Nikki’s 4th of July Haircut

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When Bill and Nikki walked into where the party was being held, Bill was carrying a case of beer. Nikki was carrying 2 plastic bags full of food. The party was being held behind her sister’s barbershop. It was one the best spot in town in town to watch the fireworks. The added bonus to watching the fireworks on the green space behind Katie’s barbershop was that it wasn’t as crowded as the park.

Once Bill set the beer next to the cooler that was on the deck, Nikki said “why don’t you good down by the river with the other men”. The barbershop was located on beautiful piece of land that had frontage on their town’s river. As Bill walked off the recently build deck, Nikki mother scened there was something wrong. Normally, Nikki wanted Bill by her side all the time.

Once Bill was out of hearing range, Betty, Nikki and Kate mother, said “is everything alright, honey”. Nikki made eye to eye contact with her mother, and then said “when we were at the store I kept seeing Bill staring at a woman with a super short haircut”. Nikki’s hair was far from super short. This wasn’t the first time that Bill was accused of staring at woman with short hair.

Just as Betty was going to say something in Bill’s defense, nikki said “once I caught him looking at this whore, I said “I bet love me to cut my hair that short”. He responded with a smile and head nod”. As Kate lit a cigarette, her mother said “honey, your hair was much shorter when you and Bill met”. As Kate exhaled the first hit of her cigarette, Nikki said “I was in the Army. It made sense for me to have short, easily managed, hair”.

Nikki began to walk closer to the grill that her mother was cooking on, when she said “it no longer makes sense for me to have short haircut”. Kate laughted, and then said “there is no reason for you to have hair down to your shoulders, either”. Right after Kate said that, she took another hit of her cigarette. As Kate took anothet hit of her cigarette, Betty said “why don’t you have Kate give you haircut before we eat”.

Nikki began to get pissed off. This was not usual when the topic of her hair comes up. Just as Nikki was about to storm off, Betty said “doctor”. Before Betty could finish her sentence,  Nikki said,”I don’t care what Doctor phillip says. Clearly, my head aches and back problems come as a result of miltary service”. She took a brief pause, and then said “it is ridiculous to think my issues stem from me having long hair”.

Kate didn’t believe that her sister’s long hair was sole factor for her having head ache and back issues, but she didn’t think the long hair helped her sister’s pre existing conditions. In an effort to get Nikki in her barber chair, she said “how much longer do you realistic think Bill will stick around, if you don’t start making dramatic changes”. Kate knew that Bill walking away from the relationship was Nikki greatest fear.

Before Nikki could comment on what Kate had just said, their mother said “God knows I made a lot of sacrifices to keep your father happy”. Nikki picked up her sister pack of cigarettes, as she said “here we go, again”. As she took one out the pack, she said “you never wanted us. You wanted to be a Vegas show girl. You gave up your dream to make dad happy”.

Nikki put the cigarette up to her lips, as Betty said “I think I was good enough to make it out there. I’ll never know, because I gave into your father’s requests”. As Nikki picked up the lighter off the picnic table, Kate said “you will never truly know what true happiness with Bill could be like, because of all this hair”.

Kate knew she was getting to her sister, because she saw her hand was shaking. Nikki was having an issue lighting the cigarette on her lips, due to the shaking. After a few failed attempts, she took the cigarette away from her lips. When she had the cigarette back in her right hand, she said “fine. You can cut it, Kate”. As Kate got up from her camping style chair, she said “go have a seat in my chair. I’ll head to the bathroom, and then we can get started”

Kate opened the barbershop door, and they both walked into the rear door of the shop. The shop was a simple 2 chair barbershop. It was nothing like the salons that Nikki was used to going to. Nikki was an average women. Despite being thin, she had some nice curves. Thank to a doctor in Mexico, she a nice set of  C-cup breasts. Despite her beasts being very nice, she believed her best asset was precious long mane of sweet brown straight hair.

