My inner beauty

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This is my first ever story.. sorry for the possibly wrong english.

and please let me know what you guys think.. enjoy



´´I cant believe he wonderd of with that younger much more blonder thing than me… ´´ Alex said with a disappointed yet crying voice.

´´Im gonna kill him for only leaving you, not to start about the fact he cheated on you…´´ Lauren said.

They were at Alex´s house for a nice girls night together, they were friends for ages now and they were always there for each other.


Alex was a very slim girl with long dark-brown hair because that was the ideal picture of beauty for her (now Ex) boyfriend, he always made her feel that she shouldn’t get to fat or eat to much. (because HE didnt like it if she would).

Alex was crying her ass of about what happend, ”5 years we were together, 5!! and now he is just..gone” alex said. Lauren could only give alex enough hugs as much as she wanted at the moment.

Lauren said with a thinking voice, ”you did everthing he asked, you looked like he wanted, you could never be your true self?” Alex: yeah i know, i kept going to the gym, i kept my hair ”sexy” long”

when i first met you, your hair wasnt really that long, do you remember?.. sexy short even it really suited you” ”Yeah i know, i let it grow out because he liked it so much, god why was i so stupid” alex said.

you know, i think you looked much sexier, a couple of years ago, a beautiful girl with lovely sexy curves” lauren said.

I think im wanna cut my hair and get plumpy again, what do you think?” asking lauren.


I think you should dear, but… i have another idea, you know im a chemist, and im experimenting on a new ”Self image” juice. you wanna be my test subject, i mean friend? Lauren said  with a confidend smile.

You know what, i do… lets do this Alex said. So up to the bathroom they went while Lauren was taking the juice from her purse.


Lauren explaning, ”so the idea of the juice is that you stand in front of a mirror and you look at yourself the way you wanna see your true self (image).”

Alex took the bottle from lauren and took a big sip of the the image juice. the transformation was starting.

Alex looked at herself in the mirror… ”nothing is happening” she said. ”you really have to focus” Lauren said standing behind her, and laying on hand on her shoulder.

Alex touched lauren’s hand and looked back ”you are so sweet, i hope you will find the right person alex” lauren said with a sweet kind voice.

The moment Alex looked back at herself in the mirror, she put her hands in her tight ponytail.. and it started to come loose, ”oh my god what is happening, my head tingles” alex said.

Lauren: its starting… lauren looked at how alex’s long brown tresses started to came loose from her head in long tresses.

”my hair is falling out, what did you do Lauren? ”nothing? this is your true self image, just let i happen” she said while helping alex get rid of her hair. Ales closed her eyes and enjoyed the tingling feeling of all her long dark hair letting go (this was letting go of the not me, the Jeffrey me”..,

In 15 seconds the was bald, all her hair was on the floor. she looked in the mirror while touching her bare smooth skin on her head. ”i thing i like this, is this who i really am? Lauren said, you always looked good with short hair Alex.

but thats not the only thing, her boobs started to get bigger to, her arms started to get fluppy and her belly started to grow from under her dress”streching it out… ”i my god.. it feels so good, yes..” touching her growing tummy..

she looked in the mirror as she was growing and growing… her dress couldnt handle her new body anymore and started to break loose from her body…, there she was in her brah that also had trouble keeping her new big floppy boobs together… her face started to get fatter, and was touching every inch of her belly and smooth bald head.

and ”Bang” that was the clip holding her brah together and her brah felt to the floor, she quick folded her arms together trying to hide her new big boobs, Lauren said while taking her arms ”dont hide for me, your are beautyfull while touching her bare scalp…. . there she was the new Alex, the more real Alex, the bald and fat alex, ”’this is how i always felt inside, thank you lauren, i love you so much”

the way she said it.. it was so deep and sweet and kind the kind of person lauren always was,”you know Lauren, i always had some kind of a crush on you”, more then just my best friend”

Lauren turned Alex aways from the mirror facing her, they looking in eachothers eyes for a moment. and then Lauren touched Alex’s bald smooth head in a soft tender way, and kissed Alex with deep lovely passion on her lips, and alex let it happen..(she closed her eyes and enjoyed ever moment of it, this was really who Alex was).


Lauren said with much joy…”Lets take a look at my self image, moments away from taking a sip of the ”image” juice, Alex took the bottle and said ”you alreay look beautyfull Lauren” ”you are the sweetest Lauren said, But i need a change from myself, with you, so we are gonna do this the old fasion way. taking a chair from the bedroom, and a pair of clippers.

Lauren whispered in Alex´s ear ”Undress me please, waving her long Orange red tresses aside exposing her dress zip… (or should i just take the juice?)


To be continued?….





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