New Friends – Part I / The Seduction

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It was the beginning of the summer and I was actually in the process of moving into a new condo rental. Thank God I had a week off from work to move in. As it turned out, I ended up doing most of it by myself, except for the furniture. By mid afternoon, I had just driven up to the condo with my last load of boxes and was totally exhausted. So, I decided to take a quick break from the heat of the blazing sun and rinse off in the shower before finishing for the day. Once I peeled off my soaking wet top and shorts, I immediately stepped under the cold spray in the shower and just leaned up against the cool tile for a minute. After I finished with my abbreviated shower, I didn’t even bother to dry off, I just grabbed the first thing I could find to put on, which was an over sized t-shirt. As anxious as I was to finish, I didn’t even take the time to look around for another pair of shorts. Without thinking any more about it, I just slipped on my sandals and headed back down the stairs and out to my car to finish bringing in the last of the boxes. I was almost finished when my new next door neighbor pulled up alongside of me and caught me by surprise. We had seen each other a few times before, and although we never actually met, I immediately recognized her.

“Hi,” said the petite young blonde, as she stepped out of her car wearing an elegant black gauze top and matching shorts. “I’m Brooke,” she added as she stepped closer. “I see you’re finally moving in.”

“Yeah … and in this heat,” I embarrassingly responded, as I wished that I had taken the time to find another pair of shorts to slip into before walking back outside to my car. “I’m Tara.” Oh well, too late now, I thought. That being said, I tried not being so self-conscious about having nothing on under my long t-shirt. I mean, for all Brooke knew, I was wearing shorts underneath. Anyway, there was nothing I could do about it at the moment. Except maybe not bend over too far. LOL

“Looks like you could use a some help,” Brooke added as she looked into the back of my car, and then back at me.

“Actually, I’m almost finished … ” I began to say back to her when she interrupted.

“No problem,” Brooke said as she reached out for a box. “Our doors are right next to each other … here, let me help.”

“Thanks.” I said as I reached into the back seat for another couple of boxes. “Go ahead,” I added as I turned around. “I’ll be right behind you … the door’s open.”

A few minutes later, and a couple more trips to the car, all the boxes were finally inside. Once I set down the ones I had in my hands, I closed the door and offered Brooke a cold drink. As I stepped into the kitchen and grabbed our drinks, Brooke managed to eventually make her way through all the boxes and out onto the large deck off the living room. A moment later, as I slowly followed behind her, I couldn’t help but notice an obvious similarity between the two of us; we both had slender, athletic profiles. The main differences being that Brooke was just a couple inches shorter than myself, like around 5’4″ or 5’5″, and wore her relatively short blonde hair in a really cute bob style … while my layered jet black hair was cut shoulder length. Oh, and I almost forgot to add that I was maybe about 8 to 10 years older than Brooke, who I guessed was in her early twenties.

Just as I approached Brooke from behind, she casually reached up with both hands and pushed her sexy blonde hair up the back of her head. Surprisingly, as more of her slender neck was exposed, all I saw was more smooth, hairless skin underneath. Wow, that was quite an undercut, I thought to myself! There’s definitely more to this innocent looking young girl than first meets the eye. Then, as she heard my footsteps on the wooden deck, Brooke quickly let her hair fall back down over her delicate neck as she turned around and smiled. It was then that I first noticed Brooke’s meticulously shaped eyebrows. Although they were a little darker in color than her short blonde hair, they were so thin they were barely noticeable from a distance.

“Thanks again for your help,” I said as I handed her a drink. “I couldn’t wait to finish for the day and get back inside, out of the heat,” I added while my brain was still preoccupied with thoughts of Brooke’s boldly shaved neck. For whatever reason, I couldn’t seem to get the image out of my mind. Besides, I was extremely curious as to what possessed her in the first place to actually shave her neck. Just saying.

Anyway, the rest of our conversation was just typical girl talk … mostly about her boyfriend and my presently single lifestyle. Then, just as we finished our drinks, Brooke invited me over to meet Connor a little later and, also to relax from the stress of moving for a few minutes. As much as I first thought about asking her for a rain check for another time, for some reason I quickly blurted out, “Thanks, that sounds like fun! I could use a break from all this,” as I looked around my box filled living room. “Plus, I’d love to meet Connor.”

“Great,” Brooke responded as she began walking towards the front door, “How about around 8?”

“Yeah fine, that works. I’ll see you then,” I answered back as I quietly shut the front door behind her. “Why did I say that?” I asked myself out loud. I’m so tired, and I still have so much work to do to make this place livable. (long pause) On second thought, maybe Brooke was right. I did need a break. I should just kick back, meet Brooke’s boyfriend, have a couple drinks and then get a fresh start on the whole moving in thing tomorrow morning. So, after grabbing something quick to eat, taking a long hot shower and getting cleaned up … I was almost ready to knock on Brooke and Connor’s door. I just needed to find something to wear, other than a t-shirt! Finally, I found a short red cotton sundress and my favorite pair of sandals in the midst of all the boxes and chaos. Then, after one last brief search, I found one of the boxes my lingerie was stored in, and slipped into matching red Brazilian panties. Perfect, I was ready to go.

Not surprisingly, when Brooke opened the door, she was dressed more casual than earlier. Ok, actually, a lot more casual! She had replaced her stylish gauze outfit from earlier with a sexy brief tank top and an extremely loose fitting pair of cut-off shorts that looked like they might actually slip completely off her slender hips any second. I remember thinking at the time, Brooke was quite the paradox. Although her sweet, innocent face and petite body made her look like a young teenager, her overt sexiness and revealing outfits were more characteristic of a slightly older, and extremely confident, young woman.

“Tara, come in! Connor will be out in minute. I would ask what I can get for you to drink, but it looks like you brought your own,” Brooke said as she flashed a warm smile towards me.

“Yeah well, not knowing what you guys like to drink, I brought a Pinot Noir Rose’ and a bottle of rum with me,” I offered just as Connor entered the room. Wow! Brooke said Connor was cute, but she didn’t mention just how cute … around 6 ft tall, short brown hair, athletic build and a totally disarming smile! Lucky girl.