As she walked to Kate’s barber chair wearing her favorite black t-shirt  and a pink skirt, she believed she was about to loss her best asset. Nikki couldn’t remember the last time she was this nervous, as she sat down in the chair. Clearly, she was anxiously anticipating that moment when the when her sister would exit the bathroom.  If she went though with this, it would be the most dramatic haircut she had ever get in her life.

In an effort to try to calm herself down, she began thinking about what type of people probably sat down in this chair. For many new years, it was the only barbershop in town. The shop was known for it very short haircuts. Most of the clients where miltary men and families that lived off base. Those where the families that needed those perfect looking short haircuts.

As she sat there, she began thinking about the haircuts her brothers got. Their father would have never spent the money to have her brothers haircut at a place like this. Ron, their father, would do her brother’s haircuts in the barn.  They would be forced to seat in an old metal folding chair. A tear come to her eye, as she remembered that their father would not even cape the boys. Then she started to remember those clippers that their father would use. With a cigarette dangling from his mouth, he would reduce their hairs to nothing but stubble.

Nikki was bought back to reality, when a voice said “are you ready to get to loss some hair”. As she looked to the rear of the barbershop, she saw a figure coming towards her. The figure coming towards her was stunning. She was dressed in a short leather skirt, and a blue blouse. When figure got closer, Nikki realized it was her sister. There was still a little bit of distance between Kate and the chair that Nikki was sitting in, when Nikki said “I was just thinking about how dad would have never bought the boys to a place like this”.

As Kate grapped a cape, she said “our hair experiences weren’t much better than theirs”. When Nikki heard that, she began to shake her head. Before Nikki could say anything, Kate said “the “alcove” hair salon was only a step above getting sheared in the barn”. Kate took a brief pause, and then said “I think I would have rather been sheared in the barn. You know how many times people from my school saw me getting my haircut there”. She took another brief pause, and then said “it was a shoe cleaning “alcove”, before it was a haircutting “alcove”. It wasn’t a normal haircutting place”.

After Kate said that, Nikki sat up straight in the chair. Nikki folded her hands on her lap, as  Kate flung the cape over her. Once the cape settled, Kate pulled it up around her shoulders, before she snapped the snaps. Nikki thought it was odd that Kate had a liquid black in such a traditional barbershop. The cape covered the entire chair.  Nikki assumed it was a higher end cape, and that was why Kate had it. She assumed it was higher end, because the last few inches of it were ruffled kind of like the hem of a skirt.

Once the cape was secured to Nikki, Kate turned the chair, so that Nikki could not see herself in the mirror. As Kate began to pump up the chair, she said “how much are we taking off, today”.  When Nikki heard Kate say that to her, she felt the need for a cigarette. Normally, Nikki didn’t smoke cigarettes. She still had the cigarette she tried to smoke earlier. She took her hands out from underneath the cape, and then Kate lit it for her.

As she sat their nervously, she wrestled with the idea of just cutting it super short. After she exhaled the first hit of the cigarette,  she said “let’s start with tarpering the sides and back from a number 1 to number 2”. She took a brief pause, and then said “I think a number 3 for the top”.

At this point, Kate wondered where there end point could be, if Nikki wanted to start as such a short haircut. The shampoo basins are right underneath the counter at Kate’s shop. It saves space, and creates a better working environment. Normally, Kate would  lift the piece of marble covering the pearl ceramic sink, and wash her clients hair before the haircut. With Nikki’s hair being so long, Kate decided it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

As Kate makes her way to the counter to get her clippers, she said “normally, I would wash you first. I know your hair has been chemically treated, so it can’t be donated”. Nikki knew that her hair was probably not going to be donateable. There where a few moments of silence, and then Kate said “perfect”. As she began to clean her clippers, she said “you know how much I love to use my clippers”.

Kate put a number 2 guard on clippers, and began walking towards Nikki. Nikki knew when Kate was ready to start the haircut, because a buzzing noise filling the entire barbershop. Kate decided to try to cut the hair off in one big piece. At this point, Nikki was styled in a miltary style bun. Kate said “head down”, and Nikki began looking at the floor. As Nikki took another hit of cigarette, Kate began running the vibrating clippers up her nape.

