Modernising my wife

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Hi I’m Raju working in a IT company. My wife has long hair below her butt, she loves her long thick hair and never cuts it. Usually she will trim it barely an inch to get rid of split ends. She never went to parlor in her lifetime. Since she is from village, her most modern outfit is kurthi. I always wanted to make her look modern but she always resists and thinks that’s too much for a family girl.

Our office teammates has planned a vacation to kerala for a week, six of us will get their partners and enjoy vacation as family-friendly one. My teams has two men including me and four women, they will bring their husbands and we’ll bering our wives. Our team girls are very modern, trying various haircuts, various fashions and enjoy their life endlessly. We have arranged a van which can accommodate 12 to 14 people and gathered at a common point, all our team members reached with their partners one by one. Most of my team girls were wearing t shirts, shorts and some of them tracks. Even my friends wife wore a shirt and jeans. The odd one is my dumb wife wearing a saree, single braided with jasmine. Every others women here just hung their stylish hair loose, sometimes they put it together with catch clip. I felt little embarrassed among them. We all reached kerala next day morning and checked in a hotel. We then went site seeing, i begged her to at least tie her hair in ponytail but she denied and came with same braid.

We all settled in a camp into the forest area. We all sat around campfire and started to drink alcoholic beverages, my wife stayed in tent itself. My friend asked why my wife is like that and i told them that she is from remote village and could not modernize her. My team girls made a plan to modernize her tonight, after a long argument, i agreed to that.

The Plan

As planned the girls tied me up in the chair and hid their faces with stoles at 2 AM in the morning. They instructed their husbands to leave and sleep. Now they entered into my tent and pretended to be abducting her, my wife started screaming. On seeing me tied up in the chair, she started crying. These girls threatened that if she screams, they would kill me. My wife shut her mouth with tears. They made her to sit in the chair, removed her dupatta and tied her hands back. This is her first time without thupatta first time.

The Drastic change

One of my friend began to remove the jasmine from her hair and began to unbraid her hair. Meanwhile, another girl bought scissors. One girl started to cut my wife’s dress below her breast, exposing her naval. Another girl started to cut down her pants to look like a shorts.
Now my wife looked like wearing a shorts and sleeveless shirt with exposed navel. I couldn’t control myself seeing this, i always wanted to see her like this. Now the real fun begins. One girl held my wife’s hair and told “let’s cut this super long hair, step by step”.
I never asked for this, i wanted my wife to come out of shyness of being modern, but these girls planned different. Still i thought it would be fun to watch.

The Cut

They first cut half of the hair till my wife’s mid back and threw the hair on my wife’s face. I asked the girls to stop it, but they were so drunk and not listening. My wife was crying in shyness. Now one of them begin to record the video and two girls started to pose with chopped hair with my wife. “let’s cut more” one girl shouted. My heart skipped a beat. One girl started to comb the right side hair another one starred to comb left side. “5 inches” the recording girl shouted. Birth girls started to cut their sides of my wife’s hair. SNIP SNIP SNIP is all i can hear. After few minutes recording girl told ” right side is shorter, cut little on left side”, left side girl started to chop it. Now “left side looks shorter, cut little mote on right side” and right side girl stared to cut it. My helpless wife had tears all over her face as her beautiful locks is being chopped mercilessly by two drunk girls. After back to back cutting of her hair, they couldn’t make it even. My wife’s hair is already reached below shoulders. She pleaded to leave us but they didn’t listed. One girl put my wife’s hair as ponytail, looked very cute on her. They showed her to me and asked how does she look. I replied she look great.

Again cutting

But one girl told, ‘let’s cut little more’ and bought her husband’s beard trimmer. She removed the pony and placed the machine above her neck and ran throughout sides to my wife’s jaw line. My wife was speechless. I can see chopped pieces of hair all over her body. Now one girl started combing her hair to front and stated cutting bangs. She then began to shorten her bangs like Egyptians. My wife looked like Dora. I can’t resist laughing but controlled it. Now one girl stared to cut her hair even shorter, in few minutes, my wife’s hair went to pixie cut. My wife ran out of tears, She sat frozen. Finally my friends took a bottle of vodka and fed her forcefully. I took my wife and changed her dress, and made her to rest in tent

Me and my friends waited near the campfire, laughing about her reaction tomorrow.

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