My cousin gets her way

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After my mother died, I expected to move in with my grandmother. She was the relative I was closest too, living in the small town I grow up in, and at 17 I didn’t want to have to move schools a year before my exams.

However, given my grandmothers age it was decided that I should move in with my cousin (Maddie) and her parents as they where best able to look after me. I didn’t know my Maddie’s family well they lived across the in a large city centre apartment, that was very different to the suburban commuter belt surroundings I was use to, wear both my uncle and aunt worked office jobs.

I hadn’t seen Maddie in a long time, before the funeral it must have been years since we last met. But when we wear younger, being the only 2 girls about the age (she was 1 year my junior), we found ourselves entertaining each other at the occasional family reunion.

I don’t remember much from are rare hangout sessions but, I seem to remember her being rather spoiled getting twice the number of Christmas presents as anyone else and seeming ungrateful for the gifts she didn’t want. In hindsight, this might be me jealously miss remembering or she was going through a bratty phase as I had done years ago.

It was Maddie that was first to greet me when I arrived outside my new home.

“Sophia, its great to see you” she met me giving me a light hug

(Sophia is me btw)

“Please, call me Soph” I replied before hugging my aunt and uncle

They shared a few words with my grandma who had driven me before Maddie tugged on my arm.

“Come on, let me show you your new room”

“errrm, should we help with the bags”

“Mum and Dad will deal with them, come on” she said

I looked over at my uncle who gave an approving nod before, with another tug, Maddie guided me into my new home.

Maddie had grown up allot since I had seen her last. She was beautiful with perfectly applied make up, designer cloths, that could have been picked out by a stylist, and had an athletic frame although at 5,6 she was still few inches smaller then me.

Topping it of Maddie had a mess of frizzy, curly brown hair that fell to her chest, though it would stretch further if she straightened it. She tended to have it up held in a claw or pinned into an up-do.

It was a couple of days after I moved in when Maddie first asked if she could brush my hair.

Unlike Maddie, my hair is naturally a golden blond and is both very thick and very long falling too just above my waist. A friend had joked I had the hair of 2 people but the truth was I had more then enough for 3. If you looked at the 2 of us you wouldn’t have thought we where related, our hair was so different.

I agreed and soon found myself on the sofa with Maddie behind me gently pulling on my hair while we watched whatever tv show or movie she was into that day.

It was not long before this became a common occurrence with Maddie brushing and then styling my hair. She seemed to love to play with my hair and would spend hours brushing and braiding it into all sorts of styles. I didn’t mind her playing with my hair though it did become annoying when she insisted I held my head perfectly still for what felt like an eternity.

“I wish I had hair like yours” she said while twisting my hair into an elaborate half up style.

“but your hair’s beautiful”

My response seemed to offended her she gave sort of snorted laugh and gave a momentary yank on my hair.

“No, I hate my hair. I would do anything for hair like yours” she said almost jealously

Eventually, I got use to my new life. My uncle and aunt worked almost constantly at work, to the point when we would rarely see them, and I would find myself hanging out with Maddie all day. She was very spoiled, she could ask for anything and her parents would get it and she routinely did. On top of this, her parents let her get away with anything, she would barely get a warning for what my mum would have grounded me for.

2 weeks after I moved I started at my new school. I woke up early got dressed and did my makeup before pulling my hair into high ponytail. Even in a ponytail my hair was still basically down, falling to my lower back.

I headed to the kitchen to get breakfast when I ran into Maddie.

“Come on, Soph we need to do your hair before school”

“but I’ve done my hair?”

“oh? errr… that’s fine I’ll redo it” she responded fiddling with a pair of elastics and gesturing towards the sofa where she normally brushes my long locks.

Her response caught me off guard.

“its fine as it is, you don’t need to redo it”

“its no trouble” Maddie replied, sitting in her usual spot.

Again her response caught me off guard was I being unclear.

“no, I’m happy with it as it is. I don’t want you to redo it”

She couldn’t have miss understood that.

“oh… that’s fine” she said with a slight hesitation. I could hear a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Maddie was slightly cold to me through breakfast and the journey to school but she seemed to perk up as we got to school. At school she introduced me too all her friends, I was use to a fairly small friend group of about 5 but, Maddie had what seemed like 100’s. I wondered why none of them had visited in the last 2 weeks. The other thing is that they mostly seemed like the sort of popular mean girls and bullies I tried my best to avoid at my last school.

