Merrily ….. Merrily ,,,, I CLIPPER SALLY …..

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Merrily ….. Merrily I clipper Sally …..

By JimB (C)opyrighted December 2023

Sally had just arrived at Constance’s Barber Shop for her bi-monthly hair cut.

“Morn’ Sally,” Constance said.

“Three ahead of you.”

Sally sat in one of the waiting chairs.  She picked up a magazine and began looking through it when she heard a CLICK.

She looked Constance’s barber chair and she was starting to give the boy a flattop hair cut.

She took a deep breath and begin thinking about when they were thirteen.

She and Constance have been friends since they met in eighth grade, at Mount Sandy High School in Bedford, Maryland.

They had a number things in common, one was their age.  They were both thirteen, at the time and were born two months apart.

Constance was the olds one.

Constance”s hair, at that time, was just little above her waist with flowing red hair, which she always keep in a nice, as she would say, long braided pigtail with a blue ribbon inter twined in her hair.

Sally had, and kept, her hair cut in a nice short below her ears blondies-brown hair.

Another thing they had in common, was BOYS.

They would look at every boy they saw, or walked by them, with a Flattop hair cut.

They would grade the flattop.  One was “WOW” and five was “NO WAY”.

Of course, any grade between one and five was “maybe”.

As for the girls.  They just looked at them and wonder “if they ever cut their hair”.

They spend weekends at each other’s house where they would wonder what they would look like, if they had a “FLATTOP” like the WOW boys had.

They would giggle and hug each other.

One day Sally’s mother, Maryann, was walking past her bedroom and head them talking, about the boys with a flattop, and giggling.

She opened the door and told they, “If you two are wondering what you look with a FLATTOP hair cut!

“Why don’t you two go to Sally’s dad barber, Margret.  She cut women’s hair, too.”

Constance grabbed her hair and said, “NO WAY …..

“I like my long red-hair.

“I am even thinking about putting my hair into notes every four inches because it is starting to swing to much when I walk.”

“Sally!” her mother said.  “What about you?”

“Thought my hair is shorter then Constance,” she began.

“A flattop hair cut would make me look like a boy.”

He mother shrugged her shoulders and started to walk out Sally’s bedroom.

“You never know!” she said and closed the door.

“Why would your mother say such silly stupid thing like that!” Constance asked Sally.

“I don’t know,” Sally said and hugged her.

“Maybe she was joking.

“She likes to joke about everything dad and I say or talk about.”

Constance got up and looked out the bedroom.

“She’s gone,” she told Sally.

Sally patted the bed, “Make’s you wonder if she knew what ……?”

“Sally ……

“Sally ……

“Sally,” Constance said as she tossed her barber cape over Sally’s head.

“You here for you bi-monthly hair cut.

“Or, you just here to watch?”

“Sorry,” Sally said as she got up and walked to the barber chair.

“I was just thinking about that day we were talking about how we graded the boys who had a flattop hair cut.“

“Well ….

“What grade would you give little Marc’s flattop?” Constance as her as she capped Sally.

“When you turned your clippers on,” Sally began as she crossed her legs.

“My mind went back to that day.”

“Well your flashback missed the FLATTOP I gave his mother,” Constance told her and the CLICKED her clippers on.

“Damn ….!” Sally said.

“What grade did you give her flattop?”

“WOW”,” Constance told her.

“A WOW!” Sally said.


“I gave her a high-N-tight instead of the flattop.”

“You mean you “surprised” her?” Sally said as she uncrossed her legs and recrossed them.

“Some what,” Constance tripled.

“When I gave her, her first flattop six months ago, she asked about the hight-N-hight hair cut.

“I somewhat wanted to give her the high-N-tight then.

“But, she said the flattop was what she wanted.”

“So, why did you give her the high-N-tight?” Sally asked.

“And, what type of “high-N-tight” did you give her?”

“The same one I gave you last month,” Constance said as she CLICKED the clippers on.

“Did you give her ……?” Sally inquired.

Constance just smiled.

“But, I did not give her what I gave you last month and you will be getting today,” Constance said.

