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Vishalu proposes her brother for Gayatri

“Sir, why are you looking so dull today?  Could you not fuck Lakshmi madam yesterday night?” said Vishalakshi (called Vishalu by all) with a mischievous smile to 50 year old boss Ravindra in his cabin, a few minutes before close of the day.   Lakshmi was Ravindra’s wife.

Ravindra was a senior finance officer in a big firm in Mumbai.  Vishalu, 31 was a junior finance officer reporting to him.  Vishalu with her cute sbs clipper boy cut was a cute young lady, married with three kids.  She is a very capable but a naughty lady.  She could draw her close friends and colleagues into such bawdy talk without it looking vulgar.  If in the mood, they would respond in kind with a big grin.  But today, Ravindra was in a different mood.

R: “Cut it out, Vishalu.  I am not in the mood today to enjoy a talk like that.”

V: (she became serious) “Sorry sir.  Could you share your concern with me?”  Once in a serious mood, Vishalu was one of the most responsible and caring people around.

Ravindra explained how his sister Kamala in Mysore is unable to get a groom for her bum long haired, 5’ 8” tall daughter Gayatri, who is B.Com and working in a Bank.  While grooms and their parents wanted Gayatri to cut her hair to her mid back, Gayatri’s parents refused in the first two cases and though they mellowed down, Gayatri herself refused in the next two cases.  Thus four alliances were lost.  Now Kamala was behind him to find a groom who can accept a very long haired girl.

Vishalu asked Ravindra some more details like caste, subcaste, gotra, etc.  Then she was very much excited.

V (with a bright smile now): “Sir, my parents who stay in Pune also belong to the same community.  Our ancestors migrated to Pune about 100 years ago from somewhere around Mysore.  Though we speak Marathi now, we have retained many traditions.  I have a younger brother Pradeep, 28 years, 6’ 1” tall, who is an executive in a large private company in Pune.  We are also looking for a suitable bride for him.  Can we exchange our horoscopes?”

R: “But, you people are very mod.  I doubt whether you will accept such a long haired girl!”

V: “Sure, we are mod.  But we will not put any pre-condition to your niece to cut it.  But I am sure that if Pradeep drives his shaft into her cunt regularly for a few weeks, she will love him so deeply that she herself will volunteer to cut her hair short.”  Vishalu’s naughty side had returned.  Ravindra also giggled with her.

Horoscopes were matched, photos were exchanged.  Vishalu told her brother and parents not to raise the issue of hair but accept the girl as is for now and look after her well.  The time will be ripe a few weeks after marriage to take her to salon and chop off her silly bum long hair.  But for now, none should give any hint of our desire of short hair on her.  The other three agreed.   From Kamala’s side a big yes came for the girl seeing.

When Vishalu’s mom Rachana, her husband and their 2 kids came to this 4BHK apartment some 15 years ago, they were also very traditional.  But the upper class atmosphere and mod friends had made them very mod within a year – short hair on Rachana and Vishalu, bawdy language, drinks and all.  She encouraged her kids also to take drinks once they started earning.  Of course, at home she maintained the religiosity intact.  Vishalu followed her mom almost to the letter, even after her marriage.  Once Pradeep crossed 25, Rachana started growing her hair long.  She planned to return to her boy cut after Pradeep’s marriage.

Mythili was a class mate and close friend of Vishalu in Pune.  Coincidentally, a few months before Ravindra approached her for her help, Mythili’s husband, working in Infosys had been transferred to Mysore for a three year stint.  Mythili, working in a bank, also got transferred.  Both were now in Mysore.

Gayatri accepts Pradeep

Pradeep and his people reached Mysore and stayed as guests in Mythili’s house for a day.  Mythili accompanied the party for the girl-seeing which went through fine.  Kamala said that her daughter wants to keep her hair long.  Rachana seriously said “No problem”.  Gayatri and Pradeep happily accepted each other.  Vishalu struck a special cord in Gayatri and the two became instantly close.  Rachana asked Gayatri to learn Marathi at the earliest from Mythili.  The marriage was fixed to some four months later.

Kamala on her side advised Gayatri “Dear, this family is a good one.  Don’t lose this also, because of your hair length.  Hair can always be grown, but relationships are difficult to build.  So, do as your m-i-l and her people say.”  Gayatri was taken aback at her mom’s remark.  This remark rang in her mind over and over again.  She brooded over it over the next few days and finally resolved to change herself to whatever that tall boy Pradeep, his mom and Vishalu wanted.  She applied for a transfer to Pune and it was approved.