“I thought we were supposed to be the ones offering a gift?” Connor said as he smiled and walked over to say hi.

“Next time, I’ll take you up on that,” I replied as I handed him the two bottles. “Until then, where are the glasses?”

“Right hear!” Brooke said as she placed a couple of empty glasses up on the kitchen island. “So, what would you like Tara?” she asked as she went over to the freezer and quickly returned with some ice.

“Rum and Coke,” I quickly replied. “Heavy on the rum, I need to unwind and relax,” I added as I glanced back over at Connor, as he walked back over to Brooke and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Copy that,” Connor politely responded. “Although, I might have to make a quick trip at some point for some more Coke,” he added after taking a quick look inside the fridge. “Brooke, that means you have the Rose’ all to yourself,” Connor said as he opened up a cabinet door and grabbed a rather elegant looking wine glass for his girlfriend.

Although the sun was still out, it had cooled down a little since earlier that afternoon, so we all took our drinks outside on the deck to continue our conversation and listen to the music coming from their living room. I must admit, Connor and Brooke seemed to be made for each other. They both were so charming, and so much fun to talk with. I felt really lucky to have them as my new neighbors! Eventually, after we had talked and drank for quite awhile, Connor excused himself for minute for a quick trip to the store for some more Coke. While he was gone, Brooke and I decided to stay out on their deck to continue our conversation and watch the colorful sunset.

Between the warmth of the day’s last rays of sun and the effects of my multiple drinks … I was definitely feeling a little light headed, as well as physically tired from all the moving earlier in the day. Anyway, Brooke and I just relaxed and stretched out in their comfortable patio chairs while we continued to talk about everything and anything. Then, at some point during a brief pause in our conversation, we both stood up and set our drinks on the deck handrail while looking out towards the nearby lake and the colorful sunset. When Brooke spoke next, she stared rather intently into my eyes and offered …

“Tara, your blue eyes and light freckles are absolutely amazing!”

“Thanks,” I self-consciously replied with a faint smile. “But actually, I didn’t have much choice. I was born with both of them.”

“Whatever,” Brooke laughed. “You look fantastic!”

“Thanks again,” I said back to Brooke before adding, “The only downside is that guys my age still look at me like I’m much younger than I really am.”

“And … that’s a bad thing?”

“The truth … yes, and no,” I said answered back. “Sometimes I’d like people to guess right,” I winked back.

“Speaking of guessing, I was wondering … ” Brooke started to say in her usual soft and charming way, “Are you wearing anything under that cute dress, or is your sexy ass as bare as it was earlier this afternoon?”

Wait, what? Did this young girl just ask if I was naked under my dress? Obviously, Brooke did notice earlier that I wasn’t wearing anything under my t-shirt! And, is she coming on to me, or what? As shocked as I was at the moment, I could only watch in disbelief as Brooke casually reached out and grabbed the hem of my thin dress and began to slowly lift it up over my hips as she kept staring directly into my wide open eyes. And my only explanation for not offering any resistance to her unexpected advances was that I was temporarily unable to say, or do, anything for a moment due to my initial confusion and disbelief of what was happening! Between the mischievous, naughty look on Brooke’s face, and the soft touch of her curious hands as they slipped up under my dress, I was literally frozen in place, and speechless!

Honestly, what was happening seemed like a scene from an x-rated movie, certainly not any semblance of reality in my predictable, ordinary life. Even more bizarre, if that was even remotely possible at the moment, I felt my heart start beating faster as I tried to catch my breath and regain my senses! Amazingly enough, while my mind was spinning around in circles, my body kept involuntarily responding to the delicate touch of Brooke’s hands under my dress!

“Look what I found!” Brooke teased as I felt her hands slip deftly inside the waist of my panties. “You are wearing something under your little red dress. Tara (pause) isn’t it a little late to play all shy and modest now?” Brooke coyly added as she noticed the shocked look on my face. “After all, I’ve already seen your sexy bare ass,” Brooke said as she slowly began to push my panties down over my hips. “And, as warm as it still is (pause) I’m sure it would feel so much cooler without this on,” Brooke whispered as she boldly pushed my panties down even lower over the curve of my ass. Then, before I could even begin to respond to the situation, Brooke knelt down in front of me and quickly pulled my panties all the way down my shaking legs. Then, while I continued to submissively stand still, Brooke silently lifted up one foot after the other, before tossing my panties aside. Next, as Brooke slowly began to stand up off to my side, she ever so gently ran her soft hands up the front and back of my left leg and then up under my dress once again. While one hand drifted lightly over my wet pussy lips and eventually up over my carefully sculpted triangle of black pubic hair … the other hand slipped directly between my thighs and found my exposed ass!

Oh my God, I remember gasping to myself, what the hell just happened! Another woman, a young girl actually, just stripped my underwear off my body and then immediately started to caress my exposed pussy and ass, while my only reaction seemed to be a wet pussy and weak legs! And, strangely enough, instead of making any attempt to stop Brooke from going any further, my heightened sexual response and insatiable curiosity at the moment prevailed over my momentary lack of common sense. And although I never envisioned having a sexual encounter with another woman before, at the moment I found myself completely and helplessly vulnerable to Brooke’s delicate, soft touch.

Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier, I saw Connor out of the corner of my eye! Apparently, just about the time Brooke started flirting with me out on the deck, Connor came back, unnoticed, and was leaning up against the back of the sofa while watching his girlfriend seduce me out my underwear. Oh my God, now what do I do, I asked myself as Brooke began to teasingly slide her curious fingers up and down between my exposed pussy lips! Not only was this young girl I just met a few hours ago softly caressing my exposed pussy and ass, but her simply adorable boyfriend was watching while she did it! The thing is, I’m not sure what excited me the most at that moment … being so sexually turned-on by Brooke’s totally unexpected act of seduction, or that Connor was watching us from just a few feet away!

