Momma only sees a new woman

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Haley started dating Billy, a certified jerk and ass, he never really loved her.It was her virginity that he wanted. But as soon as he had it, the boy was to the wind: never to return.

She paced the floor, there was no doubt about it, Haley was pregnant. Her mother had her feet curled up on the couch when the daughter came to her mother. The girl knelt herself to her knees and confessed everything.

Her mother just looked at her,”Knew that boy was trouble. Throw out those cigs and alcohol you have stashed away, I’ll deal with the father of this child”

”What are you going to do to him?”sniffled Haley.

”Never you mind”,replied the parent,”Now, go do as your told”

Haley did toss all her contraband into a bag which her mother told her to set by the door.The girl was ordered to get another bag, she was confused until her mother started putting all her rebellious clothing in the sack. She was forced to label her own clothes “thrift shop” and set the bag by the door.Her closet was a skeleton of its former self.Haley’s mother told her to tear everything off her bed and walls; what was paper or plastic, went the the way of the two garbage bags and her mother made her bed with clean, beige sheets and blanket.

Haley was silently grieving her loss when her mother came into her room with an old nightgown, she laid it on her bed, and told the girl to shower and bring out her dirty clothes.You can guess where they went, Haley had to sleep in the nightgown her mother gave her. She wanted to hide from the world and forget her mistake but that wouldn’t happen, even on her strongest wish.

The dawn cracked and Haley was awakened by her mother’s calls. She walked downstairs where mother had made her pancakes and eggs: something she hadn’t done for her daughter in a good while. Haley ate heartily, not knowing the occasion.

Her mother was not one to hide her intention for such a charity,” I won’t allow you to have an abortion, you’re fifteen. Don’t worry, you won’t have to raise the thing, I am perfectly capable of doing that.If you don’t want to be around it, I will set you up with my sister out of state. Deal?”

Haley was confused,”I-okay. Thanks”,she said meekly.

”Good”,nodded her mom,”I have sent some dogs tell that boy he is no longer welcome near you or the baby”

”You found him?”Haley asked, concerned.

”Yes”,she replied,”His daddy understood and sent him off to god knows where, probably boot camp. He won’t set foot into your or the babe’s life until he has proved himself worthy of such a treasure”

Haley smiled warmly at her mother’s words.

”Now”,the mother washed her child’s dirty dishes,”We are going into town today. We are going to pick you up some new ‘drip’, as you kids say and you are having your hair cut”

Haley was feeling her light brown hair at that second, she looked at her mother with wide eyes,”What! I don’t need a haircut”

”I don’t care if you need one”,her mother put sternly,”But I want your hair short because you won’t have time for it, you are going to be focusing on the baby”

Haley protested but nothing worked, her mother had made up her mind.Her mother dressed her in a dress that fell passed her knees in a Victorian style and the two left for a nearby lake-town.Their first stop was a dress shop, it was a vintage place: been in that town since the first phone was invented. The old ladies fussed over Haley like doting mothers and when the mother-daughter finally exited the building, that’s when the girl could heave a sigh of relief.

But the thought of the next stop haunted her, she didn’t want to lose one inch of her glorious hair.Her mother sensed her daughter’s nervousness and put her hand onto her daughter’s lap. Haley squeezed the hand offered to her.

The hair shop was small, a separate entity situated between two other kinds of cosmetic hubs. It was a sorta beauty mall, large lot but many a shop.Haley’s mom held open the door for her daughter. She entered without a word.A musty air was about the place but it smelled like a modern salon in the big city.

A teenager was behind the counter, close to twenty lady with reddish hair cut short. She looked at the duo with a peaked interest.”My boss is running an errand”,the lady said,”You can have a seat over there”,she tilted her neck to beside the door, two foldable chairs were the provided seating.

”My daughter needs support”,Haley’s mother said,”I’m afraid these flimsy chairs won’t cut it”

”I suppose she can sit in the barber’s chair”,guessed the lady, shrugging.

”That’ll do”,nodded the matriarch as she escorted her daughter back to those kind of chairs.Haley was helped into the chair by her eager mother.Just then, a woman and man entered the shop.

”Melody”,the man eyed his employee,”Why is someone in the barber chair?”

”My daughter needed the support”,covered Haley’s mom,”I just didn’t feel comfortable sitting her in the foldable chairs”

”I did say that we need to change the waiting chairs”,the woman voiced.

The man sighed, looking to Melody,”You can take the rest of the day off. We are fine here”

Melody took her leave as the woman came close to the couple of females,”So, how’re we doing today, ladies?”she asked sweetly, putting her pudgy hands on the roof of the backrest as her foot pressed down on the pedal to pump up the chair.

”We are feeling good”,Haley’s mother smiled,”My daughter is way behind on her haircuts and she needs a hairstyle to mark a new chapter in her life”

The woman didn’t ask follow up questions and kept her focus on the type of haircut.”Well”,the mother scratched her nose,”We don’t usually get out often and she needs a haircut that’ll last her a month or two”

”So you want me to take all of it off ?”the hairdresser had the girl caped up and was combing through the brown hair. Even the suggestion of it made Haley’s skin crawl, hoping her mother wouldn’t choose that.

”No, she wouldn’t be a proper lady with hair that short”,her mother said,”But yes, cut off the bulk with scissors and buzz the sides”

The hairdresser nodded and turned to her young client,”Alright, let’s get started”

She wasted no time, Haley’s long, brown hair came tumbling down into the cape or onto the floor in giant clumps.Her hair was a short mess and the barber lady sifted her hand through it.It looked ugly on the girl’s head but Haley shallowed her pride and just tried to get through the process as quickly as possible.

”What guard?”the barber lady asked Haley’s mom, handling a clipper device.

”It has to be short for a good while”,she replied.

” I gotcha”,the lady nodded, tossing the guard she had in her hand back into its drawer,”I’ll use a zero-zero”

Haley didn’t want to cry so she closed her eyes shut. The barber called her man over and he was the one who took Haley’s sides shorter. She could feel the draft on the back of her neck.

When she opened her eyes, the man was trimming her top. He looked to her a flashed a smile. She just looked at the growing mount of hair around the chair.

He ruffled the short style that she had left on her head. The woman looked to the girl’s mother,”We do a good job, eh”

” I don’t know”,the mother also ruffled Haley’s short hair,” I think, yes. Her top needs to match the sides”

”Mother”,Haley squeaked,”My hair is cut short and it’s manageable”

Her mother thought, long and hard,”Alright. I guess this is okay”

Haley breathed as the cape was thrown off. She was dusted off and allowed to leave the barbershop with some hair.”You are to prove to me you can focus with this long of hair”,her mother told her in the car,”Okay?”

”I won’t let you down”,Haley replied.

”That’s my girl”,her mother smiled, kissing her forehead.


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