Muted Obedience: A Wife’s Supremacy

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This is a different story then my usual stories , writing it on the request on some of my followers and friends, Hope, you like it.

Why don’t I use the clippers to make it closer as to the skin, said the Paul the old barber in late 60’s to Ethan who was sitting in a attentively on the chromed barber chair with a plain white cape tied tightly around his neck, in a 2 chair old barber shop.

Hearing this Ethan’s face turned pale and trying to hide his fear he said: No please, use the scissors and comb as always, but please sure to cut them as close as to the scalp.

Ethan didn’t wanted to upset his wife as she have told him to get his hair cut shorter by the scissors and Ethan doesn’t have the guts to disobey her words.

The barber just shrugged his shoulders and said “ok, as you want, I was just giving a suggestion”. As the barber continued his work, Ethan made sure to pay close attention to be sure that they are cut as short as possible.

Ethan was 36 years old , well build body and 6 feet tall and was the Youngest C.E.O of his company who was always hard working and had several e employees working under him, but he was a mere sheep in front of his wife IZZA.

Izza was 30 years old, hour glass shape body, innocent face, Green color eyes, skin as white as milk with waist length thick silky hair no taller the 5 feet. She was an Housewife with a will strong enough to make anyone do anything with a command of her eyes.

As the barber finished his work, he picked up a hand held mirror and showed the back to Ethan to check if it was as he wanted. Ethan brought his hand out from under the cape as he kept cheking his hair in mirror and as he touched to fell the hair.

Ethan: is it possible to make it bit shorter.

Paul: Not without the clippers.

Ethan kept feeling his whole hair and then checks his bangs which were side parted as they are told by IZZA, after making sure everything was done properly Ethan nodded his head in agreement and the barber cleaned him off and took off the cape and Ethan paid and drove to his home.

As he ran the doorbell he waited few minutes in his shorts old t-shirt and slippers, Izza opened the door and with an upset face.

Ethan was bit scared that what have happened now that IZZA was upset, but without a word Izza snapped her finer and with her hand signaled to come closer.

He knew it was signal for him to kneel so Izza could check if his hair were cut properly. Right at the door he kneeled and lowered his head. Izza started to feel the cut hair and turning his head in all directions to make to check properly.

Izza: It will do for now, but could have been shorter.(As she kept roaming her hands on his freshly cut hair)

Ethan stayed on his knees still while his wife was checking his haircut, “Yes Dear, as you say”, was the only words he could manage to say.

Izza finally removed her hands from his head and started walking to the lounge, Ethan quietly stood up and entered closing the door and removing his slippers and went to the lounge with barefeet, as he entered Izza was sitting on the couch and he quietly went and sat on the small stool besides the T.v facing his wife.

After minutes of sitting quietly and hearing the voices from the T.V, it all went silent. Izza had turned the TV off and kept looking at her sweet obedient husband. The awkward silence made Ethan very nervous.

Izza: Why you got late?

Ethan: I’m sorry for being late, the barber was busy when I got there. (Ethan lowered his head)

Izza: and what about this bad haircut? I told you to get them cut closer to the skin.

Ethan: I’m sorry, I thought it was close enough.

Izza: Well it’s not. Next week get it cut even shorter.

Ethan: Yes dear I’ll get them cut as you want. (Ethan wanted to say that it’s the closest it can get from scissors but no words were able to come out his mouth)

Izza places her feet on the coffee table and snapped her fingers and turned on the TV. Snap was the order to Ethan to come kneel by her feet and give her a massage, which Ethan obeyed without wasting a second. In between she would give orders to get her a coffee, prepare her bath , make dinner and Ethan would just say “Yes dear” and obeyed her every command.

Finally it was the night before the day of his haircut. They both Quietly sat on the dining table having dinner. In middle of the dinner .

Izza: After washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen come to me in the office for the weekly report.

Ethan: Yes Dear.

Ethan’s legs were shaking cause he knew that when he’s told to come to the office, he would be getting in more trouble for life then he already was. But never he had the guts to say no or go against her decision. Last time when he went to the office, he lost the privilege of wearing normal clothes and shoes inside the house except for leaving office.