“I just knew you were going to be fun,” Brooke whispered in my ear as she gently pushed my legs a little further apart, “I just didn’t have any idea how much!” Brooke added as she slowly removed her probing fingers from between the cheeks of my ass and placed them gently on my nervous lips. Then, as my lips ever so slightly parted, Brooke slowly pushed her wet fingers in further. Once I impulsively started licking and sucking on her fingers, we both knew that I had lost any semblance of self control I may have thought I had when I first arrived. It seems as though between the dizzying effects of the strong drinks and how much I was turned on by all the attention my body was getting from young Brooke’s sensitive touch … I was totally incapable of resisting her sexual advances. And, not surprisingly, it seemed as though Brooke was just getting started with her daring game of erotic seduction while her boyfriend continued watching in awe. 

Meanwhile, I inexplicably continued to stand perfectly still as Brooke quickly stepped around behind me and briskly pushed me up against the hand rail facing the lake. Next, before I could even catch my breath, I felt Brooke begin to unzip the back of my dress. It was as if I was in a really wild dream about being seduced by another woman in a voyeur/exhibitionist situation. Only this wasn’t a dream, I reminded myself as I felt the back of my dress fall wide open! Immediately, I felt Brooke lightly place her hands on my shoulders and slowly begin to push my loose dress straps completely off my shoulders!

Once my straps fell off my shoulders, it only took an instant for my dress to float silently down over my narrow hips and onto the deck … leaving me standing there in front of both my new neighbors, and anyone who might be walking by below at the time, wearing just my sandals! Sigh. Meanwhile, as sexually turned on as I was at the moment … I never actually thought about what might happen once I was actually naked! I guess I was just so sexually caught up in the moment, nothing else seemed to matter. Go figure.

Almost immediately, I felt Brooke reach out and gently motion for me to turn around to face both herself, and Connor. Never in my life had I ever been in such an embarrassing and, at the same time, intoxicatingly exciting situation. Yeah, I know. There I was … totally naked, staring down at my discarded dress and panties … with my bare breasts and swollen pussy lips on full display in front of my new neighbors. Now what!

“My turn,” Brooke quickly added as she placed my hands on her bare stomach beneath her short top. Then, as if she couldn’t wait to get naked, Brooke quickly raised her slender arms up above her head in an effort to help make it easier for me to strip off her top. Just one quick upward pull, and her top was off … revealing her small, firm breasts and noticeably erect nipples. Next, I dropped both my hands down to the front of her shorts and began to loosen the button. However, as nervous as my hands were at the time, it took a minute to finish unbuttoning her shorts. Once that was finally done, and in an effort to tease both Brooke and Connor, I intentionally took my time slowly pulling down her zipper. And, as I did, surprisingly my fingers found nothing but smooth, soft skin underneath. No underwear and, not even a trace of pubic hair! As much as I was extremely curious to see what Brooke’s totally bald pussy looked like, I quickly released my grip on her sexy shorts. And, as provocatively loose fitting as her shorts were, once I let go they effortlessly fell off her narrow hips and down her smooth legs, quickly exposing her bare ass and hairless pussy to both myself, and Connor!

I must admit, seeing Brooke totally naked for the first time was quite an experience. She was such a perplexing combination of young innocence and bold sexuality. While the initial look of Brooke’s petite, hairless body and small breasts made her appear even younger than she actually was … her exhibitionist tendencies and seductive demeanor made it virtually impossible to make any rational sense of it all. However, one thing was undeniably clear. This naked young girl standing directly in front of me had only one thing on her mischievous mind at the moment! 

“Go ahead,” Brooke nervously whispered as she briefly turned her head around towards me. “I want Connor to watch while you touch me,” she added as she turned back around to face Connor, and spread her slender legs a little further apart.

So, with Brooke standing naked directly in front of me, and Connor watching and taking photos with his phone, I slowly re-positioned myself slightly off to Brooke’s side. I can honestly say, that up until that very moment, I had never imagined myself erotically touching another woman’s naked body. Let alone, in front of an audience! But, by then the full effect of the drinks had kicked in … and that’s precisely what I was poised to do at the moment.

Hesitantly, I slowly reached out and lightly placed a hand over Brooke’s bare breast and stiff nipple before eventually venturing lower towards her smooth mound. And, at the same time, I teasingly ran my left hand down the crack off her firm ass until it found its way to the inviting gap between Brooke’s spread legs. 

“Oh yeah … oh, that feels so good,” Brooke whimpered softly to me as I let my fingers drift lower and began to slide them up and down the length of her wet pussy. “Keep doing that … please … I want you to make me cum!”

Wow, I thought to myself, this girl has absolutely no inhibitions! Eventually, as I started to get more aggressive with my fingers between her swollen pussy lips, Brooke’s breathing started to get more, and more, erratic. Meanwhile, at the same time I was lightly stroking her bald pussy, Brooke started playfully squeezing and pulling on her extremely sensitive erect nipples. Soon, she was actually gasping for breath as her naked body continued to involuntarily respond to my first attempt to sexually pleasure another woman. A few moments later, once I directed my full attention to her swollen clit, Brooke’s pelvic muscles started to convulse, signaling the beginning of an intense orgasm. Soon Brooke was crying out loud in pleasure as she held on to the hand rail for support as I continued to watch in awe Brooke’s captivating exhibitionist performance.

Once Brooke’s petite body finally stopped convulsing, allowing her to finally catch her breath, she slowly turned back towards me and then stepped closer.

“Come with me,” Brooke said as she grabbed my hand and started to enthusiastically pull me back inside the condo to join up again with Connor, while leaving our clothes outside on the deck.

Instinctively, I froze. I mean as crazy as it was for us to strip off each other’s clothes outside while Connor intently watched our every move from inside, somehow I just got caught up in the moment and it just happened. But, walking back inside naked to continue partying with Connor was something I hadn’t exactly thought out!

Noticing my obvious hesitation, Brooke quickly responded to the situation. After letting go of my hand, Brooke quickly picked up my dress and panties, along with her top and shorts, and walked over to the edge of the deck and casually dropped them over the railing.

“Oops,” she shyly exclaimed, as she reached out to grab my hand again.

Oh well … so much for options, I thought to myself as I nervously followed Brooke through the open door and back into their living room where Connor was anxiously waiting.

“Baby,” Connor said as he greeted Brooke with kiss, “You two are totally insane! And you’re both so incredibly damn hot! I am going to remember this night for the rest of my life!”