Gayatri chucks teetotalism

Mythili had been given a task by Vishalu to soften Gayatri to a mod life along with teaching Marathi.  She befriended Gayatri in a very short time.  Gayatri began to visit Mythili’s house almost daily in the evenings for about 2 hours to learn Marathi.  The two, despite some age difference, became very close friends.  In two months, Gayatri was very fluent in Marathi.  In another month, with deft manoeuvring and Vishalu’s diplomatic intervention, she converted Gayatri to one enjoying bawdy talk and a bi-weekly alcoholic drink, of course, hiding it from her parents!  Gayatri practised walking in very high heeled sandals also.

The marriage in Mysore, honeymoon in Goa and a second Reception in Pune happened.  Gayatri was warmly welcomed everywhere, in the apartment complex, in the Pune branch of her Bank, etc.  Her in-laws were very happy with her very good Marathi and her behaviour as the daughter-in-law of the house.  Pradeep was very happy that in the honeymoon, Gayatri happily took drinks and talked bawdy language freely.  After the honeymoon, Gayatri informed her mom and dad with a giggle that now she takes drinks.  Her dad was initially furious but Kamala mollified him.

By now, Pradeep and Gayatri loved each other deeply.  As Vishalu had indicated, the regular fucking between the two bonded them further to each other.  Gayatri once said to Vishalu that she thanked God for giving her a well-endowed man – a 7 inch long dick, good smelling semen and a capacity to pump her for 15 to 20 minutes at a stretch.  Vishalu was very happy with Gayatri’s bold bawdiness.

Gayatri happily took drinks and spoke dirty when required whether it was in the weekly kitty party of her m-i-l or in the party of Pradeep’s colleagues or Bank parties.  By now, she was happily wearing skimpy dresses to parties with high heels.   Rachana, Pradeep’s dad, Pradeep and Vishalu were all happy to have got such a nice, bold and mod girl as the d-i-l of the house.

About a month after the marriage, Vishalu came to Pune on a weekend.  Sunday morning, Rachana and Vishalu said “Gayatri, come, let us go to parlour.” Gayatri asked what for.  She said that the three would be getting haircuts.

Gayatri was aghast and said initially said no.  But her mom’s remark again repeated in her mind.  Her hair was not more valuable than this good family.  So finally Gayatri gave in happily and said yes.

Gayatri’s bbs clipper boy cut

So the three ladies left for the parlour wearing sarees.  Gayatri asked her m-i-l why she is cutting off her long hair.  She said that her usual style is a boy cut for the past fourteen years, but grew it long for Pradeep’s marriage over the past two years.  In the parlour, the stylist Usha requested Rachana to allow her to video the haircuts.  Rachana happily agreed.  First Vishalu sat and requested for a shorter version of grown out boy cut.  Usha ran clippers with no. 2 guard on her back and sides leaving a short pelt of hair.  Then she cut the top hair with clipper and comb to about 2 to 3 inches and Vishalu’s brand boy cut returned in a shorter version.  She got down from the chair beaming.

Next, Rachana sat down.  She said “For me and my daughter-in-law save as much hair as possible.  It has to be dropped in Tirumala.  Give me a cut similar to Vishalu.” Usha smiled a ‘yes’.  Gayatri was thankful for this gesture of her m-i-l saving her hair.  Usha combed out the hair, took a vertical section near the right side temple and cut the hair with clippers along the head contour leaving enough hair for trimming later.  The cut hair was laid on a platform.  Usha repeated this all over the head producing a rough boy cut.  She bunched the laid out long hair with tie wraps, handed it over to Vishalu who put it in a cover.  Then she repeated what all she did to Vishalu.  An almost identical boy cut resulted on m-i-l’s head.  She also got down with a broad smile.

In spite of Gayatri’s change of mind, she hesitated.  Rachana with a smile pushed her to the chair saying ‘shut up and climb into it’.  Gayatri nervously climbed into it, the first time she climbed a barber’s chair.  Usha was taken aback at the length and abundance of Gayatri’s hair.  “Madam, your hair is so long and nice” she said.  She asked her how short it should be.  Rachana intervened saying “Boy cut like me, a little shorter on top and bald on back and sides”.  Gayatri was taken aback at m-i-l’s words but smiled imagining her new look.

Gayatri thought ‘here it starts’ anticipating her first haircut ever, as Usha took a vertical section and with clippers cut the section from top down almost following the scalp contour and leaving just enough hair for final trim.  Vishalu took the cut hair and laid it straight on the table.  This continued for over 10 minutes.  All her long hair lay on the table and her head looked almost like Rachana’s boy cut.  Usha gathered the long hair lying on the table, tied the two ends and at two more places in the middle with tie wrap and handed it over to Vishalu who put it in a separate cover.  Gayatri thanked Usha for saving the maximum amount of hair.

