New Years Eve Tale

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The table was set

All the good people were gathered together for a new year toast and dinner
It had been a good year and most hairdressers that were invited to the party where having a very good time

And as was the tradition, each shared an interesting story of what happened in their respective salons and barbershops

Some where content because patrons did not diminish in numbers, and they had a constant, stable year

Others had interesting an increase of people to their salons, so it was a good year!

A couple where in ecstasy because famous people decided to give them a chance

And some of them, well some of them had very good stories revolving radical makeovers, some were about radical color changes, some about
old time clients that finally decided to listen to them and go with what would make them look great!

But Abel had quite an interesting story to tell, his turn came quick enough, so he began

“It was a warm summer sunday, as most of you know, my place is small but classy” he joked “Just to barberchairs and a wash basin, two waiting chairs
and the counter that my grandpa passed on to me”

He took a sip of champagne that was brought to him

“The decor is old timey and I like to keep it that way, since it was my grandpas idea after all” he continued with a hint of sadness on his voice “Here is
to grampa, may his soul be resting in peace” he toasted, and people toasted along with him

“Anyway, I was fully expecting that particular sunday to be boring and quiet” he carried on “Not that all my sundays are like that but, that one in
particular seemed that way”

“I believe it was around noon” he tried remembering “I was sitting on my regular chair, reading the newspaper when the doorbell rang, I looked up
expecting to find one of my regular costumers walking in”

“But you wouldnt believe it” he said surprised looking all around at the attent eyes of his peers “when I saw a stunning beauty standing there on my door”

He smiled as girls rolled their eyes and gents smiled

“She must had been in her 20 something” he narrated “Dressed in pink shorts and a bikini top, her body was simply out of this world”

He took another sip of his drink smiling, as he noticed the ladies present appreciated he didnt go into details about her “stunning bod”

“I rose from my chair surprised and I even asked if she was lost or something!” he laughed, knowing well that such phrase is a big no no on the hair business

“She smiled at me, ruby red lips and perfectly done smokey eyes make up, blonde streaked hair all the way to here” he said pointing to the middle back of
a nearby collegue “And she walks in, looks at me and pointed out at one of my signs”

The hall was quiet, only his voice sounding around

“She pointed at the deluxe royal shave treatment sign” he stated “I was stunned, at that point I believed she didnt spoke our lenguage and just went to signal
the one she thought was prettiest”

“I signaled it as well and she nodded” He carried on “and then she said, if its not too much trouble!”

Everyone was amazed by his recount

“I tried explaining to her that the deluxe royal shave was for male clientele only as it involved shaving the whole head of the client in question” he stated
“But she just flashed the most charming smile I have ever seen as she sat down on the chair and simply stated -Just what I need”

He moved his hands around bemused as he narrated

“Then I thought it might had been a bet or something, because she set her phone in a curious way in the counter in front of her and asked if I didnt mind, just
as she crossed her legs”
He told

“I said -Of course I dont, But you absolutely sure?” he told as the crowd listened “And she just nodded -Please make sure to give me the full treatment, she

And some of the bemused people around actually asked “And what did you do?”

He laughed and stated happily “What else could I do? I did exactly as she asked, I placed a tissue around her neck and caped her,
I took down the clippers and removed the guard from them”

Abel made the movements of his work with his hands as he continued

“I swore she was gonna move or pull away as soon as she heard the clippers getting close to her head, but she just closed her eyes and remained motionless,
I moved the clippers right down the middle of her head, and she just smiled, imagine that!” he told the people around him, looking at the terrified eyes
of some of the girls that were present “even some men who dont mind actually flinch when you make the first pass, but not this girl, she smiled as I moved
clippers all over her head”

Abel took another sip of his drink

“It only took me a couple of minutes, you know those clippers are really fast when you dont have to worry about the end result” he paused “then I took the
profiler clippers and gave her head a good once over, another 5 minutes, although I was careful not to set foot in front of her, I imagine she was recording
the whole thing”

He took a few minutes to go to the rest room, only to find the entire room waiting for his return, he laughed as he took his place in the table again

“Well then, where was I? oh yeah, I was done with the profiler quickly, she already looked bare, but she said the deluxe royal, and a deluxe royal she was
going to get…

So I took one of the hot moist towels and wrapped it around her head, of course it wasnt that hot, but all I got was a relief sigh from her, eyes still closed
I patted the towel here and there and then let it sit whole I preppared the shaving lather…

A couple of minutes of whipping around in my shaving mug and the brush was ready, I took the towel out, tossed it to the basin, and took the brush to her head
I must say she looked quite cute as her head rocked around while I lathered her head, and I made sure it was well coated, white foam helmet you know…

I took my razor, sadly I dont have one of the old damascus razors that my grandpa used to have, man those things are awesome, but my father decided to pawn
them for some or other thing, and I havent been able to recover them, but Im getting side tracked, I took one of the disposable straight razors and strapped it
on, I swear I have never seen someone enjoy a headshave as much as this little lady did, the smile on her lips didnt disappear at all, I shaved her crown first
moved carefully all round her head, a couple of swipes on the nape, and extra careful around the ears and sideburns…

I coated her head a second time and shaved her against the hairgrowth to ensure that smooth sensation, a little aftershave and a massage, and I thought I was
done, I wrapped her head on a warm towel, and began clearing around, when she looked at the sign again, smiling…

And then it hit me!, she had said the whole treatment!”

Ladies all around gasped and stated “No!”

“Yes!” Abel nodded “she wanted the whole treatment!”

some girls giggled, others gasped, more than one listened with great interest

“So what do I do?, a clients order are commands!, so I pull the lever to lay her down, I didnt even took the towel wrapped on her head away, there she was,
legs crossed, smile on lips, laying on a barber chair as I slowly began spreading lather on her pretty face” he stated moving his hands around “I figured this
was gonna be one of those one in a life time things, so I wanted to make sure she enjoyed it, so I was extra careful, moving the brush gently across her cheeks
her neck and chin, lathering her upper lip was particulary difficult as she was smiling widely…

So I requested her to relax her face, and she did, looked like a cute little angel, with a white beard!” he smiled “I wrapped her face carefully, I didnt want
to mess that expensive looking makeup!, I massaged her a little and lathered her up again, shaved her as I would have shaved any of my fellows here, twice even!
a gently massage with aftershave after and that was done”

Abel took a breath and another sip of champagne

“I rose the chair and clear her up, massaged her head as well with a little wax for that smooth look, she smiled again, I removed the cape and the neckstrip,
she took her phone, checked something quickly, walked over to the counter, payed in full for the treatment, even gave me a kiss and a thank you as she strolled
out as happy as a kid on christmas eve”

People around him looked surprised

“Hell I didnt even got her name!, but that was the most memorable event I had all year” He concluded smiling at the memories

“Why would she do such a thing?” a collague asked intrigue

“Girl, I have no idea!, but I sure as heaven would like to see her again!…”

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