“I’m sure you will,” Brooke casually responded as quickly returned his kiss. “But before things get any more interesting,” Brooke continued in a very seductive tone of voice, “I want to watch as our guest strips off your clothes! If you’re good with that Connor, then you don’t really need to say anything … we’ll just take that big smile on your face and that bulge in you jeans as a yes.”

Oh my, this just keeps more interesting by the minute, I thought as Brooke turned back around and pulled me closer to Connor.

“Are you sure … ” I stuttered as I paused in front of Connor, and quickly glanced back at Brooke standing right next to me.

“Positive,” Brooke whispered in my ear as she placed a fresh drink in my hand and winked.

Ok, I thought to myself as I took another quick drink, time to help Connor loose his clothes and join the party! At that point, I just stopped thinking and reached out and grabbed the bottom of Connor’s t-shirt. Next, I slowly began to push it up over his muscular arms and shoulders, before pulling over his head and tossing it aside.

I’m sure I must have let out a faint gasp when I first saw Connor’s perfectly smooth, bare chest. It was only then that I realized not only was Connor’s chest hairless, but his arms were as well. Come to think of it, I didn’t even notice a trace of underarm hair as I was pulling his t-shirt over his head! As much as I was anxious to finish stripping Connor totally naked, just like I had done to Brooke a few moments earlier, I paused briefly to glance back over at Brooke before I returned my full attention to unbuttoning Connor’s jeans. To my surprise, Brooke had disappeared. Guessing that she would return any second, I turned back towards Connor, as I reached for my almost empty glass nearby.

A moment later, and without any hesitation whatsoever, I reached out towards Connor and quickly unbuttoned his jeans. As I did, I could feel his erection straining against the inside of his jeans to break free. And, as I slowly began to pull down his zipper, it was immediately obvious that he was not wearing any underwear either. An inch or two lower, and something else was also becoming quite obvious … the absence of any pubic hair, just like with Brooke! And, just like Brooke, his skin was so perfectly smooth! Wow! This young couple has a serious hair fetish, I thought to myself. Or, even more accurately, a hairless fetish!

The only explanation I could figure was that they had both been professionally waxed, and often, for there to be absolutely no trace of hair anywhere on their sexy bodies. A moment later, I finally snapped out of my fixation on Connor’s hairless pubic area and finished pulling his jeans all the way off his smooth legs and tossed them aside next to his discarded shirt. Oh my God … what a beautiful, sexy body, I gasped. I never would have imagined that a man with absolutely no body hair would look so sexy. I could easily make out every detail of his muscles and sexy, toned body. And the sight of his stiff erection, with no pubic hair in the way to conceal anything, was absolutely mind blowing!

Meanwhile, as I continued to visually appreciate Connor’s sexy naked body, Brooke walked seductively back into the living room wearing only a pair of black stiletto heels and a narrow designer looking leather collar around her delicate neck! As I curiously stared at Brooke’s new look, she slowly began walking towards me while never taking her eyes off of my naked body. I couldn’t help but notice as she passed Connor on her way, Brooke casually drop a few other black leather items into Connor’s hands. Once she finally stopped in front of me, I immediately noticed that with the help of her stiletto high heels, we were temporarily the same height and were looking directly into each other’s eyes.

“I see the two of you are getting to know each other,” Brooke said as she glanced back at Connor standing completely naked and, with a sizable full erection. “Tara, how would you like to play a sexy game with me, and Connor?” Brooke proposed in a very sultry tone of voice.

“I thought that’s what we were already doing,” I quipped back as my eyes first drifted down her naked petite body, and then over at Connor’s hairless physique.

“Actually it’s more like … a dare,” Brooke said with another one of her cute seductive smiles. “And unless I’m wrong … which we both know I’m not,” Brooke coyly said as she leaned closer and whispered in my ear, “I think you might be as curious as I am. And I’m really, really curious,” she slowly added, as she flashed a naughty smile and then walked around behind me.

“Interested?” Brooke seductively whispered in my ear.

“That depends,” I meekly responded as I tried in vein to make sense of my present situation.

“On what, Tara?” Brooke softly asked, as she reached out and gently placed a hand near the side of my left breast and slowly ran it down my side until it eventually followed the curve of my hips and then drifted off.

“On … what you have in mind,” I answered vaguely, as my body continued to sexually respond to Brooke’s sensitive touch.

“How about … we show just you,” Brooke offered as she glanced back at Connor and winked.

Why not, I said to myself, as I hesitantly nodded my response, I’ve come this far. And although I had never even imagined being seduced by a couple for a threesome up until that very moment, this sexy young couple caught me by complete surprise … and the next thing I knew, we were all naked!

Then, before I even had a chance to re-think my impulsive decision, Brooke and Connor quickly wrapped, and then tightened, padded leather cuffs on both my wrists and ankles as my heart started beating faster, and faster, by the second. And, once they started to walk me across the living room towards the front door, I really began to freak! Where are they taking me … naked, and with cuffs on my wrists and ankles no less! What have I gotten myself into I wondered as my mind was reeling out of control! A few steps later, just as we were approaching their entrance way and I was about to scream out of shear panic, we suddenly stopped … and I was turned back around. Then, while I took a minute to breath a few sighs of relief, Brooke quickly pushed my legs wide apart as Connor lifted both my arms high up and out to the side. Next, before I realized what was happening, each of the cuffs on my wrists and ankles were quickly secured to strategically placed hooks on each side of the wide entrance hallway. As inconspicuous as they were, I didn’t even notice the small hooks on my way inside earlier. Anyway, the end result left me literally suspended spread eagle and totally vulnerable in the middle of their entrance way! 

Next, a padded leather blindfold was placed over my eyes from behind, and tightened just like the cuffs. Without my sight, I had to rely totally on my hearing, and sense of touch, for clues as to what might happen next. For the next few moments, I didn’t feel anything … except the pressure of the tightly secured wrist and ankle cuffs. And, all I heard … was the music playing in the background and a faint voice inside my dizzy head asking “Are you crazy? What the hell have you gotten yourself into?” Every second that ticked by felt like minutes, as I continued to feel more, and more, anxious about whatever Brooke and Connor had planned next!

