Mother shaves her head for lent

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“Alright”,her husband, Paul, clapped his hands proudly,”All my beer is gone and is gonna stay gone til this month lent is over”

He was very proud of himself for giving up alcohol for the twentieth time in his life.If he wasn’t a devote catholic, he would never do the tradition ever.

”And what are you giving up this lent, my sweet?”he asked with a smile, hugging her tightly.

”I giving up my beauty”, she replied with a more sincere smile.

Paul laughed,”You can never ugly yourself in my eyes,darling”

She was touched by his words, kissing him deeply.

”But, honesty”,Paul asked,”Are you going without makeup for lent”

”Yes”, she confessed,”A other cosmetics”

Before he could ask more, Bella, their daughter, came into the room. She hugged her father’s pant leg and he picked her up lovingly.

”There’s my girl”,he said, doing a twirl with her in his arms.

They played and then he handed her off to her mother. He composed himself and said,”I best be off, can’t wait to see you again”

They kissed again and Paul left again.Mother looked at her child,”We best be off to then”

She dressed herself and her child for the weather.It was a sunny morning that day. No cloud in the sky, it was a spry day.

The barbershop came into view. She parked across the street and walked her child by her tiny hand into the shop.He, the only barber on duty, greeted the two with a smile,wave, and kiss on the hand.

The mother stepped into the chair as her daughter clung to the chair.A bronze cape covered her yellow dress and the snap of buttons secured the cover.At the child’s insistence, she put the girl on her lap to watch the show.

”What are we doing today?”he asked with an oblivious smile.

”It’s lent”, she explained,”I’m giving up my beauty this lent”

”Sorry, love”,he laughed,”You’re claiming the impossible”

”That is what my husband said to”, she said with wit in her voice,”How about this, please shave my head”

He was a little surprised at her request but said,”Now, that’s something I can do”

The clippers came live which frightened the child but her mother calmed her with her warm embrace.

”Do not be afraid, little one”, she spoke with a soothing voice,”Mommy is here and she is the one who is going to be shaved”

”Darn right”,he smiled, cutting strips of brown from her head,”It’s been so long since I given someone a shave, and a woman no less”

”Yes”,the mother agreed,”It’s quite a change for me to”

”Well”,he said,”That’ll do it for the buzz. How you feeling?”

”Great”,the mother replied, rubbing the shorn stubble still on her head,”Keep going”

”Alrighty”,he laughed,”You want a smooth head for your husband? Okay, I can do that”

The first coat, a hot towel applied to that, and another coat following the first, he sharpened his razor as she played with her daughter in the chair.

”Mommy’s beautiful”,the child squealed softly.

”Not yet”,her mother corrected.

The barber leaned her head back a little and swipe after swipe, she became more bald and hairless on the scalp.When he was done, her head was smooth. He complimented his work with sprits of oil on the smooth head.

He thought he was done, asking her,”So, what do you think?”

”You did a splendid job”,she smiled,”Can you be a dear and shave off my eyebrows as well?”

He was a bit shocked at her second task for him to preform on her, but he just shrugged and said,”Sure, I can do that for ya”

The barber reclined the chair, forcing the child to her mother’s chest. She didn’t know what was happening but her mother stroked her blonde curls to assure her everything was fine.

He took a small clipper and she closed her eyes as he started them up. She made sure her child remained calm as she relaxed herself as the clippers took off her brown eyebrows.A layer of cream covered the microscopic stubble and the razor finished the shave.

Back in its original position, she opened her eyes. Her true self looked right at her and she loved it.

“This is exactly what I wanted”,the mother smiled,”Could you hand me a tissue?”

He gave her one and she removed her makeup, though it was light and basic. No makeup and hair, she had nothing to hide behind. It was just her.

Her child looked at at her hairless mother and smiled,”You are beautiful, mama”

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