My Doctor II: The Follow-Up Visit

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I arrived at my Doctor’s office the next month feeling extremely nervous for how she would punish me for breaking her rules.

I actually had no issue with keeping myself shaved head to toe. That wasn’t the issue. People just thought that I had alopecia. In fact, one of my coworkers, Stacey even said to me that I looked better bald when I walked in the office the following day. It was actually Stacey that caused my nerves. Because Stacey really, really liked my bald head. She kept rubbing and touching it. I would blush everytime that she did because of how tall and pretty she was. Eventually, all that rubbing and touching of my head lead to rubbing and touching of our vaginas. Multiple times.

When I walked into the Doctor’s office, I found her waiting for me. There was a bottle of Nair and a clitorial padlock awaiting on the counter. She didn’t have to say a word. She knew that I broke her rules. At first, I thought, do I just reek of sex? Is that how she knows? But Stacey soon answered that question by walking in the door. She greeted the Doctor and then me with a kiss.

“My wife, the doctor,” she said adoringly, “it’s so rare that I get to see you work.”

She laughed. “You almost undid that work by seducing one of my patients. She can’t help herself. We will have to get her under control. But, first, you will have to be dealt a little punishment yourself.”

Stacey pouted. She clearly didn’t expect that she would also be punished. But she still stripped naked. Then she knelt in front of her. The Doctor held her two foot black ponytail taut and chopped it off. Then she used her clippers to buzz her hair down to a soft two inch pelt. All as I watched in shock.

The Doctor playfully whipped Stacey’s ass with her ponytail. “Don’t play with my toys without my permission again. It took months for me to convince her that she was losing her hair, so she would let me transform her into a mewling bald slave. Let’s deal with her now. Don’t worry – I had two keys made.”

They both put on white latex gloves. Together, they stripped me naked and bound me spread eagle on the bench. Tears flowed down my cheeks as they covered me in Nair from head to toe. My hair would never grow back right again. I was doomed to a life of baldness.

After they washed off the Nair, Stacey fingered my vagina. “Oh,” she said, laughing, “despite all those tears, you are wet!” She wasn’t lying. Like who wouldn’t be gushing in this scenario?

The Doctor had her bring me just almost to climax and then pull away. Then she sterilized my area and pierced it with the chastity lock.

Kissing her wife and stoking her hair, she said, “Look at that. It’s for her own good. We will be the only ones that can use her.”

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  1. So it’s your field or arena that u r good in short things . Impressive but as I said not sufficient at all I could ony find some two lines about haircut and etc . See it’s clear I want u to make it a little long and more focus on the haircut and shaving 😊 and not on the characters and there life etc .

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