After school, I was exhausted and passed out on my bed when Maddie came in to my room.

“get up Soph, I want to brush your hair” she said twirling her brush between her hands.

“not now, I’m so tired” I moaned hiding under my duvet.

“come on… Please” she insisted trying to pull me out of bed.

“no let me sleep” I insisted pushing her off me.

Maddie seemed offended by this and gave a slight pout before storming off.

The next day I was surprised to find, Maddie again wanting to braid my hair before school and again had to insist on her not, ignoring every attempt of her to convince me otherwise. Before, she would act coldly to me for the rest of the day.

After we came home, I got out my new text books out and set about starting to study. As I had feared, my new school didn’t offer the same subjects I had studied for the last year and I had to catch up on a whole year of work in my free time.

It was while I was studying when, Maddie came in again wanting to play with my hair.

“no, Maddie I have lots of work to do”

I was starting to get very annoyed at Maddie by this point.

“come on Soph, you’ve not let my brush your hair in ages”

“no” I said back sharply.

That seemed to shut her up as she again gave a slight pout and stormed off. The next day Maddie gave a half-hearted attempt to convince me to let her to do my hair before seemingly accepting my rejection. When she didn’t ask again for the rest of the week, I assumed she had realised I wasn’t going to let her brush it constantly.

On Saturday, it was my aunt who knocked on my door.

“Soph, Sue our hairstylist is coming over do you want a haircut”

“em, yeah I’m overdue a trim”

My aunt gave a slight smile “she’ll be here at 3” she said, before going back to whatever work she was doing.

I was overdue a trim but I still was a little nervous to get a haircut. I hated getting my hair cut, I use to put off getting my haircut and would find myself crying if it was cut half an inch to short. It was probably because I was so attached to my hair, the very long blond locks where my pride and joy and had basically became my identity, I had even overheard some boys at my new school describe me as the “new blond girl”.

Whenever I went to a salon the stylists would either be in clear envy of my hair or try and convince me to cut it sometimes, to my amusement, both. I always loved having my hair long and never even considered more then a trim. Stylists would say it was hard to manage but the truth was I loved caring for my hair I found it relaxing and almost therapeutic or they would try to convince me that I would look better but my long hair had all the boys drooling over me.

As the thought of getting my haircut struck me I flung my hair, at this point held back in a loss ponytail, over my shoulder and gave it a slight hug. “It is my safety blanket after all” I thought as I stroked my golden mane. I was always surprised by how soft it was, it felt like a woolly blanket despite looking as smooth as silk.

As my hand glided to the end of my hair I saw the ends where in need of attention. I really was overdue a trim.

When my aunt next called for me I was knee deep catching up with school work.

“Soph, its your turn”

I looked at the time before heading to the kitchen. 3:45 I had really lost track of time.

When I got to the kitchen I saw my aunt and Maddie had already got there hair trimmed and styled, the fact that they had only got slight trims and there hair was styled perfectly went along way to settle my nerves.

Sue, the hairdresser, was a beautiful women in her mid-twenties. She was about my height and had shoulder length jet black hair held back in a low ponytail. A grey cape was thrown over her right shoulder and she had a black bag holding her haircutting supplies at her waist.

There was a chair in the middle of the room, the sort of fold up chair that you can fit in the back of a car, surrounded by a ring of brown hair clippings that must have come from Maddie.

I found myself walking across the room, sitting in the still slightly warm chair, before Sue wrapped the cape around her and pulled the collar tight around her neck.

“you have beautiful hair” Sue said as she pulled my hair onto the cape

“thank you” I replied, shyly blushing. I’ve always loved when people complemented my hair.

“so what are we doing today, Soph”

“She getting a short modern cut”

What did Maddie just say?

“oh no I just want a tri…”

“a short cut would look good on you” Sue interrupted

“but I don’t want short hair”

“come on, it’ll be fun” Maddie was trying to convince me now

“yes short cuts are in this year” Sue continued

“no, I like my hair long” I protested

Both me and Maddie looked at my aunt for support. She looked up from the laptop she was working on but as soon as Maddie and her made eye contact I new I’d lost the battle.

“maybe Maddie’s right, it would good short”

“but I like it long, I just want a trim…”

This time it was my aunts phone that interrupted me.