“In your flashback that it get to the part where we …..?”

“NO!” Sally said as she again uncrossed and recrossed her legs.

“But, I am sure you will give that part.”

“Just sit back,” Constance told her as she began clippering the right side of her head.

“The head of this clippers is rated at FIVE ZEROS.

“Do you still shave down there?”

“HELL YES,” Sally told her.

“You going to shave me there!”

Constance smiled.

“Do you still shave down there?” Sally asked Constance.

Constance stepped in from of her barber chair and raised you skirt.

“I get it WAXED every month.”

“And, your hair cut?” Sally asked.

“After I give you your hair cut,” Constance told her.

Constance clippered Sally’s hair very close to her scalp.

“WOW!” Sally said when she saw how close her hair was clippered to.

“Don’t worry,” Constance told her.

“I am going to take the back and sides down to SMOOTHNESS”.

Constance worked the clippers slowly.

“There …..” Constance told Sally.

“Now for the SMOOTHNESS.”

She under the barber cape and began tucking a larger towel in her blouse.

Sally watched in the large mirror of the waiting chairs as Constance flowed warm water.

“Well?” Sally asked her.

“What about your hair?

“What kind of hair cut do you have?”

Constance turned around, which her clippers her hand.

She walked in front of her barber chair and reached to her head.

“I get it WAX every month, too.”

“Your not going to WAX me,” Sally said.

“NO ….!

“NOT yet,” Constance told Sally as she showed her her straight razor.

“This will do for now.”


“Now for the top!” Constance told Sally as the placed the singing clippers to the middle of her forehead

“Any objections?”

Sally just sat there and smiled.

Constance place the clippers and slowly moved the clippers over the center of her head.

“THERE ….,” Constance said as she hung the clippers under the shelf.


She wrapped Sally’s head with the now hot towel.

She reached under the shaving dispenser and flowed a lot of shaving lather.

Turning to began lathering Sally’s head.

She reached for her straight razor and began stropping it.

“There, nice and sharp,” she told Sally.

“I am going to take your head shaving slowly.

“So, you can enjoy the straight razor shaving.”

Constance did as she said and slowly shave Sally’s head.

With the last shaving stroke Constance closed her straight razor and put it in her pocket.

Sally was looking at her self, and her shaved head, in the larger mirror over the waiting chairs.

Just when she started to ask …..

Constance had place the head rest in the barber chair and was lowing the barber chair into the laying position.

“Going to shave my face?” Sally as her.

Constance just smiled and walked to the door to her barber shop and pulled the curtain down and pulled the curtain down by the window.

“WE don’t want anyone looking at us!” Constance began saying as she walked back to her barber chair.

“Let’s take this off,” she told Sally as she reached for her skirt.

As Constance removed Sally’s skirt, Sally began removing her blouse.

Constance began lather Sally’s face.

“These have to go too,” Constance told her as she dabbed shaving lather over her eyebrows.

Constance slowly shaved Sally’s face and eyebrows.

“I have WAX …..!” Constance began telling Sally.

“Maybe another time,” Sally said.

“But, you can check for SMOOTHNESS.”

“That is why I pulled the curtains down,” Constance told her.

“Am I see what I am seeing?” Sally asked Constance.

“You mean my nipples?” Constance asked her.

Sally shook her head “YES”.

“Got them double pierced a month ago,” Constance told her.

“You should think about getting yours’ DOUBLE PIERCED,” Constance told her.

Sally looked at her with a THINKING look.

“Just check me for SMOOTHNESS,” Sally told her.

Constance began checking Sally for smoothness.

“Be right back,” she told Sally who had her legs spread wide open.

Sally began playing with her smoothness when Constance came back.

Sally looked at Constance.

“Got it last night,” she told Sally as she moved the fingers over the BIG strapon.

“I saved the first usage of it for you.”

“KISS me before you start moving the BIG strapon.” Sally said.

“The WAX is getting warmed up!” Constance told her.

“Just check me for SMOKINESS and work the BIG strapon slowly in and out,” Sally told her.

“THEN, you can WAX me.”

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