Neighbour- 2

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After cumming all over her hair and face I untied her arms and let her free the thing which I never expected is she rubbed the cum all over her hair and face on seeing that I became sure that she I’ll be mine from this moment and that makes my dick hard again.

She then took a look at her long hair which is now a little trimmed I took the trimmed hair from the floor and sprinkled it on her hair and face and it gets stucked to my cum. I found her eyes becoming wet and I asked her why as she enjoyed everything I did she replied that she has no idea what to say to her mom about the hair trim on hearing that I started laughing and told her that don’t worry your mom won’t ask u anything about this she was little confused and went with fear and hesitation.

After few minutes as I expected her mom came in and started shouting at me I just calmed her down and told her that your daughter is happy with what I have done to her and also I don’t need her but all I need is her hair soo u better be way out of this.

The next day her daughter came in and undressed herself and sat on the chair, today I left her arms untied. I asked her for a blowjob first she tries to avoid but after having mine into her mouth she became very passionate on blowjob after few minutes she took a huge load of my cum on her mouth I told her not to swallow it but take it out and apply it all over her hair and face she did that though as she can’t refuse my words.

After a few works, again I started playing with her shaving her pussy again and again till it burns for her and went back to her took her long straight hair and stuffed the top of the hair on to her mouth and started clean shave her back till below her crown and clean shave her sides too, shaving it again and again to make it too burn. All she has now is her top hair alone I just gave a bob cut with those remaining top hair and had a great time with her like hairjob, blowjob, fingering her pussy, pressing her boobs hard and gave her a cum bath.

Even though she had pain and she cried she never restricted me all she did is to co-operate and do whatever I ask her to do. All I came to know is she and her hair will be mine from that moment. I used to call her to my home to have fun and maintain her head hair as well as pussy hair. Over a year I never left her to grow her back and side hair but her top hair which I cut into bob has now grown below her shoulder length even after having some trims while shaving her side and back and her pussy hair even where I made some sort of style and maintained it though. I told her not to do anything to her hair as it’s all mine.





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