Finally, I heard something other than just the music. A faint buzzing sound. Second by second, it continued to get louder until I could sense that it was very close. What was that sound? As the sound continued to get louder I tried to focus my hearing in an effort to figure out the source of the buzzing. While my totally confused mind was busy trying to figure out what was happening, I suddenly felt something smooth and cool vibrating on the bare skin of my stomach, just above my pubic mound. Next, I felt what I suspected were the blades of an electric hair clipper being slowing, and teasingly, guided down towards my neatly trimmed triangle of black pubic hair!

“What are you doing?” I helplessly pleaded to my kinky captors, as I simultaneously tested my restraints. I never felt so helpless and, shockingly enough, sexually excited in my entire life! Either way, the truth was that I was naked and tightly secured. Christ! What have I gotten myself into, I screamed silently to myself as I pulled once again on my restraints.

Before I could even begin to process any of the potential outcomes of my present situation, I felt the sharp blades of the clippers being slowly pushed across the top of my pubic triangle. At that point, I was pretty sure of only a few things. One, apparently my pussy was going to get shaved completely bald that night by my new neighbors. Two, I was pretty sure that I would never forget that night for the rest of my life and … three, I hoped and prayed that I wouldn’t end up regretting that night for the rest of my life!

As Brooke continued to push the clippers lower and lower across my pubic mound, my heart kept pounding faster and faster. And although time seemed to momentarily stand still for myself during the entire process, I’m sure it didn’t it didn’t take Brooke very long at all to make the black triangle of pubic hair covering my mound disappear. At some point, Brooke finally turned off the clippers and placed a hand over my freshly trimmed pussy to inspect her pubic grooming work. As Brooke’s soft fingers began to slowly drift downward over my shorn mound, and then lower over my protruding pussy lips, it was all too obvious that she had done a quite thorough job of removing all but the slightest of stubble from between my spread legs. Just as I started to involuntarily hyperventilate over the fact that my pussy had just been trimmed practically bald, I felt Brooke’s sensitive touch again as she placed a finger from her other hand over my lips in an effort to both distract and quickly calm me.

“Take a deep breath Tara … ” I heard Brooke softly whisper in my ear, “I still have a little more work to do before your pussy is as smooth as mine. I promise, when I’m finished, you’re absolutely going to love the look, and feel, of nothing but soft … smooth … skin on your deliciously sexy body,” Brooke sensuously added. “In the meantime, just try to relax … and enjoy what we have planned for you,” she whimsically said as she turned around towards Connor.

Relax, I don’t think so. Enjoy, now that’s a whole different story. During another brief pause to create more suspense, I had a minute to guess what was going to happen next. However, once it actually started, it still gave me goose bumps. Shaving cream was being sensuously applied over my just trimmed pubic mound and down lower over my exposed pussy lips. Oh my God, I had never felt any sensation more erotic and stimulating in my entire life! That was before I eventually felt a blade razor begin a path through the thick layer of scented shaving cream a moment later!

As much as I enjoyed my pubic shaving cream massage, by the time the blades of Brooke’s razor touched my skin, I completely lost it! I mean, there I was … getting my pussy shaved by a girl with a bald pussy that I just met for the first time just a few hours ago. And, all could think about at the moment was how sexy Brooke’s smooth pussy looked, and how insanely erotic it felt to be tightly secured and blindfolded while having my own pussy shaved completely smooth. Anyway, once she finished slowly pulling the razor over my pubic mound, Brooke immediately began to add more shaving cream down each side of my swollen pussy lips. For the next few moments I barely dared to breath, as I held as still as possible, while the sharp blades in Brooke’s razor carefully removed the last traces of pubic hair from around the most delicate and vulnerable parts of my body. Then, as soon as she was finished with the razor, Brooke made way for Connor with a damp soft cloth and small bowl containing warm water to rinse and wipe off any excess shaving cream from between my nervous, weak legs. Meanwhile, the only thing on my mind was that I couldn’t wait to have the blindfold taken off so I could see what I looked like with a bald pussy! However, that’s not exactly what happened next.

Just when I expected one of them to take immediate advantage of my captive position and start stimulating my smooth pussy with either their fingers, or tongue, I felt them unfastening my cuffs from the hooks in the hallway entrance. Once that was done, I felt my new neighbors guide me down on the floor in the middle of their living room, and then quickly position me on my hands and knees with my legs spread wide. At that point, I finally stopped trying to guess what was going to happen next, and just accepted the fact that I apparently was going to be Brooke and Connor’s sexual play toy for the evening!

All of a sudden, my thoughts were interrupted when I felt Brooke position herself between my spread legs again. Again, I briefly held my breath in anticipation of her touch. And again, I was completely surprised by what happened next. I felt shaving cream being squirted down the crack of my exposed ass! Apparently, Brooke still had more to shave besides my pussy! Come to think of it, considering how both Brooke and Connor had completely hairless bodies, I should have expected it. Then, just as I thought I would feel the razor between my ass cheeks, I felt even more shaving cream being applied … until finally my entire ass was covered in a thick layer of foamy shaving cream!

As you might imagine, up until that moment I had never even thought about shaving my ass hairless! But, at the time … somehow it made perfect sense. I mean, why wouldn’t someone who took the time to either shave, or wax, their pussy, take the time to finish removing the last few delicate hairs from between their legs for a totally hairless experience? That being said, realizing what was about to happen next, I sighed another deep breath in anticipation of feeling Brooke’s sensual touch with the razor once again. Finally, after another brief silent pause, I felt the razor in Brooke’s hand being carefully positioned near the top of my shaving cream covered ass.

As much as Brooke really took her time shaving my ass, I’m sure that she was totally aware of how much I was enjoying the entire shaving process. To that point, I’m not sure which one of us was having more fun at the time. The one doing the shaving, the one actually being shaved or, the one watching. Anyway, once Brooke eventually finished with the razor, Connor returned again on cue with the warm, wet cloth. Then, once Connor was finished touching up my freshly shaved ass, I was helped back up to my feet, face to face with Brooke.

