Nicole’s Hair Journal (Part 1)

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March 24, 1988

Today’s a horrible, horrible day! I wish today never happened. I was at Joanne’s family’s house warming party today. Dennis the MENACE, crept up behind me, grabbed my right pigtail, and sliced it off with a huge pair of scissors, before I realized what happened! I cried bucket loads of tears after that when I found out! I hate, hate, hate you, Dennis! Argh!

After surveying the damage, my mum brought me to the hairdressers to get it tidied up. I wept some more when the remaining pigtail got snipped off and I was given a short pixie cut to even up the hair lengths. I was crying all the way through and was too traumatized to remember the details of the haircut. I hate this look! I look like a boy! Damn you Dennis!!!

(Later in the day, Dennis got the spanking he deserved. But I wish for his head to be shaved off to make it even!)

April 17, 1988

Everyone has gotten used to my new look at last. No more making fun of my boyish look. It’s only hair. It’ll grow back. I vow to never cut it again until its long as it was before!

(Btw, Dennis and his parents came over today. His parents got him to apologize for his mischief. I accepted his apology just to put on as how, but I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him.)

January 1, 1990

It’s been almost 2 years since that “little” incident where Dennis hacked off my pigtail. Fortunately, my hair grows faster than most others. I’ve only trimmed it a bit every now and then and now it has reached mid-back length on this New Year! Thank you mum, for all the trimmings (including the monthly bang trims – she likes them eyebrow length).

February 3, 1992

For some reason today, my mum woke up and said to me:

“Long hair on you makes you too kiddy. It’s time to grow up, young woman!”

And with that, she brought me to her hairdressers’ (normally she trims my hair at home to save money). The last time I was there was to get my hair fixed after Dennis’ mischief. I tried to talk my mum out of it, but she insisted that I need a makeover and that all that long hair was making me look younger than I am.

Reluctantly, I was seated on the chair and caped. My mum flipped through the hairstyle magazine, stopped somewhere in the middle, and showed Maria (the hairdresser) the page. From where I was seated, I couldn’t see what style she was pointing at, but I remembered Maria’s reaction; she calmly nodded, took a look at my near waist length hair, then looked at me in the eyes and smiled without giving anything away.

Time seemed to past by at a snail’s pace as I sat there wondering what style my mum had chosen for me. Maria’s hair brush stroking through my dark silky locks failed to ease my anxiety. After what seemed like an eternity, the brushing stopped and Maria took out her hairdressing scissors.

Maria opened the blades of the scissors, placed it at my nape and snipped away there! Shick! Thud! Suddenly, everything happened so fast, my mind could not take it in fast enough. Time seemed to play tricks on my mind that day.

Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud!

It took a good 10 seconds or so before I recovered from shock. By then, Maria’s scissors had made its way to my right cheek, hacking away at my precious hair.

Shick! Thud!

The scissors snipped the hair at my right cheek to lip length! It was only then I realize how short my hair had been cut, and that “thudding” sound was the sound of more than 1 foot of thick hair hitting the floor! Before long, Maria moved to my left and hacked away the hair there.

Shick! Schhhhh!

Somehow the left lock did not fell to the floor by slithered down the cape to my lap. I looked down at it and the floodgates of tears opened! Maria continued to work on my hair, tidying it up as I cried my eyes out for having lost so much hair. My eyes were still swollen from all that crying when we left the shop.

I got home, stood in front of the bathroom mirror and was shocked to see a stranger with a short lip length bob staring back at me.

June 27, 1992

Yay! Today’s my twelfth birthday! My hair has grown and is now just touching my shoulders. My mum has agreed to let me grow my bangs out. Hooray! It’s now the longest it has ever been my whole life; mouth length. It keeps getting in the way, so I normally hold them back using a headband.

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