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I had become deaf when I heard mom asking me to take the chair, I nodded my head pleading her not to call me to the chair. It was a live 100k of her viewers had joined in as Sneha’s haircut finished everyone who had demanded the execution of my hair was viewing and waiting for me to take the chair but my legs weren’t ready to get up or to leave the chair. Mom gave me an angry look she signalled the video is live I still couldn’t get up Sunita Aunty came to me she whispered in my ear “Your mom will get really angry get up and go finish this” she took my hand and made me stand up tears had now started to fall out of my eyes. My mom’s face was red in anger when I was brought closer to her she made me sit opposite to the camera like she had made sneha sit. “You ruined your makeup with these tears clean this mess now I told you not to cry” She whispered in my ear trying to hide her anger from those viewing the video.  “Okay now time for our main hair cut which was very high in demand, our dear Siksha is going to get a short haircut as you our beloved subscribers asked.” Sunita Aunty announced she took the camera from the stand and brought it closer to my hair showing the full length of my hair. “So, what haircut is Siksha getting today?” she asked mom “Well we do everything for the crowd and for the benefit of our daughters. The summer is too hot and she has exams later this year as well so my first plan is to cut till shoulder blades next whatever suggestion comes we will look into them” mom told the camera I was almost sobbing now.  She looked at my face again signalled me to clean my face and stop crying. She took her comb and started making long passes from the base of my forehead to the ends, long subtle and gentle passes which were really soothing I could feel her parting my hair now she made 2 partitions on each side then three on each partitions as she started making braids out of the parted hair. My hair had been tied into 2 neat looking braids she took her big scissors and placed them a few inches below the shoulder to my surprise rather than starting the cut she looked at the camera giving a questioning look asking her viewers if the length was fine. It wasn’t going to end well I knew it “Up, Up, Up” Sunita aunty read the comments in joy as mom played with the scissors taking them up and down, no one in the room was cared about my feelings and how sad I was because of this their joy was in something completely different.

