My sister’s girlfriend

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It was a Sunday when Claire brought home Laney, she was hot and exotic; Claire and her had been dating for God knows how long.

Laney was a girl with “odd” habits, such as her search history, Claire called me into her room; she had Laney’s laptop before her.

”This is the type of stuff we watch together”,said my sister, letting me in beside her.

Video after video, women of all backgrounds were caped up in barber chairs; some consensual while others were forced.

Cuts were frequent but headshaves were preferred over all to the girls, I could only smile and say,”That’s neat”

One day, mother had to run some errands and Claire went with her, I was left with in the house with the girlfriend.

She didn’t bother me at first, keeping to Claire’s room and watching those videos.

I went downstairs to watch tv and after a few minutes, Laney came down and watched the tele with me.

I didn’t think anything of it, that was, until she started playing with my red hair and smiling.

”You have such lovely red hair”,she told me.

”Thanks”,I reluctantly replied, changing the channel.

A commercial came on, a woman has her head shaved for a soda brand.

”Mmm”,Laney smiled,”What do you want?”


”How much”Laney rephrased,”For your hair”

”Oh no no”,I backed away from the crazed girl,”I’m not cutting my hair”

“Oh, come on”,she prodded,” I will do a good job”


”Fine”, she relented, but her habit wasn’t satisfied; she patted my leg and she had a perky smile,”How about you do my hair”

”What?”, I was credulous.

”Yeah”,she explained,” I have the stuff up in Claire’s room. I’ll go grab it”

I watched her scale the stairs and come downstairs with a black box and a lime-green cape folded atop it.

I muted the tv and went to her in the kitchen, she was humming as she unfolded the cape, looked it over, and got a chair to sit in.

I looked in the box; clippers, scissors, and other utensils were at my use, Laney sat in the chair she provided and secured the cape’s buttons behind her head.

She smoothed it over herself when she was done and relaxed.

”So”,I paused,”Whatcha you want done?”

She smirked at me,”I’m all yours”

I didn’t think myself gay but I couldn’t help to blush.

”Alright”,I picked up the clippers and flicked them on accidentally; in that moment, I fantasized myself shaving her head bald.

Maybe it shouldn’t be just a fantasy.

”Hey”,I said to Laney,”Have you ever been-“

”Hush”,she cut me off,”Do as you please, I won’t stop you”

I stared down at the clippers in my hand, I wanted to shave her but will I really do it?

My mind flipped over to autopilot and I moved to Laney, clippers still buzzing in my hand.

I swept her hair with my hand but strangely, I felt my arm raise itself to my head.

The clippers were at my hairline and I didn’t stop it; in one quick run, I ran the clippers down my scalp.

My mouth dropped, what had I done?

Laney started laughing so I grabbed her by the chin and shaved her a strip.

I kept hold of her chin and buzzed her down, quickly, she was a stubbly girl and she loved it.

I still had a shaven strip, it looked awkward to just have it so the clippers went over my head.

We both had stubbly heads and I wanted to be done but my body disagreed with my mind.

I took Laney’s head in my hands and stared into her eyes.

”Shave me”,she mouthed.

From the box, I took out a spray can of shaving cream.

I painted her head white and took up the razor she provided.

Pass after pass, she was bald but I couldn’t resist. I bent her head upwards and I asked her to close her eyes.

She smiled as I ran the blade across her brow and wiped it bare.

When I was through, I gave her a mirror to look herself over.

”I look hot”,Lainey said as I kissed the back of her head, she giggled and I was getting used to acting like this: a hair-fetish freak.

I undid the cape and dusted off the back of her neck.

Quite a lot of hair laid on the hair and I felt happy to throw it all away.


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