My boyfriend the Beautician

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After high school I was taking some general education classes at a local junior college. On day after my last class I was walking to the parking lot and walked by the cosmetology school that was just getting out. A lot of the students were still in their smocks, carrying their cases and styling heads. Some had their hair in  rollers as that was common back then. I heard a voice call my name and turned around to see a boy I went to high school with walking out. He and I ran track together and had not seen each other since graduation. He had his case and his styling head in rollers. I have to say he did look cute in his smock. We walked together to the parking lot and talked. I asked him how he liked the cosmetology course there and he told me he was having a great time but it was harder than he thought. He said he had to do a lot of studying. I remember I used to tutor him in high school in some of the science and math courses to help him stay on the team. He then asked me what I was taking and what my major was. I told him I was just taking general education classes until I decided what route to take. He also asked me if I still worked at Miss Judy’s Beauty Parlor. I told him that I did.

He suggested that I enroll in the cosmetology course next semester and then I would be 1st year to his 2nd year and we could study together like before. He told me that since I had been working at Miss Judy’s that I would be a step ahead of most of the students as I already had practical experience. I told him I would think about it and would get back to him. He gave me a hug and told me it was good to see me and he hoped I would enroll. We then go into our cars and left.

The very next week as I was walking out the cosmetology school was getting out again and this time I saw him walking to his car and he had rollers in his hair. I asked him if he set his hair or did one of the other students. He told me that they all work and practice on each other and how much fun they all had. He suggested I come with him to his apartment for dinner and we could talk some more. I agreed and got into my cars and followed him. Just could no get the image of him in rollers out of my mind. It was very exciting for me.

When we got into his apartment he put his things down and got out some food from his refrigerator. He asked me if I still had my hair done at Miss Judy’s and I told him yes. He then asked me if he could practice a little on me. I asked him what he had in mind and he said just a shampoo and set. I need all the practice rolling hair I can get. I told him ok. He said we will fix dinner together after he set my hair.

He had me sit down and wrapped a towel around my shoulders and had me go over to the kitchen sink and bend forward so he could wet my hair. He turned on the water and checked the temperature and then wet my hair. He applied some shampoo and began to lather me up. I gave him some tips on a forward shampoo that I had learned and told him we also do the regular backwards shampooing as well as upright on some clients. He rinsed my hair and then had me sit in the chair and asked if he could try an upright shampoo on me. I told him to go for it. He applied some more shampoo and lathered me up again. I was getting a little excited as he was shampooing me and I think he could tell. He leaned forward and asked me if he was doing it right. I told him yes in a little shaky voice. He leaned forward just a little more and gently kissed me on the lips. I almost passed out. He had me stand up and took me back to the sink and rinsed my hair and then applied a conditioner and rinsed that after a few minutes.

He had me sit back in the kitchen chair and began to comb and section my hair. He started at the front of my hair and worked his way back. He was using a spray setting lotion and sprayed each strand just before he rolled in the curler. He then set each side of my head a I handed him the clips. hen he finished I got up to look at his work in the bathroom mirror. It was a very nice smooth set. He did a good job. When I turned around he was standing behind me, his hair still in rollers also. We leaned into each other and kissed again, this time more passionately and longer. We had been good friends in high school but this was more that I expected. To tell the truth I had a crush on him in high school but never told him. He asked what do you think about enrolling in school next semester? I said Oh yes, can we practice on each other while in class? He said by all means, the girls are going to love playing with your hair too.

We went back out to the kitchen where we both made dinner and then sat and ate with a little wine, then a little more wine. Then things got more physical as we were cleaning up and then made our way to his bedroom.   Going to leave this right there. Will continue more in the next experience.


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