Next, Usha put a no. 1 attachment on her clippers.  She bent Gayatri’s head forward and ran the clippers on her nape high up.  Gayatri became highly joyful at the great sensation of being clippered.  After the nape, Usha ran the clippers on her left side.  Now Gayatri smiled as the clippers peeled off her hair almost to the skin which she could see in the mirror.  Same thing happened on the right side also.  Next, she trimmed the top hair with a left partition, again using clipper and comb.  A very fine boy cut resulted on Gayatri’s head.

Usha took a different set of clippers, ran them up on the left side about half inch higher than previously, making the area almost bald.  This continued on the sides and then the back.  Finally she blended the bald back and sides to the top hair.  The bald area was about one and half inch above the ears.  Gayatri could neither stop grinning nor caressing the bald areas.  She took a selfie and sent it to her mom.  Back home, Pradeep was all over himself with happiness at Gayatri’s short haircut.  The two enjoyed her new haircut together in the afternoon, as Pradeep happily drilled her with his seven inch rod.  Usha sent the three videos a few days later to Rachana’s email id.

On the way back from the parlour, Gayatri suggested to her m-i-l of having a home bar and a weekly drink on Saturdays.  Rachana was very happy at this suggestion.  After consulting her husband and Pradeep, she gave a thumbs up to the suggestion and before the weekend the home bar was in place.  Starting Saturday, the four started taking a drink together at home once a week.  Gayatri had to stop taking it a week later after her pregnancy was confirmed.

Monday, Gayatri attended the Bank with saree and her new boy cut.  Everybody giggled at her short haircut.  Since her reporting officer, Yogita was also having a similar haircut, it did not cause too much of a hullabaloo.

Family Gundu at Tirumala

Gayatri’s son Srujan was born a little over 9 months after the marriage.  When he completed 10 months, at Gayatri’s insistence all went to Tirumala for a family gundu.  There, Gayatri and her m-i-l dropped their braids and all the five got gundu.  Initially it was for Gayatri’s satisfaction, but Rachana was very happy with it.  She exclaimed happily, “Gayu, you have opened my eyes to the beauty of a Tirumala gundu.  Henceforth, we will have a family gundu once in two or three years!”

The next day in Pune, Rachana and Gayatri ran into Usha, who cooed “Oh, it is Rachana madam and her d-i-l, isn’t it?  You two have shaved your heads. Where?”  Gayatri replied with a smile “Tirumala”.  “You two look superb as baldies.  Madam, I have never done a full clipper head shave on females.  Anyway, you two are bald.  Why don’t you two become bald again after two months in our salon?  I will shave your heads with zero clippers all over and like last time, I will video the same.  I need this in my repertoire.”

Rachana said with a broad smile “We happily agree.”  Two months later, the two went to Usha’s parlour.  Both had about an inch of hair growth.  First m-i-l sat.  Usha first ran clippers with a no 2 guard all over her head reducing the hair to quarter inch.  Then she took zero clippers and again ran it all over.  Rachana’s wide smile conveyed her joy in getting this clipper head shave.  Then the same thing was done on Gayatri’s head also making it bald.  Feeling the clippers all over the head was another great experience.  After three months the two resumed their clipper boy cut by Usha.

Gayatri and Pradeep bred their next kid as soon as they returned bald from Tirumala.  Srividya, their daughter was born nine months later.  Some six months after her birth, Gayatri resumed drinking, but always in strictly healthy limits.  After Srividya became 10 month old, they had their second family gundu in Tirumala and a clipper head shave at Usha’s two months later.  Rachana is very happy to own a d-i-l who is ‘mod’ like herself.  She is very thankful to Gayatri on many counts – majorly two: Tirumala gundu and home bar.

Gayatri’s mom and dad are also happy that she has become a mod girl.  In her annual visit to Mysore, Kamala proudly caresses her bald back and sides.  In her three year stay in Mysore, Mythili learnt Kannada well and became a friend of Gayatri’s parental family.

Gayatri has never allowed her hair to grow for more than two months.  Her long hair and teetotalism are happily gone forever.  From a very orthodox long haired, teetotaller girl, she quickly metamorphosed into a drink happy, boy cut girl.   It was all because of her mom’s remark “hair can be grown back but relationships are difficult to build, so, do as your m-i-l and her people say”.

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