After finishing his work in the kitchen we fearfully made his way to the office and knocked on the door. Patiently waiting for the permission to enter the office. Izza Always use to make him stand at office door before allowing him to enter.

Izza: Come in. ( Gave permission after making him stand for good 10 minutes)

Ethan entered the room with chills running through his spine. Ethan lowered his head as he entered and walked to the big solid wood table where Izza was sitting on the Big puffy chair behind the desk. As he reached the center of the room Ethan stopped and stood there with his head down and hands over lapping one another in front and said “Madam you called me”

Hearing these words Izza always use to smile and enjoy seeing her husband in such submissive state.

Izza: Yes. I have been thinking that… you have been working properly as you should. But there needs to be few changes made.

Ethan wanted to stop Izza that he couldn’t take anymore changes, how many more changes she wants to make. She already have the complete control over him. She have turned him into her obedient servant what more she wants him to do.

Then Izza started to list the rules and changes that will be made and finally told that from tomorrow he will only be allowed to wear male clothes only when going to the office or public gatherings. Besides that at home he can only wear his night suit chosen by her, otherwise he needs to be dressed as a maid properly dressed in a uniform.

On hearing this he was heart broken that from tomorrow morning he will loose his status of a man , he will be his wife’s personal maid. He wanted to oppose and deny this but he was not even able to raise his head in front of her and the only thing he managed to say “YES MADAM”

Izza: Oh one more thing. From this point onwards you will address me as Madam only. Now go and set a chair in the lounge, your barber is coming in few minutes. Dismiss.

Ethan quietly left the office and started to do as he was told to do. His head was spinning that what had happened and what can he possibly do to stop it.

As the chair was set Ethan quietly sat on the stool which he was only allowed to sit on when not doing anything.

Izza walked in carrying a small black bag , few towels and a white sheet. After putting the on the table next to the chair she picked up the sheet and said in a commanding and teasing tone “Sit. Your barber’s here”

Ethan quietly stood up and sat on the chair, he was nervous that what will she do.

Izza swing opened the white sheet in front of Ethan and tied it tightly more then the barber would ever do. The swish sound and the tightness raised his nervousness into fear. Izza firmly pushed Ethan’s head and said “Will you be a good husband tonight” Ethan in fear replied “Yess Madam” and heard a loud Pop followed by rapid by soft humming sound.

The cold metal blades touched his nape and rested there as Izza firmly pushed already lowered head the clippers started to move, as the clippers started to chew the hair the sound change, pass after pass was made non stop, moving every centimeter at the back then right and left.

Till now he could only see very few hair on the cape. Then the moment cape when the clippers had been taken away from his head but still buzzing, Izza raised her hand from the top of his head and placed it on the back. As the hand landed on the back of his head a loud clap sound was heard and a sharp pain rushed through his spine.

Before Ethan could recover from the slap on the back of his head, he heard the clippers coming closer to him but this time from the front. Ethan didn’t dare to move as he knew it would only make his wife annoyed.

The hot blades of the clippers touched his fore head and climbed up to the top of his head. Small hair were raining with every pass till his head was completely hairless from the reach of the clippers.

To be sure Izza used the clippers all over his head one more time before turning them off. The room went silent as she placed the clippers down and rustled through the bag. A shaking sound was heard for some time and then suddenly felt something warm was being spread on his head with the help of a brush.

His was now covered in shaving foam and Izza was holding a straight edge razor in front of Ethan as she opened it she said “Stay still” and started to shave his head, scrape after scrape he could feel the cold air kissing his freshly shaven head. Finally his head was completely bald. Izza took a towel and whipped his head clean it.

Izza took out a hand mirror and gave to Ethan so he can have a look as he saw him self he was bit surprised that he actually looked good. Izza was running her long nails along his freshly shaved head and planted a kiss on it.

Ethan was enjoying this, but good things never last forever. Izza took something out of the bag and applied the cold gel on his head and started to spread all over his head, then picked up a fresh towel and started to rub his head with force, it was not painful but embarrassing for him.

The rubbing went on for quite some time and finally stopped and the cape was open leaving it to slide off of him to the floor.

Izza started to walk out of the lounge and said “Clean it up and come to the room. I have big night planned for us”.




  • Hope you guys liked it.


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