“Sorry, I need to get this” She said getting up to leave.

“so what about her hai…” Maddie continued.

“yes, yes” my aunt responded, her attention still on the phone call.

As she left, Maddie and Sue exchanged glances. The co-conspirators seemed to have got all the permission they needed.

“I’m going to enjoy this” Sue said almost gleefully “I love cutting long hair”

“but… but…”

“It’s too late now mum’s given her orders”

Maddie was getting very close, leaning over, her face was about a foot away from mine. Her lips where pressed tightly together I new she was enjoying this.

My mind was slowly catching up to what was happening. My hair was going to be cut. I went numb. I could feel the colour run from my face as I went light headed.

“p… please don’t cut my hair”

As the seconds passed I realised they where just ignoring me. Sue had finished brushing my hair down and was getting ready for the cut”

“so what are we doing?”

The question was addressed to Maddie rather then me.

“I was thinking…” Maddie trailed off as she showed Sue her phone.

“oh we’re going very short then”

A meek “no…” was all I could manage.

I could have run. I could get up and leave. But I couldn’t. I just sat there petrified. My arms sat frozen on my lap as my whole body shock.

“lets get started then”

Sue was excited by whatever Maddie showed her. I was silent, trying not to cry but, my eyes were red and I could feel a few tears roll down my face. I felt Maddie’s hand on my shoulder but it didn’t reassure me.

Sue pushed my head forward so I was looking at the floor. Then she started to pull my hair back before placing it in a loose ponytail midway up the back of my head.

“can I do the first cut” Maddie asked.


I could hear by the disappointment in Sue’s voice that she wanted to do the cut. Where they fighting over who got to shear me? I felt Maddie’s hand pushing on my head and found my self looking at the cape under which my hand where trembling.

I gave out another meek “no…” again to no avail.

“hold still”

Maddie was having fun.

I felt the cold metal of the scissors at the top of her neck and felt her pull my ponytail.

Oh god she was going to cut it right at my scalp.

I tried one last time to build up the strength to run but it was in vain. I sat perfectly still, frozen in place.

Maddie giggled as she started to cut my hair. The scissors where razor sharp but my hair wasn’t giving up without a fight. The long golden strands held on for their life but with each sawing motion more and more where cut loose. Maddie twice had to stop and readjust before with one finally loud “schniip!” my ponytail, my pride and joy was no more.

The tears had started as soon as I realised my hair was going to be cut but now the dam had burst, not that there was anyone to care. The fact that my captors where so clearly enjoying my fate somehow made it worse and there occasional attempts to have pity on my fate where clearly hollow.

“Yes!” Maddie squealed as I felt my head get suddenly lighter.

“no” I couldn’t muster anything more then a faint mutter through my tears.

As my hair, what was left of it, fell down in front of my head my heart sank. It was so short. Still looking down, I wondered whether It would reach my chin before in seconds Sue snipped away the little hair I had left until it was so short I couldn’t see it.

I wished there was a mirror so I wasn’t blind to my fate but even if there was I would be too scared to look. Falling strands of golden hair was the only indication of what was happening as Sue took more and more hair from the crown of my head. I wondered how I had any hair left.

As Sue pulled my head up, Maddie circled around me. She was holding my severed ponytail in her hand. I hadn’t realised quite how long it was until I saw the just over 2 feet of silky golden hair in her hands. Maddie ran her fingers down the length off what was my golden mane, even lifeless the long locks where beautiful.

Maddie and I made eye contact, a smug smile spread across her face, before she pulled up a chair slightly to close for comfort. I wasn’t there my mind had ran away out the apartment complex and ran as far as it could go, pity my body was still frozen still. Maddie leaned closer, I felt her finger brush a tear off my check, my wear still fixed on the ponytail resting on her lap.

“it’s a pity too cut it but it’ll be much easier to manage short” Sue remarked raising her voice over the sound of my tears .

“I think short hair suits you better” Maddie chimed in her fingers petting the severed ponytail lying on her lap.

I let out a slight moan before jumping out of my skin as I heard a loud buzzing.

“I don’t suppose you’ve ever had your hair cut with clipper before”

I shock my head as I heard a click of Sue attaching a guard to the top of the clippers.

