Mylene Seemungal barbershop haircut

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I’ll never forget that day I saw Mylene Seemungal get her haircut in a barbershop. It was quite a spectacle to see her being barbered, and the story is quite amusing. I’m sure Mrs Seemungal remembers this day quite vividly, and I think it would be nice to share.

It was many years ago, while I was a student at Presentation College Chaguanas. I had Mrs Seemungal for Biology, and I really liked her. Apart from being a really good teacher, she was also very pretty and kind. I always liked the way she dressed also, though I can’t remember whether she would wear high heels or open-toed sandals, though I think it was almost always high heels.

Mylene Seemungal, despite being generally kind, was often very strict. She commanded respect and power like no one else, and would always get her way. She was always in control, and many of my friends didn’t like that she would never let then get away with misdemeanor. Another thing about her was that she always needed to win the power struggle. She would do whatever it took to prove her point. If anyone reading this went to pres chaguanas, you would know this was very much evident when dealing with students, parents, other teachers and even her husband, Brian.

Anyway, back to the story. So at that point, Mylene had her hair a bit longer than her shoulders. I remember that very day, I had her last period. Little did I know when she left the school compound with her husband that evening that I would soon be seeing her at the barbershop.

My hair was a bit shaggy so I decided to go for a haircut before I went home. I went over to a barbershop not too far from PCC . When I walked inside, I was stunned. Before me was Mr Brian Seemungal getting his haircut and his wife Mrs Mylene Seemungal sitting on the waiting bench looking on. I remember she started laughing when she saw how surprised I looked to see them. She invited me to sit down next to her, so I did and we chatted for a while, with Brian chiming in to the conversation every so often. When Brian’s haircut was finished, I expected them to pay the barber and leave. I was even more shocked than before when I saw Mylene Seemungal get up, walk over to the barber chair and have a seat. Once again, she noticed my expression and laughed.

I remember asking her how come she was gets her hair cut in a barbershop. She told me that it wasn’t a usual thing and that it was her first time. She explained that there were two main reasons she was getting her haircut here; the first was that they had to attend an event that evening and she wanted a haircut to look sharp, but her hairdresser wasn’t working that day, so coming along with Brian was the most convenient option. The second was that she was really excited to see what the barbershop experience was like.

Brian Seemungal sat down next to me. We watched as the barber put the tissue paper around her neck and then draped her in a white and black pinstriped barber cape just as he had done with her husband. Using the pedal, he pumped the barber chair a few times, elevating Mrs Seemungal on the barber chair. He began to comb through her thick, dark brown hair. As he did so, I asked,” Mrs Seemungal, what kind of haircut are you getting today.” She replied that she was thinking about just taking a few inches off, maybe cutting it to her shoulders.

“Have you ever thought about getting something shorter?” I asked her. She replied that she had actually been thinking about it a lot, then excitedly asked Brian what he thought. Brian seemed unenthusiastic about it. He said he thought she’d look great either way.

When the barber was done combing her hair, he asked her how she wanted to cut it, his scissors and comb in hand.

” Something a little shorter but I don’t know exactly what. I’ll let you choose something, once it’s very feminine and not too short!” she said to the him. He nodded. “Sure.”

“Also it’s my first time at the barber, so I want the real barbershop experience okay?” she said with a chuckle.

“The real barbershop experience? Sure I can do that,” he said. Now as you probably know, it’s not the best idea to not tell a barber exactly how you want him to cut your hair. But how was Mylene Seemungal, a regular at the salon her whole life supposed to know that.

The barber walked over to his counter and retrieved his clipper machine and comb. He then spun the chair so that Mylene was facing me and Brian, smiling at us excitedly. I don’t think Mrs Seemungal noticed that the barber had brought over the clippers because when he turned them on, she jumped. Her grin was wiped off her face and the next thing she knew, her head was forcefully bent downward by a strong hand and her barbering had begun. Mrs Seemungal said nothing as he started her haircut. Brian and I watched on with intrigue as the barber meticulously combed and clipped off her thick locks. Every time she tried to raise her head to look at us, her head would be forced back down so that her chin was nestled on her breasts. It was basically raining hair at this point. The barber’s clippers seemed to be hungry for Mylene Seemungal’s hair, mercilessly shearing it off and sending it falling to her lap and the floor. Her high-heel clad feet which rested on the footrest of the barber chair were now covered in her barbered locks. Mrs Seemungal seemed so embarrassed being shorn in front of her husband and myself. I was also surprised that she was being so quiet during her haircut.

It really was amazing seeing Mylene Seemungal get her haircut. What was interesting was the contrast in power. Ususally she was the most powerful, dominant and controlling teacher I knew, and there she sat on the barber chair, helpless as she received a shearing she would never forget.

After a short while, the clippers were switched off. Mrs Seemungal’s shearing was complete. In place of her glorious tresses that flowed down past her shoulders, she now had a brutally short lip length bob with a buzzed nape. I thought she looked so amazing, and I could tell by the smile on Mr Seemungal’s face that he did too.

I was nervous to see what Mrs Seemungal would think. The barber spun the chair around to face the mirror. Mrs Seemungal saw herself, a woman who had just been shorn like a sheep, still caped on the barber chair with clumps of her clipped off hair all over her lap, now with a super short bob haircut that was no longer than her chin. I was expecting her to sigh or scream or frown or something. But instead she smiled the widest smile I’d ever seen on her. She absolutely loved it.

I remember the next day in Presentation College Chaguanas, when she went up on stage during assembly. All the oohs, aahs and gasps that were let out as the students of PCC saw their teacher who had just had her hair clipped super short. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy the attention she got from her new bob haircut.

And that was the start of Mrs Seemungal’s short hair era. I remember talking to her once about it and she’s told me that even though keeps her hair short, she has actually never actually gone that short again. Also, she says that as much as she loved the barbershop experience she got, she usually goes to the salon, although she still gets her haircut by the barber with Mr Seemungal occasionally.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day. I mean it’s not often you see your Bio teacher chopping off all her hair at the barbershop. I shared this story because it was a fond memory during my days at Presentation College Chaguanas. I hope you enjoyed!


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