Nikki anxiety increased as Kate slowly ran them on her nape. Nikki didn’t see what guard Kate had on the clippers. She wanted to believe Kate wasn’t trying to go shorter than she wanted, but at this point she was questioning everything. All Nikki really knew was that in a few minutes, her hair would not be long enough to wear in a miltary style bun.

Kate continued shearing up the back of her head. Occasionally running her well manicured finger nails over the back of her neck and head. This gave Nikki the sense that she had very little hair left there. In reality,  she still had alot of hair that would still need to be reduced down.

As Kate moved on to the left side of Nikki head, Kate said “what will your co worker think of your new look”. Nikki had not thought about how people would react. Nikki took another hit of her cigarette, as Kate  forcefully ran the clippers around her ear . After Nikki exhaled the hit, she said “I don’t care what other think about my choices”. She took a brief pause, and then said “Bill liking it is all that matters to me”.

As she continued to work on left side of Nikki’s head, she said “I would get mine cut in a short pixie, if Bo would be alright with it”. Kate boyfriend, Bo, prefer his woman to wear their hair in a jaw lenght bob haircuts. Nikki not being able to see the haircut in the mirror was driving her crazy. At this point, she didn’t care what Bo liked. She cared how short her hair was going to be.

Simply smoking the cigarette was no longer enough to keep Nicci calm. She took one more hit of the cigarette, and then put it out in the ashtray that was built into the armrest of the barber chair. Right after she put out the cigarette, Kate said “it going to look awesome when I’m done”. Kate could sense that Nicci was starting to come on done.

Kate moved onto the right side of her head, when she said “with me trying to take it off all as one piece, it currently looks awful”. Kate continued to run her clipper with the number 2 guard on it, until she was satisfied that the sides and back where freed from Nicci head. When Nicci was almost to the point where she thought all the hair where freed, she said “I let my clients smoke in here, because i feel like it helps them to relax”.

As Kate made her final pass on the right side of Nikki’s head, Nikki said “I’m sorry, if I don’t seem relaxed enough for you”. Right after she said that, Kate turned off the clippers. When Nikki heard the clippers turn off, she hoped that she would be allowed to see the process that Kate made. When Kate began to walk to the counter, Nikki said “I wanted to see how it is looking”.

Kate picked up here number 4 guard, and then said “you can see it after I remove the top hairs”. As Kate attached the number 4 guard to clippers, she said “right now, it looks like you have a mop on top of your head”. That statement didn’t put Nikki fears or concerns to rest.  In an effort to try to calm her, Nikki said “give me another cigarette”. Once Kate heard that, she set her clippers down on the counter. She picked up her pack of Marlboro light 100s of the counter.

As she walked to the side of the chair that the ash tray build in, she said “what would Bill think, if he knew you where smoking”. Once kate open the flip top box, Nikki pulled out a cigarette. When she pulled out the cigarette, she said “fuck what Bill thinks”. That statement kind of caught Kate off guard. Normally, Nikki goal in life was to please Bill and keep him happy.

Once Nikki had the cigarette to her lips, Kate lit it for her. As Kate put her lighter back in pocket, she said “let’s get this mop of hair off your head”. Right after Kate said, she picked up her clippers. Nikki prepared herself to feel and hear the clippers. Once the clippers where back on, Kate said “be glad I didn’t turn the chair around. You would want to see this.” Right after Kate said that, she grabbed a fistful of hair on the top of Nikki’s hair. As Kate ran them right down the center of Nikki’s head. She did this without any hesitation.  Kate made 7 more passes, and then she pulled the mop like item off Nikki’s head.