Once my blindfold had been removed, I took advantage of the opportunity to visit the guest bathroom so that I could freshen up before voluntarily submitting myself again to Brooke and Connor’s sexy game of seduction. As soon as I turned on the bathroom light, I immediately saw a refection of my naked, hairless body in a full length mirror on the door. Of course the first thing I focused on was my totally exposed pussy lips! Even more than I expected, my large inner lips seemed to scream out, “Lick me, suck me, fuck me … do anything you want to me!” And if that wasn’t shocking enough, I was still wearing my new neighbor’s leather wrist and ankle cuffs!

What have I done, I asked myself as I continued to stare at my naked, hairless reflection in my neighbor’s bathroom mirror. First, I allowed a young girl to literally seduce me out of my clothes in front of her boyfriend. Then, before I knew what was happening, I was tied spread eagle and had my pussy and ass shaved completely hairless! What was I thinking? Not all that surprisingly, my first reaction was to grab the nearest bath towel available, wrap it around my exposed body and run as quickly as I could through my crazy neighbor’s living room and into the safety of my own place before things got any more out of control. But, after taking a minute to briefly explore my freshly shaved pussy and ass with my own curious fingers, the more I excited I got about my new hairless look. And just thinking about walking back into my neighbor’s living room naked, and sexually aroused, gave me the incentive necessary to leave the bath towel behind and return to the ‘party’. All things considered, I guess I was still inquisitive enough, and sexually excited enough, to gamble that whatever Brooke and Connor had planned next for their naked neighbor would be as much fun as what happened so far. Time to find out, I said to myself, as I hesitantly re-opened their bathroom door and slowly stepped back out into the hallway.

A few somewhat nervous steps later, as I reached the end of the short hallway, I immediately noticed that Brooke and Connor had placed a large blue pad in the middle of the room while I was gone. Once I got closer, I paused near the edge of the shiny pad, and looked at them somewhat quizzically. Next, Brooke escorted me into the center of the cushioned pad, while Connor walked over to their audio system and turned the volume down slightly. When he returned, Connor had a bottle of baby oil in each of his hands. 

“This time Tara,” Brooke whispered from behind, “We want you to see, and hear, everything,” she added as she took one of the bottles of oil out of Connor’s hand.

Then, before anyone had a chance to say anything else, Connor held up the bottle of baby oil in his hand and started to slowly drip oil over my shoulders. While at the same time, I felt Brooke start to squirt oil over my shoulders from behind. Soon, there was oil dripping down my entire back and finding its way over my smooth ass and down the back of my legs, while the oil running down over and between my bare breasts eventually flowed down over my freshly shaved mound and already wet pussy lips. By the time that they were finally finished, my entire body had been totally saturated in oil, much to the obvious delight of Connor and Brooke!

Then, just when I thought I knew what might be coming next, I was surprised again. I was handed one of the bottles of baby oil and asked by Brooke to repeat the process on each of them.

So, while Connor stood in front of us, I began to slowly poor baby oil over Brooke’s shoulders and then watch as it started to sensuously drip down over the rest of her slender, naked body. Actually, I may have been a little distracted at first. Ok, I was really distracted! As it turns out, I wasn’t aware of exactly how fast the oil started to pour out of the bottle. Oops. Before I realized my mistake, Brooke’s body was totally saturated with oil and I had to speed up what probably would have been a much slower, sensuous massage. Anyway, once I was finished making sure that every inch of Brooke’s petite body was evenly covered in oil, it was time to focus my attention on Connor.

Not to disappoint, ever since I first stripped off his clothes, Connor had maintained his impressive erection. I’m sure he didn’t have to put a lot of thought into it though. As young as he was, and with two naked girls to sexually entertain all night … I was confident of his ability to rise to the occasion. To that point, as soon as I started to drip baby oil over his broad shoulders, I noticed even more signs of excitement  from his anxious erection. Guess what? That actually made me want to slow down the oil massage more than ever! Yeah, I know. I wanted to tease Connor every way I possibly could without touching him where he so desperately wanted me to the most. Come to think of it, I’m not sure who I was frustrating the most!

Once I had every part of Connor’s beautiful naked body (except for his hard penis and smooth, hairless balls) covered in oil and repeatedly massaged … I finally gave in and knelt down in front of him with the bottle of baby oil. Suffice to say, the feel of nothing but smooth, hairless skin covering his balls was absolutely exquisite. And as much as the sight of his entire body being free from any hair was visually exciting, the silky smooth feel of his athletic body was even more amazing! As much as I wanted to at the time, I held back from wrapping my arms around his muscular, slippery ass and impulsively swallowing Connor’s glistening penis in an effort to give us both some relief from all the sexual tension that had been building up ever since Brooke stripped my thong off my body earlier. Yeah, as it turns out I simply had no idea just how wild things were going to get as the evening progressed! That being said, once all three of us were completely saturated in oil, Brooke and Connor began to take it to a whole new level of erotic intensity that I had never even imagined possible!

First, Brooke motioned for me to kneel down while facing her. Then, Connor knelt down behind me … while I watched Brooke lay down on her back and wrap her arms around my slippery legs and then position her head directly under my oiled pussy. Next, Brooke quickly pulled my hips down low enough so that it was within reach of her lips and tongue … while at the same time, Connor reached around from behind and placed his hands over my breasts. Almost immediately, I felt Brooke’s soft lips and curious tongue begin to explore my exposed pussy. Then, after a few moments of slow, sensuous exploration of my receptive pussy, Brooke actually started to literally fuck my pussy with her tongue! I can’t remember exactly how many times I thought I might pass out that night from ridiculously intense sexual stimulation from Brooke and Connor, but that was definitely one of them! Looking back, I have no idea how long Brooke’s seeming tireless tongue darted in and out of my wet pussy. Regardless, at some point I stared to cry out loud for the first time that night. The intense pleasure I was experiencing at that moment was almost unbearable as my cries became louder, and louder.