“it feels like a massage”

I could hear the grin in Sue’s voice. My head was pushed to the side before I felt the clippers roll past my ears sending a flurry of hair onto my cape before she continued to the back of my head.

Maddie wasn’t even hiding her enjoyment anymore she was beaming as she played with my long ponytail. I watched transfixed as she brushed it out before plaiting it and secured it with another hair tie. She did get to braid my hair after all.

Maddie noticed me staring at what was once my hair and, with a smile, picked it up and brushed it against my face. She was taunting me. I wish my misery wasn’t written across my face, Maddie seemed to get a masochistic enjoyment out of my suffering.

Sue changed the guard and the continue cutting away at my nape. I felt naked.

Once she was satisfied with the length at the back she went back to the top combing it up before cutting into it at her desired length. Pulling and cutting hair methodically across my head.

“is this short enough”

Maddie nodded. Thank god.

Sue shock my head sending a flurry of loose hair flying onto the floor.

“then we’re done Soph”

Sue released me from her cape sending a gold mist flying onto the floor.

Maddie leaned in and rubbing my head a satisfied smile spread across my face.

It felt like a dream. I don’t know if I thanked Sue for robbing my mane, I just glided to the bathroom and stared at my reflection in the mirror Maddie following behind.

My hair was short, very short, it wasn’t any kind of modern trendy cut but an old fashion boy cut the sort people have in period dramas and posh private school. Clipped short at the back and cut over the ears at the sides it wasn’t much longer at the top only about an inch and a half in length.

“I look like a boy”

I cried as Maddie ran her hand along my head. My hair was much darker a brown rather then the golden blond that was once my best feature, without it too hide behind I could see just how ugly my face really is.

“like a 12 year old boy”

Maddie leaned on my back, giggling, I saw she was still holding my severed ponytail.

“well I wanted a sister but I suppose I can make do with little brother”

More tears fell down my face. I slowly pulled my hand up and felt my hair it was so short that I could barely run my finger through it I continued down the crown until I reached the back where Sue had clipped it. I felt the sharp hairs poke into my hand.

“I look ugly” I moaned

“yes, hideous” Maddie laughed knowing how much her words stung.

Maddie let go of my head and wrapped the ponytail around her neck before leaving.

I stood still, staring at whoever this reflection was.



“Its finally here”

I heard Maddie scream. It was 2 weeks since my shearing and I hated to my new haircut. I had tried every accessory I could think of to make me look more like a girl, from pins too clips too bows and bands nothing worked.

“Soph! come here now”

I had learned better then too ignore her.

I entered her room, it was noticeably bigger then mine, and saw Maddie sitting on her bed. She had her hair in a very tight bun and was sitting next to a packaged.

“I wanted to show you what I got” she said as she pulled something from the box.

I my eyes went to the box and I saw what she had got. It was a beautiful, long, thick wig of silky smooth, golden hair.

I watched as she pulled it onto her head and the strands fell down her back.

“can you brush it” she said passing me a brush.

Without a word I walked behind her and starting brushing the mane of hair. As I stroked it I wondered how it could be so soft.

And so I sat there brushing my hair.



Thank you for reading

This is my first story, hopefully of many, and I would really appreciate any advice/criticism anyone can give

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  1. Anonymous User,

    I think this is a very good story, especially as a first try. Well done.

    You did a wonderful job of capturing the emotions–anxiety, submission, and not a little cruelty. The physical description is very good as well, with some unusual turns of phrase like “a gold mist flying onto the floor.”

    My only suggestion, and it’s a personal preference, would be to add the use of hair products for more depth to the story. Perhaps Maddie can bring home a big tub of pomade or brylcreem and give Soph, her “brother” a proper slicking. Likewise, perming, coloring, teasing and spraying can add to a salon scene.

    It was a great story. Please write more.


    1. Thank you for you feedback
      I am quite badly dyslexic and was nervous to post this so hearing you like it means allot to me.
      I have an idea for my next story and I will definitely be using your advice to make salon scene more interesting.

  2. I liked this story but I’m not a very big fan of the ending. I don’t really like it when the entitled brat gets off completely free of consequence. If you ask me it would have been better if Sophie planned some sort of revenge where she cuts or even shaves Maddies hair off and maybe applies some gel to make it grow slower than usual. But that’s just my opinion. Overall good story outside of that.

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