Once Kate Successfully removed the bulk of Kate’s hair in one piece, she put it in front of her face. Once Nikki saw the removed hair, she said “toss it out, and turn this chair around”. Kate did as she was told, and tossed the dead hair in a waste basket behind the chair. As she turned the barber chair that Nikki was sitting in, she said “we still need to do the fade with 1 guard”. When Nikki saw herself in mirror she couldn’t believe it was her.

She took a final hit of cigarette, and then stubbed it out. Once she exhaled the hit, she said “I look so good with my new haircut”. She took a brief pause, and then said “I probably looked pretty sexy smoking that long cigarette, too”. As Kate ran her fingers though Nikki much shorter hair, she said “you can watch yourself smoke in the mirror, as I fade the sides and back”.

Kate could tell that Nikki was thinking of not getting the sides and back faded, so she said “we came so far, today. I’m not letting you out of this chair, until you have the haircut you set out to get”. At this point, Nikki didn’t realize her mother had walked into the barbershop. She realized her mother was in the shop, when her mother said “should I get your restraints from the closet, Kate”.

Nikki made eye to eye with her mother, and then said “do you really think I should do this”. Her mother shrugged her shoulders, and then said “your hair had already been clipped shorter then I could ever remember being, you should go all the way”. Nikki thought about it for second, and then said “ok”.

Kate smiled as she grabbed her clippers. She quickly removed the number 2 guard that was attached to it. Before she could flip it on, Nikki said “in an effort to be crystal clear, I agreed to getting a fade. Not going all the way, as going bald”. When Kate heard that, she laughted. When she was done laughing, she said “you will leave the chair with hair”. After Kate said that, she put the edge of the clippers against Nikki’s head.

Kate begun carving a line of skin around Nikki’s head. The line started near her  forehead. This would be the fade line. Nikki knew Kate was in complete control of her haircut at this point. Nikki feared if she complained or guestioned Kate, Kate I would mess her up on purpose.

After Kate created the fade line, she started to address the hairs below the line.  New patch of white skin appearing on Nikki’s head. The hair on the side of her head was being reduced to stubble. Kate used a small brush after each pass.

After Kate reduced the sides and back to almost nothing, she picked up her clippers. She used the clippers over comb style to fade it. This was not a quick process. Nikki wanted to know how much longer it was going to take, but she didn’t want to upset Kate. Finally, after about 15 minutes Kate put down her clippers. At this point, Nikki wanted to get up. Apparently, Kate realized she was getting antsy. In an effort to bring her back under control, she put her hand on Nikki shoulder.

When Kate hand was on Nikki shoulder, Kate said “I still have to skin you in.” Kate picked up her foil shaver. They where right next to Nikki’s ear when she turned them on. They made a different sound than the other clippers. As the foil shaver started to scrape them across the stubble on her back and sides, her mother said “how longer is this going to take”. Kate laughted, and then said “I can’t let Nikki leave with half a haircut”. Their mother thought this was going to far. If she would have known the cut would expose skin, she would have never suggested she did it.

As Kate continued to shave Nikki’s sides bald, her mother became more upset. Nikki was not happy about how the haircut was turning out, but she admired  her sister’s skill as a barberette.  Kate was giving Nikki a brutally short haircut. When her mother saw Kate turn off the foil shaver, she hoped the haircut was over.

Kate still needed to put talcum powder on Nikki. She deposited it into a brush, and then loosened the cape that was trapping Nikki. Kate brushed off little hairs surrounding her face. Their mother was about to rip Kate a new one, when she saw her pick up a straight razor. She feared that Nikki was not going to sit for much more of this. Before their mother could say something, Kate began removing the tiny hairs that remain on Nikki’s neck.

Once Kate set down her straight razor on the counter, she said “what do you think, Nikki”.  At this point, Nikki was in complete shock.  Their mother walked out of the barbershop, as Kate unclipped thecape from Nikki. Once the cape was off her, Nikki stood up.

When she put her hands on head, she couldn’t believe what she was feeling. She just wanted to walk out the front door of the barbershop. After some convincing from her sister, she decided to stay.

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