Next, reacting to the intensity of my screams of pleasure, Brooke decided to temporarily re-focus her tongue’s attention from my pussy to my exposed ass! Oh my god, I thought as I felt Brooke actually begin to lick my virgin ass, this young girl is truly insatiable! Then, before I even had a chance to wrap my head around the fact that I was having my ass licked by Brooke, Connor, still kneeling behind me, started to slowly roll my aching nipples between his strong fingers. At first it was all performed rather gently, just to get my attention. Then, after just a few moments of gentle stimulation, Connor actually started to pinch and squeeze my tender nipples! At first, a little pain in my nipples was, strangely enough, exciting! But at some point, when it got so intense that I started to scream … I wasn’t sure how much more pain I could withstand. But then, just as I thought I was going to collapse from the intense combination of pleasure and pain, Connor started to slowly ease up on his stimulation of my sore nipples.

Having never experienced anything quite like that before while having sex, I found myself drifting deliciously out of control as Brooke and her boyfriend continued their intense sexual stimulation of my slippery body.

Just about the time I finally got somewhat familiar with the sensation of having my ass enthusiastically licked, Brooke suddenly switched her attention to sucking my sensitive clit in and out of her soft lips! Finally, just when I thought I couldn’t take any more attention to my swollen clit, my slippery body started to involuntarily spasm out of control and I started to scream again. What happened next was truly the most amazing thing that ever happened to me while having sex. I know, right. Just as I started to orgasm … my pussy began to squirt cum all over Brooke’s face and hair! Under relatively normal conditions, I would have been so embarrassed. That is until I noticed that Brooke had her mouth wide open the entire time, and her hands were busy rubbing my cum all over her wet, oiled body! As I continued to squirt even more, surprisingly, Brooke took full advantage of the moment and enthusiastically pulled my gushing pussy even closer to her receptive mouth! When I finally opened my eyes again, I was lying on my back in a puddle of oil and cum, next to Brooke and her cum drenched body.

Once I caught my breath, I looked up at Connor and made a totally spontaneous request. “Connor,” I said as authoritatively as possible, “Why don’t you take these cuffs off, and then put them on Brooke. After all, they’ll match her collar and heels perfectly,” I added in a very matter-of-fact tone of voice.  

Surprisingly, Connor quickly did as I requested and removed my wrist and ankle cuffs, and then turned around to face Brooke. She offered absolutely no resistance as Connor reached out towards her right wrist, wrapped one of the leather cuffs around it and then carefully adjusted it to accommodate her slender wrist. Next, he repeated the same technique on Brook’s left wrist and then both of her ankles.

Oh yeah, I said to myself, this is going to be fun! The look on Brooke’s cute face was priceless. I mean … she’s the one who brought out the cuffs in the first place. So she had to know how this eventually might play out. In retrospect, I’m guessing that at some point Brooke wanted us to switch roles. That way, she could experience being the submissive one for a change! That being said, innocent looking young Brooke was desperately trying to feign surprise and fear at the same time in order to make our bondage game seem even more real.

Staying true to character, and seriously because it was such an adrenaline rush, I immediately issued another ‘command’.

“Follow me Connor, I want you to help secure your cute little girlfriend nice and tight,” I said as I grabbed hold of Brooke’s hands and pulled her naked, oiled body over to the entrance way. Next, I carefully positioned her spread legs closer to the lower set of hooks in the entrance way. Then, while I fastened her ankle cuffs to the hooks attached to the baseboards, Connor silently attached the cuffs on her outstretched arms to the higher set of hooks. When we were finished, Brooke was as tightly secured and vulnerable as I was earlier!

“Oh my,” I said softly as I ran my fingers through Brooke’s sticky hair, “I would have never guessed it would be this easy to reverse the outcome of your sexy game,” I added. “To think … all I had to do was ask your boyfriend to help tie you up and here we are. Now the question is … what to do first?” I teased, as I let my eyes slowly drift up and down Brooke’s vulnerable naked body.

Then, all of a sudden I noticed that while I was standing in front of Brooke and playing with her hair, it seemed like she was actually getting turned on! Remembering her shaved neck, and how she made an obvious point to make sure I noticed it earlier that afternoon, I decided to explore my improbable suspicion. After I stepped back around Brooke, I lifted her blonde hair up so I could get a closer look at her unique undercut. Almost immediately, I heard a faint sigh from Brooke. And, a moment later, as I lightly ran my fingers over the smooth, shaved skin on her neck, I felt her whole body shudder with excitement in reaction to my finger’s light touch.

“Oh yeah … you like that don’t you?” I whispered in her ear. “Tell me Brooke, was shaving your neck your idea, or Connor’s?”

No answer from Brooke.

“I’m guessing it was … Connor’s. (long pause) Actually, I understand that quite a few men like girls with bare, smooth necks. For some reason … it just seems to turn them on.” After another brief pause, I slowly walked back in front of Brooke before continuing with my wild speculation. “But the real question is … why do you go through all the effort to shave your pretty little neck? Maybe just because it feels so deliciously sensuous?” I first offered in my most seductive tone of voice as I lightly ran my hand across her bare neck. “Or maybe … it’s because you both obviously like everything else so perfectly smooth?” I added, as I placed a hand between her bare breasts and lightly ran my fingers slowly down her chest and flat stomach until eventually they reached the top of her hairless pubic mound. At that point, I really had Brooke’s full attention! Her breathing had gotten noticeably quicker since our one sided conversation first began, and I could feel the sexual tension building in her entire body as my hand ventured down lower over her oil drenched pussy.

Meanwhile, as I was pondering what to do first with his restrained girlfriend, I noticed that Connor had already started taking photos of his girlfriend suspended in their entrance way. It was then that I noticed the clippers on the end table next to Connor. Impulsively, I walked over to the table and casually picked up the cordless clippers. As Connor’s attention briefly shifted towards me, and the clippers in my hand, I momentarily paused. Then, without either of us saying a word, I started walking back over behind an extremely concerned looking Brooke.

Time seemed to stand still for the next few moments as Connor continued to snap picture after picture of Brooke suspended naked, while I tried to work up enough nerve to raise the clippers to the back of Brooke’s exposed neck. However, once I finally began to lift the clippers up towards her neck, I froze! Even though Connor’s obvious inaction to stop me in any way was in effect a silent consent for me to use the clippers on his girlfriend, I inexplicably found myself unable to actually switch them on and start. Then, something happened that changed everything. While I was holding the clippers in my raised right hand, I allowed my left hand to casually drift down over my smooth mound and then lower over my wet pussy lips. Once I reacquainted myself with how soft and sexy my totally hairless pussy felt … I knew exactly what to do next. Without any further hesitation, I carefully placed the clippers near the bottom of Brooke’s already shaved neck, and switched them on!