Hearing out the comments I felt mom had taken her scissors right up to the base of the braid, my stomach sunk as I head kchhh kchhh kchhh she was cutting at the base my tears and my sobbing wasn’t in my hands now kchhh kchh kchh was the only noise I could hear my hair was being hacked mercilessly they were thick even for those big scissors as it wrestled them chopping away the left braid off my head. Suddenly silence took its place in the room it was followed by over joyed remarks of Sunita aunty reading from the comments I knew I had lost one side of my hair some of it came down on my ears. It had been 10 years since I last had hair this short since I felt short strands poking my ears but the time had returned again. Crying heavily I saw my mom come towards me she turned the stool now facing the camera the world was watching my tears, she kept the braid on my lap making me feel sadder. She took the right braid and kept in on front showing the blades to her viewers she kept them on the base of the braid again the room filled with loud kchhhh kchhhh kchhh kchhh noises this time some noises were of me sobbing loudly for the demise of my hair. The wrestle continued jerking my head in all directions as the scissors tried cutting thru my thick braid, the faces of Sunita aunty and Sneha told their story they were enjoying the whole ordeal. I could read the comments coming on the screen and I could see the anger on my mom’s face. As seconds passed to minutes small jerks turned to hard ones the ponytail slipped off it came down from my shoulders with her sister she rested on my lap now. Both Sunita aunty and Sneha clapped as the final braid fell, they took them in their hand showing the viewers the length of the braids. “I’ll be right back then we will finish the hair cut” Mom said as she left the room. I had given up now I knew I would get a chin length bob or a boycut like Sneha. Mom returned with my shampoo bottle in her hand “It’s better to do haircuts with shampooed hair removes all dirt from the hair” she told her viewers acting like an expert. I had shampooed my hair that morning mom knew about it so I confused why she had brought the bottle. She waved at her viewers taking her place again behind me taking her spray she started dampening my hair heavily, the water was pouring down from my head it was like taking a shower. I don’t know for what reason she took the shampoo bottle near the camera and talked about the brand for a few seconds when she finished her sentence I understood her channel had now got a sponsorship because of her viewership. She came back and started pouring down the shampoo over my head when I had long hair her pouring the whole bottle seemed normal but since she had taken away most of it from me her emptying the bottle over my head felt odd. She massaged the shampoo over my head I was wet from neck down my dress was damped too now had tufts of shampoo over it as she massaged my head. “Now you will sit still very still or I will take you on terrace and shoot the rest of the video” mom whispered in my ear I didn’t understand her intentions. I could not see what was happening behind me I heard her opening her drawer she had taken something out and closed it “I love you but this is necessary” she whispered again before I could know what was happening the safety razor was placed on my forehead and the first pass was made right down the middle of my head. In the phone camera I could see a strip of skin in the middle of my head surrounded by hair covered with shampoo it looked like a road between big mountains, I couldn’t control myself but cry louder and louder as I saw people clapping on the comments. The mouths of both Sunita aunty and Sneha were wide open as they saw her making the first pass “Sneha beta give me bowl of water” mom asked both of them came back to normal now enjoying my ordeal even more they had no idea like me what my mom would do. “I told you not to make a scene the world is watching you, if you cry more I will keep you like this forever” mom whispered again. Sneha placed a bigger stool beside me and kept the bowl on it. Mom cleaned the blade after the first pass then made another one I could see my skin after every pass I had never seen it before I had stopped sobbing from my mother’s threat but my tears weren’t in my control they were pouring out of my eyes. “Don’t shave full head you will have to leave some strands in our religion we don’t shave full head” said Sunita Aunty to which mom agreed. But she kept making passes over my head cleaning the top of my head properly, I now had the bald man haircut. “Wait mom please wait” Sneha said she came near me with her hands she made the hair on the sides point up as they were already soaked in shampoo it was easy for her to keep them there then she took a selfie with me with my torturous old man haircut. They were having the time of their lives while I felt dead inside just an hour ago I had full head of hair touching my hips now the top is just skin. Mom cleaned the blade again and started taking down the sides the hair over the sides fell on my shoulders covered with shampoo. The stool was revolved again as the hair over the sides had collapsed leaving trails of skin and side burns behind, she left a spot on the crown went back to work I could feel the same sensation of blades tearing away over my head air touching the strip of skin told me the hair over the back was starting to diminish. It was all for her camera it was all for her crowd I don’t know if she cared about me or not she was just cleaning my head to bits leaving nothing behind I had forgotten the number of passes she had made before announcing she was done. The patch of hair was still left over my crown “leave it like this but the side burns should be removed” Sunita aunty said examining my hair touching it rubbing it deliberately, Sneha too rubbed my head feeling my skin as I cried “Wait” Mom said again and left the room after a couple of seconds she returned with my dad’s shaving cream in her hand I had given up any hope of survival from this so I sat crying on my stool. Mom turned the stool again facing the camera she sprayed some water over my sideburns and over my bald scalp then took some cream out in her hand and started with rubbing some on the side burns then it continued over the cheek after seconds the cream was rubbed from ear to ear she even rubbed some over the upper lip like she would do to dad “Some over here too” Sunita aunty signalled for my head as mom poured some cream over my head using dad’s brush she lathered my head properly with the cream it felt quite embarrassing looking at myself in the phone camera covered with shaving cream.  She took the razor again and started working on the head first making long subtle passes making the skin visible and what they said making my head smoother she made 5 passes over the head from the forehead to the hair patch then 5 backwards she continued the tradition on the back of my head till the shaving cream was cleaned up from the head. Then she moved to the right side cleaning from the back she moved to the ears then when she made the pass on the side burns it continued till my cheek she followed the same procedure on the left side now the cream was only over my lip and under it she cleaned it then showered me with water again. She asked for a towel covered me with it and started rubbing to soak all the water, after shave was applied all over my head and face. I was told to hold both my braids in hand as they greeted goodbye to their viewers.

The world has seen me loosing my hair I was in distraught for the next few days I couldn’t come out of my room because of shame and sorrow. Mom and Dad talked to me told me it was good for my studies my dad would always support my mom I knew that, I gained strength to come out of my room covering my head with my scarf. I loved sitting on the terrace it gave me some peace so I went there, the usual crowd was on the terrace but instead of waiting for me to show my hair they were laughing and giggling wanting to see my bald head. Sneha made their day she came to me and deliberately took off the scarf from my head rubbed her hand over my head for them as everyone laughed. I had lost what I loved most to my mom’s obsession, she would do more videos some times shaving my already bald scalp on camera to tell people benefits of bald head to gain views I was used as a tool.

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