moment of hesitation, and then Mary said “angled bob with a clippered nape”.

As Kate began sectioning off her hair, Mary said “she must do some good drugs, when she stays with her mom”.

Kate cuts about 12 inches of hair just above the bottom of Mary’s ear, as she said “she is on something”.

Right after the bottom of her earlobe was exposed, Kate said “she thought she was going to get her job back with JD tire and wheel”.

The pieces of hair slide down to Mary’s shoulders, as Mary said “I’ll quit, if she comes back”.

As Kate worked her way around to her head, Mary said “all she did was make stupid mistakes. It was never her fault. All she did was cost the company profit”.

She worked to get it all to the same length, as Mary said “are profit sharing check were so low when she worked there”.

Hair was falling on the cape and the floor, as Kate said “I remember. I suggested we didn’t want her work for us”.

Kate made her way to the left side of Mary’s head, as Mary said “good”.

Right after Mary said that, Kate exposed her other ear.

As the scissors got traded for an edger, Kate said “JD implied to her that she could have her job back”.

She used her edger and comb to create the angle and height, that she believed Mary wanted.

The line was created from front to back, as Mary said “I’ll be calling his personal cell phone, when I leave her”.

When Kate was creating a matching line on the other side, she said “you should”.

Once she said that, she set down her edger, and picked up her clippers. The clippers she picked up already had a number one guard on them.

Once they were on, Kate pushed down the top of Mary’s head. As she pushed her head down, she said “stupid mistakes make the company look bad. Especially, when the customer is shipped the mistake”.

Her chin was closer to her chest, when she said “people often times got the wrong design and size, when she worked there”.

Kate pushed the clippers up her nape, as she said “we went from 34 mistakes per 100 to 8 mistakes per 100, once she left”.

There was so much hair  the cape and the floor at this point. As Kate took the guard off, she said “in reality, 8 out of a 100 is not acceptable”.

She started using the guard less clippers around the base of neck, as Mary said “I agree”.

As Kate was hanging up her clippers, she said “if I messed up 8 out of 100 haircuts I did, word would get around”.

Kate took the cape off Mary, as she said “I wouldn’t have this shop, I would cutting for one of the chain places”.

More of Mary’s hair fell on the floor, as the cape was removed. As Mary got of the chair, she said “we are 1 per 1,000, as of yesterday”.

Mary pulled her wallet of her purse, as she said “what do I owe you”. Kate made eye to eye contact with Mary, and said “the cut is free, if convince JD not to re hire your cousin”.

As Mary put her wallet back in her purse, she said “not a problem. The facts speaking for themselves

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