Immediately, Brooke’s body jerked in response to the sensation of the clipper’s vibrating steel blades resting on her exposed neck. Startled, Brooke screamed out, “Stop! What are you doing?” as she pulled violently on her restraints.

“I just thought I’d try these out for a moment,” I spontaneously replied as calmly as possible while trying to sound as innocent and harmless as possible. “And being that the rest of your sexy body is already hairless … ”

“No, stop! Please! I don’t want you to cut my hair!” she panted between long, deep breaths. “Really, I don’t. Please … stop! Connor, don’t let her do this!” Brooke helplessly cried out to her boyfriend.

“It’s alright,” I falsely assured Brooke as I gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “I’m just going to trim a little bit off your hairline. I promise, no one will ever notice,” I added as I glanced up at Connor.

“Are you sure?” Brooke asked in a slightly less stressed voice, as her tears momentarily subsided.

“Positive,” I nervously replied as I impulsively started to slowly push the vibrating blades up the back of Brooke’s delicate neck. Then, once the first few stands of Brooke’s blonde hair silently fell down over her bare neck, something just came over me. The only way I can explain it is … it was like taking just one more drink, or lighting up just one more cigarette. It was simply intoxicating! Yeah, I know, I was totally out of control.

After one last glance at Connor for his approval, I slowly began to push the clippers up under Brooke’s blonde hair as she continued to plead for me to stop before I did any noticeable damage.

“Tara, stop! Seriously! You’re going too far!” Brooke cried in vein as I disobediently pushed the clippers ever so slightly even higher up the back of her vulnerable neck.

“No, I’m not,” I answered back, “I just want to play a minute longer, and then … I’ll stop. I promise,” I added as momentarily paused to re-positioned the clippers on the other side.

“No please,” Brooke cried out as her voice began to loose its strength from all her screaming … “You’re cutting too much, I know you are,” she cried out loud, “Stop now! Please!”

But, by then her voice was too weak to be anything more than barely noticed over the loud buzzing of the clippers and the music playing in the background.

So, ignoring all of Brooke’s desperate requests, I gave into temptation and re-gripped the cordless clippers one last time before I apprehensively pushed the vibrating blades slowly up under Brooke’s blonde bob, and passed the point of no return. Once the first long blonde hairs began to silently fall down over her bare shoulders, I thought I heard a few more faint cries from Brooke as she tested her restraints one last time. But then as even more blonde hair drifted down over her naked body, her tense muscles seemed to actually relax a little. And, shortly after that, Brooke mysteriously stopped begging for me to turn off the clippers and unfasten her restraints. I wondered … did Brooke finally just give up and resign herself to the fact there was nothing that she could say, or do, to prevent the inevitable from happening while she was so tightly restrained. Or, maybe, just maybe … she secretly wanted to have her head shaved, and was just pretending to be upset as part of a kinky fantasy. Either way, I thought to myself, before the night was over, Brooke’s head was definitely going to end up as hairless and smooth as the rest of her petite, smooth body!

It was about that time, that I realized how turned on I was getting while pushing the vibrating clippers through Brooke’s hair. I know, right. It just felt so exciting, and … insanely erotic! It seemed like ever since Brooke reached under my dress and grabbed hold of my panties earlier that evening, my brain shut down and my starved sex drive kicked into high gear. And, all the while, Connor just kept taking photo after photo of his tightly bound girlfriend having her head shaved bald by their naked neighbor!

Once I felt comfortable maneuvering the clippers through a little more of Brooke’s blonde bob, things progressed pretty quickly. Soon, loose strands of blonde hair were literally flying everywhere as more and more of Brooke’s bare scalp was exposed. Interestingly enough, at some point Brooke actually started begging for me to unfasten the cuffs on her wrists so that she could play with her oiled breasts and pussy while I finished with the clippers. Apparently, my guess about Brooke having the desire to have her head match the rest of her hairless body was correct. Lucky for everyone.

“Aren’t you finished yet?” Brooke impatiently asked.

“Almost,” I responded as I paused to inspect my first clipper haircut. “Just keep your head still so I can finish without nicking you,” I cautioned.

“And, after you’re finished with the clippers? ” Brooked curiously asked.

“That’s a good question,” I replied as I carefully removed the last long blonde hairs from Brooke’s practically bald head. “However, I’m pretty sure I know what you want to have happen next, as much as you like things perfectly smooth,” I added as I switched off the clippers and stepped back around in front of her.

Almost immediately, I saw Brooke’s eyes open wide with excitement, as I noticed Connor out of the corner of my eye standing next to me … holding the shaving cream and razor in his hand.

“Go ahead,” Brooke said staring back at me, “After all, I’m practically bald anyway. Might as well go all the way,” she added as I reached for the shaving cream.


Sometime around noon the next day I woke up naked in my new bed with the usual effects of a few too many drinks the night before. And although my memory from my visit with Brooke and Connor was generally pretty fuzzy at first … I vaguely recalled a few highlights. Mostly the parts involving shaving. Oh my God, did all that really happen, I wondered while I tried to sort out what were dreams from what actually happened last night. Curious to find out the answer to at least one question, I slowly slid a hand down my stomach towards my pubic mound and found nothing but smooth hairless skin. So, that happened. It wasn’t just a wild dream. What else happened last night that I don’t remember at the moment I wondered, as I clumsily navigated the short distance from my bed to the bathroom.

As my eyes slowly adjusted to the light of day, eventually my completely hairless pussy came into focus as I continued to stare at my naked body in the mirror. The longer I stared in disbelief at my reflection, the more it served as visual reminder of my impulsive erotic encounter with my new neighbors last night. Upon returning to my bedroom a few moments later, I automatically picked up my phone to check my messages. Interestingly enough, I had received a text from Brooke just moments ago …

                                                                                   Need your help finding a wig,

                                                                                   call me once you get dressed.

                                                                                   Time to go shopping …

                                                                                   no panties allowed! LOL



… to be continued in New Friends – Part II / The Day After















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