My First Trip to the Barber Shop  — Next Trip …..

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My First Trip to the Barber Shop  — Next Trip …..

By JimB (C)opyright April 2000

Was this the last shave I had?


“MY first trip to the barber shop, wasn’t my first trip.”

Seeing Jen with her head shaved, when I was there for a “cleanup shaving”. I was surprised.

She did say, tell me, any thing  about her wanting to shave her head.


“Did you shave your head, Jen?” I asked her as she stated rubbing my head with a preshave lotion, I found out and she did not use when I made my first visit.

“It was a few months after your first trip to the barber shop,” she begin telling me.

“I was shaving Jim’s head, I asked him, “Why were you shaving your head?”

“He smiled and told me, “Because it was hot.”

“Did he keep his head shaved long?” I asked her as she wrapped a warm wet towel around my head.

“NO,” she said. “He only shaved his once more.

“So, it would be three times.”

“Why did you start shaving your head?” I asked her again.

“Did you notice Mrs. James and her daughter, Sandy, walk in the barber shop as you and Mark walked out!”

“No, I was still surprised I let you shave my head,” I told her.

“Who is Mrs. James?”

“That’s right,” Jen said.

“She is Aunt Carol’s …..

“Mark’s mother neighbor and close friend.”

“NOW don’t tell me you shaved Mark’s mother head!” I told her joking.

“NO, Aunt Carol does not shave her head.

“Nor, has she ever asked me, of Jim, to shave her head.”

“WHY?” did you shave my head!

“Why did Jim shave Mark’s head!”

“You will have to ask Aunt Carol and your mom that question,” she continued as she lathered my head.

“All I can tell you is.

“Aunt Carol and your mom came by and handed us one hundred dollars each and said, “When I come here with Mark and you. To just shave their head and do not tell them why.”

“No, I have never seen your mother before that day.”

“Why did you come to our house and shave my head each time for two years?” I asked her, wanting answers.

“Twenty-five dollars was in the towel I wrapped around your head each time I visited,” she said as she stropped her straight razor.

“Why did you come back?” she asked me.

“Mom told it was up to me what I wanted to do with my hair,” I started telling her as she waived her straight razor in my face with a smile.

“I thought about about it and let my hair grow some.

“Then, the summer came around and I just came to the barber shop and you shaved my head, without me asking you.”

“That’d tight,” she quickly said with a smile.

“By the way,” I asked Jen.  “What kind of hair cut did Mrs. James and her daughter, Sandy?”

“Now, that is a great one,” Jen said with a BIG smile as began wiping the shaving lather from my head.

“Well, that day, when you made your — My First Trip to the Barber Shop.

Sandy said to her mother, Mrs. James, “Did you see the great hair cut she had!”

“Mrs. James patted Sandy on her head.

“Sandy walked to my barber chair and said, “I’ll have the same GREAT hair cut you gave that young lady who just walked with her friend, who had the same GREAT hair cut.”

I looked her mother, Mrs. James, and she smiled.

“I will be getting the same GREAT hair cut, also,” she said moving her left hand over her head.

“I did not ask any questions and I began moving my attachmentless clippers over Sandy’s head.

“She sat there and said nothing.  She did smile when she saw her self in the mirrors over the waiting chair.

“Her moth said, “Almost to the GREAT hair cut.”

“When she said that, I not waste any time and lather her head and stropped my straight razor.

“Slowly and gave her the GREAT hair cut she asked for.

“Her mother stood up and walked to the barber chair and stopped Sandy from the barber chair and said, “You forgot the eyebrows!”

“EYEBROWS!” I said to Jen.

“Yes,” she said showing me her sharpen straight razor.

I smiled and watched as Jen shaved my eyebrows.

“Just a second, Jen said and she turned to the mirror and shaved her eyebrows.

“Didn’t think about the “eyebrows” until it just came up,” she said and relather my head.

“Now for Mrs. James!

“She sat in the barber chair and I did not ask her.

“Just started buzzing her head with my attachmentless clippers.

“Then, I lather her head.  Stropped my straight razor and gave her the GREAT head shaving she wanted.”

“Well, I am waiting for you to give me my GREAT head shave I want,” I told her with a BIG smile.

“Take it slow.

“But, not to slow.”

“In a hurry?” Jen asked me as she shave the top of my head.

“Wish I was,” I told her.

“I asked mom …..

“But, dad said “now way”.

“I like your mom’s hair short like it is.

“She is not eighteen like you.”

“I did not know you were eighteen,” she said.


“And, looking,” I told her.

“Not because of the GREAT head shave.

“And, NO I am not!

“Just a little too picky with the boys.”


“Eighteen …..

“I know someone who has a brother who is nineteen.

“And, shaves his head?”

“Just sit still,” Jen told me as she snap a picture.

“What’s was that for?” I asked her as she moved her fingers over the key pad.

“Here,” she said handing me a card.

“He will be calling you in two hours.”

“Who is he?” I asked with a smile.

“Mrs. James’s son and Sandy’s older brother.

“When he came to pick up Mrs. James and Sandy, I head him say, “Wish I had a girl friend with the GREAT head shave you have.”

“I don’t think I will be too picky any longer.” I told Jen as I walked out the barber shop.

“And, my next, My First Trip to the Barber Shop, will be with some one …..

“Some nice nineteen old friend who likes a girl with a GREAT shaven head.

“Who loves a boy who has a GREAT shaved head.

“And, wants a barber who has a GREAT shaven head and will give him, and her, a GREAT head shaving each time them Take a Trip to the Barber Shop for a GREAT head shaving.

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